The Climatic Collaboratory

I don’t recall whose inspired idea it wasn’t
to invite the math professor
into our Therapeutic Collaborative Laboratory.

I do recall when I first heard her speak
of cooperative polynomial qualities
for improving ego/eco-therapeutic communications.

She was, of course,
in the back of the room.
I noticed her on my way in,
wondering if she might be a drag queen
prepared to go onstage during our Tea Dance,
scheduled much later on this sultry summer day
at Unitarian University,

Where all our truths combined are universal,
and no segregated truth
could possibly be trusted
without timeless collaborative scrutiny,
labored oratory
struggling to survive another day
in this urgent spacetime Laboratory.

I don’t remember
exactly what the facilitator’s question was,
but our topic was how to best quantify
evidence for Continuous Quality Improvement
of HealthCare
for Earth
and for all EarthTribes of interdependently webbing life.

I do remember
she did not raise her hand,
nor ask for the wooden talking stick,
but barged right in and on
as if bottled up impatience
could be spilled
to fill this collaborative space
through time.

“In MacroEconomic studies,
ecological and political resilient health care
empowers optimization
through co-passionate
or at least this seems true
whether inclined toward LeftBrain polypathic
or RightBrain polyphonic, better sung than said, muse-theory.”

Silence ensued
as both our lefts and rights
invited a collaborative exchange
to see if we might individually
and then collectively
make any sense of this,
but she went on to fill this vacuum
with nervous left-brain inferior interior complexities…

“Resilient health care consumer optimization
is also organic health care producer creolization,
together pursuing win/win resonant attachments
best when rooted in trust-based
deep learning cooperative communication”

“But, optimizing such resilience
invites a balanced collaborative event
in which left-hemisphere polypaths
find equal interdependent rights
within not-not co-passionate teachings
against lose/lose degenerative
untruth trends,
right-hemisphere poly-musicians
artistic talent refines win/win regenerative
wealth-orchestral trends.”

Such resonance was unprecedented
in our Collaboratory.
now compromised by some soft slight snoring sounds,

“This bilateral balancing algorithmic metaphor
notices Tit for Tat Win/Win game strategies
are left-hemisphere deduced
as either EgoTit or EcoTat,
while our laboratory’s right-hemisphere induces both EgoTit
and EcoTat more heuristically held
in alpha rhythms co-arising integrity
of +1 universal polynomial language
equals (-,-)0-sum-core,
a more co-present uniting interdependent web
of not yet Yang and not yet Yin double boundaries
in our internal yin/yang bilateral spacetime labs

For prime 4D cooperative Tit/Tat
resilient DNA regenerative
optimization trends.”

I don’t recall
if this was the tipping over point I fell asleep
or if I did continue with more lucid notes

“Like the co-passionate original relationship,
health/secular and wealth/sacred co-empowering interrelationships
of thymine and cytosine,
adrenaline and oxytocin,
testosterone and estrogen,
x and y polynomial binomials 1 and 0
ecologically numerological
ego-unitarian integrity
and eco-habitat’s EarthUniverse balance
when (+) equals double-binding binomial (-,-)
interdependently health resilient
cooperatively harmonic,
not so chaotically competitive.”

I turned over
in this Collaborastoried silent rest,
wondering how long before recess
so we could go outside
to sing and Tea Dance
with the drag queen in the back row.

“Resonance, like music,
is not so chaotically competitive
and not so complexly,
darkly negative breeding negative
chronically stubborn left-hemisphere supremacy
secularizing predative either/or thinking
while evolutionary feelings,
if external v internal
then internal v external climates of dissonance, degenerative
mistrust within chronic dominant aggressives,
creating rabidly critical climates
of monoculturing despair,
hopelessness about future resilience
of healthy
multicultural self/other-governing resonance
of all spacetime Collaboratories.”

It briefly occurred to me,
with some rush of paranoid alarm,
maybe the math professor’s laboratory
has no Off switch.

within meta-collaboratory systems
within interdependent webs
and strings of bilateral time
and umbilical nature/spirit nutritional cords
of passionate co-attachment relationship
speak and listen back through space
toward our original tipping point
of bilateral co-arising
4Dimensional fractal/octave ZeroZone
not insufficient not time
co-gravitating yang/yin health
found inside regenerative nature/spirit ZeroCore sums
co-arising win/win soul algorithmic networks
curiously exploring integral collaboratory health potential.”

