Cascading Windows

The first of Earth’s life support systems
to go
was crude oil
Then natural-spiritual gas
Then easily accessible commercial-grade
and scale

Then wood
for crude construction.

Then electric grid energy
then Western
then Eastern colonizing infrastructures
pathologically cascaded
into local-cooperative democracy scale.

While internally cooperative infrastructures
of active love
beauty and grace of
and gratitude for
PositivEnergy Democracy
expanded exponentially,
driven by both Positive cooperative investments
and Negative loss divestments
of WinNow to LoseLater
long-term self disempowering deficit,
rather than WinWin co-redeeming,

Then clean drinking water
pathologically cascaded
away from where it was needed
and toward where seaside communities
entire coast lines
were redrawn,
and boundary issues
of dry nations
and barren refugee states
faded away
from multi-mediated view.

While internally WinWin
cooperative infrastructures
swept revolutionarily in,
like a grateful sacred tsunami,
economic and political cascade,
social and psychological and historical reweaving,
theological and ecological co-regenerative,
reaching toward livable climate needs
as without

For health
as abundant multicultural EarthWealth

With Permaculture Design
ego-ecotherapeutic ZeroZone centering practices,
Psychological PositiveENergy ReStorations,
GoldenRule Therapeutic Justice,
NonViolent, local through global, Peace

WinLose LeftBrain Either/Or
Nature/Spirit dualistic fundamentalism
cascading toward WinWin Both/And eco/theological gratitude,
Positive LeftRight ProLife GreenEnergy STEAM Systems,
gratitude for trust and beauty attitudes.

BadNews closed doors chosen first
are GoodNews open doors
cooperatively chosen WinWin last
yet healthy best.


Pride and Mystic Wonder

I told the nun in charge
of Religious Education
If asked about sexual orientation
I will say
I’m gay.

I want to teach
deep listening learning
not how not to lie.

She wonders why
such forthrightness
feels so important
Are you a recruiter
for gay pride?
Are you a political activist?

Gay pride
makes as much sense to me
as straight pride,
as if our sexual orientations
were something chosen,
accomplished through heroic effort,
like mental health
in a too LeftYang Patriarchal culture
forgetting Left with Right bilateral mindbodies
are sacred gifts
of karmic grace,
to live here with now
in this cosmically interdependent time
as place.

while gay or straight pride,
maybe even transgender supremacy,
feel competitively bullying inappropriate,
given these are gifts
not originating from our own accomplishment,
so too
shame and denial
of whichever of these diverse non-predative
sexually co-passionate orientations
greeted our FirstDay incarnation,
call it PositivEnergy karma
and call it ego-ecosystemic grace,
I see no point in shame,
nor even blaming a corrupt moral environment
for who and where and why
I am meant to sensory-spiritually become.

To lie
would be to teach shame
for karmic grace as we deep learning listening are,
and have been
co-passionately non-violent

My veiled
and roundly black habited nun
Sometimes what and how
and who and why we learn to ego-ecologically love
lies between orthodox happiness
and heterodox despair.

Rabbi Abraham Heschel
taught sacred Love
as Wonder and Awe experience

Joy and Ecstasy
their persuasive climax destination

Toward a mystic flash
of Teilhard’s brilliant CoOperative Omega Pointed Bridge
for reborn synergetic baptism,
but this has not been my path
or hoped for destination,
certainly not warm regarding sexual co-passions
as cause for voluptuous public celebrations
and pride of wonder and awe
I have of myself alone,
or not,

for Teacher Abraham
Wonder and Awe
and sacred Love,
regardless of sexual passions,
all three in one,
reside between sacred WinWin
healthy multiculturing hope
and secular monoculturing LoseLose despair,
fundamentally anti-evangelical.

why would Rabbi Heschel
be a teaching icon
for a Catholic Religious Education Director?

Who can still remember
a Jewish girl child
who knew more Deep Learning Wonder
and Awesome Sacred Ecology
than could be erased
by MisEducation
settling for bleached out lies
against multiculturing mysticism,
eco-spiritual matriotic experience
of warm radiant days
and dualdark NewMoon
revolutionary nights.


