Bohm Explicates PublicHealthing

I suppose,
implicit in any explicating form of evolutioning theory-talk,
a revolutionary verbing thesis
progressively implies mindful intention
assuming ethologically growing function
deepening and/or widening what makes and feels sense,
spatial and/or temporal,
some health-explicating and/or pathology appositional implicating purpose
beneficial and/or harmful to anthropoids,
to all Earth’s living-organic Tribes,
to all Ego/EcoSystemic Earth,
to all Animus/Anima Souls,
Left/Right Earth Holonic Nature/Spirit interdependence,
optimizing therapeutic
co-investing ZeroZones explicate/implicate
for secular/sacred [nondual] HealthVocations.


Sustainable Hiber-Nation?

Not sure who said this,

in reference to social change and perhaps evolution,

“We can’t be neutral on a moving train.”


And yet, we often do retain our natural systemic balance on spinning Earth.

Our gravitational center adjusts to Earth’s flowing magnetic

radiant, attracting, spinning in and out,

folding in and out plasmatic memory functions.

Usually these adjustments follow autonomic natural rhythmic laws

of precessive, then fully engorged lungs and hearts and cells and minds,

then diastolic flow back down and in and back toward dark purgative stasis,

before this ecological fractal cycle regenerates Earth’s nuclear recycling

ReGenesis Codex,

our Common Ground of Becoming.


Rational optimizing of polyculturally equitable relationships

between our study and praxis of economics and ecological life

emerges as a richly meaningful relationship

between a horse and a HorseWhispering Logos,

predicating what s/he would most appreciate,

bi-relational value optimization within their humane-horsepowered

ecological running system.


Our natural Left-brained deductive economic values

long to belong within

our eco-natured Right-brained intuitive ecological boundaries

of inclusively Golden rationality

within universal information flows and functions,

primal relationship of balanced space and time,

where Polynomial Positive Yang-Explicating Space

equals Time-Reversed PrimeFunctioned Square

Zeroistic +/-(-Bi-nomial) Balanced Yang/Yin Metric Place.


Functional informative flow,

unfolds to synergetically cooperate and fuse

organically and thermodynamically animated power systems,

rather than burning energy and resources

to break them apart

and overheat them

and dissolve them,

and kill them.


Each day my cells and systems

burn more than grow rich subtlety together,

we look toward winter’s hibernation

with Elder hope for Spring’s Transgeneration.

Man/Sha Legends

Professor Swan’s EcoTherapeutic Home

Although a post-millennial Taoist, I avoid pretending any authority within cultural, evolutionary, or ecological histories, or most any kind of history, except perhaps my personal story, with which, sadly perhaps, I do so hope this treatise will not overly concern itself. I am other things as well, including a gay white, rather grandfatherly adoptive parent of four African-American teenagers, ranging 13 to 19, and the youngest, my only girl child, Yang, radiant with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) and Oppositional Temporal-Sequential Disorder (OD) when even at a moderate level of anxiety, which was, until the last few weeks, most of the time.

All that said, in my run-on sort of way, I have come back to the work of Laotse, and commentators, with some academic baggage including psychology, communication theory, philosophy, especially epistemology, holistic and panentheistic teleology (faith systems evincing meaning and purpose within the evolution of culture and information), systems theory, and then public administration, community and economic development, and, most recently, certification in Permaculture Design; which, at this point in our evolution might be more aptly re-labeled as Ecological Regenerative Development and Design because, while perhaps something may be permanent, it most certainly would not be culture, by definition a slow mutually-symbiotic radiant absorption of nutrients within an increasingly diastatic system, about to give birth to a transformed generation of reformulated function. Sounds like yeast to me.

My husband, and my second son, in their highly diverse ways, express concern about my memory and imagination juggling complex paradigmatic and temporal analogies, Alice in Wonderland conversations between mind and body, space and time, longing and belonging, physics and metaphysics, night and day, summer and winter, spring and fall, Yang and Yin.

I see Laotse as an Ecological Regenerative Designer-Shaman, writing an ecotherapy mentor manual to his intellectual and chi-optimizing organic progeny. Laotse feels informed by the flow and force functions of Earth’s natural systems, health and wellbeing, nutrition and values within not only moral/ethical frames of reference, but also metric, especially biometrically organized value-group systems and trends, like societies, and sages, and root systems, and rivers.

