Nature’s Controversial Kindness

Taoist Elders have spoken–
and who could natural spirits be
to rewrite cooperative history–
nature, and therefore spirit, does not favor kindness.

Christian Elders
more recently issue citations
to this Problem of Evil
incommensurabe with Father’s Loving Powers.

Dark issues,
these evils and unkindnesses,
untimely deaths and dark angry dissonance
recycling fear as fear itself.

Hunting hurricanes and stalking tsunamis
or a smaller issue of,
“I did not see that big red truck coming”
because I was investing elsewhere,
in more internal rumblings.

Yet if evolution has no regenerative morality,
no eco-normic of sustaining health,
then what do we call devolution?
If contentiousness has no real-time content,
then what is this currently called contentment?
If living healthy wealth has no loving synergetic bias,
then what is pathology,
and evil,
and irrationality,
and unkind lack of mindfulness,
and loveliness?

If Ego’s anthro-centric view of nature’s kindness,
then NatureGod’s normative and moral ecological regenerative view
of monoculturally competitive human-disnatured absence,
angrifying lack of polyculturally balancing kindness,
within as without as within…as below as above…as before as after…

Repeat, reiterate, reconnect, remember, religion as necessary.
Taoism evolves primally co-arising NatureYang as SpiritYin,
both-and, never perfectly either-or, always both kind and unkind potentiating,
If kindness is YangPositive
then absence of kindness, unkindness,
is notnot kindness YinYet echo-balancing YinStill,
transparently bilateral nature as spirit of nature’s dynamic spirit,
never one without the other, nondual co-arising,
bilateral appositionals co-gravitating EcoPresent Contenting Now.

Absence of loving kindness
emerges dualdark anger-fear EgoNature/EcoSpirit
cospiraling SelfAbsorption.

If good karma is kinder than unkind
then isn’t bad karma unkinder than kind
mutual regard of your left mindbody?
We speak of natural ecosystems in physical space
as our Elder right mindbody sees spiritual metasystemic relationships
transactions of co-empathic communication
both healthy-kind and pathology-unkind,
nondually, yet incarnationally, emerging now,
kind nature’s default
for notnot GreatSpirit’s kind resonantly echoing absence
of FullGraced Karma.


SuperEco’s Silent Revolution

I belong within writing
speaking diastatic silence;
ringing resonant rising revolution,
enthymematic with round revolving reach,
risk relaxing
full-octave riot,
quiet content consonance,
storming streams of confluently invisible systems,
sentient string
adventing SuperEco’s
TransIt regenerating story,
advent’s stealthy camouflage adventure
deep despair diving,
then diastolic drifting back and up
and out beyond sonorous super-surfing seasons
sweeping flight to gather night might,
speaking slyly depth dreaming
down steaming volcanoed channels
reaching vortex roots of listening,
(0) superational

Truly and Justly shout diastatic enchantment
beloving contention churning
charring future’s compost of content-ment,
informating reason seasons
fine and far purposed meanings
boiling trim prime channel tipping
turning spinning dissonant waves
spilling bipolar surf of Tao balancing Yang/Yin icons
revolving temperamental Cross
examinations and analysis
strategies and games
prime relation
ecological economy.

Straining Yang TransIt from West toward East
reversing Yin SuperEcho sweeps back
eco-ing East through West
like longing lingering eternal binomial entity
loitering leisurely languish within belonging,
becoming being,
TransIt’s SuperEco,
Yin’s right spins left-absent
good’s eviL entropy
wrestling Live organic voices
murmuring co-intelligence
pulsing resystemorphing,
messaging massaging rhythm’s blood flows
flying nutrient prime nucleic frequencies
echoing past IdEntities
of stormy still-dancing
through memory’s operatic veins
and rivers swan swollen,
Spring’s raucous
raw-cussing roaring
songs singing
silent ringing.

TransIt ring belongs
writing spoken diastasis,
Balance Beloving SuperEco.

Binomial Balancing
Being (0) Tao


Comprehensive Mining and Farming and Regenerating

As a scientist,
and historian,
a gardener, of a sort,
a wanna-be organic farmer,
and EcoBrother,
it appears to me,
it is my more self-optimizing comprehensive,
and hopefully regenerative and redemptive,
view and opinion and belief and truth,
that I (and we)
am one of many daughters and sons
of a passive-solar fueled bicameral information processing EarthTribe,
evolving cooperative Live-System Codex (ribo-nuclear),
appositionally defining and refining as
“not-not-reverse-eviL-closed system”
and non-polynomially equivalent to “Yin”
in Taoism
and Right-hemispheric intuitive,
balancing Left-hemispheric deductive function,
and linguistic function,
and cultural iconic and ionic expression,
in Psychology
and permacultured natural systems theory of positive evolution
and revolution,
in religious/cultural exegetical metasystemic EarthTribe ecotherapy.

