NonDueling Conductors

A Straight
Elder Patriarch
came in to where I RightBrain sing
my Gay
EcoFeminist way

He seems to want to stay,
to overpower my say
and will to sing
our musing pray

I wonder what he feels
about me,
about his own deep harmonic longing
to listen for our sung together feelings

Music therapy
composed of what we economically
and politically Trust,
wanting mutual
and actively co-invested
full singing circle harmonic Wins right now
to Win more easily tomorrow’s healthing way

And what might this PatriCapitalist feel
he does not want?
Perhaps less Win/Lose
ZeroSum power and light assumptions
actively distrusted
settling for more traumatic apartheid,
denial of interdependently woven relationship,
nature v spirit non-indigenous dualism
divorced from his own prehistoric felt experience
longing to avoid further nihilistic Lose/Lose

Am I distracting
too RightBrain gooey
for serious performance competition
with Your church choir’s
true blue bought and sold
commodified liturgical purpose?

To put on a good LeftBrain entertaining show

Rituals about cooperatively enjoying
our win/win WholeEarth health-care receiving
and resilient wealth-care giving
by conducting bicamerally harmonic potential

For healthier democracies,
more cooperatively owned EarthPartnership,
more inclusive multicultural polypaths
for universally unitarian polyphonic
constellations of integral systemic Voice

Yang yintegrally
less Western sociopathic trauma
best forgiven through compassionate
indigenously polycultural
wellness sung and danced

Win health Voices
to Win resilient wealth Choices
for green ego/ecosystemic leadership

Con-celebrating BlueSky/GreenEarth
light and power felt
warm harmonic need
for more and better
interdependently reweaving
healthy democratic communion

Which is what I need
and want to say
about how I seem to feel
when a Straight
Elder Patriarch
comes in to where I RightBrain sing
my Gay
EcoFeminist way.


Sensory Prophets

anticipates new taste
and too often learns anxiety
of past bad taste memories,
deep neurological lessons.

As enveloping touch
anticipates new internal feelings
and, too often, deep learns anxieties
of past dissonant felt memories,
negative reassociations,
deeply felt psychological lessons.

As compelling sight
anticipates new therapeutic sounds,
empowering and enlightening communications,

And, too often,
deep learned anxious depressions
of past LeftBrain historic dominance,
anti re-ligious sounding judgmental dogma
deeply monocultural,
darkly negative
economic and political resounding lessons.

Yang strong faith
anticipates new yinspired green hope
and too often learns dissonance
of past hopes for empowering unity,
win/win integrity
free of requiring economic win/lose endarkening uniformity,
dissonant dissociations,
deep astronomical and revolutionary
lessons in bad-faith pathology

Which may be why
fragrant faithful cultural truths
anticipate tasting
great therapeutic climates
of beauty.


GrandMother Moses

I was minding our own ancient business,
making maple and brown sugar oatmeal
for my constantly
and instantly
devouring daughter,
when GrandMother Moses
of Poetic Narrative
broke into my day:

frankly, I didn’t even know She could speak

Racism and Patriarchalism
are the inside Angry
and outside Terrified voices
perpetuating retributive injustice
and capital-value monopolistic
win/lose competitive models
of Left v Right,
West v East,
North v South
Ego v EcoHabitat

VerbalMind v NonVerbalEmbodied
multiculturing intelligence
with ego/eco-cooperative therapeutic intent.

Then the kettle
began to whistle
a just-in-time
ecopolitical reminder
we can choose to compare
and contrast
across a spectrum
of win/lose
through lose/lose
toward appositional co-arising win/win
with sufficient
out/in hot water
and maple with brown sugar oatmeal
to feed our constantly
instantly hungry
potential EarthMothers.


Life’s Compelling Quarter

“I moved through the Quarter
as if through a stage-set to an opera
which, having finished its run,
might be struck at any moment.”
John Wray, Canaan’s Tongue

I move through this post-selection Quarter
as if a Fat Lady on an opera stage
which I must Final Curtain
through this eternally regenerating song.

