Earth’s Vocational Union

This Union of happiness
and healthy prosperity,
life’s liberty,
in pursuit of equal EarthRights of InterDependence,
cooperatively contract Earth’s rooted regenerating Union
of political-economic health,
as at least less climatic pathology,
stirrings of dissonant bicameral flow
predicting behavioral trends of BusinessAsUsual
Ego-monoculturing Win/Lose Programs.

our Original Vocational Intent
timelessly remains WinWin health-optimization
within each and every EarthTribe evolving incarnation,
midway across normative Tipping Points
of each and every humane bicameral heart
and mind
and body
with DNA/RNA heritage enculturation as history
of deep-learning vocational unions,

Trust: LeftDeductive Yang political-communication power
fuel co-arising dipolar nondual economic bilateral function
CoEmpathy: RightInductive DoubleBind MidWay WinWin
v LoseLose,

Integral dialectical universal ecosystemic learning networks:
Win 0Rigin Left
Lose 0Mega Right resonant-reverse
Win 0Mega Left
coarising reverse-code “Win-Reiterative” memory Right temporal-neural

Prime CoRelational Eulerian ReGenerative Function
as empathic/enthymematic dipolar balanced
reiteratively relational communication balance function
within (0)-soul Earth dipolarity of TaoTime,
then diastatic Space,
then diastolically stretching Place,
then EcoConscious CoPresence,
within a cooperative Union
Declaration of Universal Earth Rights
balancing freedom-to with freedom-from
SunLight’s ReGenerate InterDependence.

While political evolution may be rooted in
my enemies are your enemies,
economic revolutions are rooted in
my potential transactional partners
become my cooperative allies of trust
rather than my bilaterally cooperative enemies of reiterating terrors,
violence and suffering,
active abuse
but also long-suffered neglect of mutually grateful relationship
within our vocational union
of Earth’s Tribes,
and generations
and genders
and cultures
and communication
and deep learning investment choices.


ReCreating Organic Freedom

We created clients as consumers of education
and called this freedom to learn.

We created competitive,
professional caste-system schools
and called them freedom from unhealthy superstitions of extended families,
freedom from historic threats looming within mysteriously encultured biosystems.

We created prisons
and called them freedom from crime.

We created criminal clients
and called this freedom to enculturate indigenous tensions
struggles between Anger Management housekeepers
and uncivilized crime amongst themselves.

We created corporate ownership
without concomitant social,
political and economic responsibility,
and called it private property,
where once grew healthy therapeutic Commons.

We created slaves to others’ production of corporate wealth
and called us consumers and clients of RealTime,
economic and political competition life.

We created financial wealth
and called it powerful political health.

We created religious culture-fossilized Traditions,
brittle and stagnant absence of healthy evolution,
and called them spiritual-enspirited paths toward healthy vocations.

We created government by popular election
and did not call it survival of the wealthiest EgoCentrists.

We might like to create freedom to learn freedom from anthrocentrism,
to listen to self-governing nutrition-consumers producing co-valued information
about how and where and when we have substituted WinLose shortcuts
for WinWin co-mentoring political,
ecologically cooperative healthy-wealth of freedom orthopraxis,
organically and spiritually exegetical,
regenerative emergence,
evolving great millennial
and small intimate revolutions
networking Earth’s cooperative consciousness.


Steward’s Interdependence Daze

Without transformed awareness,

memory of laundered garments

only he had ever worn

washed gratefully away

in relentless downstream focal flow.


No looking back,

without stretched-bone resistance,

without morbid former life curiosity,

what might have been more easily cleaned,

more orderly,

less intensely demanding of grateful bow and bend,

and humor,

he folds and sorts and stacks eternal piles of clothing,

tribal artifacts of young life’s costuming of choice,

hopelessly blind to maturing metamorphosis

from independent daze to cooperative desire;

images of safe prenatal isolation

weakened by EcoSelf identity

wilting prey to long distant liminal margins,

much less could he imagine alternative incarnations

more diversely paid in interdependent wealth of scents.


Cooperative laundry stewards baptize with benign common waters,

and ears harvesting harmonious information.