Shoveling I-Cycles

He said he planned to freeze to death.

Did he mean to have his body frozen?
Stored to hatch again later,
leftovers out of time’s deep freezer of waiting.

No, not that.
He responds with undeniable dismissal,
this would not be his investment in future plans.

I hope and believe that I will choose
when to freeze my death.

I remember his hope
stepping out into Connecticut’s perfect nor’eastern,
stern at onslaught,
like pilgrims and nearby islands of granite
states and histories,
but then dragging more gracefully out
into lacey fluff
floating toward quintessential kitschey views
framed from inside
by silent flickering orange light
of coal black constitutional wood stove
New England casual propriety,
radiating dry welcome warmth,
but with appropriate restraint,
while I remember to step
onto my snow covered front porch,
evenly blanketed front to back,
as if devoid of shingled Cape Cod roof.

This would be a good New Connected way too die.
Shoveling snow in paradise
evening’s post-storm quiet,
waiting for far off snow blowers
to finally rest.

Without anger or disappointment.
How could we become a better time and place
to re-enter timeless freedom of empathic light?
Fearless deep enriching flight
into nesting night
of death’s diastatic elational surprise,
floating out as in
to continue WinWin play
as recreating love-life
by day
and regenerating CoLover’s Love of love ourselves
each climaxing full-moon night,
speaking trough nor’easter’ wind
of light redemption
and bright winged mythic co-reception.

If I were of his fearless content mind
to fade in frosty sublime light,
now would be my time
to threshold off
into enculturing adventures
of co-relational Earthen Love,
holding off my WinWin Climax re-transformation
until this night’s threshold,
freezing away from carnating restraint
of graceless angry fear of lively shadows
and losing ego’s permacultured golden age
to flow into disincarnate freedom
full as loving tic elating grace,
recomposing Earth’s Tribal Golden Embryo,
a grand transitional opera
in four snow-bound limbs
of crystal-frosted dancing light
elating pure true resonance.

He planned to freeze his death
to love Earth’s Paradise,
echoing co-radical Presence.

My warmth becomes distracting
to this Bodhisattva Revolution
into cosmic-conscious decomposition
of Gaia’s delicious musical comedy
sung full-timed operatic pretension
until cold brings time’s threshold
storm inviting steadier-state contemplation,
love Beloved freezing Presence,
free at last to climax multicultural Elation.

Funny, now, to remember
his pre-climatic drama,
requiring death
to embrace love’s timelessly available freedom,
when each breath grows sacrament
baptizing love’s diastatic promise,
then purging Passion Stories back out
to feed Earth’s ravenous trees of upside-down wisdom.

It’s all so intensely rich and deep,
shoveling snow,
remembering a friend
who chose to freeze his living
to enjoy a dancing Full Moon dying
to become his already present EcoArising Presence.

CoMessiah breathing in Connecticut’s normative normal
natural business
nor’eastern Paradise Transition,
shoveling deeply within
newly laid embryonic blanketing womb

I hope our kids won’t worry or ever fear
that we’ve chosen frozen to death out here
over all our over-heated operatic flame
of life in quiet reConnecting home.

He said he planned to freeze to death
to sit with passionate Earth’s Tribe,
co-rising Time’s elating love,

Even so,
I hope he misses me
as I miss him.


Love’s Waiting Warmth

“The nature of the Authentic [Love] Self is always already spiritually [naturally] motivated, turned on, tuned in, ready to respond to the radical [co-arising] immediacy of now [as LovePresent]. It [love] experiences no fear, no doubt, no hesitation, no procrastination. Your Authentic [EcoLove] Self is always already [elational] inspired and [inductively] spiritually on [full-flow potential empowered integration–diastatic] fire. This is a new manifestation and expression of enlightened awareness.” Andrew Cohen, “Evolutionary Enlightenment” (2011)

Awareness of Internal Landscape
as polypathic integrity,
eternally regenerating flame
of love as light,


Awareness of External Landscape
as polycultural PresentYang
CoPresence YinYin,
Earth Goddess of Time
as Tao–EcoSacredSelf
born and yet-borne
within BiLateral-CoGravitational-Other.