I remember walking out
in side by side silence,
induced by sleep
or seduced by alpha rhythmic slumber
or deduced within Earth’s win/win gaming spacetime
I don’t remember
if the math professor
really was a drag queen,

But, I do remember
she was sitting
then standing,
then speaking
from the back right through left row.


Death by Light

We each step into
then through
an isolating silo threshold
of Zero-static flatline,
EgoDeath counter-defining
EcoLove for timeless life.

an opening
a return to dominating EcoOther
primal identity becoming cellularly disorganized,
sub-organically interdependent chaos,
whole-system universal body-as-mind
of light (c = +P = +Yang = +Eulerian Prime Function)
comprehensively ecoconscious ex-formating telligence.

an invitation to faith
with TransParency of eco’s dark matter balancing dark energy.

transparency of co-gravitational Time,
(0)-summed Win-Win,
universally timeless quintessential uniting placeholder,
yang “dark” matter
shadowing hydrogen
as yinyin’s “dualdark” energy
implicately foreshadows helium’s understory
of Earth’s ancestral permaculturing Tree,
ergodically-ionically harmonic-rooted
fractally-seasonally-dynamically branching Time.

with these decomposing definitions vaguely swirling in place,
EcoLove Yin turns to EgoDeath Yang
to race:
“Seems if you’re not messin’ with me
then you’re bleedin’ me blind,
and usually both…
But, when we play nice,
inside and out,
then we can’t imagine
why anybody would think or feel or even hope
they could sell this ecstasy
of EgoDeath.”


Fear of Death Meets Love of Beloved Life

Freedom from Ego’s death
vistas freedom to eternally recycle Eco’s love for life.

Freedom from competing and hoarding,
envy and jealousy,
craving and Ego’s negatively deduced attachments,
re-presents freedom to fully and deeply
design and deploy,
incubate and cultivate and develop Love’s Co-Operative,

Freedom from I-Win so You-Lose Dominator Game Identity
reverses ecosystemic freedoms
toward optimally double-Yin Win-Win CoRegenerator,
born again Earth’s salvation,
esoteric Eco-Terra Tribe of Permaculturists.

Beloved Community dreams incarnating
swimming freestyle flight
from dawn through night
greet eternal twilight’s warm right
evolving double-binding bright ecstatic light,
within identifying without within
just right.

Ego’s fear drains deadly stasis,
until Dominator Ego graces Midway Ego’s Eco-Identity,
love as life flows Eco-Fully,
Earth’s DNA kinutopia.

Fear fertilizes
as anger cultivates functional ego-ionic contraction,
reverse-yang force.
Love revolves functional diastasis,
Beloved Climax Polyculturing RNA/DNA Inclusive Community,
reverse double-bound grace-filling information
open-sesame systemic,
full yinyin Win-Win economic ecologic flow.

“Death” and “Life” confuse Ego’s valley volleying language
for Echo’s recycling resonantly resolvant syntax,
universal radiant co-gravitational breath,
deducting Yang inhale dominance
to co-operatively induct YinYin’s binomial exhale.

If fear of love is Quirky,
then love of fear is double-qubitishly Dark.


Note: The reference at the end is to quirks and double-qits as in http://www.billlaportebryan.com “Theory of Everything”. I believe what Laporte-Bryan calls “qits” are what others call qubits, but qits, unlike qubits, are quintessentially binomial boundary, temporal-only, placeholder function, which appear as a prime-binary, mutually heuristic balanced divide, in digital organization of analogical information. If so, then “polynomial” information is also, more specifically, quintessentially binomial-co-relational, temporally-coincidental, information. This may also be related to larger issues within paradox and language about why double-negative information is redundantly dipolar with positive information, and why Not-Not Polynomial Iconic Language as algorithm is formally equivalent to Polynomial (Positively-expressed Binomial) Language. See the Clay Math Challenge, P v. NP.


Ego’s Monstrous Petition

Eco had offered an operational contract
of love and synergy,
awaiting ego’s response each day,
each moment,
eager to optimize these CQI operations of karmic grace.