Choosing ProLife Magazines

I was in Nazareth the other day
waiting for a visit with my acupuncture ecotherapist.

The waiting room is minimalist-zen, I suppose.
While waiting to be invited in next,
I took a chair
with a magazine table in front
displaying two magazines,
one to my left
and one to my right.

The one on my left
was about the Democrats’ ProLife Policy,
advertising titles like
Earth’s Cooperative ReGeneration,
Climate Health Economic Opportunities
LongTerm Public Health and Safety
Becoming Beloved Communities.

The magazine on my right was the Republican ProLife Position,
as iconically represented by Wealth as Trump-Ace cards,
with titles like
Aborting Our Babies’ Future
Hot Air, Filthy Water, BurnedOut Soil
Public Health Issues Not Covered by ObamaCare.

I chose the Health Development magazine on my left
because I thought it would be more consistently
positively pro-life,
while Aborting our Babies’ Future Health
seemed more likely to just be another long advertisement
for negative
anti-Earth Sciences
anti-HealthyWealthy Creation Stories of Paradise Still Becoming,
rather like a Yes! magazine,
but that was a surprising non-choice
in that time and place,
within that monoculturally plutocratic condemning life
I suppose was envisioned in the magazine on my Right.

I will never truly know.
Just as I picked up the ProLife Left choice
my ecotherapist invited me in for our appointment,
during which s/he told me I should feel better for the next four years
knowing I did the best I could to defend against further pathologies,
and to just continue choosing Positive as ProLife ReGenerators,
7-Generation bicameral double-binding magazines,
co-arising both/and either/or appositions
of ecopolitical climate pro-life health
v anti-ecological landscapes of further pathological
and even considerably lower,
condemning future potential generations to abort
as an entire EarthBound species
rabidly in denial of untimely death by
pre-millennially LeftBrain too dominant
anti-ecologically ecopolitically too competitive
WinLose Party Players
against caring for the health of future babies.

So, continue choosing the Positive ProLife Deviant magazine on my left
and comprehend why that choice is resonantly confluent
with RightBrain’s NotNot Health-Abortive DNA/RNA,
also known in Nazareth as ecologically sacred encryption,
humane-divine bilateral inspiralation.

As soon as s/he saw me reach for the Left,
my ecotherapist from Nazareth knew
I would be as OK as I could be
about our future regenerative,
rather than degenerative
public health pro-life choices.



I am thinking there may be an important difference between a pro-peace activist and an anti-violence protester. In a way, their relationship reminds me of that between a prophetic biosystem, like John the Baptist, and a messianic system, like Jesus of Nazareth.

Too many prophets and not enough messiahs makes for a sadly brow-beaten culture, with a beat-down Left-hemispheric dominant temporal trajectory. We emerge into Yin’s time to dance her balanced-harmonics, singing folk-ballads with intuitive ecological choreography.

Anyway, I spend way too much time protesting my violent cultures, environments, ecosystems with overheated climates. It is simply too easy to be against violence, because no one is pro-violence, no one wants to overheat our atmosphere, our political and economic and sociopathological climates. There isn’t a Republican or Democratic, capitalist or communist or libertarian or sectarian platform that advocates violence for the sake of how great violence is in and of itself. So, protesting our own already-disvalued violence doesn’t appear to be a really strong platform for the would-be Prophet of Peace.

So, this seems to bring us into the reverse frame, our cultural values and disvalues around growing and maintaining a more peaceful ecology and economy. Here is where we start losing potential allies, primarily through neglect, because we are so,… I don’t know,… ACTIVE protesting against those who believe their self-interests might be compromised by cultural and financial shifts toward cooperatively systemic peaceful, inclusive, diversely sustainable value functions and flow frequencies. If I pay my mortgage quite nicely building submarine parts and information technologies, or research that might be useful for strengthening our self-defense systems, in some eco-dislogical way, then I am going to experience some cognitive dissonance about this. It will be very risky for short-term goals, goals that are now lifetime bucket lists, to hear prophets against people like me who are somewhat less pro-peace than self-appointed as “I’m better baptized in ecological value Orthodoxy than you are!” Messengers.

