Life Loving DualDark Night

Some days and nights
I am terrorized by death,
cold silo ache-echoing fear,
claustrophobic breathless dark
inevitable factness and finality
of my decomposing mortality,
and posthumous demise,
probably post-humorous as well.

What good is death
if it cannot at least absorb timeless entertainment?
even some recreational opportunities
with their concomitant issues
soaring through our DNA-syntaxed COOPERATE tissues.

On better days and nights
I am merely fearful
that I am already dying
by not choosing to live fully.

For my terrorist days and nightmares,
a message from Yin Speaks her feminist Truth,
I have earned my sadness
and depression,
my badness concomitants
gifts of Fear,
more primordial than mere anthrocentric Anger
about vanities of power.

I have earned my rights of anger
about this existential predicament,
this issue about our own inevitable mindbody mortality,
this opportunity to stretch my love of life cooperative muscles
for myself, just as I am,
incarnating all our sadness and depression
with all our competing terrors and climatic-dissonance repressions
of love-centric health
PreMillennially suboptimizing
as LeftBrain deductive-only
Yang temporal-syntax dominant
regenerative DNA-monocultural-normative trend

when we could choose more sublime poli-eco-colored Times
and Gods and Goddesses
of choice as ecoconscious light
Right PolyNomial Sacred Space as Time Her DualSelf.

Outlined in NotNot = LoseLose EcoSystemic Devolution
reverse dialectic-temporal
WinWin CounterRevolution, EcoLogic,
YinYin PermaMythic Tao’s wu wei,
++/(-,-) prime fractal Yang OVER YinYin,
CoOperative-ReGenerating TransParent DualDark
SelfOptimizing Continuous Quality Improvement Trends
predicting tellus polyalgae-rhythms,
reiterating river-trees of bilateral-neural function.

Well, anyway,
more about that whole PostMillennial History of Time
of eco-evolution as reverse double-bound revolution
co-gravitating equivalent dipolarity,
later, or earlier,
depending on whether we are already looking
into my future bicameral time travels
with Yang’s pen and right hand dominant language,
or not so much feelin’ that in your (0)-centric sad and suffering heart
of perpetual loneliness
and loss of hopefilled purpose.

But, back to politically competitive oppression
and our economic dis-ecological cognitive dissonance
about our self and other and Earth repression
of cooperative,
and yet surprisingly Trinitarian,
triple-bottom WinWin Line,
healthy economic/ecologic opportunities.

When I’m sad and depressed,
feeling repressed and or repressed,
that’s because I am not crazy
in a too-Yang dominant-deductive consciousness
now co-arising emergent political-economic global networks
of cooperative opportunities
co-echoing-conscious health and therapy vocations
bicamerally DNA with dipolar RNA syntax confluent
tipping our two eyes and ears
to hunt optimal mainframe WinWin Health
and Safety
and Equity CQI Outcomes,
new notnot impossibilities of hope,
empowered by divesting, starving,
decomposing LoseLose Devolution
MonoCultural Political-Fat
dissonantly, yet transparently, dipolar,
OverDrafting Earth’s EcoNormic Balance,
defined as love of health outcomes
equitable to full DNA/RNA spectrum of polycultured life.

It’s hard to hunt this bicameral balance
when my well-earned sadness
about self and other depression
oppressive repression,
stress of chronic dissonance
sparking global autistic-overpopulation
DNA-dissonating ecto/endo symbiotic
co-empathic political and economic feedback messages,

It’s time to turn increasing DNA rabidity around
to find more cooperative and grace-filled
WinWin healthy gifts and eco-normic opportunities.

It’s time to find each other
and give full-voiced co-empathic hope.
Hearing voices may be less crazy
and more polypathically functional
than not listening to our own voices
of permacultural and ecological healthy-reasons
for our seasons
of sadness and gladness
as LoseLose AND WinWin
as losing to win ecosystemic “healthy” balance
for Earth, and therefore RNA,
and therefore DNA’s further,
more cooperative
and graceful kinda’ endosymbiotic
positive-trending WinWin,
continuously reiterative positive Beloved
choosing both Internal with External
EcoCentric Voices.