When I cannot recognize kindness as love
within nature,
human or otherwise,
then I cannot experience Love’s ReGenerative Time
for human and OtherWise
nondually birthing Earth’s CoPresent Time.

I cannot recognize kindness in nature
until I remember this generosity of Ego’s incarnate birth,
adventuring through this lifetime,
learning love’s flame
from which I came
and within which we each return
to smolder diastatically
atmospherically Earth-bound
regenerative recycling ecosystemic process
of light’s fine-timed fire.

Love squeezes through anger-cracks and fear-fissures,
leaking kindness and generosity,
gratitude for residency
within this regenerative string
of time from past timelessness
and heading right back into that same positive elational eternity
at threshold of incarnation’s demise,
to re-member our already Present-CoPresence of Love
as ProGenitor Eros
as regenetically temporal
bilaterally diastatic
YangUniverse Positive ConVexForm-Event
dipolar implied within
YinIntegrative (-,-) ConCave CoGravitational Flow Function,
counter-timeflow revolutionary power-potential
decompositional polypathic integrity.

All else is anger and fear, combined into
Ego’s Negative BiPolar Teachers,
negative Yang BusinessAsUsual dominating
YinYin Cognitive-Affective-Temporal
autistic dissonance
between LeftDeductive External Landscape
eco-normative information
and RightInductive Internal Landscape
ecological co-gravitational systemic function
double-binding reverse temporal-neural
aptic/synaptic function and trend flow,
so chronically precessive–
expanding toward future’s monocultural overpopulation–
or recessive–
shrinking away from bilateral decay of (-) past anger
and (-) future fear.

We are each
Kindness Outlyers and UnKind Predators,
co-messiahs and EgoCentric Publicans,
but it tremendously helps
when our UnKind Predators
are named and well-governed
AngerPast twinning FutureFear,
rather than always ranting and dominating Present,
noticing Love Present with PeaceCoPresence,
both aptic and synaptic-elational neural, positive,
rather than continuing to dominate our personal,
and political, external conversations
and discernment,
our dialectical logos lives of potentially integrative love;
two bicameral voices of LovePeace reasons as positive seasons,
those decomposing moments and events and mindfulness
of listening/noticing and teaching/learning heads
working bicamerally together.

I am continuously reborn
of Earth’s atmospheric nutrients
of time,
perfectly formed to my mindbody,
filling my nose and our noses and lungs
while caressing our exposed skins and hair and feathers,
and eyes and ears,
our TransParent CoPresence,
within as without,
Yang and YinYin Universal atmospheric bicameral time,
prefolding future regenerations
of memory
as EarthTime’s CoPresent Loving Kindness.

Earth’s Hearts
anticipate Left’s deductive-reductive Diamonds,
as ballistically violent Clubs
precessively predict
dipolar balance
with fractal-ballasted Spades
digging up ever more nondual co-arising fuel
feeding Hearts with full-fired Diamonds.


River Source

We are each a spring of therapeutic kindness
and pathological unkindness
emerging from and toward a rising river of time,
flowing down deep through universal oceanic absorption,
ebbing back upriver’s EarthBound regeneration
back through time
leaping to confluently touch PresentPresence
if only for a timeless golden moment,
rapturous waterfall of time’s integrity
sweeping back and forth
across Earth’s ecoconscious eyes,
radiantly elational swirling smiling timeless joy
in love with timeless enjoying OtherTimes

Kindness and unkindness transactions
among collegial parasitic ecotherapists
often unequal in power over potential futures,
produce both generosity and stinginess of empathy,
which responses ecoconsciousness invites
as appropriately proportional
are transactions between mutual water-flow mentors
of gratitude and lack thereof.

