Contending Kindness

Anger and kindness reach for richly polar opposition.

So, can I have any more perfect anger

than I have perfect kindness?

Rumi claims that anger reposes during kindness,

but sleep is not death,

while kindness anxiously awaits

during times of quick vexation,

deeply entrenched resentment and hurt

and fear of pathological repetition

of loss and pain.


Suffering wrestles between these two.

Suffering with grows kindness,

while suffering against grows angry.


Most of life plays out somewhere between

our competitive and cooperative intent

and suffering



redemptive intent

regenerative practices


polycultural and multisystemic

karmic grace of ecojustice,

therapeutic diapraxis.


No pain, no gain;

No gain, restrain,



We redeem as we harvest

what we plant

in fertile compost

and toxic salt of dispossessive tears

and laughter at those we’ve left behind and out;

those and that nature we thought we could possess,

own, enslave, use, abuse, victimize, ignore, neglect.


Sowing life with Self,

and Other,

in and on Earth’s

mentoring cooperative kindness

and challenging unkindness,

or planting angry monocultural competition,

and usually some of both,

self-righteous flashy egojustice

and ecotherapeutically peaceful mindfulness

within Beloved Polycultural EarthTribe’s formative

normative co-intelligence.


Kindness intends to suffer with,

and not against,

to reconnect our DNA memory–

we are a regeneratively co-evolving

deep-ecorooting bicultural Tree of Life,

growing both up and out Yang,

and down and internally landscaping

Yin-Yin ecologic

as Win-Win ecojustice Cooperative Gaming Theory,

rooting our reverse-hierarchical cooperative

and information network

all the way in and through our (0)-soul double-elliptical

Universal Synergetics Prime ReGenesis Project System

of fractal-holonic Design, Community and Communication Development,

Economic Development as Eco-logical and Environ-mental

Continuous Well-Being Improvement.


Kindness suffers with eco-injustice anger;

anger suffers against ecotherapeutic justice.



When Poets Rule the Nest

Everything that is created
disguises a hidden purpose….
A calligrapher writes out his lines
not just for the exquisiteness of the script
but to also convey a meaning.
Rumi (M. Mafi, trans.)

What is the purpose of poetry,
and therefore the meaning of the poet?
Refined prose?
Beautifully flowing style and structure?
Artistic elegance
or the beauty of its truth?

Is poetic purpose the meaning of its language
or the art of linguistic choices?

Of course it must be both,
symbiotically fertilizing and farming each incubating embryo,
functioning and forming, creating and cultivating, regenerate language,
an expression of intuited deduction,
refinement toward exegetically known and felt soul-truth
through eisegetical analogy
economy of linguistic order, transactions, relationships,
principles of languaged left-brained human nature
dancing prancing functional flow and forms
through right-brained proportional memory encryption
regeneratively intuited octave polycultured memory,
dream-dancing DNA, team-mentoring within each of life’s cells.

What evolves and seeds
plants and pulls
harvests and winnows language,
forms and functions flowing fine flowering frequencies of thought,
understanding and learning?
What comprehends and mentors holistic orthopraxis,
ecotherapy and healing, within and without,
rational and polypathic sanity?

This optimally sustaining
revolutionary bipolar wealth of healthy meaning
for graceful living
and breathing robust prose and language
and healing poetry,
enculturates as metaphysically expressed
through universal laws of language
and cooperative economics of consciousness and mental health,
trans-actively mutual mentoring love,
as words teach us what we think
and thoughts inspire our Way (Tao)
toward optimally inclusive expression.
Meanwhile poetry evolves physically incarnating
through global dancing and singing
in full octave ringing circles
of energy and organic-spiral dynamic mass,
coincident co-arising communion.

Poets conduct dancing lyrics of life through death,
decompositioning regeneration.

Poets prehend self-governance structures
in ways of light more enlightened
than competing partisan pedantry;
which may not be saying much for poets.

Transliterating Laotse on “Rulers”:
Of the best public administrators
The people only have faith,
prehend, that they exist,
or did way back in the day;
The next best they love and praise:
the comprehensively wise polypaths
with CQI regenerative well-being outcomes.
The abusive and tyrannical next they fear;
powerful fools.
And the neglectful next they revile and ridicule;
weak and humorless fools.

When poets do not command the people’s faith,
Some will lose faith in them,
And then they resort to oaths!
But, of the best,
those wisely compassionate cooperative poetic-rulers,
when their outcomes are optimally accomplished,
their full-octaved permacultural design word work done,
The folks all remark,
“We have written and told and danced,
lived and breathed,
colored and cultured it ourselves.”