Speaking of ecocentric,
Richard Dawkins speaks in my dominant Left mindbody voice
investing systemic, bionic, robotic analogies
for our shared exegetical consciousness
of evolutionary survival
as anthro-logically required,
and, if not continuing evolution,
then how would a robot
trend climatic devolution?

should that become anything
to do with LoseLose hierarchical-monocultural,
so that each EgoPlayer must choose
either Win or Lose
and is prohibited by Ego’s bicamerally self-blinding restraint,
repression, sadness,
suffering LeftBrain dominant environmental nurture,
temporarily blind to double-binding regenerative resonant  Both/And resolutions
ubiquitously copresent in fractal and double-octave functions and frequencies
of light as energy and sound and feeling and taste and touch…
to always prefer choosing Win to CoWin,
regenerating-revolving EcoRNA/DNA
confluently double-bound (0)-soul centric
political with economic and rational
Left-Right bicameral balancing
love as synergetic life.

When my mindbody will let me choose
more self-with-other,
wu wei life,
that is choosing empathic love,
so it helps to always try to choose it,
one CoPresent Conscious Moment
within timelessly unfolding grace of Time.

I don’t know about future or past,
but I do know I am at least sometimes
bicamerally eco-present
co-arising EcoGravitator
transparently and primally rooting
in P=N(NP)
ecosystemic dipolar-temporal neural
OCQI PermaCultural Integrity, or at least intent,
and diapraxis-trend,
of DNA-Love Left loves Healthy RNA Right
Regenerating C+,+/(-,-) Codex
(0)-soul 4D equivalent-fractal
co-empathic synergetic ecosystemic embryo,

Loving EgoMe as EcoOur and Earth’s future cooperative investments
more than past’s competitively monocultured poli-economic

Let’s see
probably a walk outdoors at 20-degrees windchill
while writing poetry in front of warm wood stove,
enjoying morning’s excellent bright late-February
glazing glare on snowy white exterior
from this interior RightBrain Balancing view
of love as health,
maybe some breathing and stretch,
less kickin’ ass,
with just a little open crack of one window
west and one east,
to embrace daytime co-empathic atmospheres,

Interior as Exterior polyculturing dipolar ecoconsciousness
of Time’s CoArising Dialects
for past with future diapraxis
and syntax,
rhythm with rhyming reasons,
like seasons of life
with dark as warm wisdom
to cold freezing dissonance of sad repressive

Point of Origin/Birth of LanguageLeft:
That whole LeftBrain DNA-language evolutioning branch research project,
emerging from Elder RNA-embryonic (0)-souled
polypathic health of Sun’s ReGeneration.

Results so far
project global DNA/RNA health-trend confirmed,
time to revolve Earth’s Ship
more cooperatively with polyculturally ecological outcomes
for minimizing climatic loss
of populations through ecosystemic disaster scenarios
for future DNA evaporate as N/A ReGenerative Potentiators.

Time to square root our Yin-nutrient flow,
thereby balancing our LeftBrain BiCameral Temporal-Neural
DNA/RNA Normative ThermoDynamic,
PermaCultural Trending Balance;
more resonant full-octave harmonies
of political past functions with eco-nomial regenerative positive futures.

To Be Present WINWIN polyculturing love
equal to NotNot become trapped
in either/or double-binding Win/Lose EgoCentric
unbalanced thinking
when ecoconsciousness of breathing balanced left with right,
this moment as all of time,
is all function time employed to recreate this Ego,
and the only function I regret to leave behind
so richly dense incarnated
beloved bicameral EgoMind.

What a fascinating ride,
surfing co-gravitating times and landscapes,
noticing tweeks and squeaks
terrified of climatic crimes against Earth’s future children,
speaking to PostMillennial WinWin regenerators.


Earth Birth Rites

“…when you as an individual repeat the same [competitive v. cooperative health] choices in relationship to your own mind[body] and emotions, those choices also form habits [potentially becoming instinctively patterned loss of choice-freedom of will] that define your [ecosystemically healthy, and/or systemically win-lose suboptimizing] personality and your psychological self-sense.” Andrew Cohen, “Evolutionary Enlightenment” p. 72

Psychological Self-sense:
sustain identity as ego-time’s
CoPresent EcoPresence,
alpha through omega,
in ubiquitous syntax of DNA/RNA Tribes
of Bodhisattva EcoWarriors
and Reverse Hierarchical EcoOccupyers,
Yang Co-Relational ReGenerators
with Yin Elational,
iconic dipolar co-arising functional,
Original Intent.

