Ta(0)-zen Climate Healthy PolyPaths

The more continuous from past through future our ego-stretching identity becomes,
the more god/dess-humane omnipotent emerges
our original polypathic multicultural intent
and future climate health practice.

co-empathic democratic trust,
between religious faith systems,
each transubstantiating interdependent spiritual dynamics among ourselves,
we call syncretism.

Reconciling trust between ecopolitical paradigms as health-thru-dying networks of dialectal values,
transliterating our natural ionic,
and ergodic rhythmed dynamics,
we call integrative synergy.

as polypathic space
equivocating coincidental co-arising
bilateral time,
equivalent dipolar images, consciousness
within inductive-empathic notnot polynomial balance.

Yes, all 3D Space and 1DipolarTime are interdependently relative,
but, no, not so normatively relative that
c-squared enlightenment could be any more or less than Eulerian Prime Geo/Eco/Ego DiPolar Systemic Relationship e-squared,
with slow-grow (0)-Core/Care/Sum/Soul MultiCultural Interest/Investment
Fractal-Acidic-Convexing flow-forming regenerate Order.

With such reconciling consilience in (0) mind as (1) body,
it feels increasingly important, even urgent,
to remember that I am most fully Divine Energy
when I fully comprehend we grow health-reconciling active trusters
doing the best we can to democratically re-gather
as NotNot Gods–Wise Elder Nurturing Gaia Goddesses.

We feel primal therapeutic multicultural recalling-incarnating-evolving corollaries:
God is discontinuously me with belief in you,
also half Divine and half Humanizing, humaneing,
wise cooperative regeneration,
becoming and notnot being words-within as informing-without.

We recall intelligent truth as beauty-design genius
across multicultural fields
and paradigms
and rhetorical frames
and landscaped climates of ecotherapeutic health resonance
overpowering dissonant suboptimal underproductive pathologies
to become reconciling polypaths,
eco-consiliating residents of Earth consciousness.

Political Science becomes, then, cooperative studies
of and for ecopolitically cooperate-reconciling powers-with,
not so much corporate-competing suboptimally losing powers-over,
less than omnipotent eco-power balancing intent
stuck in Business As Usual economic practice.

Ecopolitical powers both evolve from and contribute to
future climate health of multicultural regenerativity
as powers of cooperation absorb mono-teleological,
mono-enculturing power-over intent
and capital-hoarding economic non-transactional absence of healthy practice.

It may be helpful to recall investment,
whether time or money, preferably both,
implies hope for fertile outcomes.
Just as science emerged from nature-spirit religious system investments,
to become an independent,
yet also interdependent, anthrocentric learning system,
so too religious experience emerged from eco/geometric rhythmed
philosophically rich words about why continuing cooperative phenomena feel
and think
and taste of richer healthy nutrition,
and discontinuous-competing distrustful phenomena
speak of hate and mutual disgust and anger and fear of godless eternal wilting starvation stink and death
in hellfires of solar great transitional climate regeneration.




PostKantian Climates

Senator Fuller,
a permaculture designer
turned architect of exterior landscapes
then public sector architect
of EarthShip cooperative interior landscapes,
is with us today
to tell us about why he supports Sanders,
at this point in time,
although he is making no commitments about tomorrow.

Welcome Senator,
always good to share your day.

Well, thanks again for having this sometimes tangential Plan B
back for another swing and plug
for supporting Cooperative Community Economic Development,
locally, in your own climaxing,
or not-so-much wanna-be climaxing community,
through your own time and money, if you have any,
and most folks who get to be up about my age have some
that we might not need right away,

but also supporting Cooperative CED nationally,
through federal economic
and political policies,
support using WinWin-transparent policy development procedures
as permaculture design’s eco-logical
health and sustainable-safety standards:

1. sit and notice, practice Basic Bicameral Ego/Eco Attendance, and frame your issues through decompositional dialectical process models,
2. then map interdependently appositional-cooperative WinWin resolutions
3. design 4-seasonally appropriate optimization of nutritional potential procedures, including minimizing risk and loss,
investing 100% in network of mapped interdependent positive resolutions,
divesting of monocultural negative-competitively proposed solutions,
for transfer of nutrient polycultural enrichment of all paradigmatic sectors
and co-arising eco-metaphysical systems
4. Optimize identified eco-systemic strengths for future healthy regenerativity
while culling and recessing identified pathological monocultures, silos of potential wealth-flow, currently operating too Left-brain anthro- and/or ego-centric. Water the polycultural flowers to starve the monoculturally identified climatic issues.

