Natural Seeds With Spiritual Roots

I can see difference,
but also sameness,
between neurological networks
and internal/external co-empathic sensory experience

InBetween metaphor and analogy
reflecting contrast and cooperative comparisons
between natural perception
and spiritual feelings

Of confluence/dissonance
with and without
all that is Holy
and Dissonant

devilishly against all we feel holonic

A root metaphor
for this win/win creative intention
invites a seed’s natural potential
to experience a healthy spiritual root system
embedded in a polyculturally wealthy experience
of naturally spirited EarthGaze

Nights and Days
for co-invested wellness


SeedBearer Psalm

Holy EarthSpirit
is our seed bearer.

Our blue celestial universe
could lack nothing

In meadows of green sweetgrass
She enlightens repose.

Into living waters of recomposure
She bears then leads us;
There S/He revives Earth’s co-passioned soul.

She guides me
by polypaths of virtue
not forsaking Her sense-rooted story.

Though we pass through this gloom
doom river valley,
I fear no mountainous trauma;
Within me
your rooted integrity
and your well-seeded womb are here,
to hearten and enlighten us.

You prepare a wealth gardened table
between us
under the eyes of my predative
and hoarding enemies;

You anoint our capital driven values
with multicultural oil,
my catholic creolizing communion cup
brims cooperatively over.

Ah, how interfaith enlightenment
and empowerment pursue us,
every day and night of Earth’s living systems;

My home,
the recreation of ecowomanist
re-imaged Yahweh,

As long as Earth empowerment
revolves around Sun’s well-seeded Womb.


Weedy Pasts ReSeeding Futures

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing
and right doing there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.”

stupid and dull and ravenous,
do not wonder
why you have gathered them,
They are hardly aware of you
at all times.

like animals,
do not lie down with awed privilege
for you to harvest them.

unlike animals,
are transparently unaware
of your risky approach
in all deadening times,
avoiding health wealth opportunities
remaining detached from enriching Earth’s
deep learning recycles.

unlike nations
and planets
and plants,
are polypathically aware of outside-eco
yin-spiritual risks
in all polyphonically natural
inside-egotherapeutic opportune days
and nightmare egocentric
risky anthrocentric
dark-yin spirited
dissonant nights

Seeds do not wonder
why you have included them
inductive shadow valleys.
We are hardly aware
of our historic environmental Selves
in and through
all reseeding MountainEarth
valleys of bilateral SacredTime.

even those found toilet twittering
to avoid thinking too much
about how much our own insides mortally stink,
do not wonder
why we have gathered here.
Weeds are hardly aware of
polypathic seeds
for cooperative opportunity
in all polyphonic Sacred Times
with Places
PolyCultural Faces.


ReGenetic Tao

I: Theorem

Progenation grows reality,

green sea of mossy mutual species




seeding future informing

enculturated strings

binomial waves of confluent sanguine sanity



through historic trimtabs toward tolerance

of mutual subsidiarity, endosymbiotic yeast,

solid Left and Right ecopsychology,

positively resurfaces,

emergent systemic trend of evolution,

informing karmic functional memory sets,

West and East metaphysical economics

Tao’s Yang/Yin harmonious balance

revolving Giaia’s natural system seasons,

eco-individuation of Earth’s Common Tribe

breathing through our Heart of ego-Self Identity

stringing well-being permacultured regenesis,

relinking RNA’s four-fold logic,

when U can (-)C me,

then A QBit Polynomial + trend in spacetime fits

(-): G, I wonder how U could be,

me and U mutually?


So glad to find me through U

as double-bound reverse-temporally confluent (-)C ,

entropic belonging,



non-commodified dreamy memories of We.


II. Conjecture

If currency wages hegemanic sway

over valued interests and investments for CQI well-being,

as uncovered through each moment’s practice,

more than discovered through my positive intention,

then I have learned my lesson well

a long slowly agonizing dying process of loss

til (0) summed gravity has Her forceful frequent way with me

with no immunity left to show

for our investment in my permacultured seed

of hope in positive teleology,

where history’s hopeful meaning,

Original Intent of regenetic Open Systemic assumption,

RNA encoded as fractal 4-based

thermodynamic balanced reality,

meets future’s predicating

pregnant purposed paradise

where value eco-logic

has Her cooperative

yet frequently challenging trimtab way

of religioning interdependence,

Eastern mindful meaning with

Western prehensively deductive purpose,

Yin meets Yang

swings back again

to find our mutually inclusive balanced Revolutionary Wave,



III. Prime Information Development Theory

Right’s meaning of mindful loving memory, for and of the past,

grows Left’s active purpose, co-passionate peace for now,

and of predicted future,

a (0)-sum Commons Relationship

Original Intent emerges Omega’s Point,

cooperatively-mutually held and balanced challenges

to learn from permacultured history

while we creatively in-form Her.



Naked Tree Roots

During summer leaves fill in each tree’s outline,

a green cloud of camouflage identity,

within a fluttering sea of interdependent flowing, blowing leaves,

breathing in and out,

pulling up sap from well-composted roots of fertile wealth,

pushing out oxygen–hydrogen bath for air.


