Shit Stinks

I find a great deal to learn
from Republican
Nihilistic Evangelical Rapture
about how to lose eco-political sanity
and lose ecological health.

It feels important to remember
and respect
basic nutritional facts
of public health through reinvestment
and global climate pathology through extraction
blame and shame:

Sh*t stinks.

We civilized Western straight white people
worry about this so much
we dump our waste into our water,
intentionally polluting and sacrificing generic purity,
rather than planting it in our soil,
where healthy scat can grow robust
resilient public and private nutritional green wealth.

Of course poop stinks
or it smells of developing resonant possibilities
for healing polluted
Fragrance of probabilities
for redeeming corrupted political dissociations,

Sentient scents for a truly multicultural
resilient sacred theology
advocating up and down spaces
in and out time
for natural ecology.

Of course your body waste stinks
of outside wealth-nurturing memories.

But, does it smell healthy,
or too red meat-eater
predative RightWing
toilet twittering
rapaciously OtherUnWise eco-politics?


ReGenetic Tao

I: Theorem

Progenation grows reality,

green sea of mossy mutual species




seeding future informing

enculturated strings

binomial waves of confluent sanguine sanity



through historic trimtabs toward tolerance

of mutual subsidiarity, endosymbiotic yeast,

solid Left and Right ecopsychology,

positively resurfaces,

emergent systemic trend of evolution,

informing karmic functional memory sets,

West and East metaphysical economics

Tao’s Yang/Yin harmonious balance

revolving Giaia’s natural system seasons,

eco-individuation of Earth’s Common Tribe

breathing through our Heart of ego-Self Identity

stringing well-being permacultured regenesis,

relinking RNA’s four-fold logic,

when U can (-)C me,

then A QBit Polynomial + trend in spacetime fits

(-): G, I wonder how U could be,

me and U mutually?


So glad to find me through U

as double-bound reverse-temporally confluent (-)C ,

entropic belonging,



non-commodified dreamy memories of We.


II. Conjecture

If currency wages hegemanic sway

over valued interests and investments for CQI well-being,

as uncovered through each moment’s practice,

more than discovered through my positive intention,

then I have learned my lesson well

a long slowly agonizing dying process of loss

til (0) summed gravity has Her forceful frequent way with me

with no immunity left to show

for our investment in my permacultured seed

of hope in positive teleology,

where history’s hopeful meaning,

Original Intent of regenetic Open Systemic assumption,

RNA encoded as fractal 4-based

thermodynamic balanced reality,

meets future’s predicating

pregnant purposed paradise

where value eco-logic

has Her cooperative

yet frequently challenging trimtab way

of religioning interdependence,

Eastern mindful meaning with

Western prehensively deductive purpose,

Yin meets Yang

swings back again

to find our mutually inclusive balanced Revolutionary Wave,



III. Prime Information Development Theory

Right’s meaning of mindful loving memory, for and of the past,

grows Left’s active purpose, co-passionate peace for now,

and of predicted future,

a (0)-sum Commons Relationship

Original Intent emerges Omega’s Point,

cooperatively-mutually held and balanced challenges

to learn from permacultured history

while we creatively in-form Her.



Self-Refining Icon

Nature iconically reveals human spirituality,

as exegesis is to eisegesis.

Our teacher, this currently incarnating Eternal Moment,

developing, regenerating,

from Original Intent through Omega Point;

our promised redeeming Positive intent’s

paradised ortho-practice.

Active Peace, this balance of iconic nature with ionic spirit.


We ordain vocations to mutually embrace nature,

including human natures,

to know gratitude and love for each nature,

to gently touch esteem and reverence,

sacred icon of spiritual energy from which we emerge,

toward which we merge,

from exterior to interior and back to reflect exterior landscapes,

to reconnect each individual,

each species,

each community and tribe,

each moment and era,

each word and thought,

each relationship this Moment toward becoming;

this bi-millennial TrimTabbing Transition toward

binomial replacing polynomial,

bipolar replacing Left-brained dominance,

bicameral replacing monocultural monopolies of vision and sound,

with positive polycultured hope and faith,

diametric and diastatic

East/West Tao balance;

an Information Age

uncovering Prime Relationship

between deductive discovery and inductive recovery

of rational (0) soul permaculture

reweaving nature/spirit Genesis toward Eden.



