Medicated Breath

I breathe in sunshine
to breathe through rain.

I breathe in laughter
to breathe through pain.

I breathe in and up
to breathe down thru-out.

I breathe in language
to breathe through syntax.

I breathe inside
to breathe through all sides.

I breathe in DNA languaged You
to breathe through RNA instinctive me.

I breathe in Left-brained dominant you
to breathe through Right-brain permanently-encultured me.

I breathe inflating ego
to breathe eco-conflating,
Self+Other time.

I breathe in convex information
to breathe through concaving dissonant co-arising noise.

I breathe economic expansion
to breath through ecological contractions,

I breathe in Eco’s Plan A
to breathe through Ego’s balancing Plan B.

I breathe in zen zero nondual form,
to breathe through tao Yang-Yin balancing
ergodic/ionic binomial
mutually-gravitational co-arising function.

I breathe in yolky embryonic paradigms
to breathe out revolutioning Time’s polypathic ecologic.

I breathe in what matters [+Polynomial]
to breathe through optimally healthy midway double-dark energy
[(-,-) Polynomial]

I breathe in 0-soul theorems
to breathe through 0-sum economically full-living cooperatives.

I breathe in rich nutritional health and well-being
to breathe through wealth of form and function.

I breathe in ego-Win!
to breathe through not-not eco-win.

I breathe
to breathe through you,
as us.

I breathe in transparent-mirror ego compost
to breathe out eco-seeds of regenerating culture.

I breathe in nondual coincidence
to breathe out co-arising,
self-balancing perpetuation
of mutual mentoring gravitation.

I breathe in yes
to breathe through polycultural not not yet.

We are breathing together
to breathe through remembering syntax
of permacultural time’s diversely seasoned articulations.

The family and living planet that breathe together
stay together.

The family, planet, that doesn’t,
well…not so much.

I breathe in sunshine
to breathe through rain.

Note:Influenced by Dr. Robert Norton’s ethological theory of communication strings, following a geometric and logical fractal rhythm.  See “Communication & Consequences: Laws of Interaction” (1996), Robert Norton and David Brenders; essential reading for poets and would-be-effective-public-facilitators of communication and inclusive policy development, especially health and economic policy.



Beloved Breathing Community

Universally Up and Without: Empowering Yang
Unitarian Down and Within: Deep Co-passionate Cooperative Yin.
Two landscapes, Yang Universaling out and Yin Unitarian in,
we breathe as Beloved Community:

Universal: breathe in Yang
Unitarian: breathe out Yin,
toward each other,
becoming Yin with Yin coincidental
Unitarian synergy.

Breathe in Universalist Yang,
exhale Unitarian Yin.

Inhale synergy
Exhale co-passion.

Breathe in Permacultural synergy,
breathe out Polycultural passion.

Breathe in universal air
breathe out Unitarian atmosphere

Breathe in Universalist Yang Power,
breathe out Unitarian co-creator Passion,

Breathe in Yang with Universal gratitude,
for breathing out Yin’s Unitarian attitude,

Yang in,
Yin-Yin out.
into Win-Win Beloved Commons.

Breathe in Yang’s powerful co-operation future,
breathe out Yin’s softly surfing retreat toward Win-Win womb’s nurturing past..

Breathe in Yang justice toward your left brain
Breathe out Yin-Yin caring culture from your right brain.

Surf rolling in to the left,
Purging-sighing back out from the right,
Yin-Yin’s echoing
mutual Namaste.

Breathe in Universalist Yang ecojustice,
Breathe out Unitarian Win-Win ecotherapy.

Breathe in Universalist Yang
Breathe out UU YinYin,
deep cultural spinal balance,
Left with Right hemispheres
zero-centering core chi soul
grasping to give downstream
what we hope to receive from upstream’s next breath,
day, season, year, life.

Breathe in UU Yang just-right goodness,
Breathe out UU, Yin-Yin comprehensive co-passioning harmony.


Note: Taoist breath meditation written for UU congregation; but Bucky Fullerites might want to switch Universal Intelligence for my “universalist” and Synergy for my “unitarian.” Maybe Bucky is an anonymous UU Taoist, or David Bohm might think of him as an implied UU Taoist, where imagined reality precedes the transmorphic paradigms of cultural history.

Within the context of the ubiquitous inhale and exhale frequencies of breathing, understood primally as the passage of time, associating Yang with “Polynomial Information” and Yin-Yin with “Not-Not Polynomial Exformation” may normatively balance the economics of your own internal ecological landscape, as this analogical association seems to affect and infect and effect my own comprehensive consciousness.


