Disability’s Wisdom

Moderation in all metaphysical
and physical declarations
and implementations
of RightWing
LeftBrain dominance.

ImModeration in self
as also Other

Moderation in all things,
except continuously flowing integrity

and propelling
compassionate universal regard.

Passionately love wisdom
that diversely
and re-contextually regards
win/win positive co-arisings
and win/lose negative correlations
to bilaterally become felt
knowing integral
polynomially pleasing praxis.

Unconditionally practice
ecological praxis

and spatially
temporally expanding consciousness
into eco/theological contemplative
enabling arts,
spiritual nature-living
nondualistic deductive/inductive
exhaling/inhaling wisdom

Peak sensory nonviolent performance
of co-passionately experiential theology
becoming our inside sacredly held Truth
and radically democratic inclusive Trust
and diversely unobtrusive multicultural Beauty
of everyday unconditional neuro-sensory regard

In which win/win anticipation
and co-enlightens
other bicameral win/win MeWe
co-empathic abilities
living exotic bodhisattva healing lives

Teaching us metaphysically
and physically re-establishing
dancing and re-singing
trauma histories
of our together felt
therapeutic horizons
of deep integral meaning.

Peak metaphysical experiences of loving
mystically become body fulfilling
right-brain acts of health becoming
fully alive

is a right-brain artistic
and left-brain analytic
integral mind/body process

Engaging win/win trusted horizons
of panentheistic Beauty
and trusted Truths

Reveal a synergetic
cooperatively energetic
multiculturally accessible praxis

Responding to challenges
with our joyful “Yes”
to inter-related
is better
and healthier
and wealthier
and wiser
than settling for win/lose
paralyzing life
is better than lose/lose
mortal despairing
global climate challenges.

Punishing economic
social injustice internally contradicts
resilient health care
like an unconditionally
cooperatively regarded “No Way!”

To lack of sacred enabling integrity
which lose/lose traumatizes

Compassion’s unconditionally flowing
reforming polytheistic love

Is life’s bilateral
metaphysical potential sanctity,
enabling wise integrity
regardless of physical abilities
and left-brain dominant
verbal articulation
enabling communionation

To write about
moderation in all metaphysical
and physical declarations
and implementations
of RightWing
LeftBrain dominance.


Practice Makes Praxis

When I mention my morning meditation practice,
many respond with wishes and hopes
they could
should discipline themselves
to also join in to this practice
until fragmented uncommunicative ego/ecosystems
finally get life resiliently realistically right
more than ego-narcissistically wrong.

But this,
I ego-think and eco-feel,
reverses what is a more eco-centrally profound point
of ZeroZone cosmic-organic view.

Everyday life is already our active meditation
which we Win/Lose practice,
Business As Usual practice
until we hope to get us
interdependently Win/Win healthy right
more than Lose/Lose pathologically diseased wrong.


Eco-Teacher’s Pet Peeve

Teacher’s Pet Peeve

I am a teacher?
That’s what you hope?

If a teacher
engages students learning what and why and how
the teacher intends, and practices,
co-walks the walk,
I suppose I am not a teacher,
or I have too seldom been an effective teacher.

On the other hand,
I have known few teachers,
or other lovers,
in my time.

I do believe ecological mentors
make the Best Practice teachers.
even better are co-mentoring agreements,
to plant and care for our organic gardens together.

might apply that organic permacultural process
to your field
of incarcerated over-commodified and –domesticated adults
with collective mental health issues.

maybe next year
this Polycultural Party might all agree
to teach someone
how to plant and care for
our organic prisoner garden of neglect
and toxic overpopulation
lacking light
and swimming in economic ecological health care issues.

maybe next year
you would teach me
how to apply this rich fertile compost
to my work
with an increasingly autistic anthro-world
of peers and parents
chronically killing and bullying
polycultural eco-intelligence.
in this Great Transitional Time.

This political economy of learning
and discerning
looks at politics as power
and economics
as healthy flow of assets and resources
and divestment of pathological politics
of hoarding and competing
where giving-it-forward
and inclusive perma-culturally evolving co-operation
frames and hosts thickly wealthier options.

If teaching/learning flow
and balancing function
is sacred economics,
then political co-redemptive relationships are divine,
designed with cooperative intention
and co-arising orthopraxis.



Warm-Blooded Thirst

When we comprehend regenerate systemic structure,

then we grow regenerative prime development function,

of time and praxis,

of space and sequential proportion,

of polyculturing evolutions,

polypathic revolutions,

devouring monocultures in warm-blooded synergetic redemptions.


Play nice,

we’re all in this mess we created together

so we can keep fixing it forever.

This seems to be what happens

while we are planning other things.


To Communion Mentors

Hosting optimized self-perpetuating


self-defining regenerative spaces

for eco-logical cooperative choice-making

emerges a wise,

if maybe kinda spooky shamanic,


Eco-facilitation mentors normative orthopraxis

with Optimally Continuous Quality Improvement (OCQI)

performance standard permaculture design

and Original positive teleological Intent.


While holding eco-normic actions,

natural systems emerge more fully, globally,

from well-composted soil.

Economic sanity issues diastolically withdrawn

from ego-dominant irrationality.

Whether my faith declares

our ecological spiritual rights of nature,

or my intelligence designs

my-our ecological natural rights of biometric function,

divestment from extractive commodity-rooted over-investment

predicts richer and deeper yields,

with less risk of loss and dissonance,

within cooperatively rooted diversity of Earth.