Again, for the second time, we sub-optimize our messianic intent by using too-unprophetically ineffective messages. Enough with the negative campaigning already! Let’s keep growing this newer messianism for peace and inclusive equity and sustainability through clearly articulate mentoring, confining our teaching tendencies to something that feels more like story-telling or show-and-tell. And maybe even some stand-up comedy, on occasion. Laotse said he intended his Wisdom to invite laughter in response, from those who most deeply understood his poetry.

Perhaps we could demonstrate how useful submarine technology might become for researching how schools of fish need not learn how to move and surge and ebb synchronously, peacefully, equitably, because they appear to be wired to the same functional frequencies, regardless of spatial separation, and is this somehow related to those appositionally displaced quanta or QBits, or whatever they are calling them these days? This is a big issue for me! Seriously!  I would like to know if that’s just a coincidence or do both of these freaky flow adjustments point to some deeply-rooted Pro-Peace Sustainability Awareness of ecological and permacultural stability strategies. Do plasmatic neurons somehow enthymematically intuit abundantly cooperative temporal-flow systems and network dynamics, perhaps by largely neglecting to get their more egocentric systemic surroundings all riled up, and once more further over-heated?

Messiahs and Shambhala Warriors and the Salvation Army are actively pro-peace and justice  confluent, cooperative, developmental, regenerative producers and mentors and absorbent, positive-teleological nurturers, feeding smooth-structured systems and networks that present lowest long-term ecological and economic risk for global investment. This could be why our shared messiah vocation is ideally responsive to polypathic, positively deviant, ecosystemically logical, economically-efficient mentors.

Now see, that’s where Jesus messed up. He gave control of his economy to the one guy who was willing to compromise on keeping peace in the family of disciples, and not at all inclined to derive investment plans holonically, much less by mutually grateful consensus. Optimal messianic mentors understand, feel, the skill of dynamically facilitating positive teleological trends within themselves, their families, communities, species, cultures, economies, ecosystems, ecotherapies, and Earth.

This Christian Messianic Inspired Event reminds me to pursue EarthTribal Peace with more dancing in reiteratively emergent diapraxis  story-circles, less violent driving and marching and shopping in over-heated public squares.


