Might Be An Isn’t

she autistically
and powerfully

One me
plus one you
makes two

And we two
minus one me
leaves you one

Which feels like not
quite enough
for ego sufficiency

But one whole lot more
than zero deficiency

Because Dr. Seuss sings
of zero BirthDay rings
and EndDaze spirited non-things

“If we didn’t have birthdays,
you wouldn’t be you.
If you’d never been born,
well then what would you do?…

Why you might be a WASN’T!
A Wasn’t has no fun at all.
No, [s]he doesn’t.
A Wasn’t just isn’t.
[S]he just isn’t present.
But you…You ARE YOU!
now isn’t that pleasant!…

If you’d never been born,
then you might be an ISN’T!
An Isn’t has no fun at all.
No [s]he disn’t.
[S]he never has birthdays,
and that isn’t pleasant.
You have to be born,
or you don’t get a present.”

And sacred co-prescience

One me
plus one you
makes two,
and now
aren’t we pleasant

Note: Dr. Seuss quotes are from “Happy Birthday To You!”, 1959, when I was celebrating seven sacred birthdays.


The Slorax Speaks

The matriarchal deeper
and therefore slower growing Slorax
plants Truffula Trees,
restores justice to Her Earth’s unitarian community,
cooperatively owned and managed.

When excess harvests feed greed,
growing across monoculturing
less competitive
colonized fields
over-ruled by authorities to punish trees for non-compliance
with enslaving commercial needs
and commodified values of prison workers
measured in capital outgoing
against financial investments incoming per day,
per hour
per minute
per second of progress v loss of accumulated fiber value,

Then ecofeminist time has come
for unitarian yin reverse-hierarchies,
for cooperatively democratic
restorational healing,
for Earth-therapeutic
revolutionary Slorax to speak,
to cooperatively learn and educate,
to non-violently communicate,
to polyculturally plan
ecologically recreative,
economic outcomes for all residents.

The Slorax worships Truffula forests,
where LeftBrain/RightWing deductive western dominance
justly balances
RightBrain/LeftWing eastern inductive prominence

As Yang revolts
universally reweaves
toward yin’s warm-wombed unitarian compassion,

Then, as Now,
we embrace ancient nutritional Space
recreating bicameral Slorax WombTime,

As BreathFlow economizes nurturing Light
of and for thirsty Truffula forest hearts
and minds
and roots
toward future healthy multiculturing generations.


The Lorax Sequel

I took the only seed of hope
for any future Truffula Trees,
but reminded my clinically depressed acquaintance
we are all born co-redeemers,
not extractors.

Ours is not to extract
what we did not create
for its sufficient regeneration,
to fairly claim any rights
to personal co-redemptive value.

You talk funny,
replied the Lorax.
go talk with your dead dinosaurs,
dying forests,
your failing gorillas
and polar bears,
and honey bees,
with all those fancy economic co-redemption
theories of cooperation.
See how they feel about their indentured investment
in creating your sorry butt.

Not knowing quite what to say,
I thanked him for his sorry butt response
and brought this treasured seed back home
to learn what this community of mutual co-arisers
would most love to do
with this Tree of Earth’s Truffula seed.

Eventually someone came up with a clever Permaculture Design strategy.
Someone way in the back,
no one is quite sure whom,
gasped out
“Why don’t you plant the damn thing somewheres
where the sun shines,
unlike your sorry butts.”

So we did.
We took the seed out to the meadow
and planted it where it would provide grace-filling shade
and receive water from our roof’s run-off barrels,
also planted around our home.

Trees of Truffula grow quickly
in rich diverse nutrient-balanced organic compost,
much like the rest of us
receiving more confluent,
mutually cooperative, nutrients,
and not so much competitive monochromatic drama,
monopolistic monoculturing weedishness,
tumorous toxins subside in generous environments
of kind ecstatic contentment,
wise thoughtfulness of the 7th generation’s future,
lovers of truth,
co-redeemers of economic balance,
ecologicaly multisystemic linguists,
polycultural scientists,
rational and sane regenerators,
religionors of sustainable cooperation,
synergetic integrity.

Next thing you know
we have a first generation of decomposing leaves,
harvested flowers and berries,
and four perfectly balanced organic Truffula Tree seeds.

Once again our Permaculturist Family asked
how can we optimize this global future
for our children’s children
with this regenerative offering
transported to where Earth most needs
such healthy wealth?

Again, the dark back voice croaked,
“Why don’t you give one to the North
to wave through winter’s blasting wind,
one to the South
but not too far South
because the coastline is becoming unstable,
one to the East of the river
to cool her morning water,
but not too high up
because the aquifer isn’t what it used to be,
one to the West horizon’s mountains,
to profile all those red skies at night
you’re always expecting here
in your positive teleology truth-telling kinda way.”

But, that’s not what we did.

We brought one to the polar bears,
and one to the honeybees,
one to the gorillas,
and one to the tortoises,
and in return
they gave us eggs and honey,
lessons in cooperative tribal and permacultural living,
and how to stay grateful and warm
through climatic winter’s hibernation.

From this we learned together
to live in this polyculturing economy,
this ecological community,
like good cooperative organic fertilizers,
mutually benign co-parasites,
where I let you know
both what I need,
and what I have to share,
and in exchange,
you tell me what I have to share that you need more of
and sometimes not quite so much of,
and what you have to share that I need.

When we became adept
with our endosymbiotic evolving Tree of Win-Win Cooperative Life,
we diversified our production/consumption balanced market,
mutually mentoring other communities
about what gorillas and forests,
polar bears and honey bees and tortoises teach us
about the ecologic of co-arising positive economics,
about becoming optimally regenerated and religioned,
co-redeemers of Earth’s primal gift,
healthy life,
faithful to our co-regenerators past,
hopeful for our seven generations future.