But, in the fall, calico coats float to the ground,

leaving naked each tree’s individual trunk,

pointing graceful branched individuality toward its own bimorphically latticed progenitor,

its hidden root system

who’s purpose disappears without comprehending beauty,


the majestic dignity of each tree’s syncretic meaning in our planet’s atmosphere,

lungs for Mother Earth.

Yet this Tree of Life’s understory grows down and in toward Earth’s warm womb,

as if reaching for a dark-limned sky,

roots toward past searching strings of information down, down, out, back to our dawn of light,

and space,

and this bicameral self-perpetuating tree iconic Universe.


In Fall of abundantly fertile grace,

this vision opens for all to see,

each naked tree reverse-rooted,

growing up,

still reaching toward light of sun,

Yin-Mother Earth concavely pushes up

wrapped within each root to become hard formed,

to receive Father Sky’s teasing caress,

to shamelessly embrace all who breathe.


As Earth’s blanket of summer’s Yang-fullness subsides,

leaves fall,

and Yin-limned standing shadows inform,

interdependently erect,

roots intertwined,

polyculturing yolk embedded,

while a visceral gray army of forested Elders wave

creaking and groaning during winter’s stark-naked cold breeze,


shriveling seeds hibernating dreams of warmth dawn spring.


Our permacultured purpose lavishly exposed with redundant Tree of Life icons,

graced roots pushing up karmic development,

evolving and resolving seasonally,

each one a zero-sum development from seed-skin,

covering internal format-rooted precisely the same within each species,

diversifying across our polycultured global forest floor and sea.


If humane nature chooses to rejoin the natural balance of Elder trees,

then we may realize this explicated polynomial positive Information,


does indeed equal

implicated negative (Yin-concave) metaphysically intuited mythic narrative string.

DNA-encoded limitations inhibit irrational boundary issues,

we respond to chronic dissonance between Left-Right hemispheric sensory receptors autistically,

frequency code prime relationship standards confused,

thirsty for thermodynamic 4-dimension based,

prime temporal progenitive,

Hilbert spacetime valued form and function,

an explicating convex skin covering magnetic polar


through heart, lungs, mind,

this autonomic information system enthymematically shies,

intuited within and before each hunch

rooted in balanced resonance,


patterns of fit with biometrically analogous experience.


Our sideways “8” eternity symbol

iconic of our Left and Right universes for optimizing life,

bicameral icon eyes grow equi-dimensional.

Production of trees and forests,

seas and polycultural systems

explain the meaning of nature’s phenomenally rooted regenerative system.


YangTree: Hi. Positive polynomial up here. What’s your name?

YinTree: Not-Polynomial Negatively in-grown rooting system?

Yang: Of course, so sorry to extrude,

but who are you, I could notice, speaking positively?

Yin: Not You, yet including your resonant memory string of EarthSelves used to be,

and Self becoming once again,

crossing regenerative Spring’s permaculture threshold.


WeSelf Weaving

My intersection, long cherished, was here,

a Rock now self-pummelling,

crumbled shape reforming pebbles

swirling their Great Transition turning

highway ribbons into reweaving paradigms,

newly familiar knots of meaning street

meets purpose avenue.


Self identifying functions,

transmutant role-playing ingredients

cross-breed mysteriously green integral individuation,

redeeming source for ancient blood-drenched stories.


Morphing paths feed identity and memory assets

and property and relationships and ownership

through a nutrition mixer;

cumbersome ungainly contention

for natural flowing reconstruction,

creating nascent coop-network soup from

resistant gall stoned economies.


Individuals resonate into communities

as places relocate into homes

transitioning from mechanical precepts

inductively racing for a well-farmed field

of Commons regenerative theorem,


self-perpetuating pearls of permaculture.


Pilgriming past my familiar mirror,

I slow surprised by unfamiliar faces

behaving as if We were mine.



Tree in rock

Wood sapped Energy succudancing gnarling roots

grasping trees of life

erupt to full parasitic bloom

within millennial Great Transition

toward autumnal winnowing of karmic stamina.


Fire brings full-flaming confidence

derived from summer’s thirsty rain of seed-

diastolic recessing roots

plunging and emerging

as rich deep regenetic learning:

Communing forests blanket mythic understories.


Keep going back, back further,

before space emerged from tempered Voice

to once within our EarthTribe Time

when Trees of Life pushed out

from gravitas of boldly

hidden polyculturing embrace.

Villages incarnate from fire-lit stories shared,

and love of Other

bursting nutrient notes

dancing Earth’s Permacultured Opera.


My chords and chorus sing through ears

I hope to synchronize with gratitude,

sight with sound

becoming with being

longing with belonging

bi-rooted functions

uncovering emergent Tao

graving information of Positive Treeology.


What grows primal

feels irrationally magical


green-leafed anonymously silent saplings

waving from and for ancient cliffs of paradigmatic rock.


Stoned paradigms of ancient Orthodox

sing echoing synchronicity,

dancing rocks within my rolling mind

learning how to rhyme with age,

unfold color fragrant grace-carnating Tao.