Universal HealthCare

Universal health
feeds unitarian safety
breeds universal health

A most patriotic way
we can live and breathe

In our diversely languaged nations
cultured continents
of global EarthTribe advocates

Interdependently loyal
to universal health
and sacred intersectional
inter-religiously green

Of universal sacred health
winning Earth’s unitarian safety
wealthing universal health…


Sacred Earth Undone

Earth feels undone.
Not only incomplete,
but now unraveling,

but not resurrecting,
not fully alive,
not healthy enough
to listen for sacred survive
whispers, ReWind

What Gaia has joined
ego-centers within ecosystems
must not secularize
disconnect natural analogical likenesses
inviting spiritual
profound illuminations

and for
complex empowerment,
full living regenesis truths
beyond unsustainable
left-brain dominant
human ego-isolating
supremacist economic
politicized ways

As if we are each a struggling
undead YangGod
unraveling toward our individualized mortality,
unable to ever become done

With self-creation

From where
and when
originates this undead
undone SelfQuest?

And to where
and when returns
YangGod’s yintegral spiraling
multilaterally reforming
DNA seasonal structural systemic shadow
soul of organic light
regenesis powers
of wealthiest communing?

Global and yet local,
external wealthiest EarthClimates
and internal multiculturing
health undone
polyculturing promise
of and for regenesis.


Healthy Bicameral Faith

What could be good
without growing healthy?

What is your faith community’s redemptive
and healing
and enlightening theology
and/or ecologically regenerative
restoring Earth’s healthy faith justice,
globally recommunicating peace,
greenest resilient compassion?

Whether your healthy good faith community
communion-invested experience
is in a cathedral
or a town hall
or belief in a retributive court system
or daily loyalty to a military hierarchy
or a corporate industrial team
for extracting
and exploiting
Earth’s natural and sacred resources,

Invested by past regenerators
in healthy good faith ecosystems
and promised trust to future regenerations
of wealthy full-faith
humanely compassionate egos, recentering
binomially listening questions
for healthiest faith systems.

What is Earth’s healthy faith
and enlightening

From whence emerges
historically multi-generational
multicultural endowments
for regenerating cooperatively intelligent
and actively compassionate residents,
global green patriots,
good healthy faithed citizens,
sacred communicants?

What is Earth’s experiential history
of human healthy faith?

From what healthy hearts
emerge strong theological experience
and eco-historical
creative liberating processes
systemically natural/spiritual
ecological healthy faith
in compassionately
impassioned communication?

And where you live
and breathe
and healthy faith,

What was your favorite
good faith community’s empowering
enlightening mission:

When first locally established?

When originally emerging
as a social-cultural
new faith practice,
for empowering
and enlightening future communal
cooperatively co-invested generations?

And before patriarchal
left-brain dominant predation,
oppressive colonization,
How might pre-historic
nature/spirit nondualistic
locally enlightened minds
and empowered hearts
and compassioned root systemic
humane/divine EarthBodies
compare resilient strength
and resonant flow
with today’s local
and/or global
faith community theological experience
and ecological practice?

How will future empowering health care
and enlightening multicultural faith
in robust sensory wealth
become divine EarthJustice restorative
and/or ecologically-humanely
bisensory co-empathically
nurtured light,
natured power,
spirited compassion energy?

What could become multiculturally good faith
while growing wealthiest questions
concerning local
and celebrating global
compassionate health?


Permaculture Designs

Multicultural Appreciative Design
begins with how we nutritionally feel,
nurtured or afflicted,
resonant and/or dissonant about a few issues,
spiritually healthy
and naturally wealthy,
growing out
into more robust global matters.

Polycultural outcome win/win strategies
follow principles of cooperative economy
and regenerative choice-making
to improve health care giving
and receiving
for each humane resident’s sacred habitat.

ZeroZone is first priority,
and then out to spacetime climate periphery.

Once we notice and plan past
Zone One,
Zone Two,
Zone Three,
and perhaps more,
depending on the scale of our restorative justice
healing ambitions,
we eventually conclude by observing
wind and light/shadow patterns,
climate trends
humid and dry atmospheres,
social good humored cultures
and nationalism’s bad humored
blaming and shaming
win/lose capital commodified monoculture.

ZeroZone interviews
ask Who Are You
at your healthiest
most nutritionally communicating
win/win eco-political best,
especially in cooperative relationship
with Zone One,
often defined as those spaces and times visited
and felt revisited
at least once per day
and night.

