People, Places, and Things I Didn’t Know I Trusted

I rather suddenly, and belatedly,
realized I trust the highest and best use for language,
for every community and communication of faith,
for every school and pedagogical political enculturation,
for every farm and forest,
for every government, including self-replicating government,
for every recreation and arts center,
for every human and animal and Earth service agency,
for every family and tribe and species,
for every ego centered identity
of every age past and to come,
is to become the very best PermaCultural Designers and Developers possible,
to achieve outstanding Continuous Quality Improvement
Health and Safety ecological balance,
inclusive of multi-regenerational outcomes.
Our highest and best multiculturing nutritional vocations,
given our current ego as anthrocentric health v pathology situation
and creation story.

Our PostMillennial Creation Story
began in response to an AgriBusiness As Usual environment
moving away from balanced political and economic norms
about harvesting what you plant,
transgender, and transgenerational complementary equivalence
of healthy authority as nutritional responsibility.

This PostMillennial PermaCultural pedagogy of poli-economic design
and development
draws on older nutritional root systems,
reseeding agribusiness norms
with cooperative poli-economic principles
for not only planting mutual subsidiarity
and harvesting complementarity of regenerative health-trends,
but also incorporates polypathic hunting and decompositional gatherings
of mutually enriching engorging celebration of wisdom and future generations,
assuming a benign cooperative (0)-sum interest
co-arising trusting Host
incarnating our landscaped universe of mutually subsidiary parasites,
cooperatively loving our health-balancing yin-principle
of integral-complementarity,
integrity of health-normed polyculturing evolutionary compass.

In PermaCulture Design environments,
communication follows and leads a nutritionally-intended flow stream,
with both confluent and some dissonant suboptimizing resonance,
but producing basic healthy trust in WinWin communication
within and between Informed/Exforming/Exformed/Reforming potential.
“Waste” is pathology, loss,
dissonance within outcomes,
but heuristically held as a potential poli-economic resource,
a suffering that will teach us something
we need to learn
about how to never plan for WinLose outcomes.
never settle for less than (0)-remainder Ego-ReGenerative Trust Balance.

In PermaCulture Development planning,
our first rule is to do no harm,
following the principle of mutual subsidiarity.
A corollary of note to program and health policy developers
and proposal writers
and public-contract pundits,
be careful about what and whom we ask for,
and where we may under- and over-project
our ecological health-balancing outcomes in response to investment.

When organizing and developing well-integrated ecosystems,
we optimize design by giving political preference
to self-organizing,
cooperative empowerment Principles of Complementarity,
what Bucky Fuller comprehended more universally as Synergetics,
and Love of healthy integrating balance-harmonics.

Community organizers and builders,
religious co-empathic trust organizers,
international communication developers and discerners,
public and private therapeutic dialogue facilitators,
health lobbyists and economists,
all recognize that where one ends up
is hugely and persistently boundaried
by where and when and why one starts.

Business As Usual
does not trust mutual subsidiarity
except in embryonic through innocent young child incarnations,
with DNA-driven original ecosystemic norms
of fractal-complementary fold/unfold thermodynamic balance.

But my more permacultural business as usual
begins with diversely entwined
mutually defining and enriching,
protecting and promoting,
grassroot and vision-seed investors,
wisely trusting our multicultural anthrocentric planning process
and nutrition-balancing budget.

My PermaCulture Trust in integral,
and sacred principles of complementarity
operates under and within geometric,
systemic primal relationship assumptions
of kosmic original intent:
We are all poli-economically within this Golden Rule Universe together.
regardless of species or ecosystemic dialect and rhythm of identity,
is a potential Golden Rule PermaCultural Ally,
in a (0)-core landscaped Universe.

Metaphor and story,
analogy and biology,
ecology and teleology and theology,
syllogisms and algorithms
mutually comprehend this eternal moment’s orthopraxis
of (0)-footprint bicameral co-empathic trust.

This radical and profound active trust
is our complementary faith
in time’s unfolding nutritional balance,
our understory of pedagogical deep-learning structures
found within religion,
minds as also bodies,
moments and days and years and centuries of evolutionary history,
ReGenerative Open Whole EcoSystemic Design.

If this PermaCulture word had been visible to Bucky Fuller,
writing about synergetic bio- and eco-systems,
he might have entitled his metric cooperative universalist prosepoetry
and design scriptures
PermaCultured System Design and Development.

When Thomas Kuhn’s Problem of Incommensurability
points to
Solutions of CoEmergent MultiParadigmatic MultiRegenerational Commensurability,
then I recognize dissonance
within a more resonant paradigm
as more than hopeless suffering.

We act in cooperative trust
that dissonant
Absence of Potential Resonance,
feelings of poli-economic longing for relational resolution,
become our teachers of opportunities
to avoid monocultural-trending climatic ego-identity crises.

Noticing absence of fully matured relational trust
unveils potential for more deeply integrating
exegetical truths of mutual subsidiarity
with eisegetical agapic-beauty of complementary vocations.

Why settle for one or other;
not healthy-wealth WinWin?