ReGenerative Security Standards
seem to define themselves
by first developing an inclusive-co-operative trend
of positive-nutrient polycultural perpetual slow growth
gradually merging into economic and political health and sustainability,
within both Interior/Ego and Exterior/Eco Landscapes.

Community Economic Therapy is positively intended OVER negative-distended
Tipping Point discernment procedures,
which would also be useful for global ecological-climate issue framing
and positive polycultural dialectic landscape discernment
of local thru global health-trends,
and cooperative public resonance-optimization resolution,
with WinWin outcome structural-procedural defaults.

Senator, there might be one or two people in our listening audience
not so much interested in the math and science and binary technology
paradigms of systemic-temporal thought,
perhaps you could say more about
how you got excited about Community Economic Development
as a model for optimizing health and safety outcomes
in the public sector,
or private sector,
whichever way you want to go with that.

Let’s see,
perhaps we could walk down Bucky Fuller’s creation story
for a bit,
which is more or less my own story too,
with Bucky at birth and side
talking, talking in endless strings of language
that sounded rich and good
but perhaps overly defined and deviantly speciated
to achieve fuller diastatic enculturation outcomes.

Imagine evolution invests positively
in a cooperatively therapeutic journey.
A somewhat restrained pilgrimage if you are polypathing yourself
into an echoing silo,
even if your own Ego emerges
contentedly destined for a PolyCultural (0)Multisystemic DenseHealth Point,
very much like a Janus bright enlightened ecoconscious revolutionary
transmillennial tipping point face
looking back in time to our dense TransParent Cosmological Black Hole.

Ummm. Excuse me, Senator,
maybe it would be better to veer away from cosmology
or any paradigm that might speak of science or,
much worse,
I have ratings to consider.

Well, evolution is not just about nature and science
and the physical universe,
or at least I think that’s where I was heading,
into Bucky’s evolution of his Interior Space
as Plan B-Atman,
holonic of Plan A-TimePrime
Timeless Eco Relationship.

If evolution is an investment in a cooperative journey
toward a shared destiny of health and safety,
then evolution is about cooperative (0)-centric interest transactional ecotherapeutic economies of political conscience,
but also about who and what we eat
and don’t eat,
who and what we love
and who and what we are angry about and/or terrified of,
instead of being accessibly CoPresent love
becoming EarthShip TransParent CoPresent Time.

Bucky’s comprehensive consciousness
speaks to synergetic purpose of integrative evolution,
to relearn,
as a global DNA-encultured species,
evolving through positive deviant outlyer polypathic individuals,
we already are the healthiest cooperative economy
of co-gravitational synergetic positive relationships,
permaculturally-potentiated as reiterative bicameral communication strings
of perennial nature/nurture memory cycles,
heading toward ever-more comprehensive predictive power
to harvest positive-nutrient enculturing eco-consciousness
within [concave (-,-) dipolar coarising function] as without [cogravitational thermodynamic balance of Earth’s DNA/RNA dark/light down/up fractal syntax for cold/warm neural appositional codex],
speaking the negative trends of angry past and future fear Becoming
surrounding LovePeace Positive Present CoPresent Being.

Oops, there we go again,
just when I thought we were heading toward
how to restructure our political economy
to cooperate more nutritiously toward healthy diastasis
and warm Beloved Communities
of heaven on Earth,
I start hearing about iconic frequencies of RNA
and other regenerative issues and concerns
not easily or lightly shared.
Senator, it sounds like your own journey
has been influenced by Taoism
and you read Bucky through that way of
comprehending Time’s BiLateral Way.