I sing with all PermaCulturing Bodhisattvas
and CoMessiahs,
all EcoTherapists and Public Health Advocates,
all Ecologically Evolutionary Political Scientists,
all Cooperative Nutritional Scientists and Artists
recommitting ecopolitical acts
co-arising ecoconscious cooperative consciences
strong rooted in rational co-empathic trust in truth
as beautifully regenerative futures
could not become from merely ugly degenerative pasts,
climates and landscapes of health struggling with pathology,
and too often struggling against ecological balance
shining through our new dawn,
our new Full-Quartered Octave Day,
for cooperatively global peace corporations
and interdependently nutritional Earth Rights
and Wrongs of past Climate Pathologies.

Fellow ecotherapeutic researchers,
feelers of Earth’s cooperative kindness
and competing digestive unkindnesses,
unveil this opera’s climate change mask of academic neutrality,
to speak your Full Yang/Yin Informed Flow, MultiPathically Well-Formed,
our premillennial truth has included climate/landscape pathologies
of LeftBrain cognitive-affective enculturation,
both dominant yet dissonant
with Earth’s compelling WinWin regenerative nutritional trends
through DNA/RNA EarthRights nurturing solidarity.

We, together, cross this final LeftBrain Dominating Quarter,
to reweave historic geometric networks
of organically self-perpetuating ecopolitical systems,
to CoArise this cooperative EarthTribe CoOpera Research Network,
mandala fractal dynamos transubstantiating maya,
appositional health devouring oppositional antipathic dispolarities,
mass conversions of WinLose hysterics and terrorists and nihilists
co-passionately singing and dancing
Beloved MultiCultural Communicating Communities.

We move through this Final First 2020 ReVision Quarter
co-arising our WinWin EarthTribe ReGeneration Game
played with freedoms equilaterally eco-balancing platforms,
nutritional principles,
and health policies
of Elders past, and for full-optimizing futures,
incarnating Earth’s Climate Health Party.

I ask if this Quarter is an EcoPolitical Party
or a self-with-other EarthOpera Loving Game?

We answer both-and! yet again,
again reweaving
this public and private health and safety hunt and gather
to give away nutritional game
suitable for WinWin families
and especially children
still wise enough to play as ecotherapy
on landscapes where the sun is always rising
and setting
on every belonging one in-between.

I ask if this CoOperative Party Game of 2020 Climate ReVision
might feel more impending or compelling.

We answer
If one, then also the other.
If neither, then both, co-arising together.


It’s About NotFracking In-Formation Time!

A 1952 vintage Connecticut dormered Cape Cod

painted stark bleached white

with slick jet-black shutters,

hyperbolizing a deep racial minority


well, issue really,

in my mind of similar vintage

and incarnational permaculture,

conceived in bold ripe August,

born in bullish economy of May..


So, I painted her.

Wrapped my arms

and rolled around her

in turquoise sea,

and sky blue,

with rain-cloud grey trim,

so she might be less afraid

and so might I.


Born into late millennial Yang,

reconnecting and reweaving with each other

during trans-millennial now,

how will we transform our economic options

to full diversity and springtime


polycultures of May?


We grow transformed,

reframed to coincidentally cooperate our octaves of color

and sound

feeling and mind

Yin and Yang,

concavely conceived,

convexly displaying economic ecological

principles of mindfulness as coincidental noticing,

advent of winter’s grateful hibernation,

enthymematically aptic communication

inducing measured calculations back through RNA-regenerating

origin of living systems.


Deductive Left-brained dominance need not apply for comprehension,


balanced by summer’s yangish nutritional bullish market,

hope of fruitful outcomed spring,

then summer’s faithful following

of full polyculturing

permacultured information root system

formating strings and tendrils

cooperatively absorbing nutrient Spring’s and sprouts consumption,

to produce within life-sustainably proportional karmic response

to yang/yin coincidental rich deep ecologically efficient,

and inclusively effective for full speciating diversity,




nutrient cooperative economics,

that might actually be logical,

because they are ecological.