River’s Way
invests our human natured
Business as Fluidly Usual,
but Water’s EarthConscious Way
always prefers eco-gravitating
regenerational therapy,
rather than stagnant swamps
seeping monoculture’s stinky toxins,
ebbing lack of love
as healthy nature’s spring.


Organic Honey

What did your kids eat today?

Well, let’s see…

organic honey on pita bread…

How do you know it was organic?

It said so right on the glass,

not plastic, bottle.

How do they know if the honey is organic or not?

Do they interview or breathalyze each bee

returning home?

Do they ask each bee each time

whom the bee has been with?

In that intimate kinda way,

playing in whose pollen, exactly?

Did the bee stay within her orthodox organic certified playground,

or did she wander off the farm

and free range right into your toxic neighbor’s

chemically condomed hydrangea,

or maybe that always too enticing hibiscus,

flaunting her ample skanky wares?

Well, I don’t know,

I just took the bottles’ word.

I wouldn’t begin to know

how to address your immunity issues,

about breathalyzing slutty bees

addicted to poison.


OK, so what else did you feed on today?

Well, I told my kids I love them,

and we practiced variations on that theme,

absorbing rich nutrient strings of rhythmic compost.

I used my please and thank-yous

and you’re welcome, and namaste.

I wished them peace

before their baths

and before turning out their light

so they could see stars and moon

slivering through dark embracing womb.

Our neighbors provided bird song,

especially those mourning doves

calling out resonate alto fractal coo,

rhythm and courtship dance.

I fed them massaging back rubs

and hugs

and shoulder squeezes,

gentle taps on knees and elbows.

I stroked their drifting drowsy heads

from frontal lobe toward brain stem,

and back again, again.

My fingers rubbed between each totem

in their forceful flowing spines.

I fed them sad and silly songs

and mindful ho-ke-po-ke,

values in and yuckies out.

We fed each other stories of love and romance,

sadness and despair,

fear and anger,

passion and grace,

all stories synergetically satisfying.


We are what we absorb, both before and after all.


Economic Conscience

We mature within each Other’s nutritional field, a Commons shared by all who approach and depart our consciousness.

This field we share with mutual subsidiarity because we generated these values and disvalues through our progenitors, Elders, all our past relationships, cultures, history, lead to this field of momentary consciousness within spacetime.

If I could unilaterally choose one extreme or the other, I would always choose to have a positive sustainable nutritious relationship, rather than a negative short-term terminal relationship, with anyone or anything, from spouse through alien species.

While I cannot and must not unilaterally choose each economy, whether cooperative or competitive, for any relationship, it also seems that I am not not You either, so I can mentor a positive relationship we might have in only my imagination and memory of other past relationships. I might speak of these images and memes as my preference for mutual gratitude, my hope and faith, my love of how not not You and not You already belong together in my ergetic id-consciousness.

Regenerative pacific consciousness, positively cooperative and inclusively relational, grows from basic enthymematic attendance, fueled by eco-id well-being.

My eco-identity, id, competes to give away my nutrients to those around me who most need them. While our Yangish egos emerge Eagle topped totems, our Yinnish eco-individuating under-stories Turkey rooted nutrient systems.

Perhaps Freud thought of our Basic Eco-Identity Commons as maniacal because of his fascination with insanity, pathology, internally competitive, dissonant models of unconscious awareness. Had he been a Positive Psychologist, then he might have come to a more positive consciousness of self-identity as primally, ecologically, economically informed by regenerative natural system development; which, by definition, grows relentlessly cooperative.

Our real, true, balanced competitive identity is one that competes to give, to cooperate, to grace, to incarnate together, synergetically, recognizing we are only this moment’s integrity, and our potential for either cooperative integrity or competitive disintegration will individuate, define, label, predicate, enervate,  our next moment together.