That’s fair;
I certainly do that,
but doesn’t everybody?

Doesn’t everyone do what, exactly,

Doesn’t everyone absorb positive nutrients
to optimize the regenerative pulse of time
incarnating within egocentric bicameral
plotting and planning,
designing and developing
economic and political optimization strategies,
husbandry and parenting,
agricultural scientific research,
eco-parasitic DNA-syntaxed
as individuated co-arising identity
within Earth as Benign (0)-Centric Host
of Heaven’s Divine Bounty
as informed Earth,
as Elational Time,
BiFolding Ballistic Past
to Ecofold FutureBallast Prime Relationships
of ReGenerative Health and Wealth?

Honestly, Senator, at the moment
I couldn’t say
whether anyone has ever done that,
but apparently you have,
and please know we are all
Occupying EcoBodhisattva PolyCultural Warrior Space
with you.

Preciate, Sister Glory.

Elate, Brother Fuller.

So, now, just between you and me, what’s all this STEM stuff about InFormational Prime Function?

I can more than speculatively transpose
between Fuller’s Synergetics and Laotse’s sonnets.
“Precession” which Fuller defines as positively convexing,
empowering toward diastatic fullness-YangMale of 3D shape,
“tetrahedra” as the fractal prime relational structure of Tao,
and “symmetry” as the balance of YangConvex with YinConcave
(506.40, pp. 118-9, Synergetics 2, 1979).
Fuller appears to analogize
yang as male-convex quantum spin function
and yin as female-concave reverse-temporal spin function,
and speculates in a footnote that RNA may be,
or become,
iconic of ionic regenerative balancing cooperative ecosystems
and biosystems processing as geometric-fractal (0)-Centric systems
of form with healthy economic and political dipolar-balance-function.
In other community economic development circles
primal regenerative health relationships may also be known as negative co-relational, reverse-temporal WinWin Gaming economic and political, as eco-dialogic healthy and therapeutic transactions and ecoEarth-RNAReGenerative Tribal optimal resonant global resolution
of Internal 4DPolynomial SpaceTime as Real Yang/Yin Double-Binary, +,+/(-,-)0 Q-squared Octave-Byte
emerging temporally co-gravitational as
Universal Space (M-squared) = Integrative Non-TransParent Tao
of Positively ReGenerative
Healthy Time (c-squared)
Long-Term Sustainable CQI Outcome Standards of Empirical Evidence for further Cooperative Research and Implementation,
Incubator BiCameral/Bionic Informating-Positive WinWin Viral EcoSystemic Eco=Ego revolutionary/co-reiterative empathic-inductive/polypathic-deductive Conscious Balance
of Prime Elationship.

Prime Temporal-Only Synergetic Elationship:
Golden Timeless CoGravitational Metric-Balancing Rule
applied to Ego’s optimal EcoHealthy Timelessness,
Zen-Centric Tao of Time’s Holonic-Fractal
Community Economic Development
AnthroCentric ReCreation of Evolution
as redundantly paradigmatic Revolution’s
ReGenerative PostMillennial Ego/Eco (0)Mega-Fulfillment Story.

So this is a polymorphic exposition of time’s cogravitational Golden TransParenting CosMetricological DiPolarity Rule?

That’s good, much better for an elevator summary, the Tao Principle of Yang/Yin DiPolarity. Thanks.

You do realize that what you said is not necessarily what I said?

Yes. Do you realize that the opportunity presented by assuming our language is mutually confluent far outweighs the competitive risks of assuming dissonance? This is the primary difference between WinWin v. WinLose Community Economic Development strategies.

Rather than I think therefore we are, more like we cooperate therefore I become?

Kant was doing the best he could with what he himself as a totally autonomous monocultural domesticated ego-silo image could be.