Earth Rights

In which ways were you and I born equal?
Equal rights to live,
to breathe,
to sustain our bodies,
our familial relationships
with sufficient nutrients
of taste and sound and sight
smell and feeling and insight,
to express our truth with integrity,
with cooperative purpose and intent.

Yet, in all these senses of equal rights of persons
it feels insufficient to notice justice within human rights.
All living nature has regenerative intelligence of memory
and interdependent purpose,
sharing global rights of ecojustice.

All Earth Tribes cooperatively,
share a rightness for breathing clean air,
to sustain our incarnate being
with sufficient nutrients of sensory absorption,
the mutuality of co-gravitation,
the cosmic balance of thermodynamics
and global electromagnetics
and revolving synergetics,
positive balancing double-negative
eco-biometric function and flow capacities,
to optimally improve our shared quality of well-being.

Health rights for all endosymbiotic evolutions of all Earth’s Tribes,
as one united cooperatively networked confederacy
of Species and Systems,
all organs and cellular and quantum functions
of all naturally yang-deductive:yin-inductively organized
bionic mutually informating systems.

All EarthTribe, together, enjoys equal rights,
responsibiities and authorities for optimal health,
sustainable ecotherapeutic quality
and value for solidarity
born of mutually subsidiary gratitude,
indigenous to natural ecojustice relationships.

Earth Rights are not limited
by kindness or unkindness
by justice or humanity;
natural rights
and lefts
resolve our balancing energy of time.


Bun Dance Season

I could not be me without you,
nor you without me,
as “I”,
you see,
we’re not at home in side-by-side.
Egos seek universality
biological unfolding we.

If no MetaEcoSystem,
then no Me.
If no me, then no exegetical
polypilgriming Be.

If not Be-longing
then no longing.
If no longing,
then no Belonging.
If no becoming, then no Being
dia-enlightening We.

If synapse
were not quite so closely haunted by fear of relapse
deep learning might Be
as predictable as gravity’s self-creational
lapse of time as space.

When East and West learn to divest
of ignorant enculting absence,
as South and North learn to invest
in other Culture’s Presence,
then permaculture design and development
will redeem sustained
polycultured present planet,
polymorphic peaceful economics,
polypathic co-passioned ecologic,
as PolyTao Therapy;
EcoTime’s Thermodynamic Open-Systemic Balance.

Mutual Messiahs turn Left to Right cheeks,
Right to Left hemispheres,
and back again,
reiterating timelessly
to turn Earth bioethics upside down,
with SunGod’s Alpha cooperative rays on top
of economic (0)Mega pie charts.

Earth’s graceful synthesis spreads wide
warm watery memories of sense perception
challenging bigoted contractions of tree-ringed,
We-ringed ecograce,
lust for abundance,
sensual Bun Dance away from eisegetical error,
ignoring anthrocentric supremacy,
Ego’s solo fancy prance reactionary cultural responses
to “Why”
when we each and all come together,
in love’s full climaxing binomial Beloved embrace,
we turn our holy identity upside down
in solid sustained HereNow time as spatial place,
our eco-entity global home,

DNA does not speak in spatial language,
we unfold to fly together
across time’s perpetually revolutionary boundary.

I could not be me without you,
nor you without me,
as “I”,
you see embodied,
we’re not at home in silos of side-by-side.


Going Native

Yang’s guerrilla tactics

camouflage Yin’s indigenous strategic order.

Messianic Yang fascinations

uncover Yin”s mutual mentoring subsidiarity,

savific yeast transducing light’s form

into heated wriggling function,

fertilizing her benign messianic host.


Positive forceful Yang form

double bound and diastolic flow

held within reflecting Yin’s not(not) fold,

wu wei unformed pregnant function

waiting form’s wombing space

to greet time’s implicating moment,

an open summer rose

closing evening’s shade,

bud born again,

explicitly waiting next dawn’s radiant light,

a new guerrilla wave of tribal buzziness.


Indigenous system-deviant tactics

morph as guerrilla strategies,

sly camouflage,

dissonating those who prefer remaining normal

in face of wilder nature’s naked purpose,

seducing mutual nativity,

regenerate solidarity,

indigenous integrity of grace-filled meaning.


Cooperative Party Platform for Diving into Clean Warm (but not too warm) Water

The Tao Te Ching guides rulers, whether we are rulers of only our own selves, or caregivers for children and elderly family members, or a Governor, or CEO of the Ford Foundation or Ford Motor Corporation, the Prime TrimTab Principle of wu wei optimizes confluence, or contentment, by minimizing dissonant interference. A great deal has been said already about wu wei’s incarnating as a laissez-faire self- and other-governing practice. But, “laissez-faire” is to non-violence as mutually subsidizing subsidiarity is to well-integrated pacifism.

We have active non-violence (Yang) and passive non-violence (Yin). Active non-violence is to be practiced only as Positively Deviant from our eco-dislogical systemic norms. Active non-violence responds only to unnatural ego-eruptions into our cultural DNA environment and economy. When and where ego-normics conflict with balanced eco-logic, then active non-violence is an appropriate wu wei response.