We cannot rationally, truly, share disintegration. Entropic negative trends away from full mindful consciousness follow a trajectory toward an autistic silo. Positive, integral relationships are phenomenologically and ecologically accessible to reason, confluent perception, “true” proportion and balance, Right-brained equilibrious access to our sensory receptors, neurons, minds, consciousness.

Cooperative, empathic, integral, inclusive consciousness is itself intrinsically positive, preferring synergetic pattern finding and resolving, while avoiding the toxicity of cognitive dissonance.

Competitive and negative intentions are, by definition, self-distorting, truncating, silos of merely ego-semi-consciousness.

Lack of full, or “true” consciousness is imbalanced awareness of (0)-centric value consciousness. Lack of mindfulness appears to be lack of “true” or full consciousness, and it is, but more specifically imbalanced value/disvalue information generates dissonance within our shared consciousness Commons, or Co-Intelligence.

Positive cooperative consciousness follows this Tao of intelligence by distinguishing confluent information from dissonant noise. Discernment of balanced inclusive consciousness grows much more abundantly, robustly, resiliently through mentoring praxis than merely speaking of our positive intentions.

We mature our resonant and optimized economies within each Other’s nutritional Information field, a Commons shared by all who approach and depart our grateful eco-consciousness.

Man/Sha Legends

Earth Tribal Declaration of Interdependence

Dr. Owl, from the Treeology Department, drafted the Declaration of Interdependence, borrowing heavily from the nature-spirit traditions and Regenerative Systems Theory. Some cultural historians attribute the outbreak of the Green Revolution to the promulgation of her draft to the Assembly of Biospecies.


Green Revolution Declaration of Universal Grace Ecology, Economy, Treeology, etc., etc., etc.

Regenerative Systems Development Theorem

[Reverse Corollary of Cognitive Dissonance Theory and the Positive Deviance Conjecture that Polynomial Time = Non-Polynomial Information Codex -1 (C-Yin) = +0 (U-Yang)]

 We seem to die to regenerate toward flying together, like the stardust from which we emerged, and Gaia’s root systems rewoven within, reflecting what our bicameral minds have discovered evolving without; and not flying apart into disharmonious chaos and entropy and irrationality quite so awfully much.

We are a stardust Earth Tribe, of, by, and for sustaining all living systems and species.

We refuse to confine our lives within benighted and arbitrary death sentences and even whole paragraphs and paradigms.

After all, a creature’s a person,

no matter how small,

no matter how yet unborn or ancient,

no matter how marginal,

or insane,

or deviant,

or violent and suffering.

We are becoming aware that the opposite of life is chaos, dismay, decay, dissonance, entropy.

We are becoming aware the opposite of the absence of relationship,



is equity, beauty, dance, song,



merging toward, and from, a primally balanced relationship,

between Pre-Genetar Earth and Re-Genetive organic systems,

between God, Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah, Omega Point, Universal Intelligence, Original Intent and

Re-Connective Design Bicameral Processors,

between Earth’s Original Intent and meaning and

Future’s Universally Intelligent purpose,

between functioning effectively, and thermodynamically balanced energy frequencies, and growing awareness of natural polycultural form development,

between informing as Implicate Order and unraveling as Bohm’s Explicate Order,

or vice-versa, or all the above, depending on which end of the polar, elliptically and fractally revolving string you imagine standing on,

between air and water and fire,

between space and the flow of time,

balanced induction and deduction,

balanced concave and convex,

balanced feminine and masculine,

balancing our within and without,

our positive and negative,

our polynomial and non-polynomial information

in any binomial/binary metric system,

with 4-prime equi-dimensional fractaling/fusing/folding metric frequencies and rhythms,

inductive and deductive Janus-faced,

[+/-4QBit Implicated Octave = +/- (0) Soul Universal Prime Relationship Treeological String Theory],

Infinity Assumption of Balanced Tao.