Fr. Time’s Reprise

Fr. Time, thanks for coming back again today.

Well now, you know I always have plenty of time
for Dr. Glory!

Thank you for that rather cloying and creepy response.
I talked to FireGod a few days ago,
were you aware of that?

Yes, of course.
He and EarthGaia know all about each other.
Although not on the same page,
they are each appositional pages
in the same gospel choirbook,
so to run on with too many words once again….
Where am I?

It sounds like you are aware of FireGod’s agenda,
why he’s all fired up
to worship a God of ReGenerative Healthy Time.
Is this the God you worship, Fr. Time?

Worship is more EarthGaia’s department, actually.
I guess I would say I do my co-gravitating balance best
to continue perpetuating God
as Nutritious Co-Elational Prime Relationship.

Relationship with?…
Relationship with what or whom?
Is your God a verb
without subject or object?

A verb with Yang languaged subjects
unfolding yin-dipolar co-arising objectives,
self-perpetuating 4D bicameral polycultural systems.

Fr. Time, does it bother you
that you seem to be too self-involved
for the rest of us?
Are you worshiping yourself
in some narcissistic whirlwind of nothing important?

No, again,
co-gravitating time as co-arising space
balancing WinWin ecohealth
is not worshiping God
although it could be divinely humane
if we could all help each other’s bicameral time
feel and grow and become
and evolve more therapeutically balanced.

Let me try this one last time.
Not as God-loving Gaia
and not as Fear-filling FireGod,
but as these Two,
Right with Left,
Past with CoPresent synergetic Future,
who or what is God to BiLateral Time?

BiCameral CoArising TimeEqualness.
I could say that.
I did say that.
But, saying this changes God
into language that could not quite be truly just and right and good
and fully beautiful.
A song perhaps,
or, better, a dance.
God is my 4-steps of dialectic revolutionary freedom
to choose health over pathology
by setting aside all that is not love becoming
eco-self-conscious elational-correlational
co-empathic time
within and without our selves.

Still doesn’t have much swing to it.

You think my timing is off?

I think your balance is off.

No, that couldn’t be,
or ever become true.

So you say.

So I am that I was.

Not that one again.

Time repeats

Oh, here we go…

Mutually CoPresent.

Fr. Time…?

More of a Father/Queen Eco BiCameral Time
TransParent YHWH dancing dream.

God is your Heavenly Dream?

And BeLoved Community Earth.

Dancing together?

Kind of a jazzy swing and dance,
lots of spinning and drums,
and stretching,
don’t forget to stretch
physically and metaphysically together.
It feels so good
once it stops disforming history.

Fr. Time, are you still with me here?

Now I am, if you are too.

Is there a Queen Time?
Because, frankly, I feel sorry for her,
if there is.

Yes and no, I’m bilaterally co-gravitational;
everybody knows my self-progenitive creation story.

Oh, well, thank you, again, Fr. and Mother Time
for another lovely non-dialogue
here at our PermaCultural Climate Conference.
Can’t tell you how much we enjoy
your timelessly vacuous messages.

Think nothing of it.
Do it all the time.

OK, you’re doing that thing again,
when I try to say thanks for the interview
and close
but you have to get in one last self-referencing plug.
You are such a shameless hustler!

Just half the time.



Is s/he really gone?

[Still here, now…]


Cooperative Revolution

Ecology is to natural systemic relationships
as economics is to human natural systemic transactions.

Economic values are an anthrocentric paradigm
for ecological thrival of the cooperative fittest.

Imagine that evolution is an investment in our cooperative pilgrimage
from Elder generations, genes, and species,
toward a shared destiny.

Imagine the purpose of evolution is to learn:
where this cooperative economy is heading,
why synergetically positive relationships are healthy,
when permaculturally reiterative communication strings
stretch through perennial cycles of life.