These, harvested permaculturally optimized

positive analogical and ecological,

digital and atomic,

temporal and spatial,

linear dynamic Open Set Universe String


Polynomial Closet Set Prime Relationship


neural frequency and flow,

balanced bicameral logos-logic:

P=NP because

Left-brained information language

thermodynamically balanced with 3 spatial dimensions

covering 1  equivalent temporal-linear dimension

Commons Economic Balance Assumption


(0) Core Vector [B. Fuller and Euler] =

(+) e-function =

+space/(-)(-)time =

space-time-squared =

+1 magnetic balanced QBit quark-function


(-)(0) QBit


So, all that going on,

more or less,

in our dominant Left hemisphere newer speciated DNA-brain,

AND Right-brained non-linguistic and non-polynomial

intuitive intelligence codes memory dipolar and

coincidentally confluent

(harmoniously proportional flow/frequency neural pattern recognition)

(0) Core Vortex =

(-)(-) [not-polynomial dipolar stricture–implicate order] (D. Bohm).



putting all that mess together,

more or less confluently and permaculturally,

+Polynomial-Yang =

(-)(-)Yin (-1 QBit) Nonpolynomial

intuitive temporal-linear-neural balanced

Optimized Information Permacultured String.



now that my home and I are parting ways,

I’m finally noticing that even my friends and family

don’t particularly care for our change of color

and culture.

It’s still kind of a hard sell,

this more colorful permaculture

of community

and economy,

and identity,

and design.


Must be time for adventurous reincarnating revolutions

or we will remain merely ahead of our own non-polynomial ending time.


Time opens space’s liturgical rite of passage.

Space coincidentally reincarnates time’s

4 equivalent ecological dimensioned order.

Positrons incarnate,

inform negative-linear

4-dimensional equivalent dipolar time.

There is no such thing as non-polynomial time or space

or information,

other than negative binomial time

(implicate ordered Right-brain reverse synchronic-aptic coded).

+P (+1QBit) = (-)(-)P =

+/(-)0 Core binary e-function

Prime Core Electromagnetic Balancing Binary-Binomial QBit.


Spring springs polyculture economics

composting through dark and winterish minds and forms and functions,

still looking for greatest inclusive nutrient yield

without suffering dissonantly wilting loss,

cooperatively flying our regenerative kites

co-id/eco-entity tied with time’s river of flowing

informating memory strings.


I know,

you were wondering when

I would finally conclude

with the sex part.








Man/Sha Legends

On the evolution of logical paradigms

Excerpted from Dr. Taowls History of Logistics Class


At least since early research in systems theory, as applied to natural and linguistic systems of regeneration and decay, by names such as Whitehead, Bateson, Kuhn, B. Fuller, and Bohm, a fractal-crystal development structure for optimizing diastatic integrity has emerged in a fairly long polymorphic column of logical and logos paradigms. We will spend some time looking at fractal and prime dipolar relationships in:



neurology (aptic v. synaptic),

psychology (Right v. Left hemispheric dominance),


numerology (especially digital-binary),






all rooted in human languaged and metric-sequential ecology.


Logos has been evolving from ecological roots toward economic branches of regenetic consumption, bearing productive breathing leaves and vocations to produce regenerative fruit, birthing by decomposing seeds, to spring up with new hope for optimal growing seasons during spring through summer.

This ecologically sprouted cooperative economy flourishes best within a richly nutritional compost environment of mutually mentoring, teaching-learning, organic eco-cells of decomposition, responding with gratitude to flirtatious root tendrils, succulent filaments looking for some actively confluent, harmonious love, or synergy.

Commodification of Earth’s regenerative nutrient-normative value system began to emerge with the adolescence of the Western-centric Industrial Age, now concluding. Until this reification of value as capital, value exchanges were primally rooted in the expectation of nutritional merit. This is particularly true if we consider nutrition as germane to all sensory receptors, not just taste and smell, but also audio-visual, and affective-feeling receptors.