It is no more or less feasible
to have a mutually subsidiary
and cooperative design and development
sociopathic CEO,
than it is to find a wise and holy
competitive hoarder of wealth and power.

Everything that is created
disguises a hidden purpose.

Creation disguises,
yet implies,
teleology as ecologic.


ReGenesis Project

It does appear we are all agreed that Earth and all inhabitants thereof are in a critical climatic and/or cultural transition. 
Within this transition, I see both degenerative and regenerative trends. These seem to ecologically and economically align along competitive v. cooperative optimization strategies, as these might appear in Systems Theory, Information Processing Theory and Praxis, and Ecological Sciences including Evolutionary Theories within NeuroSciences, Theoretical Physics, Positive Psychology, Multisystemic and Integral Therapy, Game Theory, and Mathematics–Group Theory.
Our optimal diapraxis as a Species would notice our currently emerging positive deviant paradigms; subcultures such as New Economics, cooperative politics, cooperative healthcare, cooperative vocations, intentional cooperative communities, cooperative residences, green-culture, Permaculture, Occupier, Gaia University, Food and Economic and Climate, Cultural, Earth Justice Advocacy and Investment/Divestment Policy Design.
It seems prudent to understand these shared core values as richly therapeutic seeds to plant strategically, within our more persistently dissonant and nihilistic, perhaps increasingly autistic-trending, culture.
Current pathological cultural, political, and economic trends:
  • continue under-investing in long-term lowest risk cooperative investments,
  • actively resist positive pro-life momentum, thereby turning away from Positive Deviant stories [because they are too dissonant, distant, frightening, dark, dismal to be believed while continuing to rest comfortably at night about our great-grand-children’s future prospects] with themes like Loss of Living Populations Diversity, trending toward flat-line, and, my personal favorite, Yes, Martha, The Sky Really is Failing.
So, we might respond to cooperatively positive opportunities presented by this Transitional Point/Era and Generation by mentoring cooperative investment in each other and those around us, culturally, politically, and economically.
And, we might sing and dance, share, design, develop, grow, fertilize, feed, harvest, regenerate more positive and polycultured narratives and gaming strategies within ourselves, our families, our communities, our ecosystems, cousin species, nations, and Earth.
A possible name that has been on my mind is ReGenesis Project.
Euler argued that our shared cognitive metrics evolve out of the primal dust of function, that a vector, a point, functions as a primal crossroad of two or more lines. In a tree’s primal architecture, and according to Julian Jaynes’ view of the relationship between our Left and Right hemispheres, the lower reverse-hierarchical root system provides the neural nutrients for what we productively deduce in our “above-ground” branches, and leaves, and flowers, pollinating regenerative potential for sustaining future generations.
I seem to be sitting firmly on a surf’s edge fence. On one side I am exhausted and want to retire to build a small eco-balanced forested habitat for myself and my diversely challenged, medically complex family, where we can grow each other’s therapy, as removed as feasible from competitive social and economic pathologies indigenous to weakened and limp ecological rationality within our not-so-humane natural culture.
On the other hand, I feel inspired to find out if NCDD, Tellus Institute, Gaia University, Work That Reconnects, Naropa University, BigBrothers-BigSisters, Kittering, Schumacher Foundation, Americorps/VISTA, Salvation Army, and/or the burgeoning U.S. cooperative network of technical assistance and loan providers might like to combine their wisdom in a council platform called Interhelp.com, that might allow us to prepare an interactive cooperative investment plan, including a mutual assets report and expense budget, to help reforest our habitat with a rich polycultural global ecosystem of diversely composted wealth for sustaining life with mutual gratitude, with grassroots leadership from those who are most marginalized, and at greatest risk of living without satisfactory fulfillment.
This surf’s edge fence sitting feels co-respondent to this Winter Solstice season. Maybe that’s why I feel inclined to hibernate my way through this particular crossroad.

Regenerative Systems indigenously share a Positive Teleological strategic assumption, which could also be framed as Reverse-Positive Tree-ological.

An obstacle, regarding hierarchical binary and ecological analogical tree design, to producing Win-Win cooperative strategic incentives, could be resolved by imaging the tree’s root system, rather than the above-ground branches and production end of a business that starts as the increasingly diastolically condensing of nutrients from diverse individual root “strings” if you will.

At the lowest level of our digital universal population are all the individual people, or individual households, which might be better if we want this game to include positive family values, which might include the value of working together so that everybody in the family feels heard, understood, and included.