If we imagine,
with Buckminster Fuller,
that universe,
universal intelligence,
universal information,
cause-effect and multisystemic stimulus-response,
emerge from a past diastatic Black Hole
Big Bang
(0)-Core Soul center,
a polycultural God-Root System
purposing away, out from that Alpha Point,
then we might move over to Teilhard deChardin’s Omega Point
as the reverse face,
the final diastolic culmination of Beloved Climax Community,
Enlightened Comprehensive Consciousness balancing
Dark Hole’s densely impacted exformation,
once again fully 100% organic permacultural potential
to resolve,
resonate a journey stringing singing stories back
to our beginning of Eco-Time’s recreative consciousness.

The universe becomes smooth-structuring elliptical
from this dynamic balancing view,
zero-summed economy of values,
an ecological learning curve,
beginning with synergetic climax,
ending as fully pregnant Time’s bilateral stretch
AND post-millennial revolutionary return;
nature’s polyteleological
and human nature’s polypathic left-right balancing reflection
of recreative regenerative positive-optimization potential.

If our eco-logic proposes this deductive learning curved question,
our synergetic economy of thrival
through transactional cooperatives,
co-redemptive (0)-sum fittest investments
in Eco-Time’s wise spatial journey
regenerates and decomposes binomial spatial
and bilateral temporal harmonic Right-brained answers.

An evolutionary positive permacultural trend
predicts a revolutionary synergetic economy
replacing Left-Brain dominant culture’s competitive win-lose hypothesis
with Right-Left balanced optimization of thermodynamic electromagnetism.

If the positive appositional trend to negentropy
is “synergy,”
then the oppositional polarity to binomial decomposition
is fractally regenerative seasons
and strategies
of positively deviant revolution.


Double-Binding ReBirth

The dancer becomes dance
as the singer becomes song’s liturgical story.

The player becomes recreational play
and the worker becomes vocation.

The designer becomes bicameral design
and life becomes co-redemptive landscaping,
as space unfold’s time’s seasonal function,
Yang unfurls Yin-Yin’s bidirectional prime frequency.

Co-redemptive economics unfolds regenerative ecological systems
as coregenerating functional seasons develop informative nutritional abundance,
eco-normative value for natural life systems,
development processes,
creative bicameral processors
of form’s function as space’s well-raced polycultural time.

Winter’s transcendent decomposition
opens to summer’s diastatic fullness,
as Yin-time’s regenerative transactions
invite binomial balance to Yang-space’s permaculturing sustainable designs.

Trinitarian spatial dimensions
over unitarian bitemporal dimension
rationally deduces to more smooth-structured Eulerian function:
dualistic prime-linear space diametric systems
appositional and oppositional temporal-spatial values,
are explicitly and concavely our Universe’s metaphysical
+/(-,-)Zero-soul core prime thermodynamic balance
as Core Vertexial Space OVER Core vortexial dark time,
Polynomial Yang embracing Yin-Yin Game Theorem.


Cosmic Climax

It’s much too close in here
for loneliness,
or companionship.

Either way,
I grow too small
undervalued and insufficient commodity,
just another over-populating parasite
underneath Earth’s glamorous backside;

Suppressed incubator within a more integrating place
of language
and full-octaned relationship toward
outside somewhere, marginally surfing
flowing endosymbiotic omni-nutritional fluid
umbilical corded string
for receiving ever more formative function
energetic unction
massive combustion
rebirthing my new Elder synergetic IdEntity
through diastolic Ego-recession,
contracting unrhymed rhythm
of fear of fear of fear…
Double-Binding negative threshold
toward diastatic Eco-LoveChild prehension;
echoing across dia-developing hemispheres,
inter-wombed regenetic too slow and tight economy
creating EarthTribe’s Beloved Ecology
of paradise boundaried with pain,
longing reconnected within universal belonging,
being primally related through
RNA’s coincidental Hollow Womb,
Earth’s self-optimizing cornucopian abundance
revolutioning joyful grace,
redemptive polycoloring place,
regenerate revolving Memory time
as love-drenched Mother’s space.