Currently, and trans-millennially, we are reweaving our logos strings, coming toward comprehension that information is to energy as flowing time is to thermodynamically balancing space, as economics is to ecologic, as form follows eco-functional (life sustaining) evolution, and holonic-fractal revolutions of seasons and eras, including permaculture design and planning projects, trigonometric prime “Closed Set” functions, Bloom’s deep learning Taxonomy, theologians’ spiritual, and perhaps alchemical, four-seasons of winter’s enthymematic purgation (metta), spring’s hope (karam), summer maturation’s positive developing faith (mudita), culminating in autumn’s fruitful harvest (it was the Messiah who said “by their fruits you will know their nutritional value, or lack thereof”) , optimizing annual uppekkha outcomes by winnowing, selecting, and regenerating compost compressed with Elders’ seeds, leaves, nutrients hibernating in advent of this Great ReGenesis Transition Millennium, rediscovering Right and Left hemispheric teleological balance, as digitally and binary balanced in (-)/(-) = NotPolynomial Information = (+)Polynomial[dipolar correlate] spacetime energetic, dynamic information. Confluent information is co-incidental, as contrasted with dissonant noise, and may be defined as +ergodic/spatial metric balance equivalent (=) to (-)ionic/temporal electromagnetic balancing induction. So, a positron is coincidentally synergetic with a double-negative neutron, which atomically outlines an internal, concave, fractal-ionic elliptical wavilinear in/exforming string. But, that all heads off toward theoretical physics and Thurston and Perelman and Group Theory, which grows intentionally removed from history and her awkwardly less smooth-structured evolution.

We each have a choice as we compare paradigms. It has become urgent for thorough research to explore both sides of this choice. Not only diversities of specialized information within distinct paradigmatic frames, but also our mutually coincident confluence between and among these diverse logos-logic branches on our human linguistic left-brained Tree of Ecological Life.

As we further comprehend that it is not really a new string or new economy we seek on our globally regenerative vocation, we will more cooperatively recognize and appreciate that we all follow one permacultured ecological paradigm as it traverses the great cranial-spinal divide, originating with Elder RNA Codexed intuitive memory, then emergent Left-brain dominance, and now Trim Tabbing back toward Left-Right hemispheric dipolar balance; eco-logic resolves from theo-logosed early bicamerality (see Julian Jaynes on the ethological development of Left-brained cultural-linguistic dominance of deductive reasoning and metric calculation, as icons shifted to linguistic symbols) to spread an actively cooperative economy with an endosymbiotic understory of mutually subsidiary power-strengthening optimization strategies, bridging religion with scientific research in what Fuller termed Universal Intelligence.

Fuller’s “Intelligence” is not merely deductive and statically discerned or designed, it also has a regenerative four equivalent fractal-elliptical dimensional structure as incarnated in natural systems. This contrasts with older hard-copy two-dimensional drawings, confusing Yin-Yang closed circular symbols as sufficient for understanding real four-dimensional world economic revolving, wavilinear, double-knotted, universal Prime Relationship of space and time, unfolding, enfolding within human speciated memory, refolding; DNA and Yang’s RNA Elder ReGenetic Codex written within dynamic space and place as Whole Universal Binomial Intelligence, all the way down to QBit sub-atomic holonic Commons harmony.

Our humane permacultural vocation optimizes rich polycultural Climax Communities of inclusive and diverse information, nutrient values, organic networks, each an integral multisystemic therapeutic project to minimize stress and dissonance by optimizing our full-harmony opera.

Legend has it that this resolutionary process all culminates when the Fat Queen sings.


Why are you all looking at me, I wasn’t singing out loud again was I?


EcoSelf Identity

EcoSelf invites, stimulates,

EgoSelf’s range of power, responsibility, authority,

in response, reaction.

EcoYin hopes for gratitude

EgoYang hopes for love.

Right brain’s mythic memory intuition

can wisely speak through Left brain’s eco-logical logos.


Right brain hopes for confluent stimulation

through Left brain’s comprehensive gratitude

for belonging to all four seasons,

but especially the advent-ure of winter’s incubation,

springing permacultured dreams

unfolding and refolding within

EarthTribe’s eternally  regenerating season

of synergetically silent solidarity,

merging wounded wombs with Earth,

composting genetic sap for spring.

Man/Sha Legends

Gaia’s Cultural History Lesson

Dr. Kathleen Gaia, vaguely associating with the Sisters of Perpetual Peace, drew her first equity credits through the Social Work Department. But, as with nearly all functions, and perhaps some dysfunctions as well, pertaining to Dr. Gaia, this became a controversial matter for a time, early in the Post-Millennial Period, as the Green Revolution was drawing toward its inevitable close.