MLK’s Beloved Community on Earth,
like Buckminster Fuller’s Spaceship Earth Universal Intelligence,
his active hope
and passionately urgent love for comprehensive
cooperative eco-consciousness,
like Darwin’s view of Earth’s endosymbiotically interdependent evolution,
is permaculturally rooted,
not only in the Buddha bicameral brain of loving kindness,
or even the uniquely human natured neural eco-messaging system.

polyempathic ecoconsciousness
or co-intelligence with all healthy temporal syntax,
evolves from the cooperative root strategy of DNA,
so, even more primally,
from each RNA self-regenerative living cell structure,
and polycultural development of life as aptic-love-elational default
MidWay spacetime health-optimization balance.

My consciousness arrives through my mindbody,
a neural time-evolving system,
includes my bicameral heart,
my bilateral lungs,
all my Internal/External organs and tools
hold this endosymbiotic Beloved Community
of eco-centric synergy
to joint venture invest
in my/our regenerative co-arising cooperative,
though often co-falling challenged,
alpha through (0)Mega Point faltering step
toward eco-selfconscious diastasis,
(0)-soul sum of interest rooting
harmonic balanced content
within four equi-dimensions of nature’s full-octave frequencies
co-arise ecofunction
of thermodynamic balance-harmonic fractal fold-times
within (Fuller’s concave half-function),
as enlightening dawn dipolar with dark dusk dissonance
without (Fuller’s universal convex half-function).

Repeating choices,
now regenerating habits,
now revolving ecoconsciousness
of cooperative
revolutionary design
as Beloved Communication development.

Rise up from ashes of Anger and Fear
of ego-centric mythic gods
of fleet time to make nutritious hay
while our eco-fueling sun shines
to birth just Earthright time.


Competing Voices

When two or more Yang Dominants
are in the same room,
noticing each other,
it may be time to leave that room.

We have issues curtailing our co-arising competition
to reveal who can win
our CoElational Presence Game.

All Yang-voices inside
and outside
clamoring for Ego as EcoRights
optimizing Elational Identity Light,
a smile of Namaste recognition,
we know each other from inside now,
but usually not from outside-past.

Then we go back to our CoElational Win-Lose political
and economic game of life,
but this despite that I-Thou moment,
or sustained cooperative co-arising relationship.

Even so,
more and more of us are slowing our competition
for Ego’s well-intended
but perhaps not always full-health and therapy-willed
hunger for love,

slow enough toward MidWay Tipping Point (0)-embrace
Other’s loving eco-lights and brights
and hugs and smiles,
knowing them for our own,

Winning together
Yang/Yin Bicamerally balancing
Internal Ego Landscape
a bit too competitively dominant over
External EcoNormic Landscape,
YinYin’s full CoRelational ElationFlow
DoubleBinding Balance
Right as Yin,
Left as Yang,
breathing in Yang’s languaged yammering Universe
to breathe out YinYin’s in-out-ductive Prime CoElational Time
in TaoHarmonic two-faced fractal-octave +/(-,-)
WinWin co-reiterative Byte-frequencies
rooting reverse-hierarchical Tree of Live v. eviL
as Win v. LoseLose
as +1/(-,-)0 Bicameral InFormating CoElation Universe.

When Yang and Yin EcoDominants share a room, ecopolitical heaven.


The Civil PolyCultural Revolution Party

“Before the party begins,”
said the Permaculturist to her pupils,
Yang on the Left,
Yin twins on Right,
processing nondually,
“a brief reminder.
of how to enter a room with appropriate balance.”

“This Party Door to life is not hinged for the right-hand dominant side
to swing open and closed
at Ego’s Win-Lose competitively unilateral convenience.”