Ambidextrous-ionic amniotic fluid,
Janus-faced dual destined

to internally bring forth new life
by purge erupting each metamorphic fertile sac,

draining past generations
into future’s new-born hope,

to emerge a womb with sufficient empathic communication
to compassion Earth’s warm-roomed community;

reconnecting humane nature’s transactional economics
with sacred nature’s transcendent ecologics–

Great Transition deducing permacultured functions
inducing biologic forms of regenetic polyculture.

We’re much too close for racing loneliness,
at loooong sloooow last,
our time to become Beloved together.


PermaCulturing Time

Let’s imagine that you are, like Buckminster Fuller, karmically absorbed with Unitarian genes,

were there such a thing,

which of course there are not,

but perhaps something like an evolving Unitarian Universalist post-millennial teleology.

Basically, some shared sense of responsibility for,

and humility about,

our currently unraveling long-term thrival prospects,

as a globally interdependent species.


OK, so here we are,


imagining our universe as a closed set life.

No reincarnation,

no egoic identity evolving into some SuperEco awareness

morphine against the suffering of human mortality.

Well, maybe reincarnation and SuperEco Gaia,

but that would be an open dynamic system,

essentially negentropic and synergetic.

In either case, whether open or closed,

dynamically exchanging values within interdependent relationships,

or static,

but actually, if this is a natural physical system,

then it must become diastatic in each NOW moment,

which would incarnate our universal spacetime interdependently equivalent

“moment” values of linear,

or sequential, confluence and dissonance,

because as every Unitarian knows

especially Bucky,

time flows forward and out toward our Western horizon of imagination’s future,

or time flows backward, implicating back in reverse of time’s solar sun,

toward Eastern horizon of memory’s permaculturally historic past.


Time is Prime Tetrahedral/Fractal’s Linear Progenitor,

as Space is Time’s informational umbilical string,

folding and unfolding in plasmatic tri-equivalently balanced space,

where c-cubed Yang-convex is born of +/(-)(-)0-sum neural,

and neur-ionically balanced,

present-NOW’s Eternal Prime Relationship Moment,

which is not yet future’s 50% response, or effective image,

and not yet past’s 50% stimuli, or causal memory,

each double-bound outside our incarnating karmic events

unfolding in our sometimes richly confluent,

sometimes sterile and bleakly dissonant,

with each other and this (0) Core Bicameral Soul

located in the heart of each NOW,

suffering and dissonance aversive,

contentment and confluence Positive EcoTherapeutic

and Multisystemic Eco-Logical Psychology.


Here, following our Unitarian and Universal string theory,

our Left-deductive hemispheres share an Ego-Centric Teleological Original Intent,

we find our meaning through our id-entity,

through Right-inductive hemispheres,

free of language yet ruled and ordered by icons,

balance, harmony, symmetry, beauty, goodness, truth, wisdom,

SuperEco’s dia-balancing Herculean blind-Samson Boddhisatva Warrior figuring

out what it might mean to become an interdependently speciated pupil,

a coincidentally conjoined Third Eye

comprehending purpose for reiteratively learning with Left-deductive

how to resolve our less than Golden Ratioed hot mess.


Unitarians reverse strings of unweaving Easter seasons

back toward our Black Hole cocoon of concave (-)Yin,

then float softly back with confidence

across Earth Day’s red sky morning,

ergodically gravitating toward synergetic emergence,

polyculturing implicate orders for what was

and could be again,

but is not NOW,

and thus dawn’s increasingly impatient warning.


Synergy is to energy,

as binary information is to binomial regenerative revolution,

or double-bound self-reiteration,

as tri-valent space is to dipolar linear time,

as Yang is to Yin,

as Positive is to Double-Negative,

meeting in this Unitarian Universalist NOW

Eternal Earth Day’s Post-Millennial PermaCulturing Moment.



Final Evaluations

In what ways have nutritional

and health

and financial

and well-being values increased

over time’s past,

whether a quarter,

or a year,

or a decade,

or a lifetime,

or a millennium,

and in what ways have toxic dissonant disvalues

and decaying trends ebbed and flowed?