Ecological, or permacultural, candidates for Cooperative Party endorsement want balanced DNA enculturation for regenerative governing intent and practice. Strong candidates will stand out as Positive Deviants within an overly competitive ego-normic culture, economic systems, and political processes. Positive Deviant Cooperative Party nominees will demonstrate well-balanced DNA permacultural practice for themselves, and intent for those they care for.

Some questions that we might all ask ourselves before considering public office, or even private regenerative capacity:

Am I more concerned about building a better regulatory and investment environment for self-composting toilets and humanure, or for corporate profiteering banks?

Am I more concerned about keeping my non-blue trash can as empty as possible or about keeping my checking account as full as possible?

If I don’t compost, how do I feel and think about that? Same thing for gardening.

Do I live in a place that would be more comfortable in an exclusive gated community, or in a diversely polycultured forest? Why?

What are my personal nutrition and self-care practices and concerns, issues for myself and for my family and community?

What is my transportation procedure, policy, practice and intent? How does this intersect with my (0) carbon balanced aspirations?

What and where are my financial investments? How much of my portfolio, and/or time, is invested in cooperative ecological enterprises and vocations and service networks and training and schools? Is any of it invested locally, or within my own bioregion? If not, why not? What are my barriers to smart ecological investment of resources?

What have I done to participate in and support cooperative ecological employment and residential and learning economies?

You will undoubtedly come up with your own better questions, but these were enough to reassure me that our Cooperative Party will not be nominating me for any embarrassing public exposure. I am just not Positive Deviant enough.


The Cooperative Party drew up a character profile of their ideal candidates for elected office.

Cooperative Party candidates run their campaigns the way they hope to generate public policy and inclusive procedural justice. We are looking for excellent ecological economists and regenerative system analysts, mentors, and facilitators.  If you cannot demonstrate at least moderate levels of accomplishment as regenerative ecologists within your personal, familial, and community life, then please do not come to our Cooperative Party, we will all be miserable in your depressing company.

 Important regenerative ecological indicators, for your self-assessment:

Personal Health Care

You exercise and feed your mind and body with nutritious choices, promoting well-being of taste, feelings, balanced eco/ego intentions, sounds, sights, and smells, and relationships, too, as possible while retaining positive environmental goals for including diversity of cultural and economic values within your daily and weekly formation.

Familial/Kinship Care

Your approach to primary relationships demonstrates profoundly inclusive peaceful-loving intention and compassionate mindfulness. Disagreements about values and priorities are recognized as important teachers, mutual learning opportunities for growing in understanding and potential confluence. Flexibility in positively framing and managing internally competing values, ages, gender identities and preferences, access to resources, security ,integral integrity, recreation and rest, learning and mentoring praxis are all germane experience for sustainable outcomes within the Cooperative Party.

Community Vocational Experience

If you have no experience within a cooperative vocational culture, then you are not yet ready for legislative design projects. If you have never mentored a regenerative development system, demonstrating facility as a mutual feedback coordinator and summarizer and analyzer, then you have not yet legislated policy and procedure for installing a perennial garden, much less an ecosystem or nation. Ideal mature wisdom experience within shared vocational relationships would cover the full range of cooperative development from community research and inclusive project planning experience, through implementation, maintenance, evaluation, and strategic comprehensive review for further synergetic optimization, meeting Permaculture Design’s Continuous Quality Improvement Standard Principles, for regenerative systems evolution.

 Investing exorbitant currency and time in campaigning for an essentially cooperative vocation seems ineffective and counter-intuitive to this Cooperative Party. We tend to nominate those candidates who invest the least in their campaigns for office. On the other hand, we do support  candidates with resources needed for public discernment, responsive to issues cooperatively and inclusively named and framed for their Positive Deviance TrimTab potential.


Care-Filled Covenant

This covenant to care

for children, families,

all people everywhere,

each creation,

from cell to Gaia’s ecosystem,

from sea to sea

of all who breathe

and memories of youth now masked

by pasts not forgotten

futures not yet seen.

We risk uncovering our specialness

in hope of discovering our sameness

as individuals

and as a humaned nature.

We, regenerative processors of forming solutions

through strong-sung harmony

dance and bow our mutual gratitude

for sacred equal subsidiarity.

Karma masks what grace uncovers

as incarnation reverses back

toward well-wombed fetal origin,

our nutritious primal covenant,

warm and fertile care.

Naked humane nature

erupts through Janus mask,

discovering nature’s system

uncovering climatic integral spirit

hidden within defensive immunity.

Reach deeply past rememoring

within our justice womb of solidarity,

swimming regeneratively shaping, forming,

swirling to give diastolic birth

into this eternal communication string;

each human holon sublimating personal view

to grasp toward our mutually eco-empathic stew,

feminist fermenting,

integral polysystemic therapy

for pain and pathology of past loss,

investments in resolving future

Tao balance,

EarthTribe’s Win-Win Regenerotic Game.

Our ancient culturing covenant

to cooperatively care

discovers freedom to belong ourselves

uncovering freedom from each other’s masked indifference

to generations past and future,

present within Eternal Moment’s

spinatural spacetime presence.