Zone Two,
less frequently,
maybe once a week.
The grocery store,
farmer’s market,
cooperative credit union,
compost bin,
edible and aesthetically pleasing boundaries,
inviting barricades
between Zone Two

Zone Three,
about once a month,
such as ambiguously friendly neighbors.

Zone Four,
once or twice a year,
maybe tracing tentacles out
to the dentist’s office,
the voting booth,
the state park,
the state capital.

Zone Five,
Climate health
v pathology,
Polycultural wealth
v monoculturing degenerativity,

Each of these layered Zones
extending out from each ZeroZone individual,
cooperative humane residents,
responsible and responsive green new deal team,
restorative justice residential authorities,
each Black Lives Matter intentional community,
each Green Lives Matter advocacy anthro-pod,
sharing a residential labor of love home,

a ZeroZone cooperative,
each Permaculture Designer
is trained to notice,
multiculturally mediate
bilaterally resilient left hemisphere
and resonant right hemisphere
nonviolent communication win/win relationships
of deductive thought
and inductive feeling,
breathing in
from Zones One through XY-polynomial layers
while also breathing out ZoneZero
feelings about healthy v pathological,
co-passionate climate dialogue
for win/win discernment
of global integrity’s timeless potential
for democratic health, more–

So, by the indirect way,
pathological outcomes
win/lose left hemisphere dominant either/or thinking,


Empowering Health

Positive balances negative energy,
co-arising matter.

Future balances past Time,
co-arising within Space.

Neutral-Draw Yin balances Negative Yin,
co-arising Positive Yang/YinYin healthy wealth.

Positive CommonTime equi-valences Negative “c”
co-arising +/(-)(-) double-binding Zero-PrimeTime bilateral dimension
of light’s emergent speed.

Light as +/(-,-)0 co-arising gravity
square rooted in RNA regenerative enlightenment
as (+/(-/-)ZeroCommons CulturalMetric
within 4 primal spacetime dimensions.

Understanding Elder-hemisphere as Eco-centered “Commons” bilateral,
Time encrypted skeletal-soul cell informating energy;
Comprehending Left-deductive through Ego-centered c-squared
bi-elliptical octave frequency transliterations,
in 4-prime spacetime;
emerges Universal cosmological +/- QBit function
as information/exformation of co-arising matter(s)
co-generating through ProGenitive (0)-sum cooperative ecological economies,
healthy self-optimizing thrival
of Beloved Climaxing Nature.

Verbal logic reveals relationships and transactions
as noun-binomials reveal subjects with their objectives,
to be attained or avoided or confused,
loved or feared
by their co-relational transmutation,
their co-arising praxis,
mutually gravitational life,
precessive and recessive,
inhale expansion toward exhale contraction,
time’s unfolding incarnation
of health and beauty,
sickness and decay,
peace and justice
with violence and suffering struggle,
Left with Right,
Ego with Eco-logical Economics,
Time’s +/(-,-)0 nutritional value,
integrative revolutionary recycles,
co-gravitational QBit trend default strings of P=NNP equivalence,
positive/negative co-arising informating energy,
in (0)-centric Open Universal Bicameral Systems
with Thermodynamic
and Electromagnetic
Yang/Yin Balance.

Co-arising nondual communal communion
silences our screaming segregating ego-defensive screens.
Eco-identity shares faith in hope to yet see
the whites of each Other’s eyes and souls
while we share this warmth of what remains
within our mythic Tribal burning bush,
DNA-encrypted fractal-balancing wisdom,
we can each and all walk away with each other,
not from each other,
understanding differences between what we all need
and what nobody wants,
and we will each and all shine toward this globally inclusive future
with what we each and all need,
and without co-dependent competitive relationships,
toxic to lasting therapeutic coherence.

Revolve Resolve Resonate ReDeem ReMember ReTurn ReConnect
to sustain our co-arising polyculturing time,
our ecosystemic well-being,
our ecotherapeutic homes and communities
and shared vocation,
our cooperative economic transactions of wealth-optimizing health;
this eco-logical,
permanently-enculturing permacultural con-scientific revolution
of co-mentoring within’s paradigms gardening without’s eco-consciousness.

