CoHabitating Peace

A sustained mystery for more long-term resilient cohabitation
is how to exchange high tolerance for ambiguity,
with, and not for, active curiosity about both/and ambiguity,
vulnerable dipolarity both/anding transparent bipolarity,
merging win/lose stuckness
in our emerging collective illusion
of ego-identity’s fundamental
monocultural autonomy

Autonomy of identity
as if both necessary and sufficient
before humane/divine multicultural interdependence
could grow more robustly possible,

Rather than this Other historical way around
healthy yinterdependent yindivid-yangation
prior to egalitarian sacred identity
actually co-passioning
healthy dualistic potentiality,

While still in EarthMother’s
ego/ecofeminist sanctuary
of integrity,
secular/sacred co-passioning Womb.

A more sustained mystery of more long-term resilient cohabitation
is exchanging high tolerance for ambiguity,
with, and not for, active curiosity about co-acclimating
trans-regenerations of nurturing timelessness.


Feeling the Accountant’s Rumble

Earth resounds polynomially rational
restoring harmonic faith
in an omnipotent universal
double-entry accounting and governing
ego-eco balancing system
WinLeft to LoseRight,

And cooperatively researching
EgoYang/EcoYin positivenergy co-relations
co-arising WinHealth-WinWealth–
further revolving health/wealth multicultural events
of creolizing herstory,
nurturing nutritional
bottom line cooperative
not nonzero-sum Right inductive
and zerosum Left deductive
extending family roots of ZeroZone
ecopolitical and personal
secular and sacred
LeftEgoNature and RightEcoSpirit flow-power.

We probably could
bicamerally imagine
a bilateral omniconsiderate
integrative should co-operate
as Whole Open System
of generalized
metaphysical polynomial inter-relationships
intra-reassociated relationals,
PositivEnergy nutrition principles.

LeftBrain deductive yet cooperative scientists
uncovering never LoseLose devolutionary
dysfunctional NegativEntropic ExFormation
rediscovering devolution down and in
toward ZeroSum double-entry,
not this
not that,
Tit for Tat
WinWin Game PolySystemic Theory.

RightBrain sacred invention
of LeftBrain’s secular Ego-Titsical idolatrous reborn identity,
ZeroZone within mortal sinner skin,
is appositional dipolar
to Right MindBody’s
ongoing original timeless Ego/Eco DNA
thymine/cytosine Harmony,
WiseElder hydrogen/helium
Convex/Concave Resonance.

Polyphonic bilateral
ZeroZone polynomial
heuristic health-wealth systems,
whose total open system
WinEgo/WinEco consciousness
would double-bind cancel out
all notnot polynomially disassociated questions
about all pathologically isolated climate problems

Resolving resilient integrity pathologies
could result in
timeless feelings
polynomial ZeroZone as also not(not-polynomial) ZeroSum
WinEgo as also WinEcoPolyPhonic Resonance
and LoseLove’s Resonance
as also Lose EgoPolyPathic Integrity.

Yin/Yang within
not knot-squared
and cubed
and fractailed…ZeroZone
of and for fractured Universally Resilient Health


Synergetically blended with Buckminster Fuller’s Synergy 2, p. 64, on “Zero” metaphysical ecometrics.


Enculturing Ecologic

Human knowledge loves insight,

as Yang loves Yin,

not just justice and equivalence together,

but knowledge loves

life’s love affair with insight.


Yang’s knowledge looks outside

in and through

under and above Earth’s forested flowing systems;

Yin’s insight looks within

and back and forth across time’s encultured memory,

compassioned with Earth’s forested eco-logical systems.


Binomial Yang resolves Yin’s balancing regenerative eco-nutrients.


space resonates time’s prime-fractal rhythm.






Reiterated light rays are both Interior and Exterior balanced

both thermodynamically and electromagnetically.

Prime-power fuel decodes in fractal set-systemic order,

encoding RNA regenerative elliptical

binomial-binary information systems.

And, now, DNA as well.


Our inner eye of intuited insight

also records light-wave memory,

Right-brained fractal-neural lens

folding and enfolding, unfolding, refolding, co-folding

plasma’s revolutions of insightful systemic

permaculturing information.


Ego-death lies not only beyond eco-life

but within

waiting for freestyle swimming

in polycultured octave light’s

soaring flight of insight.


Left’s Knowledge Empire

and Right’s Insightful Paradise,

don’t fight.

Make love tonight.

You know you want to,

precisely as much as you need to

balance your domestic economy.




[over]  [-:-] (binomial neural ionic balance)

Polynomial Information Yang =

Reverse Binomial NP = (-)e-function =

(-)(0) 4-equivalent dimensional




bionic balance [B. Fuller, Euler].


P (polynomial information bit) = atomic positronic functional “quark”

NP = binomial concaving linear string dynamic

= neutronic QBit binary balanced

as +1 = (-)(0)NP electromagnetic harmonious assumption

and fractal-prime potentiated memory structured octave (8bits/binary-byte).






Dear Permacultured Salvation Army

I would so appreciate an invitation to co-mentor Permacultural EcoTherapy with others sharing gratitude for mutual caretaking while stepping into a salvific place to synergetically develop ecological consciousness, which I believe is rooted in mutually subsidiary, positive teleological, and multisystemic economic values.