Dr. Gaia insisted that her students should call her Kathleen, not Sr. Kathleen, not Dr. Kathleen, but not Kathy, or Kate, or, most vehemently, NOT Katey. This preference became iconic of her regenerative iconoclasm. Kathleen was her own tour de force, especially in her view of history and evolution, and economics, and metric systems, and information….  OK, maybe the word especially is not the best choice; perhaps eclectically would be better. Anyway, case in point, Kathleen was almost solely foundational to the School of Social Work becoming the School of Ecologic Practice.

It’s so difficult to know where her history of cultural evolution story actually begins because everything about her spirals around into everything else about her. Kathleen is a spinning regenerative, life sustaining, revolution, whether she spends the day in mindfulness practice, just breathing deeply, what she calls positive intention, as if she sees Mother Earth writing down her intentions, her attendance, her presence, each moment of each day, and night; or whether she is consulting for the U.N.’s ReGenesis Committee. Kathleen is of, by, and for abundantly fertile compost-culture.

Kathleen came to what was then the School of Social Work with an outrageous Dissertation proposal probably because she was a Buckminster Fuller scholar and a Permaculture Designer. One or the other might not have triggered her personal cultural revolution, but that she understood Fuller as a Permacultural Teleologist seems to have set the stage for her unusual entry into, and eventual symbiotic relationship with, our Ecology Practice Department. She confronted not only a huge cultural gap but her dissertation became more of a transliterative dictionary of self-inflicted terminology than she would have greatly preferred. On the other hand, this early translation project grew intrinsic to her capacity to sustain Positive Intention (also known as Basic Attendance) throughout a wide range of paradigms and interactive environments, sometimes quite heated. She just keeps coming back to her symbiotically interdependent principles of Regenerative Systems.


Buckminster Fuller’s Permacultural and Teleological Regenerative Information Conjecture

 Rev. Kathleen 0. Gaia



Buckminster Fuller’s rather too comprehensive Synergetics: Explorations in the Geometry of Thinking came to fruition while Gregory Bateson’s parallel reflections were published under the titles of Steps to an Ecology of Mind and Mind and Nature. Meanwhile, at Yale, then Princeton, Julian Jaynes produced his major opus, The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind.

These titles, and the undercurrents within these three thought streams, might combine as Explorations in the Geometric Ecology of our Bicameral Mind. Unlike Bateson, both Fuller and Jaynes move toward an evolutionary teleology, the conjecture that evolution follows a positive trending intersection toward a primal intersection of both ecological meaning and economic purpose, or value-transfer confluence. Bateson and Jaynes, unlike Fuller, are interested in the mapping emergence of pattern and learning. Jaynes, unlike Bateson and Fuller, is interested in the cultural and historical evolution of our Left-Right hemispheric brains, or, more specifically, the emergence of Left-hemispheric dominance, which he thinks of as an evolutionary breakdown or perhaps breakthrough in his later reflections.

Each of these seminal thinkers, and others more epistemologically inclined, such as Thomas Kuhn, Karl Popper, David Bohm, lived, thought, wrote, published during the late-Industrial Revolution era. This was also the time when Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity was the culturally dominant model for understanding spacetime. It was not until the early post-millennial era that Fuller’s work came to cultural dominance, recognizing both that relativity is a function of primal relationship and that Einstein had explicitly assumed a 4 equi-dimensional spacetime Commons, or Hilbert Space, only within which the conversion formulas for measuring energy in relation to space and time are applicable. Our ego-relativity aside, within spacetime universe, our eco-relational Commons can be optimally comprehended through a redundantly tetrahedral fractal development pattern, as evinced by the regenerative pattern of RNA, the 4-prime dimensional base implied within atomic metamorphosis, and the Group Theory work of Gregori Perelman and William Thurston. Their intellectual children are not just chaos and complexity theories, but also what has become the Permaculture Design Movement.