Co-arise this optimally sustained revolution,
this dipolar wealth of meaning for health,
with dissonant noise and chaos for disease,
this robust prose and languaged
consciousness of inclusive bicameral mental health,
this graceful living and breathing and healing poetry,
rhythm, pattern of sound’s reason,
fullness of season;
metaphysically expressed through universal laws of language
and eco-time’s-logic,
while physically expressed through global dancing
and singing
in full RNA-fractal octaves of ringing regenetic circles.


Yin Then Yang Then Back Again

Life concaved inside

Convexing beauty

Harmonious in as out




Bigenderive mindfulness




Graced Ecoyeast regenerating




Diametric binomial meta-versed


Peaceful stasis

Faithful diastolic succulence

Positive purposed Original Intent


Gratitude for Other

Hope for  EcoOther balancing identity

Faith in Other as confluent NotEcoSelf,

sparks Love for Self as EarthTribing.


Original graced incarnating within

Robust compassioned love without

Mindful polycultured compost

of PermaCulturing Design.


ReGenerating = copredicating prehensile predicament

Globally Coincident Comprehensiving




Following Revolutionary Dialogue

Back in the day, a “follower” was someone who had faith in the leadership of another person; a leader trusted, in part, due to their adherence to some faith in a solution to dissonance. Mystics and prophets, politicians and mobsters, tycoons and polymathic geniuses, teachers and ministers had a “following.” Since the internet, this Transitional Generation and their allied elders would add to this list: bloggers and on-line journalists.

I have been following the NCDD discernment strings pertaining to the desire for a global political revolution and the more technical desire to facilitate large-scale grassroots  discussions about what we do and what we do not want as a global human species. In several of the senses of being a “follower,” I have also been following Joanna Macy’s peaceful revolutionary strategy as it unfolds internationally.  While I do not have any authority to interpret, or speak for, someone I greatly respect, and would not want to exceed my place as a follower, rather than a mentor, I think the connection between Joanna Macy and the NCDD listserve is that both urgently desire an internationally sustainable Earth ecological economic design system.

That gold-standard “design system” must be resonant and a well-patterned, balanced, theorem. More than a conjecture about what might inspire this peaceful revolution. A conjecture says “isn’t this an interesting pattern, a dynamic analogy?”; while a theorem adds “we have a positive teleological function for that form-pattern.” Conjectures are not yet polynomial memes. Theorems are polynomial, and binomial, patterns.

Faith in “ecological economics” fits more comfortably into Macy’s (0)-Centric Zen Theorem than into the NCDD discussion and culture. However, probably every NCDD member recognizes that the term “faith community” has an internal redundancy just as the term “faithless community” sounds oxymoronic. There is no community, no dialogue, no communication, no ecologic, no probability of cooperative economic intent where there is no faith that we are all in this mess together, whatever it may be, and that the primordial rules of discernment are best attuned to a radically inclusive “Golden Rule” that we must always treat others, regardless of species, and regardless of whether currently living or not yet living, as we wish ourselves to be sustainably and confluently, even therapeutically, treated.

It seems to both the Macy and NCDD Revolutionaries that there not only already is a global consensus in this basic positive teleological faith, but further, this global consensus is quickly learning to find each other across traditional divides of borders, water, special interests, and language–all we need, which we now have, is a global information system. The discussion has well begun, now it is time to move that from a perhaps sometimes too free-wheeling, and polarizing, discussion, to a positive discernment process. In other words, as a species, we are moving from our already shared positive teleological conjecture toward a positive teleological discernment theorem.

Perhaps NCDD culture is evolving this positive discernment theorem. As I have said perhaps too often, if we look at Positive Deviance, Appreciate Inquiry, Nonviolent Communication, and Dynamic Facilitation as each establishing a mutual discernment event culture that is the opposite of Cognitive Dissonance Theory [we tend to not hear well what does not fit with our current learned landscape; on the other hand we tend to learn quickly from what we all agree we don’t want], perhaps this is our Positive Confluence Theorem:

We hear very well, and revolutionarily embrace, what does fit most abundantly with all of our current learned landscapes. When we mutually acknowledge that we each do trust that we live in a positive-trending teleological economy and ecology. when that is our mutual intent and practice, then we not only comprehend, but incarnate and mentor, this Positive Confluence Theorem.

This Positive Teleological Theorem predicts that we will, globally, increase our investment in cooperative economies and pedagogy and design systems as three faces of one cooperative ecology.  As we do so, our current over-reliance on competitive strategies for learning, making a living together, building a polyculture together, will fade away into our collective memory of “back in the pre-millennial day.”