ReGenesis Project

It does appear we are all agreed that Earth and all inhabitants thereof are in a critical climatic and/or cultural transition. 
Within this transition, I see both degenerative and regenerative trends. These seem to ecologically and economically align along competitive v. cooperative optimization strategies, as these might appear in Systems Theory, Information Processing Theory and Praxis, and Ecological Sciences including Evolutionary Theories within NeuroSciences, Theoretical Physics, Positive Psychology, Multisystemic and Integral Therapy, Game Theory, and Mathematics–Group Theory.
Our optimal diapraxis as a Species would notice our currently emerging positive deviant paradigms; subcultures such as New Economics, cooperative politics, cooperative healthcare, cooperative vocations, intentional cooperative communities, cooperative residences, green-culture, Permaculture, Occupier, Gaia University, Food and Economic and Climate, Cultural, Earth Justice Advocacy and Investment/Divestment Policy Design.
It seems prudent to understand these shared core values as richly therapeutic seeds to plant strategically, within our more persistently dissonant and nihilistic, perhaps increasingly autistic-trending, culture.
Current pathological cultural, political, and economic trends:
  • continue under-investing in long-term lowest risk cooperative investments,
  • actively resist positive pro-life momentum, thereby turning away from Positive Deviant stories [because they are too dissonant, distant, frightening, dark, dismal to be believed while continuing to rest comfortably at night about our great-grand-children’s future prospects] with themes like Loss of Living Populations Diversity, trending toward flat-line, and, my personal favorite, Yes, Martha, The Sky Really is Failing.
So, we might respond to cooperatively positive opportunities presented by this Transitional Point/Era and Generation by mentoring cooperative investment in each other and those around us, culturally, politically, and economically.
And, we might sing and dance, share, design, develop, grow, fertilize, feed, harvest, regenerate more positive and polycultured narratives and gaming strategies within ourselves, our families, our communities, our ecosystems, cousin species, nations, and Earth.
A possible name that has been on my mind is ReGenesis Project.
Euler argued that our shared cognitive metrics evolve out of the primal dust of function, that a vector, a point, functions as a primal crossroad of two or more lines. In a tree’s primal architecture, and according to Julian Jaynes’ view of the relationship between our Left and Right hemispheres, the lower reverse-hierarchical root system provides the neural nutrients for what we productively deduce in our “above-ground” branches, and leaves, and flowers, pollinating regenerative potential for sustaining future generations.
I seem to be sitting firmly on a surf’s edge fence. On one side I am exhausted and want to retire to build a small eco-balanced forested habitat for myself and my diversely challenged, medically complex family, where we can grow each other’s therapy, as removed as feasible from competitive social and economic pathologies indigenous to weakened and limp ecological rationality within our not-so-humane natural culture.
On the other hand, I feel inspired to find out if NCDD, Tellus Institute, Gaia University, Work That Reconnects, Naropa University, BigBrothers-BigSisters, Kittering, Schumacher Foundation, Americorps/VISTA, Salvation Army, and/or the burgeoning U.S. cooperative network of technical assistance and loan providers might like to combine their wisdom in a council platform called Interhelp.com, that might allow us to prepare an interactive cooperative investment plan, including a mutual assets report and expense budget, to help reforest our habitat with a rich polycultural global ecosystem of diversely composted wealth for sustaining life with mutual gratitude, with grassroots leadership from those who are most marginalized, and at greatest risk of living without satisfactory fulfillment.
This surf’s edge fence sitting feels co-respondent to this Winter Solstice season. Maybe that’s why I feel inclined to hibernate my way through this particular crossroad.

Regenerative Systems indigenously share a Positive Teleological strategic assumption, which could also be framed as Reverse-Positive Tree-ological.

An obstacle, regarding hierarchical binary and ecological analogical tree design, to producing Win-Win cooperative strategic incentives, could be resolved by imaging the tree’s root system, rather than the above-ground branches and production end of a business that starts as the increasingly diastolically condensing of nutrients from diverse individual root “strings” if you will.

At the lowest level of our digital universal population are all the individual people, or individual households, which might be better if we want this game to include positive family values, which might include the value of working together so that everybody in the family feels heard, understood, and included.

At the next level might be neighborhoods or smaller community deliberation processes which cannot achieve at least (0)-sum positive/negative ecological value balance until every constituent household has achieved at least (0)-sum positive/negative ecological value balance.

And so it goes, to the level of larger urban area or bioregion, also not able to “Win” (0)-sum positive/negative ecological value balance until each constituent community has done so.

We might next have a letter for nations, and then for all nations, no one of which will ever achieve (0)-sum positive/negative ecological nutrient well-being value balance until every nation has done so.

Competitive, egocentric characters and corporations have no place to hide in this strategy; we will all recognize each other in our desire to do our part to help us win, together.

“Ecological” refers both to economic and natural-systemic environmental “ground of all being” positive teleological values.

“Teleological values” are those that hold together Original Meaning of global historic evolution, ethologically translated through the multisystemic analogies of future purpose, Buckminster Fuller’s (0) Core Vector Synergetics, David Bohms’ Implicating Physical Frequency Order, Gregori Perelman’s (and friends) (0) soul universal theorem in Group Theory.

In other words, we tend to find our therapeutic future abundance by minimizing pathological cultural trends; which I think is probably true of any good conversation at any level of this reverse-hierarchical Win-Win Tree Game we are already playing through Co-Intelligence found in the plasmatic ground of our Being.