Over a wilting lifetime
ego implied his petitioning response:

I grow increasingly excited,
by this co-petitioning challenge
to frame our dissonance,
our operational riddles and puzzles,
games and logistics and strategies,
and statistical decomposition
of the odds for sustaining life,
as the perfection of hatred and fear
of death’s dissonant decay.

I petition Earth’s right to positive resolution and resonance,
as implied co-solutions and consonance
of ego with eco
to play, create, and vocation nicely together,
and this co-petition fully exercises my right of conscience,
to re-search competition for absolute freedom of independence.

This co-petition asserts our human natural guild’s lively preference
for contention over contentment,
for longing rather than belonging
for uni-lateral freedom rather than ecollateral interdependence.

Eco absorbed this richly contentious compost,
this dissembling over co-operative rights of assembly
and competition challenging cooperation’s eco-creation
as inclusively diverse recreation,
divisive of ego’s omnipotent present place in space
from eco’s multisystemic functions within time’s good seasons.

Time unfolded an eco-systemic co-tractive gift,
born of Her binomial grace,
an eco-response to mutually co-tribute with ego
gratitude for bi-cameral mutuality
and full freedom of co-scientific consciousness,
to bilaterally participate in time’s eternal moment
of ego- with eco-centric life.

Post Scripted: “After all this time and space,
co-petitions and co-operative contractions,
deductive inducements toward balancing positive space
with negative binomial time,
thank you for remembering why Right brain eco-normics
gave birth to Left brain’s ego-petitions
in our first through last breathing moment of eco-operative identity.”

Signed: Eco’s Polypathic Co-Operative


Note: CQI is Continuous Quality Improvement, a standard for program and contractual outcome delivery with design features for decomposition and regeneration of performance information, tied to maintaining long-term progress through morphing consumption of trend data into production of trend improvement.



Cooperative Discernment

Discerning one's right of conscience
forms comprehensive consciousness.

Or so I hope,
recognizing self-governing justice requires trust
in each eternal moment's conscience,
rooted back in DNA's time
anchored in universal consciousness,
comprehensively conscious is
as conscience does;
remembering, too, democracy requires trust
in each individual's conscience
rooted in something more than ego consciousness.

decision making,
our economic-logical planning and prioritizing,
cannot merely protect human rights
without more inclusively protecting Earth Rights,
any more or less than human nature optimizes
nature's self-reflective memory capacity.
A human rights frame without an Earth Rights EcoCenter
misses the balancing right of conscience
informed by truly universal consciousness.
Golden Rules advocate co-operation with all "Others,"
no exceptions for natural system Elders
bilaterally intelligent trees and flowing rivers,
surfing oceans and coincidental gravity,
lunar and solar fueled systems,
progenitors of RNA's regenerative intelligence
of consciousness.

Cooperative governance is our informed footprint,
not the power of voting with our feet,
but flowing through this same direction,
erection of mutual consciousness.
Co-passion shapes our prints of future's self-sustaining peace.

Nature's footprint in yin's time,
printed foot of co-prehension,
efficacious conscience,
we pray for comprehension of views not shared,
languages not spoken,
functions not yet understood,
frequencies barely heard.

These views not shared
are also not yet shared,
not yet heard,
not yet listened to,
not yet understood,
not yet co-prehended.

We thank for comprehension of views
co-operatively shared.
We grace with co-prehension of nutrients
cooperatively shared,

Noticing Earth Rights of conscience
revolutions universally inclusive 
comprehensive consciousness,
collatorally valued,
eco-science of ego-governance:

Eco begat ego
concave primordial double-boundaried time begat convex space,
yin-yin bilateral reverse enfolding omnipresence
begat yang's empowering omnipotence,
polypathic unitarian binomial synergy 
begat this polycultural-polynomial universe
of nutritional ecosystemic, 
DNA/RNA syntaxed,
information regenerative string of optimization conscience values,
for maintaining well-primed 

Discerning Earth's eco-science
informs universal consciousness.





CoRedemptive Miracle

If you are asking me to forgive you
for being born human,
for the sins of making ignorant,
and often habitual,
mistakes of judgment and understanding,
for your lack of compassion and empathy,
for your cognitive and affective and effective dissonance,
for your part in our shared investment
in a cultural pool of violence,
mutual domination assumptions of win-lose logistics,
both intentionally and accidentally causing yourself to suffer,
others to suffer and become angry,
and hate,
and despair,
and wilt,
and develop climate-control issues,
and extinguish;
if you are asking me to forgive you
for sometimes doing more than your fair share of mayhem,
then of course my answer is “Yes!”