Now, where was I, oh yes, coming back and in toward this Eternal Transition Moment, at the beginning of the 3rd Millennium,

We are a narrative encultured information-string metaphysically stretching back to the origins of RNA; Original Intent Coded for symbiotically regenerating life along a Positive Purposive Predication (or Golden Rule Ratio Assumption, if you prefer) of greatest diastatic full-breathed development through minimal competitive stress disorders, by exhaling negative air and values,

potential nutrients lost,

resources gone awry.

We are a Bicameral ReGenesis Project sowing seeds of permacultural cooperative, profoundly inclusive, balanced polycultures,

especially where we have created burgeoning monocultural messes and monopolies.

We are incubating our most long-sustained fertility in centered peaceful compost

between Left and Right hemispheres,

balancing away from Left-brained, deductive dominance,

balancing toward feminist power and masculine flexibility and nurturance,

balancing a long-term risk avoidant economy and a cost-effective preservation of Gaia’s ecosystems, well-seasoned optimization of Earth’s natural cycles,

like sap rising toward our branches in early spring, followed, in late fall, by the reverse rain of self-regenerative seeds scattered on the polycultured compost of mindful remembering and diversely inclusive compassion.

We are Earth’s Tree of Systemic Life, a Commons, held within our deepest (0)-sum ecology of gratitude,

especially for the winter’s of implicating, brewing, fermenting, precessive stillness,

predicating summer’s positive, actively incarnating production of leaves and flowers and fertile seeds.

We are developing naturally grown patterns and frequencies,

producing thriving, balanced interior and exterior landscapes,

minds with bodies,

and bodies with mindful communication systems and skills,

positive treeological practice and intent,

balancing East to West to East double-helixed Yin/Yang/Yin spacetime fractally-sequencing information revolutions.

We are watering and harvesting our flowers, worrying not so much about those dissonant weeds over there,

somewhere, anywhere, everywhere.

We are dancing in ever richer circles,

with less marching in ever-shrinking effractive markets.

We are a recycling fractal Human-Natured Tribe

deeply learning our emergent polycultured, bicameral, breathing EarthSelf Identity.

We remember, re-ligion, who we already are,

we reincarnate Eternal Moment’s meaning and purpose

(teleological conjecture of panentheism),

we are a YangCommons-balanced informing string stretching back, and in, and out,

to our Prime PreGenetive (0)-sum feminist YinVortex

discovering Yang Polynomial Time by uncovering Yin’s Not-Polynomial reversed/negative temporal, implicated primal order

(or the affective-temporal aptic stricture of pre-bicameral awareness, see Julian Jaynes on the ethological evolution of bicameral consciousness and iconic language).

We are a Bicameral Tribe with a shamanic conjecture:

Earth reveals, temporally uncovers, our Without,

Earth’s spacetime Original Intent awareness,

to teach us equity, peace, grace, and justice Within,

Bucky Fuller’s Universal Intelligence as a positively-trending information string,

our exegetical metaphysically encultured string theory of deductive development,

such as Bloom’s Taxonomy of sustained learning cycles,

and Robert Norton’s reiterating developmental cycles of enthymematic communication,

or both Eastern and Western alchemy

or octave harmony structures and stages of evolution,

or Tao as the water-nutrient system of the Tree of Life.

Awareness of Earth’s spacetime optimization of living systems

predicates therapeutic global redesign of natural systems,

paradised eternal moment projections Without,

as Earth revels with, and embraces, our human-natured Within:

EarthTribe’s slowly evolving manifest destiny,

now in our Great Turning,

declare our positive practice and Original Intention toward

(0)-summed, balanced, abundantly Win-Win regenerative system

for optimizing each peace-filled paradise-predicated moment,















What grows YangUp

to flower,

must also grow YinDown

to root

toward optimized permacultured compost,

positive nutrients and values

to design,


maintain and mature,



and re-seed

this ethology of paradise polyculturally revolving,

each season predicating the next,

reiterating our positive Original Intent

back, back to the (0)-seed vortexical beginning of spaciated time.