Man/Sha Legends

Dr. Taowl Delivers Commencement Reverie

Our children learn to deserve the parents they get, which is why parents deserve the children they raise.

We need each other less when we love each other more, for who we are now, of course, but also for who we are potentially, in the future. Not one or the other; both.

Because, whether we do, or do not, love our children, or anyone, regardless of species, whether currently alive or not yet, or already gone into their optimal potential, they will trust our actions and passivities regarding their potential value to us, and to themselves, while discarding our words on this subject, which primarily stimulate cognitive dissonance for any child; when not delivered with compassionate mindfulness.

A bit of wisdom from the elders has traditionally gone a a long way toward what is typically the end of a very short attention span.

What Taoists, and maybe other current and ancient spiritual/religious traditions, metrically and nominally presume is a Positive Teleological Faith, and its corollary, that we are intrinsically interdependent in a profoundly evolutionary way toward an Omega Point that strongly suggests, implies, predicts that we will arrive in the future back with our Original Intent. This has an intergenerational cyclic dynamic, our kids treating us with some echoing disdain, “I’m too busy trying to scheme my way toward a more leisurely, and preferably more richly abundant, future than I am about your future right this minute, so please go play amongst yourselves,” that came their way when they were maybe about the ages of 3 to 12, when we finally notice that they are going to be leaving us in a minute and our relationship habit-culture holes are already entrenched. Each generation wrestling to optimize our story by minimizing dissonant relationships, especially primal relationships, like

mother-child, as benign Mother Earth and benignly developing parasites

father-child, extended family,

oldest v. youngest child, middle child ,

intrinsic genetic traits such as regularity of heart beat and lung capacity

strength of eyesight, and foresight, more generally

affective responses to sensory input such as touch



smell, taste,

pain-suffering, mutual caress,

restraint, embrace

aptic sense of positive mutual confluence (especially pre-sight/sound) older-brained, pre-bicameral;

information default functions as +0 OVER (-)1.00% QBit dissonance, chaos, Implicate Order (D. Bohm),

unraveling RNA-strictured (or enthymematic, see Robert Norton and David Brenders “Communication & Consequences”) information string self-reproducing, regenetic becoming-pattern of in-forming.

If we assume bicameral information processors are binomially optimally self-organizing, then Polynomial information (P) equals Not-Polynomial information (NP) as Bohm’s Explicating Physical Order reverse balances our Dark Relationship “Black Hole” Implicately Disrelationshiping backdrop of balanced functional/dysfunctional reverse relationship; the negative face of Yin e-functional relationship in our 4-equidimensional Universe. Just imagine an audio-video file of your life in reverse, including those earliest seconds–OK, now that’s cognitive dissonance so maybe we don’t really want to go there–try staying within your DNA’s Interior Landscape–not imagining your parents naked. That’s just yucky.

(-)Not-Polynomial (NP) ex(information) = -1QBit NP/Yin = +0 QBit bi(polynomial +P)/Yang; these two prime QBits are reverse-elliptical (concave/convex–like the Yang/Yin icon).

Assuming 4-equidimensionally balanced spacetime +/- e-function: magnetic-dynamically balanced polar, or appositional, (+/-)0-souled [G. Perelman, W. Thurston, et. al. Group Theory] Prime Relationship. Defined as:

+.50% e-function Yang = -.50% e-dysfunctionally unraveling, reverse-revolving, Implied Sub-Prime Chaos with Harmonic Octaved e-frequency primal strictured Yin intuitive fractally regenetic hierarchical structure of 8-QBits/1 Q/Byte:

(-) 000     (+) 111

(-) 001     (+) 110

(-) 010     (+) 101

(-) 011     (+) 100

After all, thinking back on it, I can see how the messes I get into with my kids have played an Original Intent Teacher role to TrimTab my dissonant excesses and absences in my parental relationships,and how these predict our current issues arriving at an Omega Launching Point into an optimized sustainable global and personal future for my kids, our kids.