Yin is to RNA/DNA
as human nature’s circulatory systems,
hormonal, are to Yang,

each organically and systemically (both economically and ecologically)

both radiant and mutually gravitational

(cooperative coincidence = gravity).

Freud’s Id is circulatory-convex-body Yang-rooted,
Superego (=SuperEco) is RNA-concave-fractal-square-rooted in
+/(-)(-)Zero-Soul = Polynomial (matter) + NotPolynomial-squared
(speed of comprehensive cultural enlightenment) =

Negative-NoteviL Incommensurability,
or appositively wu-wei imbalanced Dissonance.

So, to optimize economic and ecological yield,
whether farming or mining paradigms and language and logic,
and that wholesome mutually coincident love-gravity,
I understand my Self identity as best consumed by regenerative orthopraxis
and mutually mentoring communication,
while I comprehend our mutually-held EarthTribal Entity
as both economically and ecologically Cooperative Gift-It-Forward,
Polyculturally Interdependent Panenteleological Redeemers,
living on the edge of Beloved Community’s
life and death repurposing
binomial/binary recycles.

Who’s there?
Yes Who?
Yes, UNI EcoTherapeutically Together.
O, UnI?
Is that a gun in your pocket, or…?


Belover Communication

What purpose do I choose to live;

remaining aloof from evil practice and intent?

What meaning can we find for life

that could transcend our individual absence of identity?

Original Intent uncovers love’s revolutionary invitation

into mutual belonging.


What is this love, synergy, active peace-filling justice

of mindful compassion and contentment

here and now extending forward and backward

across all times and distinctions of identity?


Perfect love voids anger and fear,

confluent confidence overwhelmingly absorbing dissonance

as difference.


Anger dissipates without an enemy to target

through proactive and generously proportioned kindness,

pay-it-forward redemptive


balanced Id/SuperEco value,

as Yin/Yang,

as double-binding negative vortex

over positive (0)-Soul Teleological Prime Relationship

of Tao.


Fear fades coincidentally

as love fulfills its trembling place,

grows naked without tools or weapons,

merely minds and hearts and bodies

as interdependent natural systems,

to transform our metamorphic place,

confining dissonating heat to sweaty race,



and challenges intending long-term primal cooperation

within timeless all EcoEntity.


Edenic life ionically balancing ergodic recreation,

finding humor in ego’s hateful quaking,

double-binding double-negative monoculture

of Lose-Lose mutually mindless monopolistic dis-ecosystems.

All Yang,

no yin,

original over-deductive sin,

omitting half our good potential,

intuitively discovered as only half-bad,

not not Original Intent

of Polyculturally Multisystemic Harmony.


This prime relationship

between eco-logical mind and eco-normic heart

incarnates polypathically:

invest in what you and we all love most,

to disinvest in what we fear.

Multisystemically therapeutic,

like our human DNA-live organic relationships,

swallowing backward-evil monotemporal wrong directions,

biological folding and unfolding,

as passive-solar nuclear fusion of mind and heart.

Just-Right Vitamin D counteracts Despair.


Actively cooperative economic design,



fuel polyculturally multisystemic therapy,

as competitive Lose-Lose overly-sustained practices

feed anger,

silos of mortal fear,


feeding into monopolistic



monocultures of Black Hole entropic misappropriation,

and socioeconomic pathology.


Black Hole economic competition

never ends with enough for ME.

Ecological binding cooperation

never ends without sufficiency for WE,

consumers and producers,

regenerators and redeemers.


If we don’t fly apart first,

we might learn to fly and swim together

in full-fueled nutritionally organic markets

with permaculturally optimized design,

square rooted in full-living values

appositionally tipping,


swaying and dancing,

smooth-structured away from mortally feared dissonance,

WEself-identity immune pathology.


Within and on,

under and over,

before and after,

above and below

Midway’s ┬ánatural systemic Tao,








Evil is to dissonant-revol…, eco-fear and echoing anger,

as live be lover;

as alien competitors

absorb ionic re-balancing mutual redeemers.