Non-Violet Green

What Red and Blue States agree about,

their optimized point of synergetic potential:

Both want to be Green States.


Red is more interested in the green of national economic sustainability;

Blue more aware of sustaining a greener relationship with our global natural ecology.


Both are noble,

and compatible aspirations,

and each is more likely to grow optimally resilient,


long-lived with the other,

rather than  flying apart,

segregating and polarizing,

creating double-negative-bind immunity defenses.


We need to breathe through our pain,

our post-engagement,

pre-marriage jitters,

to walk with active peace

down the aisle

toward our shared green-abundant future.


Graceful Turkeys

The Eagle card is the first of my numbered Medicine Cards, as Eagle’s powerful spirit is #1 in our U.S. culture.

We hold eagle feathers as the most sacred of healing tools. Shamans used these to cleanse diseased auras. Eagle medicine is achieved through good old fashioned all-American bootstrap hard work and the personal power of completed production.

The issue for eagle medicine is right use. We have opportunity to broaden our sense of self, soaring beyond the horizon of what is presently visible. Myopic egotism and hubris are too narrow for the vast vistas of Eagle medicine.

If the Eagle is our nation’s Yang spirit, then he calls us to balance with the Give-Away Eagle; Turkey medicine is our Yin spirit.

Give-Away cooperation is the reverse side of Eagle’s Take-Away power. Turkey medicine recognizes that sacrifice to the bone of need is fuel for the fat of want and take and have and own and mine. The pot-latch redemptive ceremony is counter-cultural for Eagle dominance, played with win-lose game assumptions. Give-Away culture assumes no tribe or species can win our economy game unless all needs are met. Mutual subsidiarity premises our active peace principle of solidarity. Only win-win cooperative strategies merit Turkey’s Give-Away grace.

In Turkey’s hunted hungry haunted eyes, a person with wealth deposits has fat deposits which is not only selfish but insanely dangerous. Self-centeredness is bad for our physical and mental health, and not sustainable for the entire flock of flocks. Excess wealth is a cultural embarrassment within the Turkey Tribe. Where one bulges with excess power, nutrition, medicine, fat, others fade and strain in dissonant decay.

The word poverty is always relational. I am poor as compared to, well…., almost everyone, but choose any millionaire on up through multi-billionaire who comes to mind. My 19-year-old chronically unemployable son is poor as compared to my assets and opportunities. We do not use the word poor so much when we are talking about an entire tribe or species confronting chronic lack of sufficient resources to thrive, to regenerate. We are more likely to use words like epidemic or risk of extinction.

Turkey medicine reminds us that if our culture applauds engorged Eagles as normative role-models for ourselves and our kids, then it becomes less likely that these kids and their kids will sustain and thrive. Fat turkeys end up on other species’ thanksgiving tables.

Turkey’s grace is the understory of Eagle’s incarnational equity and strength for justice and liberty.

Give-Away Grace reminds us that an eye for an eye may be metric power balance but not social justice, or rationality.

Grace reminds us that an eye for an eye leads to bicameral blindness.

Grace sees that if you have lost an eye, then so have We.

Grace reminds us that we are in this mess together so justice always responds to injustice by asking “where did we go wrong together?”

Our loss of even one eye is a teaching moment for the human flock to rally, to gather and gobble our way toward protecting our flock. We are each responsible for containing the loss and giving the medicine of mercy and forbearance and regenerative redemption in the gift of our flurry of feathered response. Grace shares the turkey’s shyness by shunning where Eagle’s Law would punish with despair.

Turkey’s grace sees the wisdom of minimizing loss by optimizing effectiveness.

Grace recalls that my loss of eye is a stimulus that would also become a response only by doubling the loss and initiating an infinite reactionary string of unraveling disarray, chaos, dismay, death, declarations of war and malignant intent. Turkey grace pauses to recall that each stimulating loss is half of an emerging justice issue that need not be constrained by the failure of the first half. Grace further recalls that each stimulating loss was also a “second-half” response to earlier events or absences of giving when sharing was needed.