Did I say “my kids” out loud?


Well, good, maybe they will hear that as an apology and peace offering; as well as a congratulations and my gratitude for being such patient teachers. May they learn more than they have taught me. They will be wise in deed, and perhaps even wiser in their words. Although this is, of course, most difficult to imagine.


I Believe…

I believe the political power implications of a universal eco-spirituality is an emerging cooperative economic vision revoluionarily erupting since we achieved global information networking capacity.

I believe all spiritual traditions and cultures share a primal comprehension that we do not need more knowledge to fulfill our Earth-bound paradise resolving vocation; we merely need to more deductively understand what we already intuitively prehend.

I believe economic values incarnate ecological virtues already emerging into who we are together as a global polycultural EarthTribe.

I believe that “spiritual” is a very old word for “humane nature;” so panentheistic; not independent of nature, but rather an inductive/deductive dialogue with nature. Nature and spirit are interdependent as Yang (+e-function) and Yin (-e-function). [See Euler, or B. Fuller on Euler, or David Bohm on Explicate v. Implicate temporally-unfolding strings of formative/disformative/diaformation energy]

I believe each local community and our entire global species derive from a positive meaning/purpose Original Intent [teleology; not necessarily theology] toward homophily, love, synergy, integrity, co-passionate mind/form out of which this experience emerged way far back prior to language, when life began through 4-equidimensional acid-based regenerative mutuality.

I believe a very old verb-word “Tao” for goodness, beauty, truth, equity, combined together in one fractal-integrity structure, is dynamically binomial, as YangNature/YinSpirit, which is 4-dimensionally, natural, systemic, universal articulation of grace (West) or karma (East), aka, evolution, incarnation.

I believe that this nature/spirit dialogue is fundamentally informed by the profound integrity between human nature’s DNA-coded Interior Landscape, binomial orthopraxis “mental space,” reflecting Hilbert-spacetime, system-optimizing, cognitive-regenerative natural universe Exterior Universal Landscape.

I believe the Theory of spacetime Relativity, normatively unfolds in our (0)-soul Prime Yang/Yin binomial [“binary” within digital information processing universes] Relationship toward a global politically, socially, economically, ecologically, ionically-balancing emergent Positive Teleology of Synergetic Regenerativity.

I believe this (0) soul polarity we share is Zeroism’s binomial prime fold of integrity, and that a permacultural reconnecting with this universal comprehension will also rejoin our political longing with our cultural belonging, our economic purpose with our ecological meaning, our nature with our spirit, our Yang with our Yin, our tomorrow with our today,our becoming and our Being, our function and our (in/ex)Forming-evolution in this Eternal Tao Moment.

I believe, therefore, when polynomial spacetime information becomes equivalently reverse-balanced by non-polynomial  Implicate reverse-temporal Order, then we have a Trimtab, tipping-point, global permacultural threshold moment, teaching, mentoring, reminding us of our regenerative information string back to before time, when Universal Prime Rationality was confluently functional form, in +/- thermodynamic balanced trajectory toward our re-emergent future paradise.

I believe as without, so within,

as before, so after,

as above, so below,

as stimulus, so response,

as belonging, so longing,

as meaning, so purpose,

as originally intended, so regeneratively extended,

as Yin, so Yang,

as time, so space,

as reverse-temporal-functional, so in-formed,

as Implicate reverse ordered, so Explicate Positive Teleology,

as nature, so humane spirit-nature,

as karma, so grace,

as mind, so com-passion,

as faith, so love,

as hope, so faith,

enthymeme, so hope,

TrimTab pathology-as-teacher, so positive therapy

as NP, so P

as -(-), so +,

as +binomial-temporal QBit e-function, so (+)=(-) polynomial e-function-square root (0)-CoreChi Boson.