Especially if you might forgive me
for the errors of my pathological ways.
If this could be a cooperative double-binding kind of transaction
of mutual forgiveness for sins already committed
and those still on their way,
then this might serve a mutually redemptive dynamic,
as well as mutual mentoring cooperative investment
all in one compost pile of coincidental enrichment.

But, while this is all fine and good,
you do not need my fore-giveness
nor can I participate in your redemptive investments
of life,
of time,
of resources,
of positive healthy sustainable relationships,
in your stead,
nor you in mine.
My capacity to fore-give,
to invest in redemptive right relationship,
is limited not only by my own passioning capacity,
my ability and range of empathy,
but also by your own committed ability to empathize with,
identify fully with yourself,
your significant and also less significant others,
whether human or some other self-organizing
self-regenerative systemic form and force of nature.

like investment and karmic redemption of pay-it-forward commitment
to future hope of positive relationship,
begins as an internal economy
and grows out into Earth’s natural
systemic ecology of cooperative relationship
intention and practice.
You need not compete for my fore-giveness
any more than you could dominate in earning
what best remains a zero-sum free market exchange
of mutual regard,
and hope,
and trust,
positive investment is also negative disinvestment
from further harm,
dissonant dominating win-lose strategies.
This is basic Hippocratic Oath mutual mentorship.

To do no harm
we must at least intend no harm
in actions,
An optimally redemptive economy,
equitable return-to-zero-balance forgiveness
of your investments,
is also a balancing return toward zero-sum win-win ecology of grace.

I can only be your redeemer
if you are your own redeemer,
returning Time’s investment in choosing to continue evolving,
your DNA potential since conception.
We are each coincidental co-redeemers,
redeeming Elder Time’s DNA regenerative investment
in our interdependent,
polypathic prime bicameral relationship
from past generations of Time,
carnating future’s regeneration
of our cooperative id-entity season.

You are your holonic subset
of nature’s informating existence,
conscious of your Time’s regenerating
and dissonant neural memories;
there, fore-given at birth, you know your redeemer lives.

If you’re asking me how I know my redeemer lives,
because my Eco-Time’s cooperative relational
(coincidental) investments
in this ego-ionic id-entity
of left-right neural balance
sing this song of miraculous co-harmony.

Dedicated to Joy


I Wish I Were a Universal Wiener

“I wish I were a Universal Wiener,

that is what I’d truly like to Be,

cause if I were a Universal Zero,

then everyone would be in love in me.”


“No, Jerry, its Oscar Mayer wiener.

Think more Jewish, kosher;

not so much Universal.”

my Christian evangelical mother replies

in my eight-year old imagination.


I wish I had been born into a Unitarian-Universal Taoist home,

rather than all the stress of growing my own UU-Taoist shell

out of my Christian Evangelical root system.


When I was eight a Great Horned Owl flew to message me,

then die.

“Our time as One Tribe is not yet here,

as it could have been before you learned to speak

I am dying in your bicameral ears and mind

so you will always remember,

redemption evolves a Universally Unitive economy,

as deep ecology echoes holonic harmonies

between Cytosine and Uracil,

Yin before Yang,

Self-teleology within Other-physiology;

coincidental Universal Information

grows with Universal Intelligence Wisdom.”

said my Owl of Wisdom through my permaculturing dreams.


During my sixteenth year

of living in a not-so-gay silo of negatively deviant sexuality

within a monopolistic hetero-normative Christian Evangelical culture,

Laotse came to me,

speaking word of wisdom,

“be cooperatively content–

not-so competitively Christian-stressed.”

“Fame or one’s own self, which do you love most?”


What I would love most is to be born into a skin

that didn’t have to choose one over the other,

where I could have my cake and nutritiously well-eaten.


“One’s own self or material goods,

which has more value?”


OK, another false dichotomy here.

Since when am I not inclusive of material goods?

Good for what, I would so much like to know.


“Loss of self or possession of goods,

which is the greater evil?”


Oh, I see,

a trick question.