That is a lot of words requiring rather precise definitions, which also tend to have a lot of those same other words; analogical phrases reflecting each other through interdependent paradigmatic lenses. For me, salvation is something we do together,

  • that permaculturalists think of as therapeutic for what ails our ecosystems and biosystems, both internal and external,
  • that compassionate caretakers, with some ecoystemic theoretical background, understand as Basic Multisystemic Attendance,
  • that neuroscientists understand as molecular, neural, cellular, and organic RNA/DNA-generated mutually-balancing fractal memory-code intelligence, or mutual-intuitive ecoconsciousness,
  • that polyculturally optimized “climax communities” understand as positive meaning explicating negatively dissonant, irrationally implicating purpose, just as positive doubles negative, convex transduces concave, light transforms dark.

Multisystemic, enthymematic, communicators predicate past salvation into their future vocational orthopraxis, just as our permaculturally sustained future implicates past meaningful eco-nomial optimization intent.

Group Theorists believe that positive economials are polynomials, implicately, and reverse-corollary, predicated by non-polynomial spacetime informating trends.

It would be so helpful to think out loud about how my past incarnates into our optimized future orthopraxis together, just as imagined potential permacultural futures imply past intentional experience with ecological optimization,

  • how past production builds future consumption, as future consumption implies former production,
  • how past prey lead to future predators, and future predators imply potential prey,
  • how “pay-it-forward” hosts lead to cooperative, and sometimes troublesome, parasites, and  sustainable parasitic economic behavior implies the continued wellbeing of our benign Commons host.

Our past permacultural intentions transform into future orthopraxis, just as our economic future transduces past ecological optimization intent, winnowing, evolving memory of value-balancing outcomes.

We can develop residential and vocational cooperatives, consumer and production and recycling cooperatives, with mutual polycultural mentoring, an orthopraxis of multisystemic nutritional communication, design, planning, to facilitate regenerative solutions to identity, vocational, environmental, economic, and residential challenges, issues, tensions, intentions for optimally sustaining our Beloved Community.

The Salvation Army’s ReGenesis Project.


Man/Sha Legends

1-Earth + 0-Tao = PermaCultural Wisdom

In their prime of Yang-filled life,

Gregori Perelman,

Buckminster Fuller,

Charles Darwin,

Leonhard Euler,

marginalized orphan Muhammad,

Jesus of Nazareth,

Gautama Buddha,

and I wonder about Laotse as well,

each had a permanent consciousness-changing event,

resulting in a new view of Earth and Self in relationship,

and our species as synergetically interdependent natural organisms,

each with a (0)-sum Win-Win EcoTherapeutic

permacultural consciousness opportunity,

potentiated through an intuitively understood,

Positive Teleological Faith,

that our Original Intent,

as deduced through historical-cultural analysis,

finds (0)-Prime Relationship soul-chi meaning,

nutritional abundance,

greatest economic and ecological value,

through minimizing dissonance about hope



for harmonious rationality

regenerating mutual predictive consciousness

of positive inclusive deviance,

teleological Tao toward our globally shared ecological

and economic Paradise as Global EarthTribe Mission.

Justice and active peace

follow our Golden Identity Ratio

to uncover our optimally inclusive ecological Golden Rule.


What might be our abundant Golden Value Ratio

for metric and digital,

but also metaphysical and analogical

and biological and organic nutrient systems?


Tao begins with a Prime (0)-sum cooperative heuristic:

Explicated Positive Polynomial Yang-convex +1QBit binary


Implicating Double-Reverse-Spacetime Yin-concave (-)0

[+ = -(-)]

{+Uracil = -(-Cytosine)}

Non-Polynomial Primal Eulerian diametric Vortex

dysfunctional dark negentropy

ultra-interdependent/synergetic string diastolic frequencies

shrinking back

and down,

and dark toward inclusive densely diastatic progenation

and consummate BIG moment of Eternal Time wave

Prime Tao Relationship Balance:

+/- RNA=Prime Double-Bind Octave

4-based equi-dimensional (-)0

temporal balanced magnetic and mutually gravitational

+/- Teleological and Ecological equidiametric Tao.



our Polyculturing Positron Quirky Commons.


Tao balance follows nature’s story-telling systems

of permacultural and polycultural compost

in thermodynamically balanced spacetime

with holonic information,

bicameral designed for Left-brain’s deductive

Continuous Quality Improvement delight.

Positive Yang convex frequency,

David Bohm’s Explicating

informating QBit frequency

and functional Natural Temporal Order,

Left-brain’s neural “incoming” cytosine-friendly receptors,

tells our emergent above-Earth’s surface development story.


BUT, UNDER this globally shared positive teleological cover

within (-)Yin’s concaved cocoon

reverse frequencies mutually, gravitationally, gather

Implicating Prime Binomial +/-QBit-neutral Relationships,

negentropic (-)0 Core Vortex

Right-neural-reverse root system

diastolically balancing TrimTab trending

(0) Sum EcoTherapy Win-Win

Permacultured Information String Games,

remembering and imagining co-passioned.


When Yang-A seems out of balance with Yin-B,

rather than pushing on A to calm him down,

try giving diminutive appositional B

a little Positive Deviant push,

until APolynomial = B-inomial Not-Polynomial info

AND A+Yang meets B-Yin = Zero-Primed Common

post-millennial Taoism.