Sublime Oppressions

When “oppressive”
becomes synonymous with “government”
and when “government”
becomes synonymous with “bureaucracy”

Then “oppressive government bureaucracy”
sounds like a redundant bad-boy platitude,
ungrateful anthro-
elitist attitude,
absence of relationships
for which I might feel
non-egged on
and non-eggheaded
peace mindfull

While “enlightened government bureaucracy”
now sounds like a sarcastic oxymoron
spreading virally
from Red
to Blue
to wondering about Green

more empowering?
kinda ecofeminist,
instead of
win v lose
predative capital-headed
financial evaluations,
deductive causes
v. inductive affectiveness,

Which brings us back to RedMeat
White Nationalistic Supreme MonoTheistic
rumored sanctuaries from geoclimatically catostrophic absence of health
or wealth
or bipartisan wisdom

And bicameral dialectical win/win
strategically cooperative EarthJustice
empowerment EarthPeace
through ReGenerative EarthDesign

Which seems to inconveniently
include some traumatically epic purpose
for heavy-handed
StraightWhite Privileged
MonoCulturally Predative,
Cancel PolyPhonically Healthy
EcoWomanist Wealthy Multiculturalists

Are winning inner/inter-peace battles
weighed conscientiously
against our own grandchildren’s universal sacred health
and unitarian safe
compassionately resonant wealth

Of wellness sung
and danced
muse amusing
integral experience

Within compassionately indigenous,
wise systemic
win/winningly ubiquitous

Ever since
SunMuse wealth
has radiantly co-governed
with EarthMusic
health wealthy
resonantly resilient
green cooperative systems

Where every mind/body organism,
sainted/sinner organization
spiritually/natured society
Yintegrally-Yanged co-passion
through cooperative co-investments
in health care
power giving
and light receiving

A tradition much older
than when “oppressive”
becomes dissociated from “healthy democratic governments”
when inner/inter “trust co-government”
becomes bicamerally reunited with
“nonviolent healthcare systems.”


Community Health Assurance

Transparent and robust public and private healers,
ego and ecotherapists,
cooperatively investigate, with appreciation,
cooperative health insurance
for people,
healthy homes,
resilient transportation,
and cooperative tree and plant and children and elderly nursing
preserved through winter kitchens
and solar-fueled composting centers.

Health insurance assurance,
transubstantiating health/wealth reassurance,
investing in cooperatively-owned and eco-managing
therapeutic non-violent communication skill-sets
to optimize cooperative creolic healthy multiculturing outcomes
celebrating WinWin health assurance cafes,
with open mic improvisations,
incubators of Left/Right deep learning bilateral re-education
in locally-owned on-line viral franchises,
globally merging off-line S-incorporated
cooperative local health networks

Rooted in ancient FireCircle
non-violent discernments,
WinWin healing communication reassurance disciplines,
not assassination bulletins,

1. I summarize what I hear my baton giver give,

2. “And I would gratefully add…”

3. I check with former speakers,
“Did I hear you health correctly
and/or pathology incorrectly?”

4. If notnot WinWin
GoldenRule cooperatively reiterating,
I hand our co-assuring baton
to that still reaching hand
furthest away from me.

5. If GoldenRule does not yet consensually apply,
I hand our baton back to the last Both/And successful
vocal performance,
with mutually outreaching hands
and feet, if necessary,
to co-invite further look and see
into me
WinWin discernment.

6. We summarize together,
our mutually held healthwealth invitations,
pending further cooperative community discernment,
extending to regional biosystemic Green Allies
of all Species
for ecotherapeutic cooperatively-owned health insurance
and WinWin wealth reassurance

7. My post millennial youth through WiseElder development cafe,
indoor/outdoor incubation of Permacultural Paradise
health wealth assurance,
ecotherapeutic green vocation,
organic health composting
neighborhood creolizing stone soup
harvesting and preserving kitchens

Incubators for seasonally staged health reassurance
food and fuel and fiber and fire preservation
and soil restoration
and Zero-soul communication
Both/And health wealth,
nutritional site
and sight
and sound citation
and fragrant recitation
and feeling resonant pheromone pattern recreations
and speaking up
and out
for resilient health insurance
and ego/ecotherapeutically co-facilitated.