Where exactly?

For whom and for not whom?


How, when, and where have we reduced and increased

both short-term and long-term economic

ecological risk?

Why do you think so,

or not?

Do you use as evidence your own lungs

and heart,

eyes and ears and feelings?

And perhaps those of your family and friends,

your local community?

How about your country of origin?

What about as a humane race

to rejoin Earth’s Climax Global Tribe?


How is the larger DNA-regenerative fueled

branch of Earth’s Tree of Life coming along

right now as compared to

when trees were the most intelligent life-formed

diametric hierarchy?


And then there is the trunk and root system

of our entire polycultured and permaculturing

RNA-regenesis clan,

fractalling and crystalling and octaving,

folding and unfolding functions,

radically revolving and stealthily evolving.


Who is vulnerable enough right now

to truthfully teach us what they need,

who they need us to be for them?

Who is brave enough to listen?


How are we doing with our shared translation project,

syncing Eastern economies of karmic gratitude,

coincidental transactions of mutually bowing equivalence,

with Western stumbling incarnation

of more actively graceful ecologic?

Some might even say…athletic

Herculean powerful birthing pains,

inviting yin’s silent synergetic wisdom

to complement our yangish

left-brained deductive





blood-flow ways

of reaching right’s proportionally loving order;


decoding and recoding DNA/RNA

functions and binomial frequencies of octave-tiered

information systems.


How is our New Millennium mission

to love all others

all species,

all space and time incarnations

and coincidental potentialities

as interdependent with ourselves,

to bring synergetic revolutions to this

nagging competition between

economic transactions and

permacultural relationships for growing eco-logical values?


Have we developed our prototype

for incubating cooperative deep and wide ecological proposals,

binomially designed to coincidently sync

with global information networks,

evolving cordless stringed formation,

we are what we absorb,

we are not what we dissonate?


How are we doing with combining our nutrient-value starved voices,

with chronically cash-starved voices,

performing our permaculture opera

for philanthropists and investors and policy makers,

butchers and weapons bakers and candlestick shakers,

kings and queens and fools,

knights and damsels distressed about each other,

each inviting mentors,

while shunning alien teachers,

optimizing ecological balance

by minimizing long-term life-investment risk?


Invest cooperatively in eco-confluent coincidence,

to divest of competitive ego-cognitive dissonance.


Open system radiant energy confidently absorbs

what gravity decomposes,

waiting for diastatic light regeneration.

Deduce from past natural systemic orthopraxis

what we induct from future’s optimizing intent.


Polyculturing Bipolar Paths

Our passion grows planetary,

and coincidentally emergent.


Learning grows logical


accessible to both Self and Other;

evaporates into dissonance

without coincidental incarnation,

madness and wildness.


EcoSelf consciousness develops

coincidental experience,



of our ego-eco balancing identity

as bionic information processors

of form-bits essentially binomial,

mutually mentoring bows of gratitude

implied, then explicating, emerging

elliptical convex Yang eruptions

on Earth’s evolving skin,

filled with yeasting metaphysical Yin-Codex

concavely unfolding polycultural paradigms and memes,

logos and mythos,

growing out and merging,

synergizing ego-id and Gaia’s superego,

Left and Right confluent experience,

incident, rhetorical and experiential events,

deduced coincidence optimizing intuitively positive

teleo-ecological multisystemic identity.


Half of Freud’s mental health

uncovered id-ego learning to resolve,

emerging resonance with Other Half of mindful well-being,

super-eco’s redeemer economics,

exchanging win-lose cognitive dissonance

for win-win ecological coincidence of lives

and mindful consciousness.


Meta-enculturating diastasis

optimizes Yin’s purgative ego-function,

seeding Yang’s fully balancing life-form;

where Yin is non-polynomial spacetime information

double-bound equivalent

with Yang polynomial information’s primal resolution

to always fly and swim and walk,

run and play and hide,

and mutually gravitate together.