Where Sacred Meaning Fades

Where juicy historic purpose fades
and pre-historic
nonviolent sacred meaning
polyculturally creolizes
WholeOpen ego/eco-Systemic
future bilateral health intention

Is where we also find emergence,
consciousness of LeftHemisphere dominance
over RightHemisphere prominence
of co-relational health/wealth feelings,

Either Positive
Or Negative
and InBetween Non(Negative) both/and

Enthymematic co-passion cooperation
antithetically contrasted with violent anti-communication,
like NonZero potential toward quantitative fulfillment
up against Zero Sum closed static emptiness
of anthro-supremacist
PatriarchalCapitalist monoculturalism
against EcoFeminist polycultural regenerativity

Win/Win bicameral 4D fractal moments
in lightspeed revolving octave spirals
of space/time dynamic reconnecting
ego/eco-systemic integral consciousness

personal qualitative health memories
of integral resonance
with outside
environmental quantitative wealth
of synergetic
fractal cooperative resilience

Where juicy historic purpose fades
and pre-historic
nonviolent sacred meaning
polyculturally creolizes
WholeOpen ego/eco-Systemic
health/wealth bicameral consciousness.


Nature’s Even-Tempered Balance

The dregs and tumors of decay
predict the medicine and balance of life.

Those who stand on tiptoe do not stand firm;
Those who stand with equal weight,
bipedal-planted, do stand firm.

Those who strain their stride do not walk well;
Those who stride well-timed,
grasping out only when and where environment reaches back,
walk optimally endowed for matching power with positive co-passion.

Those who reveal themselves are not luminous
because those who reveal us to ourselves are too bright.

Those who justify themselves are not far-famed
because those who justify us to ourselves mentor just rightness
with integrity of present truth with future promise.

Those who boast of themselves are not given credit
because those who boast of us within all Earth’s Tribes are mutually credited,
by all natural systems.

Those who pride themselves are not chief among human nature
because those who pride us within all nature are “spiritual leaders”.

These, in the eyes of Time’s transparent matter balancing energy,
Are called “the dregs and tumors of decay,”
things of disgust, disvalue;
AND are called “the therapy and harmony of fully integrated life,”
optimizing relationships of economic and ecological value.

Therefore those of Time’s natural transparency of space,
spurn dissonance,
absorb eco-balance of Yang/Matter deducing-inducing
Yin-Yin Iconically Gravitational Balance.

One Yin without Her energetic Second,
Ego-death inviting faith in
and through
and by
and of
and with
TransParency of Eco matter/energy;
transparent Time, 0 soul of ecologic,
0 sum total of economic transactional values,
universally quintessential PlaceHolder,
both Yang with Yin,
“dark” matter rhyming hydrogenic form,
“dark” energy timing helionic understory
of Earth’s ancestral permacultured
Ergodic Fractal Tree.

Ego death is both a silo isolation risk
of 0-static flatline,
and yin with yin,
coincidental co-relational opportunity,
opening a return to dominance of eco-Self’s primal identity
at cellular,
sub-organic interdependent,
“whole system universal body-mind” levels
of 0-centric
RNA-regeneratively rooted,
consciousness of memory as in-telligent in-coming in-form-ation.

Life evolves rooted within cellular systems of id-RNA-entity,
eternal holonic binomial
transparenting matterYang with integrative energy, Yin-Yin.

Natural systemic wisdom is exegetically shared
through Commons of RNA/DNA roots,
while eisegetically shared through sacred synergetic ecologic,
and transcendent
positively co-operating eco-normic heuristics,
multisystemically liturgical language
with Earth-warmed rhythms and patterns,
sounds with sights,
smells with tastes,
feelings of mutual gravity toward our shared medicinal
nutitritional dancing,
avoiding toxic intent and praxis
of negative-live dissonance
monoculture of unconscious entropic chaos,

“Death” equals isolation,
a silo sential silent “0” PlaceHolder,
faith in absolute isolation of ego-Self-identity
at cellular,
and “whole system embodied mind”
as tri-systemic levels
of conscientious mutually-transparent,
subsidiary yet co-incident,
binomial Eco-Intelligent
TransParenting FormYang with FunctionYin/Yin
polypathic binomial
metric eco-normic
Open Bionic System.

To co-prehend this ecologically economic conclusion of “Death”,
is to comprehend cooperative optimization,
Earth Tribe’s Polyculturing Life.

Note: This piece begins in dialectic conversation with “The Dregs and Tumors of Virtue”, The Wisdom of Laotse, Lin Yutang, trans. 1948, Modern Library, p. 141.


Economic Conscience

We mature within each Other’s nutritional field, a Commons shared by all who approach and depart our consciousness.

This field we share with mutual subsidiarity because we generated these values and disvalues through our progenitors, Elders, all our past relationships, cultures, history, lead to this field of momentary consciousness within spacetime.

If I could unilaterally choose one extreme or the other, I would always choose to have a positive sustainable nutritious relationship, rather than a negative short-term terminal relationship, with anyone or anything, from spouse through alien species.

While I cannot and must not unilaterally choose each economy, whether cooperative or competitive, for any relationship, it also seems that I am not not You either, so I can mentor a positive relationship we might have in only my imagination and memory of other past relationships. I might speak of these images and memes as my preference for mutual gratitude, my hope and faith, my love of how not not You and not You already belong together in my ergetic id-consciousness.

Regenerative pacific consciousness, positively cooperative and inclusively relational, grows from basic enthymematic attendance, fueled by eco-id well-being.

My eco-identity, id, competes to give away my nutrients to those around me who most need them. While our Yangish egos emerge Eagle topped totems, our Yinnish eco-individuating under-stories Turkey rooted nutrient systems.

Perhaps Freud thought of our Basic Eco-Identity Commons as maniacal because of his fascination with insanity, pathology, internally competitive, dissonant models of unconscious awareness. Had he been a Positive Psychologist, then he might have come to a more positive consciousness of self-identity as primally, ecologically, economically informed by regenerative natural system development; which, by definition, grows relentlessly cooperative.

Our real, true, balanced competitive identity is one that competes to give, to cooperate, to grace, to incarnate together, synergetically, recognizing we are only this moment’s integrity, and our potential for either cooperative integrity or competitive disintegration will individuate, define, label, predicate, enervate,  our next moment together.

We cannot rationally, truly, share disintegration. Entropic negative trends away from full mindful consciousness follow a trajectory toward an autistic silo. Positive, integral relationships are phenomenologically and ecologically accessible to reason, confluent perception, “true” proportion and balance, Right-brained equilibrious access to our sensory receptors, neurons, minds, consciousness.

Cooperative, empathic, integral, inclusive consciousness is itself intrinsically positive, preferring synergetic pattern finding and resolving, while avoiding the toxicity of cognitive dissonance.

Competitive and negative intentions are, by definition, self-distorting, truncating, silos of merely ego-semi-consciousness.

Lack of full, or “true” consciousness is imbalanced awareness of (0)-centric value consciousness. Lack of mindfulness appears to be lack of “true” or full consciousness, and it is, but more specifically imbalanced value/disvalue information generates dissonance within our shared consciousness Commons, or Co-Intelligence.

Positive cooperative consciousness follows this Tao of intelligence by distinguishing confluent information from dissonant noise. Discernment of balanced inclusive consciousness grows much more abundantly, robustly, resiliently through mentoring praxis than merely speaking of our positive intentions.

We mature our resonant and optimized economies within each Other’s nutritional Information field, a Commons shared by all who approach and depart our grateful eco-consciousness.