“Our Party’s threshold toward Win-Win love
is a revolving door,
(0)-soul centered, geometrically, metaphysically, ecologically, and economically,
thermodynamically and gravitationally and cosmologically.
ionically and ergodically,
bionically and binomially nondual co-arising teleology,
logically and fractally dynamic,
Our PolyCulture Party massively co-hosts
and energetically mentors
this universal spacetime,
on the other nondual side of this classroom’s revolving threshold door.”

“Please continue to push into the Door from the LeftYang position,
while pulling toward your Ego from your RightYin;
either way and both together, nondually.”

“Please avoid messy tangles of arms and legs
and bicamerally dissonant heads
by retaining positive clockwise revolutionary potential,
as opposed to counter-revolutionary BusinessAsUsual
for entering the classroom.”

“This PolyCulture Party celebrates our co-arising design and development,
light dawning with the flow of Time’s eco-natural system,
spinning Left to Right,
then back to Left,
iterative bicameral revolutions toward closure
of our Originating Story,
(0)Mega Tipping Point
Core Pendulum of Time
with Bicameral Enlightenment
for full-octave Party brights.”

feeling your light of polycultural wisdom,
after you have finished all your empirical scientific research
for sufficient deductive/inductive
nondual co-arising
Win-Win double-negative logistics
and statistical dipolar trend optimization,
and only then,
please step into the PolyCulture Party threshold,
become the zen nondual-Tao Door,
swing positively on Left-deductive,
and double-negatively on Right-intuitive/inductive.”

please sustain these two bicameral frames,
simultaneously confluent
to flow nutrients out Left and wisdom in Right’s dual-dark atmosphere
in temporal and proportional alignment
for optimal thermodynamic balance,
and proactive, yet nonviolent, love.”

Yang and Yin-twins wend their weignt along Golden Ratios and Rules,
toward their nondual and dipolar,
PolyCulture Revolution Party.

Your Bicamerally Balancing Time.
Your TriSpaceDeductive with BioTime’s Co-Inductive Memory Moment.
Your Mental Wealth of Health.

Our cooperative Win-Win ecosystemic revolutionary gaming party,
with health/wealth organic snacks,
locally grown and harvested,
decomposed and regenerated,
lived and died and relived
through future generations,
and back to once upon our co-arising dual-dark Time.


On Polycultural Economic Health Optimization

Imagine we live in an eco-normative story
of competing for wealth-commodities,
cash piled in quantifiable currencies,
collectively blinded to our Win-Win
natural economic,
biological health and well-being value roots.

One day, our Permacultural Received View
unveils a co-operatively synergetic evolution of positive health
and articulation of mutual subsidiarity–
natural laws of economic and political
and psychological and biological
health and survival through thrival
Permacultural Design,
(and Taoist,
and Buddhist,
and JudeoChristian,
and Islamic,
and UU,
and Sikh,
and Hindu),
with Ecological Wealth objectives
defining spiritual principles, procedures, ethics
laws of co-operative solidarity,
co-passionate peace with ecojustice for all,
mutually subsidiary freedoms to live full healthy lives
balanced with freedom from dying deadly unhealthy deaths.
Oh, yes! this feels familiar somehow.

This appositionally poignant permaculture spectrum
originates with the emptiness of winter’s purgation,
to evolve bio-systemically toward,
to incarnate as to inform,
to revolve full cycle to incorporate the opposite end of life’s spectrum,
not mere half-assed egocentric and anthrocentric competitive life,
but fully sustainable health and well-being wealth
from now through our grandchildren’s grandchildren,
and all their several cousins of diversely rainbowed
and sensually intelligent
holonic RNA/DNA-encrypted
forms with functional memory eco-logical species,
bio-logic information processor systems,
bicamerally fully conscious.
We reverse our Left-brain dominant economic overshoot!
Yeah us!