Breathing Hearts and Flowers

i breathe in

filling convex body/mind’s shellac,

immunizing ego-surface identity.


i breathe out concave,


growing within perennial rings

of encoded memory branches

rooting through human nature’s

bicameral Tree of Life.


i breathe in

your becoming,

your evolving design story,

shared incarnational trunk

fed by our mutually resonant RNA taproot,

infinitely more prime relationally alike than not

one binary-binomial mutual-informating network

of incarnation’s grace.


we breathe out through lungs,

our polymorphic beating, pumping heart’s raison d’etre,

original design coincidental intention,

finding freedom to share air

within our red warmed blood rivers

and tributaries

babbling brooks

and swampy creeks.


we breathe in engorging air-quenched brains,

our bipolar lungs’ Original Intention,



stretching exercise,

sucking in contented sap of mutual regeneration,

suffering sting of toxic double-bound immunity.


we breathe out deeply, purging

reaching down and in

pushing from testicles and ovary wombs

and shared root system

whose first morphic product

was our polyculture developing healthy heart.


we breathe in

our mutual eco-regeneration,

developing perennial harmonic cycles of memory,

encoding this year’s branches

on our human gracing Tree of Life.


Breathing deeply and inclusively,

our sweeping permacultural vocation,






Redeeming Toxic Playgrounds

Full minds are angels’ playgrounds.

Mindfulness in peaceful moments

grows heart-beat listening to breath,

telling me how I feel

about ego’s relationship with EarthTribe Self.


Mindfulness in high-stress straining eternities

grows breath listening to heart-beat,

telling me how ego feels

about EarthTribe Other

in this chronically incarvating moment.


Optimizing mindful constant growth,

this cooperative conversation between

lungs’ left cycling ego-expiration,

hearts’ right cycling eco-inspiration.


When Yang space polynomials

reverse Yin-timed binomials

as positive says not-not,

and confluence says not dissonant,

and contentment says not quite so contentious,

then Tao’s harmonious

Buddha brained self-other

mutually interdependent redemption emerges

for bipolar balancing minds to glee.


To meditators,

mutual mentors

shamanic bipolar polypaths

those who see too much autistic dissonance

within without,

please consider this invitation

to our incubating laboratory.

Focus on your heart-beat with your right brain

as you inhale,

now focus on your lungs emptying into Earth’s breath

with your left brain

as you exhale.

Please let me know if this does or does not help you

as I find this practice therapeutically responsive

to polycultural life’s intriguingly resolvent

resonating pathologies.


When life feels as adventurous as death’s mysterious threshold,

warm-blooded surfing flow,

then life’s mysterious threshold adventures death’s ego-freeing bliss.

But, stick around,

we need you

to help us clean up this mess we made



As we learn to breathe and play cooperatively together

and put away all our toxic,



eco-illogical toys,

and over-investments in competing games,

a golden ruling rainbow sweeps

my Atlantic’s Pacific Sky,


swelling back and forth

shepherding past and future regenerators,

speciating spacetime’s

Perma-Ecoculturing Commons.





Good Humored Intelligence

Metamorphic lungs of Mother Earth,

breath of Father Air

produced this bicameral EarthTribe

balancing revolutions of history informing cultures

sustaining our inclusive Tree of Life,

open system cells

with deeply rooted informating absorbant-systems

regenerating string theory stories

from past through future’s

eternally regenerative moment.


Human naturally balanced bipolar mind

evolves from inductive-deductive breathing lungs

and primal-rhythmic diastating heart.


Inductive rooting past

green’s deductive future,

fractally fusing DNA memory

of potential futures past encoded,


avoiding organic dissonance,


grown symbiotically buoyant and resilient

well-humored health maintenance

in sustained permanently encultured present,

karmic surf of graceful incarnation,

slow wealth time expanding space’s

dance step rhythms.




Our Not-So-Noisy Nest

We don’t sound right.

Too left-brained I hope

better balance might cool our home




as richly dense Eternal Moment compost

feeds diversely rooted populations.


Lake’s surface ripples with

leaf blowers whining

jets roaring overhead

cars exhaustively streaming by

like cheerless tears of toxic bubbles.




this vaporous high pitched system

still lives mountainous resonant joy.

Birds still tweet,

not just people,

rivers trickle and spray white noise

ocean surf still ebbs and flows

within our circulating systems.


Our hearts and lungs and minds

remember catholic lotus root systems

recall bisonic natural sync between

nature made commodious spirit lakes




EarthTribe discovered Orthodox Tao mountain tops

natural tree-lined valleys in

regenerative systemed (0) core Prime Relationship

of left-brained Yang remembering

Yin’s true value as

polynomial is non-polynomial reversed

is binomially balanced

compassionately deep lake reflecting mindful mountain

dynamically harmonious dance of

peaceful twinkling



laughing thermonormative warm and slow relationship.



positive discernment,

our bicameral vocation’s peaceful yeasty nest racing









soaring through humanity.


But, quietly, please?

Some of us are trying not to sleep.




Noticing each moment,

I feel watched.

Immersed in creation’s coincidental sea,

I hope to hear our past

folding back to inform a thought,

a memory,

a smile.


I become benign parasitic prey

of watchers’ redeeming faith.

Their grace absorbs

through warm karma skin

to warmer incarnate guts of hot synergy.


These are graced Elders,

watching predictably in my direction

only when I remember to notice them

waving, oscillating, spinning in and through me;

informing my inner space and flow,

settling Earthly tenacious infrastructure.


Elixir of breath,

breathing watchers in;

breathing watched insides out.


If I notice them

then I am gratefully watched.

When I am grateful for their diastolic prehension

then I graceful watch




We are one event,

become one verb…