 Fuller does not experience our cognitive ecology as responding to static information. He sees geometry as a way of describing and predicting relationships in a constantly changing, revolving, physical universe. Math is about verbs, action, relationships; not so much about stasis, nouns, nomials, names, numerals, lifeless symbols. Jaynes understands the development of symbols and language in a similar evolutionary functional model. Jaynes’ lens was as a psychological ethologist. He believed that nature’s evolution systemically predicated the development of a dominant, deductive, self-conscious left-hemisphere. There is a natural and functional teleological explanation for the development of self-awareness, also causally related to the development of early language and written symbols.

During the early 21st Century, Permaculture and Synergetics melded into the Prime Universal Principles:

  •  Spacetime prime, rational, relationships evolve into, and from, 4 equi-dimensional thermodynamic and magnetic balanced frequencies and functional, confluent relationships, trending toward synergetic formation. 
  • Original Teleological Intent: Prime binomial, and binary, relationships self-organize and perpetuate universal open energy, and information, systems.
  • Omega Point Optimization Practice: The mindful effectiveness of regenerative integral multisystemic therapeutic design increases as negative dysfunctional monochromatic silos of competitive ego-nomial [formerly known as economic] ecologies decrease.
  • Information can only exist within a systemic identity; the absence of absence. Polynomial spacetime information is the positive functioned face of the absence of reversed temporal, Not-Polynomial negative spacetime–which Bohm refers to as Implicate Order. 

 In other words, bottom line, compassionate mindfulness increases within human natural systems as ego-passionate irrationality and dissonance decrease; a teleological tautology. Active peaceful practice grows where nonviolent intent and design is planted. This has become the Prime Permacultural Principle of Thermosystemic Balance.


Kathleen responded to concerns that her theoretical frame would be more appropriate to our Environmental Sciences Department, or maybe even what was left of the moribund and largely dysfunctional Economic History Department, through the development of her therapeutic model. She understood cultural history, including anthropology, as the narrative incarnation of informational string theory. Resilient, inclusive, sustained articulation, connection, weaving of globally interspeciated and intergenerational information-Codex strands, comprehended as a positive-intent, cooperative information network, produces optimizing therapeutic intervention trends. In other words, our healthy ecological systems are intrinsically therapeutic, and follow the natural system development trajectory of positive evolution. Unfortunately, the Industrial Revolution, a by-product of Left-brained dominance—also known as Yang-centric imbalance—severed eco-nomic value transfers from their eco-logical nutritional root system. So, to Kathleen’s permacultural way of looking at our Tree of Life, if we want our social work project design to meet Continuous Quality Improvement multi-systemic information standards, then obviously we have to re-ligion, reconnect our cooperative economic production to our interdependent and synergetic ecological root system. It is not an integral, optimizing systemic development practice to sever our social investment strategies, and practice, from the richly fertile wealth of our ecological wisdom, and intent.

Her advocacy for a global cooperative eco-normic networks illustrates how Kathleen applied her Regenerative Ecological Practice to more specific public sector planning proposals.


In all my benighted years as the United Nation’s EcoChaplain I have heard an ear-full of mind numbing noise. But, nothing more so than this endless chaotic and dissonantly suffering confusion of egonomics with econormics. So, if you would be so kind, I would ask if you might focus on breathing together for a few moments, soften your eyes, and listen as we time travel together back in history.

Our time, this time that we have each chosen to walk and sing and dance on Earth, has been long predicted. Some have called it the Second Coming, others the Great Apocalypse, others the Great Turning. Each of us breaths together in this room today because our species’ karma evolved us to know everything we need to know to uncover our mutual gratitude for winter’s harsh wind voices. Until we can appreciate what the discontent of this Great Winter Transition can teach us, we cannot enter our promised land of eternal spring.

So let us imagine ourselves reborn into the advent season, within our mother’s womb. This is our time of metamorphosis from permacultural seed into our regenerative Earth Tribe, rebirth conceiving abundant opportunity. Our short-term risk is only stepping faithfully into appropriate gratitude for our mutual subsidiarity, trusting the principle of waxing and waning reversion, within Mother Earth’s nurturing care.


We belong to Her clearings

Her places panoramic

Older than our Logos Voice of culture.