The only logical way I could lose my Ego

if to perceive myself as a value that I own

as sole-proprietor,

like a self-produced GMO seed

that just magically appeared

within my mother’s otherwise virginal womb.


“Therefore: mutual subsidiarity produces most optimally,

while hoarding value evolves loss of economically sustainable balance.

Content contains no disproportionate disvalue;

Wu-Wei Wisdom knows when to stop with equipoised risks

sustaining optimal Yang Over Yin life-supporting systems.”


Oh yes, wu-wei,

Zeroism’s tipping point discernment of balance

systemic harmony in an audio-visually octaved polycultural world.


When I was 24 I began reading Buckminster Fuller’s

Universal Synergetics,

and was puzzled as to why the essential bi-polarity

of unitarian integrity

did not fill the shelves of his UU progeny.


“The principle of universal unitarianism,

or universal integrity, if you prefer,

states that the double-Yin primal binary

function embraces the vectoral,

explosive power of Universal form.

Convex Universal Form unfolds time moving forward,

as concave synergetic function folds time into

DNA/RNA fractally-organized

bicamerally processed

human permaculturating Memory and Language.”


Buckminster Fuller’s pre-UU teleological balance

encourages us to hold Universal sensory perspective

of a convexly contouring Yang-Justice Economic evolution

and our Unitarian integrative functional consciousness

of our concavely functional double-Yin Elder Right hemisphere

as double-elliptical

and double-knotted

and double-negatived

Deep Ecological Therapy,

DNA/RNA fractal structure.


When each side of this YangEgoJusticeLeft

and YinEcoTherapy Right equation

remains optimally balanced and normative,

harmonically ringing and resonant

redolent resolution of full-color UU octaves,

of nature-spirit dipolar optimal well-being systems

for information receiving

and for information processing,

using DNA biometric fractal-function

as cognitive confluence

or network filter for cognitive and affective dissonance,

dismay and irrationality,

lack of comprehensive comprehension

and compassion,

for all of us,

in this universe

unitarianally grazing and fertilizing

our shared DNA/RNA EarthTribe Commons.


The Tao is a human bicameral view of UU Time.

We are each a ReGenesis Cooperative Project,

a season of time,

singing and dancing,

thinking and angsting,

hoping and despairing,

within a sea of regenerating time,

in which Left dominant proposes information as received from Universe,

and Right double-Yin,

Win-Win Game Theory Logistics and Statistics and Logic and Ecologic,

dispossessed as merely Elder Brain’s RNA Prime Relationship intuition,

struggles with Left deductive

to reconnect Right inductive polycultural wisdom

of re-natured spirited

dynamically dimensional

fractally dia-octaved round Zeros

of primal composting mental health value.


“What must be remembered in considering all the foregoing

is that unity is plural

and at minimum two”

and here Bucky predicts the implied dualism

shared by both Taoism and UU,

where Universalism is YangExterior Left hemisphere,

and Unitarian dipolar synergy is WinWin Interior Right normative,

and absence of balance between these two bicameral hemispheres,

causes lack of justice, peace,

cognitive dissonance and dismay,

chaos and decay,

still finding their way toward polycultural balance

of Beloved Climax Community

a diastatic event of endosymbiotic evolution

that Bucky predicted would cascade toward global comprehension,

an ectosymbiotic revolution of polyculturally sustainable abundance,

both ecological and economic.


In my 64th year,

I reconnected with Bucky’s now Transmillennial Transition

into a new Group Theory,

with Gregori Perelman having mathematically proven

our Universal (0) smooth-structured EcoSoul

emerges as the fractal root of each RNA-decoding EgoCell,

where Yang Positive space tri-dimensionally emerges

from Yin Negative bilinear unfolding string of UU PrimalTime,

rhythm and pattern,

heartbeat and bicameral breath,

surfing seasons,

folding out Left’s Western Universal Yang,

folding in Right’s Eastern EcoUnitarian Yin.


Looking back over my redemptive ReGenesis Project,

I step into Fuller’s comprehension of deep ecology

as optimizing with a co-redemptive economic intent

and practice,

our Golden Rule includes our Ego holonically within each Eco-Other,

treating Earth and Self as

coincidental time mutually embracing our just race together.


“I’m glad I am a Universal Winner,

this is truly what I know to be,

cause as we grow a Unitarian Justice,

everyone will know this love with We.”