Angry Island Men

No healthy humane person
of mature integrity
is a disenchanted island.

No individual is entirely orphaned.
Even an island has an associated understory,
below the water’s surfing surface
lie deeply rooted
anciently fertile connections.

And above the water’s surface
birds migrate outdoor voices
and digestive tracts
and trends
co-invest regenerativity
of ocean tides
and wind storms.

Those who celebrate only their autonomous island-ness,
are those who do not actively include
how we already live as multicultural peninsulas
leading back to mainland ancient healthy multicultures
and leading forward
to where we can once again
applaud diversely landscaped roots
fertile soil and soul migrations
visitors of nutritiously remembering curiosity
co-invested leaders in courageous fertile multi-solidarity
on this one planet island

Earth revolving within an interdependent sanctuary orbit
of synergetic understory,
Milky Way of warm wet soiled and souled
surfing maternal womb memories
of ocean tides
as wind storms.


Nature’s Embryonic Soul

Each day an extension of my time
so each morning a risk and opportunity
to avoid greedy egocentrism
to step into harmonious eco-centered consciousness.

Each still-wombed entity extends mother’s incarnating time
so each maternal risk and opportunity,
each free will act of paternity,
aborts competitive egocentrism
by incarnating bilateral consciousness,
wisdom’s good faith compost for our co-operating future.

Each life extends time’s enculturing memory
of risks and opportunities
avoiding evolution’s monochromatic dead ends
by embracing revolution’s polyculturing conscience.

Each moment incarnates time’s eternally wombed memory
of culturally autistic risk and polypathic opportunity
to avoid deductive domination’s suffering
to mutually embrace eco-paradigmatic synergy.
Time is a hollow womb
and its omnipotence is universal!
Fathomlessly ubiquitous.
Like the double-binding revolutionary progenitor of all things.
Its smooth-structured boundaries resonating
prime relationship not-not tangles informing,
Its light tempered balance of enlightenment,
Its turmoil equivalently decomposing dissonant understories,
Yet dark like deep ecological flow it sustains econormative Commons.
I do not know whose embryo time is
if not a 4-dimensional echo of time’s natured incarnation
within cosmic bicameral consciousness.


Note: This second section is inspired by Lin Yutang’s translation of Laotse’s “The Character of Tao”, p. 63, in The Wisdom of Laotse, Modern Library, 1948; in which I take the liberty of interpreting “Tao” as progenitive binomial Time, incarnating as information, memory-excarnating as bilateral not-not polynomial exformation.


Going Native

Yang’s guerrilla tactics

camouflage Yin’s indigenous strategic order.

Messianic Yang fascinations

uncover Yin”s mutual mentoring subsidiarity,

savific yeast transducing light’s form

into heated wriggling function,

fertilizing her benign messianic host.


Positive forceful Yang form

double bound and diastolic flow

held within reflecting Yin’s not(not) fold,

wu wei unformed pregnant function

waiting form’s wombing space

to greet time’s implicating moment,

an open summer rose

closing evening’s shade,

bud born again,

explicitly waiting next dawn’s radiant light,

a new guerrilla wave of tribal buzziness.


Indigenous system-deviant tactics

morph as guerrilla strategies,

sly camouflage,

dissonating those who prefer remaining normal

in face of wilder nature’s naked purpose,

seducing mutual nativity,

regenerate solidarity,

indigenous integrity of grace-filled meaning.