Where Sacred Meaning Fades

Where juicy historic purpose fades
and pre-historic
nonviolent sacred meaning
polyculturally creolizes
WholeOpen ego/eco-Systemic
future bilateral health intention

Is where we also find emergence,
consciousness of LeftHemisphere dominance
over RightHemisphere prominence
of co-relational health/wealth feelings,

Either Positive
Or Negative
and InBetween Non(Negative) both/and

Enthymematic co-passion cooperation
antithetically contrasted with violent anti-communication,
like NonZero potential toward quantitative fulfillment
up against Zero Sum closed static emptiness
of anthro-supremacist
PatriarchalCapitalist monoculturalism
against EcoFeminist polycultural regenerativity

Win/Win bicameral 4D fractal moments
in lightspeed revolving octave spirals
of space/time dynamic reconnecting
ego/eco-systemic integral consciousness

personal qualitative health memories
of integral resonance
with outside
environmental quantitative wealth
of synergetic
fractal cooperative resilience

Where juicy historic purpose fades
and pre-historic
nonviolent sacred meaning
polyculturally creolizes
WholeOpen ego/eco-Systemic
health/wealth bicameral consciousness.


Pesky Patriarchal PolyNomials

Today we want to give a shout out,
and maybe within yin,
to both Group Mathematic Eco-TheoLogians
concerned with the sacred ecology
of the big ClayMath Quiz.

Can we choose to develop an organic-iconic language
capable of ecologically distinguishing
predicting secular health
while articulating sacred wealthy PolyNomials
LeftBrain rational,
which are deductively/inductively equivalent

(Or at least not unequal)

with Not PolyPathic Polynomials,
more monoculturally one way
is my way
or some RightWing Highway
of yang competitively irrational aggression.

And our answer is
to PrimeRoot our metric language
not in Yangish +1 hundred percent Universal Totalitarianism,
so transparently patriarchal penal systemic
squared and cross-rooted unilaterally obnoxious,
or at least outrageously autonomous,

Yang Front and Center
filled with retributive ZeroZone punishments
against cooperative matriarchal co-affiliations
multi echoing lateralistic labels.

Yet, when in RightBrain changing charge,
switching back toward ecofeminist histrionic enculturing choices voices
herstoric belonging inside a neoplatonic yin-matriarchal
EarthWombed -,-0
Original ZeroZone Intent.

I can already hear competing Trumpians
trumping Trump his adolescent bullying self,
listening best,
but by no ecofeminist means brightest,
to automated artillery
manufactured in monolithic OK Corrals
harboring short-term investment hoarding,
profiting through wars
fought by younger programmed patriots
and other forms of EarthDomestic Violence,

Monocultural unfortunate developments
of 1.00% Total EgoCentrism
as if Ego could have come before
ZeroSum Zones
of secular ecological
and sacred matriarchal health networks.

“Well now,
the nice lil 0-Zero needs a big bad 1-One
to repeat bilaterally in and out of Her,
slam bam through Her
like a dynamic penal system axis
pounding and raping the Other MotherLand.”

Or maybe a dipolar co-arising
wealth-swelling septum,
or an ecofeminist spine
transubstantiating 8-fold group polypaths,
enlightening yin-squared
eco-metric speed of light
polycultural outcome paths.

Like ZeroVeiled virgin-imagination SpaceTime
4D revolving in reverse
consumed by and with revolving healthy restorations
bilateral secular deductive Left
with SacredInductive RightRelationships
prime polynomial with notnot matriarchal polyphonic

Dopamine ZeroLand
integrally priming all past orthodox 1’s
inter-related YangTakes
InFormation makes
while YinZero-Sum exformationally gives
co-relational notnot entirely Past
yields dipolar co-gravitational revolutions
not not polyphonic 4D Space
equi-valent BiNomial Yang PositivEnergy.

WinWin dopamine
floating over
WinLose adrenaline
through cooperative
Secular/Sacred ReBirth HealthTime
for +1 Yang with -,-0 YinYin
WinWin speed of light-squared

Fractal SpaceTime language
for 4 developmental seasoned DNA
regenerative bilateral eco-waving structures
double-binding of and for healthy climate cultures

EarthTribe’s Paradise wombing place
co-operating integrity
originating YangSpace-nature loving YinTime-spirit
binomial ego/ecofeminist nonduality.


BiCultural Prism

Your wealth, your expertise,
in fact everything you have,
did they not all at first
begin with a single thought?
Rumi (M. Mafi, trans.)

Your economic value,
your ecological place,
all of your Becomings,
were you not first
begun with One synergetic event?

Out of Tao, One Time is born;
Out of Yang-One, Yin-Two concaves gravitationally together,
Out of Two, Three,
+Yang + (-)Yin(-)Yin,
wu-wei tipping points of natural dynamic
dimensional systems;
Out of Three, creation’s fractal-folding
and unfolding information Universal Intelligence.
Creative Universal Intelligence carries double-yin at its back,
and OnePolynomial-yang in front:
Through synergetic systemic principles Time fulfills octave harmonics
of Physical Dynamic Structure,
in 4 equivalent dimensions.

To be autistic, siloed, isolated, monocultural, lonely
reverses human nature’s sense of entitlement,
to Earth Rights of ecojustice through polyculturing environments,
habitats of mind and spirit and home and nature and well-being.
Yet wise shamans and mystics call themselves
loners and losers,
hermits and mendicants,
beggars and witches
insanely irrational,
dissonantly alien.
For sometimes Positive Deviance benefits
by lowering the power volume,
And Negative Deviance benefits
by Yanging Yin-tuition.

Others have taught,
What I would mentor:
Violence dies dissonantly diseased death,
as spiritual teaching.
Active peace lives optimally comprehensive,
as cooperatively natured mentoring.

Universal Intelligence of Time’s Revolution:
ReGenesis Ecologic intent emerges equivalently
as Redemptive Economics praxis,
cooperatively balancing toward global inclusion,
when operating as Positive Deviance
away from mainstream monoculturalism.

Western entitlement anthropocentric teleologies
and philosophies of elitist monochromatic natural survival trends
assume Nature’s One is atomic,
particles or ions,
while Eastern ethology hopes to prove
Nature’s Time evolves memory patterned relationships,
raining binomial transgenerational culture from Elder Time
toward Future’s ReBirthing Time cycles
seasons of diastatic renewal and completion,
opening and closing,
unfolding and refolding.

Both West and East cultural strings
balance toward cognitive significance,
distinctions that, together, make bicameral difference,
and optimally utilitarian when balanced
as Two faces,
Yang-Space ionic atoms
Yin-Prime Time wavilinear binomial Relationship,
temporally rooting out of our (0)-Soul
4-equivalent spacetime Common Dark Vortex,
holonic and implicating positive QBit emergent trends,
balancing temporal memory with positive teleological potential
for regenerating our permacultural diastasis–
Omega Point,
nutritionally and metrically balanced,
Prime Relationship of Yang’s TaoTime
as +e-functional ionic
equivalent with
Yin’s TaoTime
as (-)(-)e-appositional reverse-functional ergodic
self-implicating balance
for achieving P=NP = (0) spacetime Tao,
unfolding form of One
as Polyculturing Diastatically Climaxing
Universal Intelligence
Bi-Cultural Communion.


Note: This piece builds toward, and then implicates away, recesses from, Laotse’s “The Violent Man”, Lin Yutang, ed., 1948, Modern Library, p. 214.