BiCameral ChoiceMaking

It’s not my choices
I regret,

sometimes what I didn’t choose
to do
or join
or say
or at least not forget

About not hatching up
or mashing down
some healthier choices
in a wealthier nontraumatic time
for restoring EarthTribe Justice

most of all,
I regret

My apparent inability
to make choices univocally
when my only ecological deadline ability,
now moored upon my biological disability
to independently grow less traumatic degenerativity,
post-healthy inside climate stress disorderly

Cosmological personal death of me,
dirth of humane resilient We,
despair of MotherEarth’s just right cold/warmly
revolving light and dark climate power

More explicitly integral
yang yintegrity
of bicameral resonance regrowing wealth
of fairness cosmologically healthy

Heavenly Peace
rebirths Just EarthWomb warm Cosmology
blue/greenly co-investing
in strongly resilient
yet flexibly resonant,
and harmonically enlightening
life choice inter-connecting systems.

Powers to choose,
like all power,
can be more or less than ZeroSum,

like light v dark,
includes passion,

Favoring regenerative life systems,
and disfavoring degenerative dark death
monocultures of chaotic hate
retributive choice voices
of fear-filled anger
heading toward lose/lose

dualdark felt
nihilistic voices

Speaking up
and out,
It’s not my pro-healthy life choices
I regret.


Too Long Past Due

What’s the point of suicide
when I feel already dead inside?

Too long past due
pulling breath’s last plug
last gasp
last primal scream
for and against capital colonizing campaigns
but acted out in dizzying silent mime,
rumored to be a scary thing
this last big surrendering event
before unconsciousness
of changing time
marching inevitably forward
and backward,
and back in
until no more back
or in.

But what frightens this fading identity most,
No one will know a difference,
notice I’m different,
least of all
decaying from within

Already unconscious
merely skirting conscious life
precedes flirting with absence of awareness,
burning bridges
pulling life plugs
turning out my lights
already too dark to hear
fear memories
too alarming to feel
too disarming to care for power
for light

Too defining
future past experience
too long
past due
organic capital investments
too long overdue.


On Therapeutic Sciences

The academic position that political science
becomes too didactic for scientific neutrality
when political scientists are too pro-democratic climate/culture
v theocracy, plutocracy, etc.
too cooperatively enthusiastic about economic health,
too positive about empathic trust as our ecopolitical vocational polypath
toward politically inclusive healthy hope and faith and love advocacy,

Are unlikely to also take the position
that therapeutic and medicinal sciences best remain neutral
about health v pathology,
at least when it comes to investing
in our own egocentric health insurance.

The idea of scientific neutrality taking the position
that terrorists and fascists and racists,
and other forms of rabid monoculturalism,
are political-choice neutral about effective powers of climate governance,
evaporates when the scientist is choosing community
and family economy
and national climate of personal preference.

Exception to this rule
might be political scientists
who enjoy teaching macho-tyranny within their own homes and not-so-extended families.

I look forward within this postmillennial time,
when one could hardly become an effective political evolutionary scientist
or healthy public policy designer of climate therapies
or become an actually nominated and elected-selected legislator,
governor of self and others,
judge or jurist,
outside a litmus test commitment
to LeftBrain DNA with Elder RightBrain RNA co-intelligent design
of healthy fractal-fertile bio- and ecosystems,
co-empathic nondual trust
in dialectal therapeutic political merits
of multicultural Basic Attendance,
steeped in polypathic waters
of radically cooperative eco-normative consciousness.


Religioning Adventure


Ground of All Being!

Elder-cell horsepower!

Wake up!…Scream!

your ultraviolet pitch

and flow echo waves

rebound this Dense Dark Mirror



We replete humane potent

DinosaurWhispers among ourselves,

inclusive Golden Ecologics,

empathic OtherSelf,

EarthTribe tumescent cells:


Let our horsepower free

flow animate leg-kicking stories!

to hibernate through Yinnish Winter’s advent,

to graze and Yang-prance Summer’s maturation dance,

to harvest Fallen polyculture compost

winnowing apples’ lusciously neglected pregnant seed:


Spring forth to ride and run,

Shambhala Peace-Zeal Tribe!



Ground of Regenerate Power!

Regravitate our octave prime color Paradise!


Namaste balance-eco-id


Eternally Diastolically Precessive Time


Should we self-neuter on this moving train?

To remain neutral on moving Earth,

it helps to know which way we’re spinning,

how fast,

and when we might slow down,

how much,

to sustain permaculturing richly deep neutrality.