As our cognitive disconnection from our own permacultural story evaporates,
this confusion about measuring wealth with money
rather than with sustainable,
ecological health,
about-faces toward inclusively co-operative survival
of the most synergetically interdependent systems,
positive deviant psychologizing
new economizing healthy wealth,
rather than BusinessAsUsual industry,
pursuing toxic short-term Win-Lose evolutionary designs
and plans for overshoot development;
collective worship of Left-brain dominant Ego-theism
rather than continuing our pilgrimage
toward Left-Right bicameral mutual governing equivalence values
following a nutritional thrival trail
back to our Original Big Bang ProGenitor,
TransParent Pre-Temporal Timing
of our Elder Right lens back through nutritional enculturing transparently binomial, time’s core spinal fold,
erupting solid massively dense formation
out informing polyculturing functions,
flow streams,
frequency intervals
fractal seasonal revolving rhythms
of radiantly Bi(0)-versive Exodus
of Love’s enlightening Time.
When we choose healthy co-operative survival optimization
by starving competition to accumulate wealth deposits,
we will address stealth impoverishment,
now feverishly hiding within un-consciousness of economically
and politically
and ecologically violating Golden Rules
that advocate health and sustainable hope for all Earth’s Grandchildren;
the pan-ultimate measure of a culture’s true wealth
is its mutually balanced positive and negative nutritional feedback loops,
seeking our Zero-Sum Co-Operatively Healthy Win-Win
Eco-Normic Game Plan.

Polynomial Power sustainably optimizes
where monomial center trends toward Universal Co-Passion,
healthy fulsome flows and frequently reiterated functional patterns
of HereNow TransParent Bicameral Consciousness,
Ego as SoleSubject
greets and mutually bows toward
Eco-Logical WeSelf-as-SuperEco’s Objective,
Bi-Nomially Permaculturally Balancing Time’s 3-dimensional bodymind Space,
Pace of unfolding
Beloved Community Memory and ReDevelopment.

like messianic shamans of all times and cultures,
steward natural systems with a mutual-mentoring premise.
Our Host Environment, EcoSystem,
is both our Subject in the present moment
and our Objective reconnecting toward a shared cooperative future,
inclusive of all endogenous natural systems, species,
air and water flows,
sun and shadow glows.
This SuperEco ProGenitor
Hosts and Teaches
through Elder Memory synchronicity.

First, permaculturing prophets and alchemists listen
requiring the purgation of Ego-
and Anthro-
recovering EcoCentrism
confluent with all SpaceTime balance and harmonies,
flows with positive and negative functions, ionic frequencies,
ironic humors
cognitive dissonance too often hiding
psychological dynamics striving for comprehensively balanced
Eco-Zero-Centrism and Balance,
as EcoLogical BioJustice Economics and CoOperative Governance.

Bicamerally Left-Right confluent con-science
brings sustainable healthy wealth of RNA-rooted memory systems.
Bicameral Binomial-Consciousness emerges
as human nature’s cooperative stewardship
our co-mentoring vocation,
Commons-space syntax shared with equal rights
by all Earth’s Natural Systems.

EgoCentrism is eisegetically held as good and normal and appropriate
only as long as AnthroCentrism remains Left-brain Dominant,
continues economically incarnating through Win-Lose competitive assumptions
rather than choosing permacultural models
for EctoSymbiotic Polycultural Revolution.

A Boddhisatva-Ego lives in cooperative service with SuperEco,
Universally Thermodynamic Balanced (0)-Centric,
4-Prime Dimensional,
bio- and eco-logical,
caretaker and metric “PlaceHolder” Polyculturist
within Earth’s RNA-syntax Tribes,
encultured fractal (0)-sum economically cooperative souls,
blossom Beloved Economic Community
in full “Climax”,
incarnating integrative positive trending economic development,
as transmillennial revolution
away from pursuing wealth,
toward co-operative health
as our ecological paradigm
for psychological,
and economically sustainable re-exodus toward wealth optimization
with equivalent freedom for all,
and Beloved co-passionate peace.

Time organically gardens out.




PsychoTripic Theory of Everything

Consciousness is internally co-incidental.

Today I want to talk about possibilities
for permaculturally dynamic,
which are, by definition, natural systemic,
between Left-brain deductive consciousness,
Right-brain inductive subconsciousness,
and an entropic boundary between these two interior landscapes,
which we call unconsciousness.

The feasibility,
much less value,
of recognizing this phrase, “unconscious mind,”
as an oxymoron
may have optimally Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) implications
for polypathic potential to develop comprehensive consciousness
of both our Left-deductive cognitive confluence,
and our Right-intuitive cognitive dissonance as negentropic,
or negative, correlation.