Food is fuel digesting
in cooperative healthy stomachs
in WinWin therapeutic and WinLose terrorizing homes,
through cooperative resonant
and competing dissonant
digesting voices
with embodied feelings
redigesting polypathic
neuro-sensual limbic-temporal consciousness

Of sacred ecotherapeutic LusciousFood
as ego wealth fueling
resonantly robust organic
ecofeminist GreenHealth
liberally freed to love
within RightSpirit with LeftNature nondual humanities
theo-ecological health histories
of climate caregiving
revolutionary green vocational
PositivEnergy Democracy
with Earth matriotic HolySpirit custodial Trees
and allied plants
sprouting AnimaMundi
starvation and thirst under-insurance Issues.

Longing for Health ReAssuring Compost,
Manna consumption
inviting community cooperative predicting communion
song and dance celebrations,
reborn of non-violent multicultural WinWin resilience
to minimize healthrisk faith competitions
now WinLose runaway becoming darkly normative
toward LoseLose competing anti-trust.

If Food and Fuel and Fiber FireJustice
through viral Urban Agriculture
are about basic health security and allied resilience
of access to wealth
for organically cooperative nutrition
nurturing positive Left/Right correlations,

Then Urban Agriculture
is also about Water Equity
transporting access
and purity of health potentiating Global EcoJustice.

We continue talking about
community cooperatively-owned health insurance
and assurance of robust wealthy access
for all,
regardless of resonant disabilities, etc…
on this edge of New England,
speaking through the polypathic mouth
of our regeneratively sacred Thames River,
back when it was known as
Shetucket to the East
and Yantic to the Western Tribes.

We forage like minds to plant date and nut trees
above Her shores.
We could do cooperatively better
if our upstream allies
had planted fruit trees
twenty years ago,
or, next best WinWin,
even now.

Both/And WinWin co-allied options
default normative environments
rather than WinLose
LeftBrain Either/Or
deductively deep-line learned
dualistic You redefining Me resubstantiating You
oppositional defiance
appositional Left with Right health re-alliance
used to breathe in planting above
as harvesting out downstream below
more Beautifully Healthy Spring
then WealthTrusting Fall Harvest.

A pay to play LoseLose
retributive justice system
is far less health insurance efficient
than a don’t pay to replay WinWin
rewarding restorations
of ego/ecotherapeutic
Green Vocations

Deep learning
Master ZenZone
PermaCultural Gardening
and ReForesting health resilient climates
before and after
EcoCommunity Harvest Meetings

For EcoFeminist GreenPeace
organic insurance gardeners,
EarthMother Allies,
Green EgoEcoTherapeutic Advocates,
HealthCare Insurance ReEvaluators
readjusting in favor of WinWin nutrition
absorbing past LoseLose toxins
as public double-binding ZeroZone Actuarials
of Life’s more resilient values

S-Corporation co-investment Advocates
for food and fiber and fuel and fire productive caregiving insurance
organically adjustable
co-acclimating nutritional assurance preserves
creolizing ego/ecopolitical health-wealth

My conflicting bipolar Win/Lose map
is not my cooperatively dipolar Win/Win
limbic/temporal reassuring territory.

My few RightWing patriarchal redneck voices
bow to LeftWing ecofeminist health


Self-ReGenerating Laundry Service

Not amazed at the transformation from one who,

not so far away,

only laundered his own clothes,

into one who launders our clothes,

late into a Friday night,


without stretched-bone resentment,

without so much as glancing back,

without any interest in what smaller self had been suffering.


So profoundly in love,

blind to his own bleached metamorphosis.

No longer comprehending life without

abundant heaps of mess,

soiled cherished artifacts,

much less imagine alternatives to life

that could unfold full

and rich

and fresh

and worthy.