Give-Away Turkey culture compassionately shares our shame that we have created such an unfair flock and environment that we would rob ourselves of mindfulness in our rabid thirst for revenge. Turkey medicine remains mindful of the suffering, longing understory within compassion, empathy, synergy, belonging.  Turkey grace knows that victimizing others is always self-victimizing as well, it is a hurtful sacrifice to be avoided.

Active peace is non-violence of thought and word and deed, but it is also the relentless invitation to co-passioning minds, which Christians call love, and philosophers have called integrity, or even synergy.

We are an Eagle iconic culture started by a flock of active peaceful Turkeys. As before, so after. May win-win strategic responses to fear and loss and hurt fall like rain; may I begin again within each moment, thought, word, and mind-enriching action.


Self Mind-full Therapy

What lies within my dark cave’s name?

What’s in a name?

A tropic nomial, perhaps.

Within my nomial, this Me


If Me and Self

why not WeSelf;

half part of WeEarthTribe progenitor,

and You my other half?


Other, poly-nomials defining and refining

memes co-versing and conversing

bubbling troubling,

designing and divining,

noticing this paradigm’s parsing individuation,

appositioning bifurcation

born through positive dialogue

exchanging dissonant tipping points of view.


Positive, in Yin’s enthymemed intent,

incorporating Yang’s Not-Self peace-fully content

beating double-walled informating Boundary,

liminally breathing diametric heart.

Beating boundaries deductively induce

labored breathless recreativity.


Yet perhaps within our well-walled cells,

within (0) spatial skin between Self and Other,

we explore our double-bound revolving door,

DNA coded colors painting

our ecoequi-diversity.

We individuate our karmic futures

of peaceful just exegesis

as inter-weaving Individuals,

binomial self-perpetuation,

mutually bowed gratitude,



Me Yin,

You Yang;

Interior’s Landscape.


Self-humane Nature’s meaningful belonging,

EarthSelf Exterior’s Physique

positive poly-nomial

bicamerally coded negative;

DNA-RNA fractal co-designing string,

Re-formive Genesis Order echoing

Original Intent

to mean our purpose

longing to belong together

abundantly bi-generative;

within three-dimensioned dimming womb

Self’s  constant longing absent home.



Positive Polynomial here,

what’s your name?


Not-Polynomial Negative!


Of course, so sorry to intrude convexly,

but who are you, I might notice,

positively speaking, as wise  justice EarthSelf Mind?


Not You alone but Eco-We together,

I am EcoSelf

including your resonant tempered memory string

of EcoSelves used to be

and EcoSelf emerging once again,

through self-regenerative


still revolving,


permaculturing door.









Our Not-So-Noisy Nest

We don’t sound right.

Too left-brained I hope

better balance might cool our home




as richly dense Eternal Moment compost

feeds diversely rooted populations.


Lake’s surface ripples with

leaf blowers whining

jets roaring overhead

cars exhaustively streaming by

like cheerless tears of toxic bubbles.




this vaporous high pitched system

still lives mountainous resonant joy.

Birds still tweet,

not just people,

rivers trickle and spray white noise

ocean surf still ebbs and flows

within our circulating systems.


Our hearts and lungs and minds

remember catholic lotus root systems

recall bisonic natural sync between

nature made commodious spirit lakes




EarthTribe discovered Orthodox Tao mountain tops

natural tree-lined valleys in

regenerative systemed (0) core Prime Relationship

of left-brained Yang remembering

Yin’s true value as

polynomial is non-polynomial reversed

is binomially balanced

compassionately deep lake reflecting mindful mountain

dynamically harmonious dance of

peaceful twinkling



laughing thermonormative warm and slow relationship.



positive discernment,

our bicameral vocation’s peaceful yeasty nest racing









soaring through humanity.


But, quietly, please?

Some of us are trying not to sleep.