But first a note about the “correlation” of information
as calculable datum.

Try, if you would be so kind,
to imagine that a positive correlation of information,
like the association of winter with cold,
and summer with warmth and maturation of plant and animal life,
is dynamically analogous to:

Correlation: Coincidental energy trends of association,
mutual giveness,
polycultural intention;
implied mutual attraction of any gravitational bilaterality.

And, these coincidental correlations can be positive or negative trending
across time
as experienced through bilateral consciousness.

But, when correlations of informing deductive consciousness are positive trending,
our Right-brain “sub”conscious awareness
of coincidental proportion
and function
responds to this same data set
of informating energy
with a “not-not” cognitive dissonance screen.

That is, when the Left brain sees opportunity
to invest in correlative information,
the Right brain decomposes risks of investing
where double-negative ecologic remainders are dissonant
with Left-brain’s languaged deductive resolution.

When our Left brains compare positive and negative correlations
from the past
with current experiential research data,
this means
our balancing Right brains coincidentally correlate
with double-bind subconscious memory loops,
using DNA lexicon,
fractally self-regenerative
permaculturally self-balancing,
and equi-proportionately feminist,
development syntax.

This coincidental correlation responds to Left-brain’s question
“What is a revolution of life?”
“What is a universal evolution of not-not death?”
Right-brain translates Left-brain’s “Closed System” lexicon
as “Open Thermodynamic Balanced System.”

Our conscious mind responds to cognitive dissonance
by dismissing current information
proposed by our receptive neural sensors
which may be what we call “unconscious mind”–
one that lacks optimally comprehensive consciousness
because of this unresolved,
distorted information ergodic boundary
between Left and Right hemispheric balance.

Meanwhile, coincidentally,
Right brain intuitive awareness
seems to be how we have culturally marginalized,
oppressed and suppressed
permacultural cognitive confluent consciousness;
how Western and Male and Right-hand dominant cultures
disempowered our Yin-Yin,
tipping point,
TrimTab potential
by dismissing intuitional awareness to the merely “sub”conscious
netherworld of mythological icons
and over-active spiritual crystal-gazing.

As our correlative and coincidental consciousness
moves toward Right with Left balance,
harmonic 4-dimensional spacetime
as permaculturally comprehensive consciousness
unveils Right-brain’s
“Eternal Universally Open Moment”
as poly-consciously
optimizing DNA lexicon’s potential information,
with enthymematic form
and positive OVER negative function
and flow and flux
perhaps David Bohm’s “Implicate Order,”
but also Buckminster Fuller’s comprehensive systemic consciousness
of Explicate OVER Implicate
as (0) Core Vertex OVER Dark Hole Vortexial
Alpha through (0)Mega Point.

As comprehensive consciousness evolves,
permeating human nature’s future
deductive-inductive balancing potential,
this boundary term “unconscious mind”
will evaporate,
as we learn to see what was not conscious
as what is coincidentally,
dynamic as cognitive,
affective ergodic,
and only potentially effective “sub” conscious Right-brain awareness
of heuristic dissonance between what has impacted
one or more of our senses
and our double-binding memory of Elder experience.

Comprehensive consciousness compares to
a fully enlightened neural-cellular system,
a diastatic heart,
fully-encultured lungs,
as entropic unconscious chaotic exforming carnation
compares to dissonance within our disembodied dismay
and fear of death.

Freud’s tripartite decomposition of consciousness,
with Id as a disturbingly primal unconscious “self”
lurking behind Ego’s consciousness,
lording over the sometimes bitchy Syperego’s
poly-ionic subconscious mind,
might have appeared psycho-dynamically normative to Freud
because of his research and analysis focus
on people experiencing significant dipolar Left-Right dissonance.

Probably more helpful
on this journey toward permaculturally comprehensive consciousness
is to reconceptualize consciousness
as a Left-Right bicameral conversation
through DNA/RNA’s language roots,
where Positive Polynomial Information
tries to retain thermodynamic ionic
and ergodic balance
with Negative Not-Not Polynomial
double-bound Right-brain
fractal-octave root frequences
and functions of communication
and community
and economic
and ecological development;
which we also experience as evolution
toward regenerative CQI standards
for fully-balanced consciousness.