We toddle, listen

memorize Your scent as this day’s time;

Your shadows, curves, slopes, curls,

a panoply of silent places

shaping paradigms for mind’s rest

imagining Your scale as mine

to play or hide

or grow smaller

or dance

to sounds of nature’s buzz and chatter,

clack and clatter,

august synapzzz resounding quake of grounding gravitas,

moving, shifting, hunting

resting silently again.


Behind my breath

I hear Yours

and ours together

before this voice,

interrupts our nutrient bath,

through intimate birthing horizons,

vast belonging songs

string back to cultured paradise cavern,

pearl of advent crystal-ringing exform’s mythic treasure.


This Great Transition to reflow our rivers,

warm tears spiraling down our drainpipes

into warming seas of salty fears containing

all Earth’s regenerated tears through past years

and generations,

a sea-green latticed pearl of tears

cooperatively compiled from EarthTribe’s

quakes and pains,

suffering and surprising joy.


Tears come with sad

but also wildly glad

Gaia cares not which way she collects them.

These are Her tears to share with Father Sky,

their seeds of immense iniquity,

but also equity

absorbing pain and suffering,

lubricating ecstatic pleasure,

tears water sap

filled abundantly rich nutrients




catharsis leads to slower grace,

wisdom to hear both pain slow smoke-filled exhalation

and wild enthusiasm’s equally valued teachers,

mentors along our permacultured path,

learning to water regenerative values

by starving long-suffered disillusion.


To starve long-suffered disillusionment, our growing absence of active hope, these are negative ways of describing our new millennial positive teleological faith. The fact that some of us still exist, although the number of species is dwindling, that anything exists at all, proves the lie of this Closed Universal System assumption of cosmology, and gives deductive power of reason to hope for final outcomes other than entropy and dissonance.

Perhaps it is believing we are each ultimately mortally bound independent ego identities that draws our minds to this Closed Universal System assumption. But, our sensory experience protests this irrational conclusion and draws us, instead, toward faith in our interdependently immortal freedom, released from spacetime’s ego-consciousness, bringing power to hope, grow faith, regenerate love for our open systemed Permaculture Paradise.


If it is our Tao

if it is true

that Original Intent predicts

what Teilhard de Chardin’s Omega Point articulates,

that this globally resounding echo through our universe of post-millennial time

reconnects our religions with our science and our best artistic grace,

then could we please agree that we have chosen to begin anew together,

to fly together,

not fly apart,

to dance and sing in permaculturing, eco-normic, widening circles,

not march and shout in diminishing extractive ego-centric markets.


Some of us do not believe it was a coincidence that we were born at this time together. Together we have sufficient knowledge, we simply lack the power to be where we belong, in some future paradise moment, both ecologically and economically balanced, inclusive, fair, with fresh air and water, and plenty of wholesome food for all the Earth’s Tribes, regenerating diversity into our sustained future.

We have a messianic dream and live a crucifying nightmare of anguish.

 So, once again, I ask you to close or soften your eyes, breathing in Earth’s radiant energy, into our lungs and blood streams and neural systems. Then breathing out and down, imagine following your deep and tender root system into the past, down toward Earth’s core, from which emerges all our diversely interdependent root systems. Breath in Father Sky’s radiantly productive energy, and exhale in and down and through and back to where spacetime begins with all of us together. Here, in this interconnectedness, in this symbiotic vulnerability, we experience our shared messianic vocation.

Hear our new millennial Messiah Voice first as our shared suffering and loss:


Messiah’s Torch Song to Mother Earth


I have given up on us

because you gave up on us

before I even came along.


You saw in me some hope

that maybe you were wrong

perhaps my humane race could be redeemed

if just one would take the time

to notice and care

that you are.


But, I was not that one for you.

The one to see wealth

where you have it

rather than long to be fed

with what is not yours to provide.


It breaks my heart to know

that I can’t fix yours.

I step into your absent grace

and here I am with you

where I have only seen you

as my fixer-upper.


I am afraid to be your only love

it feels too much to ask of me

to love you when you’ve never loved another.

Can you tell me why

I never cry

when I try to hurt you?

Can you tell me why I only cry

when I tell you that I need you?


