Shit Stinks

I find a great deal to learn
from Republican
Nihilistic Evangelical Rapture
about how to lose eco-political sanity
and lose ecological health.

It feels important to remember
and respect
basic nutritional facts
of public health through reinvestment
and global climate pathology through extraction
blame and shame:

Sh*t stinks.

We civilized Western straight white people
worry about this so much
we dump our waste into our water,
intentionally polluting and sacrificing generic purity,
rather than planting it in our soil,
where healthy scat can grow robust
resilient public and private nutritional green wealth.

Of course poop stinks
or it smells of developing resonant possibilities
for healing polluted
Fragrance of probabilities
for redeeming corrupted political dissociations,

Sentient scents for a truly multicultural
resilient sacred theology
advocating up and down spaces
in and out time
for natural ecology.

Of course your body waste stinks
of outside wealth-nurturing memories.

But, does it smell healthy,
or too red meat-eater
predative RightWing
toilet twittering
rapaciously OtherUnWise eco-politics?


Eco-Teacher’s Pet Peeve

Teacher’s Pet Peeve

I am a teacher?
That’s what you hope?

If a teacher
engages students learning what and why and how
the teacher intends, and practices,
co-walks the walk,
I suppose I am not a teacher,
or I have too seldom been an effective teacher.

On the other hand,
I have known few teachers,
or other lovers,
in my time.

I do believe ecological mentors
make the Best Practice teachers.
even better are co-mentoring agreements,
to plant and care for our organic gardens together.

might apply that organic permacultural process
to your field
of incarcerated over-commodified and –domesticated adults
with collective mental health issues.

maybe next year
this Polycultural Party might all agree
to teach someone
how to plant and care for
our organic prisoner garden of neglect
and toxic overpopulation
lacking light
and swimming in economic ecological health care issues.

maybe next year
you would teach me
how to apply this rich fertile compost
to my work
with an increasingly autistic anthro-world
of peers and parents
chronically killing and bullying
polycultural eco-intelligence.
in this Great Transitional Time.

This political economy of learning
and discerning
looks at politics as power
and economics
as healthy flow of assets and resources
and divestment of pathological politics
of hoarding and competing
where giving-it-forward
and inclusive perma-culturally evolving co-operation
frames and hosts thickly wealthier options.

If teaching/learning flow
and balancing function
is sacred economics,
then political co-redemptive relationships are divine,
designed with cooperative intention
and co-arising orthopraxis.



CoRedemptive Miracle

If you are asking me to forgive you
for being born human,
for the sins of making ignorant,
and often habitual,
mistakes of judgment and understanding,
for your lack of compassion and empathy,
for your cognitive and affective and effective dissonance,
for your part in our shared investment
in a cultural pool of violence,
mutual domination assumptions of win-lose logistics,
both intentionally and accidentally causing yourself to suffer,
others to suffer and become angry,
and hate,
and despair,
and wilt,
and develop climate-control issues,
and extinguish;
if you are asking me to forgive you
for sometimes doing more than your fair share of mayhem,
then of course my answer is “Yes!”

Especially if you might forgive me
for the errors of my pathological ways.
If this could be a cooperative double-binding kind of transaction
of mutual forgiveness for sins already committed
and those still on their way,
then this might serve a mutually redemptive dynamic,
as well as mutual mentoring cooperative investment
all in one compost pile of coincidental enrichment.

But, while this is all fine and good,
you do not need my fore-giveness
nor can I participate in your redemptive investments
of life,
of time,
of resources,
of positive healthy sustainable relationships,
in your stead,
nor you in mine.
My capacity to fore-give,
to invest in redemptive right relationship,
is limited not only by my own passioning capacity,
my ability and range of empathy,
but also by your own committed ability to empathize with,
identify fully with yourself,
your significant and also less significant others,
whether human or some other self-organizing
self-regenerative systemic form and force of nature.

like investment and karmic redemption of pay-it-forward commitment
to future hope of positive relationship,
begins as an internal economy
and grows out into Earth’s natural
systemic ecology of cooperative relationship
intention and practice.
You need not compete for my fore-giveness
any more than you could dominate in earning
what best remains a zero-sum free market exchange
of mutual regard,
and hope,
and trust,
positive investment is also negative disinvestment
from further harm,
dissonant dominating win-lose strategies.
This is basic Hippocratic Oath mutual mentorship.

To do no harm
we must at least intend no harm
in actions,
An optimally redemptive economy,
equitable return-to-zero-balance forgiveness
of your investments,
is also a balancing return toward zero-sum win-win ecology of grace.

I can only be your redeemer
if you are your own redeemer,
returning Time’s investment in choosing to continue evolving,
your DNA potential since conception.
We are each coincidental co-redeemers,
redeeming Elder Time’s DNA regenerative investment
in our interdependent,
polypathic prime bicameral relationship
from past generations of Time,
carnating future’s regeneration
of our cooperative id-entity season.

You are your holonic subset
of nature’s informating existence,
conscious of your Time’s regenerating
and dissonant neural memories;
there, fore-given at birth, you know your redeemer lives.

If you’re asking me how I know my redeemer lives,
because my Eco-Time’s cooperative relational
(coincidental) investments
in this ego-ionic id-entity
of left-right neural balance
sing this song of miraculous co-harmony.

Dedicated to Joy


Regenerative Tao of Systems (Natural and Otherwise)

Economic orthopraxis

is to

ecological  intent,


Reconnecting religious orthodoxy

is to

spiritual nutrient-balancing intent,


Optimizing belonging praxis

is to

longing for compassion’s harmonizing intent,

longing to purposefully and optimally grow,

longing to reconnect our shared vocational meanings;

a permacultural positive teleology

rooted in basic attendance.


Tree Meds

I heard from my tree today.

He and she were both

barely speaking to me

forgetting my root systems

all tangled up with theirs

rather than sharing permaculturing compost

more naturally and economically.


I spoke to my tree today

about fading memories of shared nutrients,

breathing together

following our full-colored spectrum

from light through dark,

springing summer and falling winter,

shared days and seasons

riding time’s gravity surf edge

between past practice of warm cold precedent

and future’s predicted intent,

regrowing lovely forests

of mutual forbearance and sustenance,

and synergetic gratitude.


Tree therapy

for weak-rooted pathology,

breathing in

while he and she breathe out.