A correlative observation:
notice that positive teleological correlations,
which we think of as indicators of life’s evolutionary
and regeneratively omniscient trend
toward our hoped for future time
of beloved climaxing diversity,
follows a Right-Left cooperative balancing
economic investment profile,
by logically following a Win-Win Gaming strategy.

Left-brain dominant,
Business As Usual “consciousness”
over-estimates the empowerment value
of “dominator Win-Lose” competitive economic assumptions
as being normative
because of a Darwinian natural law of life’s survival.
Darwin himself most certainly did not share this Left-brain dominant comfort
with any “natural law” message
suggesting the way to optimize positive evolution
is rooted in a competitive Win OVER Loser
thrival of the deductive-only fittest.
First of all,
way too anthro-centric for Darwin’s taste.
this view was contrary to,
cognitively dissonant with,
his experience of Earth’s living
evolving nature
as rooted in the cooperative bilateral challenges
resolved reiteratively
through genetic conversations
between a local species
and that species’ local and global environment.

Buckminster Fuller’s “Universal Intelligence,”
like his hope for post-millennial comprehensive consciousness,
and like Darwin’s view of Earth’s systemic evolution,
is rooted not in the human brain,
or even the uniquely human natured neural system–
although the languaged expression of consciousness is so rooted.
Rather, intelligence,
or consciousness,
evolves from the root structure of DNA,
and, even more primally,
from each RNA self-regenerative living cell structure,
and development protocol.
Our consciousness derives from our brains and neural systems,
but also our hearts,
our lungs, all of our organs
holding this Beloved Community
of eco-centric synergy
through joint venture investments
in this regeneratively cooperative,
and often challenging,
Alpha-(0)Mega Point journey
toward comprehensive eco-consciousness,
(0)-sum rooted
and harmonically balanced
with 4 equi-dimensional nature’s full-frequency
octave informed energetics.


PermaCulture PreOccupations

whether you or another
or your Community of practice and positive intent,
your family, perhaps,

Beloved evolves that alternative future
of our dreams and hearts and fantasy
with ecotherapeutic enculturation
and ecojustice with active peaceful history,
long sustained-maintained eco-RNA value
centrist cultural history.

Beloved evolves both endo- and ecto-symbiotic,
both within my Yang-Ego,
and without, our Yin-Eco RNA-encrypted life-cell
electromagnetic and thermodynamic and gravity waving balance.

Beloved evolves binomially,
in and out,
toward our Omega Point Aquarian Age
of synchronized swimming flight and breath,
freedom from unnecessarily coercive restraints
blocking freedom toward confluent relationship,
in aqua-marine spiraling seasons
of revolutioning synergy;
reconnecting comprehension of RNA’s original conception.

Beloved climax-sustainable,
mutual Communication maintainable,
co-redemption of our recycling-rehabilitating identities.

Beloved co-redeemers optimizing life’s calculated risks
as liturgical dance and prayer of diurnal practice,
seasonal intent,
millennial bicameral balancing purpose and meaning,
polycultural cooperative
revolutioning climax
karmic praxis of life through death in life reborn.

mutual inception and absorption
Community conception and reception,
comprehension of each living system’s optimization
as liturgical dance and prayer with, in, of, for, by, through,
engaging and embracing
both the within and without of each Other,
with co-redemptive ecotherapeutic intent,
values folding and unfolding
in RNA’s natural systemic fractal balance
with binomially harmonic DNA.

economic and ecological
investments and divestments
consumers and producers
yinners within yangers
decomposers of Language and Memory and Logic
incubating regenerators of Synergetics,
positive energetic 4-prime equivalent spacetime information,
full-functioned conceptual Form
Beloved Nature-Balance Value ReCycle Function
multisystemically dimensional and dynamically universal;
Beloved holonic value for this Language of synergetic Love.

Beloved co-redeemers
evolving ecojustice
through cooperative economic prayer
as liturgically orthodox praxis
to sustain future Tao’s
Beloved Co-Redeemers;
Boddhisatva Lovers of therapeutic justice.

Beloved Community of Earth’s Tribes.