But I can’t find you.

I had given up on me

before we ever came along.


I saw in you my last life’s hope

that I could share myself

without running out

until our dying day.

We would never end

telling stories of now,

and then,

and why we never want this one to end.

We would look outside

in each other’s eyes

and see inside

through each other’s eyes.

It’s your nervous roots within your skin

your mind,

your heart,

too weakly fibrillating for faith

that I might care

and know you as you are.


And yet your hope,

it lingers there,

ringed trees glow reminder

when there is hope that’s positive

then water it with light.

My hope emerges warm teared compost

for our faith that love could be for us

to share such diverse synergy,

grow love for all who come to share

this pilgrim floored and worn-out rug.


This transition time, our time, all time is the measure of relationship. Relationships, each one, taken together, are our time. How and where, with whom do we invest our nutrient time-relationship? In which values, and are these positively intended or negatively practiced, harmonious or dissonant, automated autistic ego-stressed suffering? We would wisely water harmonious, emergently evolving ecosystems, in part by starving silos of ego-centric monocultures.

 Where are our most holistic human natural systems? Where endure our surviving permacultured seeds of hope? Where are our Shaman Warriors for Peace?

 Look to your most regenerative mentors. Those few leaders who are more about walking our revolving-reverting pilgrimage together than about talking individualistic creeds, designs, and plans for personal salvation. Then give priority to those who work with young people, sharing regenerative mentoring skills, creating positive, healthy peer-support environments to sustain life. Find master gardeners who live as well as they eat, permaculture designers whose cooperative intensions sync with their regenerative designs, ecosystemic ministers who understand nutrients and toxins can be absorbed through all the senses, from taste through feeling, sound, voices internal and external, sight internal and external, fragrance and stench. Divided and splintering spiritual strains are decaying and dissonant. We need to follow our nutrient string back to our Original Intent, our permacultural story, of Tao harmony, of active peace introducing abundant global love, of a justice that balances mercy for self as interdependent with others, sharing both responsibility and opportunity for reweaving broken communication and community fibers composing our universal Tree of Life.

Your religious, faith, intentional communities, having found their shared cultural root system, are now free to lead our public sectors, and our public sectors can be free to once again lead our humane nature toward eco-logical intension and design informing eco-normic global practice. This is the economic right of nature, to regenerate through the balancing evolution of mutual gratitude between Self and Other, Yang and Yin, Explicating and Implicating Systems, Convex with Concave, as our universal longing folds into our global belonging, within Earth’s nurturing care.


String-Tied Theorem

My body responds to my mind,

yet equally true,

my mind responds to my body;

a two-way conversation.

My Self-Body speaks from the left,

to EcoSelf-Mind from the right,

about this Exterior Landscape we share,

while Right Mind responds to the Left

from my Interior Landscaped history string.


RNA code and structure,




trans-speciated, not confined to human nature,

speaks permaculturally and exegetically from

Right hemispheric interior.

DNA double-bind binomial structure,


languaged Left-brain’s Personal Knowledge;

we eisegetically and linguistically hold

as natural-timed Tao with human Voice.


Origins of inductive faith,

this positive teleology,

remain lost in foggy horizons of time

and myth,

yet blindly following this misty trail,

merging beyond RNA’s shared prime-time horizon,

evolved through self-reflective double-helix,

dia-sym-bi-synced Hilbert space,

of plus-minus bicameral magnetic polarity,

thermodynamic, temporal, temperament, temperature

balance of polynomial reverse equal to not polynomial information.

nonpolynomial time, yet prime-structured, nuclear negative qbits,

Right brained Yin,

graciously responsive to DNA-Yang’s

temporally-speciated, balanced, diversity of humaned nature.


This Tao spirituality song begins:

Yang is to Yin as

Nature is to Spirit as

Physical Polynomial systems are to Non-Polynomial Metaphysical information as

Left is to Right-brained mutual comprehension as

positive is to negative thermodynamically magnetic polarity as

convex is to concave as

discover is to uncover as

Uracil to Cytosine in RNA 4-Based equi-valent

octaved spatial-temporal

frequency regenesis of Positive Teleology.