Functional Human Family

Real life is a graced ecology

in which we learn compassion

for Self and Other-EcoSelf

by growing in mindfulness

of Self as integral to Other,

and vice versa.


Growing in positive mindfulness

can feel more like work camp

than a peace-filled Paradise Ashram.


When I comprehend

Work Camp is the Trimtab,


tipping point

purgative learning invitation

toward enlightened love full-promised,

then perfect compassion occupies my mind.

Longing sweeps in toward universal belonging.


When life together feels like

monolithic Boot Camp,

and not so much Campy Play

and it seems no way

it could ever feel another way,

then I mindfully reverse

so it looks like

sure-footed positive intent toward

compassionate campus of soulful practice

with each of us all day

OR positive intent becomes shared vocation

to help each other understand

when this golden feeling evaporates

and why

and how we might help each other

more mindfully approach our messy dysfunctions together,

a functioning natural family

called “human” nature.


If human life,

and other natural systems,

feels more like a root canal

than gold-capped stress relief,

then water the memories of past gold caps

by imagining how this root canal

already builds toward your sustainably

healthy tooth

in the mouth of this well-fed community

living in polyculturing planet’s

positive potential Eternal Moment.





Positive Deviance

Positive Deviance may be more complex than gathering influential leaders with effective marketing, but Buckminster Fuller is not the only design expert who has advised us to encourage the demise of dysfunctional systems by building a more optimized, positive, better system. Building a permacultured cooperative deep ecology is effective marketing. It is being noticed.


There are two Positive Deviance efforts that I am aware of regarding the conversion of the public sector.  The Nellie Mae Education Foundation is currently implementing a strategy to inoculate Business As Usual in the field of public education with a turn toward a Deep Learning Ecology, sometimes called Creative Learning. An important part of their strategy is to contract with local models of Deep Learning pedagogy to speak directly with strategically targeted distressed urban (first priority) public School Board Directors, as well as school staff and students, and require at least 2 citizen research-type D&D events (there is also enough money to incorporate an on-line dimension to these events, to broaden participation in core iterative discernment stages).


The second is more industry-specific, in a way. I think that Permaculture Design is moving in linked-arm step with EcoVillages, cooperatively-owned businesses and residences, alternative energy technicians,  natural builders, organic growers and farmers to build cooperative demonstration networks.  These, in turn, are moving toward deeper cooperative network dimensions through tools like Local Economic Trading Systems (LETS), and BerkShares, community currencies, equity-as-capital-based Deep PermaCultured Ecology models of positive deviance. This emerging Transitional Generation PermaCulture “deviance” has missed opportunities to engage the public sector, while busy building our alternative universe model. I, for one, believe the permacultural emergence is mature enough to strategize more explicitly about how to engage public officials, perhaps borrowing a page from the Nellie Mae Foundation. 


We would do well to participate with more mindfulness toward our friends in the media, education, philanthropy, religious leadership, and political officials. Some specific allies who are better connected to these more public sectors than the permacultured guild of positive deviance might be NCDD itself, Habitat for Humanity, AmeriCorp Volunteers, homeschool networks, Cooperative Extension Services, which I believe are associated with land-grant colleges/universities in all 50 States, and inter-religious Eco-Justice networks, with potential global networking possibilities, inclusive of UNESCO as a “Greatest Effect with Least Effort” possible participant of interest.


Perhaps the ecologically sustainable educational system of positive deviance that David Orr, the Schumacher Center for New Economics, and many others are calling for is the emerging Gaia University (www.gaiauniversity.org) [I am not affilliated other than as a consumer of services, so this is not an advertisement; just an endorsement of potential value, where I believe there is already some form of UNESCO awareness, and maybe even some level of involvement–not sure about that]. Could NCDD partner with Gaia University’s on-line pedagogy, to extend the conversation toward a global cooperative economy and ecological awareness?  Maybe the Transition Network (www.transitionnetwork.org) could incarnate these global topics within their local public sectors; a resource for educating their local officials about the importance of their sustained, mindful, support, and their sense of urgency, as active facilitators for local cooperative sustainability.