At the next level might be neighborhoods or smaller community deliberation processes which cannot achieve at least (0)-sum positive/negative ecological value balance until every constituent household has achieved at least (0)-sum positive/negative ecological value balance.

And so it goes, to the level of larger urban area or bioregion, also not able to “Win” (0)-sum positive/negative ecological value balance until each constituent community has done so.

We might next have a letter for nations, and then for all nations, no one of which will ever achieve (0)-sum positive/negative ecological nutrient well-being value balance until every nation has done so.

Competitive, egocentric characters and corporations have no place to hide in this strategy; we will all recognize each other in our desire to do our part to help us win, together.

“Ecological” refers both to economic and natural-systemic environmental “ground of all being” positive teleological values.

“Teleological values” are those that hold together Original Meaning of global historic evolution, ethologically translated through the multisystemic analogies of future purpose, Buckminster Fuller’s (0) Core Vector Synergetics, David Bohms’ Implicating Physical Frequency Order, Gregori Perelman’s (and friends) (0) soul universal theorem in Group Theory.

In other words, we tend to find our therapeutic future abundance by minimizing pathological cultural trends; which I think is probably true of any good conversation at any level of this reverse-hierarchical Win-Win Tree Game we are already playing through Co-Intelligence found in the plasmatic ground of our Being.

Man/Sha Legends

1-Earth + 0-Tao = PermaCultural Wisdom

In their prime of Yang-filled life,

Gregori Perelman,

Buckminster Fuller,

Charles Darwin,

Leonhard Euler,

marginalized orphan Muhammad,

Jesus of Nazareth,

Gautama Buddha,

and I wonder about Laotse as well,

each had a permanent consciousness-changing event,

resulting in a new view of Earth and Self in relationship,

and our species as synergetically interdependent natural organisms,

each with a (0)-sum Win-Win EcoTherapeutic

permacultural consciousness opportunity,

potentiated through an intuitively understood,

Positive Teleological Faith,

that our Original Intent,

as deduced through historical-cultural analysis,

finds (0)-Prime Relationship soul-chi meaning,

nutritional abundance,

greatest economic and ecological value,

through minimizing dissonance about hope



for harmonious rationality

regenerating mutual predictive consciousness

of positive inclusive deviance,

teleological Tao toward our globally shared ecological

and economic Paradise as Global EarthTribe Mission.

Justice and active peace

follow our Golden Identity Ratio

to uncover our optimally inclusive ecological Golden Rule.


What might be our abundant Golden Value Ratio

for metric and digital,

but also metaphysical and analogical

and biological and organic nutrient systems?


Tao begins with a Prime (0)-sum cooperative heuristic:

Explicated Positive Polynomial Yang-convex +1QBit binary


Implicating Double-Reverse-Spacetime Yin-concave (-)0

[+ = -(-)]

{+Uracil = -(-Cytosine)}

Non-Polynomial Primal Eulerian diametric Vortex

dysfunctional dark negentropy

ultra-interdependent/synergetic string diastolic frequencies

shrinking back

and down,

and dark toward inclusive densely diastatic progenation

and consummate BIG moment of Eternal Time wave

Prime Tao Relationship Balance:

+/- RNA=Prime Double-Bind Octave

4-based equi-dimensional (-)0

temporal balanced magnetic and mutually gravitational

+/- Teleological and Ecological equidiametric Tao.



our Polyculturing Positron Quirky Commons.


Tao balance follows nature’s story-telling systems

of permacultural and polycultural compost

in thermodynamically balanced spacetime

with holonic information,

bicameral designed for Left-brain’s deductive

Continuous Quality Improvement delight.

Positive Yang convex frequency,

David Bohm’s Explicating

informating QBit frequency

and functional Natural Temporal Order,

Left-brain’s neural “incoming” cytosine-friendly receptors,

tells our emergent above-Earth’s surface development story.


BUT, UNDER this globally shared positive teleological cover

within (-)Yin’s concaved cocoon

reverse frequencies mutually, gravitationally, gather

Implicating Prime Binomial +/-QBit-neutral Relationships,

negentropic (-)0 Core Vortex

Right-neural-reverse root system

diastolically balancing TrimTab trending

(0) Sum EcoTherapy Win-Win

Permacultured Information String Games,

remembering and imagining co-passioned.


When Yang-A seems out of balance with Yin-B,

rather than pushing on A to calm him down,

try giving diminutive appositional B

a little Positive Deviant push,

until APolynomial = B-inomial Not-Polynomial info

AND A+Yang meets B-Yin = Zero-Primed Common

post-millennial Taoism.