Economic systems sustain self-optimizing Trees of Life

when we invest every breath







paradigm in cooperative inclusive Earth-Care spaces,

shared karmic vocation to grow

our mutually parasitic polyculturing economy.


Pathology has over-valued ego-dominant win-lose

unredeeming strategies

so our permaculture wise design

discovers therapy divesting of egocentric



self-swelling strategies to win alone,

as if no longer interdependently

generating the very air we breathe

sounds we hear,

frequencies we see,

rhythms we prehend.


We are learning nature’s deep eco-logic,

regenerative optimization invests in (0) sum global

win-win fair-share policies,

mutually prioritizing our subsidiarity to Earth’s logic,

radiantly warm and light passive-solar consuming,

producing our revolving seasonal economic orbit,

webbing, weaving, warping global network,

tipping toward Original Intent’s Omega point,

pacific eco-mindful balancing orthopraxis.


Green Revolution evolution

resolving dissonance within this Great Transition season,

producing new leaves of grass-fed transactions,

exchanging gratitude for winter’s hibernation,

as Right-brained Yin inductively, eco-inclusively, leans

balancing her over Yanged Left-brain dominance

of ego-centric individualism.


Discovering spirit,

uncovering nature.

Nothing more,

if nothing less, or left over, or lost to

non-polynomially entropic despair,

hopelesssly confusing chaos.

Earth’s righteously regenerative design

reveals spirit’s leftover,

emergently abundant grace of incarnation,

our (0)-sum win-win global game

positively balanced spacetime economy,

thermomagnetic balanced deep ecologic harmony,

less marching in extractive market squares,

more dancing in globally networking circles,

singing active peace

wisdom’s permaculturing psalm.


Greatest effect with least loss,


winnow higher risk investments



redeeming cooperative orthopraxis,

our polyculture’s historic meaning

confluently drawing


each soul’s unformed eco/ego-balancing function.



Regenerative Tao of Systems (Natural and Otherwise)

Economic orthopraxis

is to

ecological  intent,


Reconnecting religious orthodoxy

is to

spiritual nutrient-balancing intent,


Optimizing belonging praxis

is to

longing for compassion’s harmonizing intent,

longing to purposefully and optimally grow,

longing to reconnect our shared vocational meanings;

a permacultural positive teleology

rooted in basic attendance.


Permaculturing Compost

This more fully organic mind-farm we are growing,

a rich composting Holding TimeSpace

of (0)-centric Positive values

appositively balancing, tipping, exchanging,

transposing Negative Non-Named Disvalues,

lurking before our Square Commons of Cognitive Dissonance,

slowly pulling into enlightening days and Transitioning Generation

to explore harmonies of scale and pitch,

and developmental learning stages,

proportional polyculturing designs

to optimize Positive Systemic Teleology

by diminishing eisegetical dissonance

from our global cooperative orthopraxis.


Dynamic orthopraxis regeneratively Holding SpaceTime’s

(0)-sum economic logic;

too often confused with stagnant ego-serving Orthodoxy

degenerating Earth’s gasping overheated breath.


Bucky’s easiest way to improve failing systems

is to upgrade their environments,

their ecological balance and harmonious potential flow streams,

especially their humane cultural environments,

to grow more effective nutrients,

Positive Teleological Values,

and less Cognitive Dissonant


Ways and Means–Progenitive Hope,

Truth or Consequences–Generative Faith,

and The Good Life–ReGenerative Love,

a graceful messianic incarnation

of post-millennial Tao ReGenesis.


Balanced dia-praxis,

including dialogue,

primally roots

in regenerative systemic orthopraxis.


Tao optimizes sustainable Ego-Yang

through our Self-subsiding Eco-Yin exhalation.


Invest in Ego reducing praxis for CQI,

low-risk investment outcomes.




Sustainable Hiber-Nation?

Not sure who said this,

in reference to social change and perhaps evolution,

“We can’t be neutral on a moving train.”


And yet, we often do retain our natural systemic balance on spinning Earth.

Our gravitational center adjusts to Earth’s flowing magnetic

radiant, attracting, spinning in and out,

folding in and out plasmatic memory functions.

Usually these adjustments follow autonomic natural rhythmic laws

of precessive, then fully engorged lungs and hearts and cells and minds,

then diastolic flow back down and in and back toward dark purgative stasis,

before this ecological fractal cycle regenerates Earth’s nuclear recycling

ReGenesis Codex,

our Common Ground of Becoming.


Rational optimizing of polyculturally equitable relationships

between our study and praxis of economics and ecological life

emerges as a richly meaningful relationship

between a horse and a HorseWhispering Logos,

predicating what s/he would most appreciate,

bi-relational value optimization within their humane-horsepowered

ecological running system.


Our natural Left-brained deductive economic values

long to belong within

our eco-natured Right-brained intuitive ecological boundaries

of inclusively Golden rationality

within universal information flows and functions,

primal relationship of balanced space and time,

where Polynomial Positive Yang-Explicating Space

equals Time-Reversed PrimeFunctioned Square

Zeroistic +/-(-Bi-nomial) Balanced Yang/Yin Metric Place.


Functional informative flow,

unfolds to synergetically cooperate and fuse

organically and thermodynamically animated power systems,

rather than burning energy and resources

to break them apart

and overheat them

and dissolve them,

and kill them.


Each day my cells and systems

burn more than grow rich subtlety together,

we look toward winter’s hibernation

with Elder hope for Spring’s Transgeneration.