Pre-millennial astronomers were similarly fascinated by astrological patterns and rhythms. Perhaps my post-millennial perspective on ecological development and design derives from this same Original Natural Systemic Intent of Teleology, an intuitive responsiveness to icons of natural rhythmic change patterns and flow trends, development, and structure, regardless of paradigm, inclusive of psychotherapy, socioeconomic and cultural regenesis, economic and environmental therapy, but mainly about how to develop and maintain a safe and sane home with the capacity to grow organic wellness through incorporating global diversity.

I have been reading across multiple paradigms again. Apparently this is a bad habit that drives my husband nuts, or at least contributes to his dismay about my apparent lack of an appropriately prioritized, not to mention better organized, mind. Reading books about cosmology and psychotherapy and permaculture design, and economic policy simultaneously to see how they may inform each other, and the occasional Yes! or Scientific American magazine simulcasting, it’s hard to say exactly where this research project began. I might trace it back to slurping Mother’s nutrient stream of plasma, but something about reading Laotse, Julian Jaynes, Buckminster Fuller, and David Bohm together has shifted my perspective on my own retirement, and the apparent retirement from rationality of a too white Western wealthy male-dominant culture.

I  recall, about a year ago, discovering Positive Psychology. I first noticed the studies of identical twins, living with each other on a daily basis. They tend to look more alike than twins disassociated at birth, or even after reaching adulthood. More recently I saw pictures of long-time happily married couples, a whole lot of high school sweethearts who stayed sweet on each other for the duration. They tended to resemble each other, even facially sometimes, in ways that are more pronounced as elders than when they were young in their relationships. Not until a year ago did I notice that people who generally have positive, can-do, yet realistic attitudes (so mono-maniacal types are excluded), who tend to feel grateful within their relationships, for whom resentment and envy are anomalous feelings, anticipate their long-term prospects for contentment and success and joy, and continuing gratitude throughout their lifetime(s). These are generally happy, loving, kind people, often swimming in some nurturing form of learning/reflective culture, especially as they move into middle-age and beyond. These are the people with whom everybody wants to live. Or at least I do.

Perhaps significant, though, I find no evidence of white Western wealthier male dominance here. Although there are many with these Positive traits, these are far more deviantly shared with people who have had a more challenging time.

So, why do Positive people meeting this description, sidestepping viral irony, tend to live longer and healthier lives than the rest of us comparatively manic depressive and cynical “realists”? I read Norman Vincent Peale’s The Power of Positive Thinking when I was about ten, but I don’t remember anything that would predict why my tall handsome African-American husband would start looking and sounding more and more like me, and I, a not-so-tall and not so handsome white guy, would start looking and sounding more and more like him, and liking it less and less. This was not our plan twenty three years ago. We actually prefer our differences more than our similarities, I think. Or at least I do, or did, and I thought that was an illustration of my somewhat positive psychological health—attraction toward diversity.

Evolutionary psychologists explain why positive psychology is so positive, why happiness is healthier than ambivalence, at least in more chronic forms. They say positive is positive because we have better outcomes so this develops positive feedback loops that lead to more and better sex and progeny over more average years.

OK, so maybe I’m not as positive as I had positively hoped.

While this evolutionary ethology sounds right to me, it also feels like this alone would predict a run-away positive feedback loop. So happy kids would almost inevitably grow up to be successful, happy, contented, and grateful adults, and old people, and they would, by now, be in complete global control of our situation, and I could take a nap, without worrying about my grandkids’ future prospects. Maybe we have some systemic constraints on the density of positiveness that any one community or ecosystem, or white straight financially-comfortable Western male can realistically contain at this time. This evolutionary frame may predict survival benefits more humbly than actual flourishing outcomes.

Doesn’t Positive Psychology also at least imply that human nature is ecologically evolutionary, that underlying our individual ego-self identities lies our mutually subsidiary network of synergetic (0) sum eco-soul chi? Mutual confluence and gratitude resonates; while mutual immunity, tension, stress, dissonance creates considerable noise, decay, destitution, death. Is a positively balanced ego-consciousness a still-emergent formation foreshadowing our understory, an eco-network of well-rooted, positive/negative balanced, thermodynamically harmonious gravity flow and synergy? Are we body-ego-identified individuals exploring our positively intended evolution as mind-eco-cellular individuating (0)-sum chi soulfood for each Other, within our own bodies and merging minds, and environments, relationships, communities, language development, nutrient economies, our own homes and families? This sounds Positive, but also Permacultured, to me.

I suspect there may be some implicit Negative Psychology mixed in with our explicated Positive Psychology; a recognition of the therapeutic value of grief, of care-giving and care-receiving, of nurturance and heartbreak as a response to pain and loss, and extinguishment, or purgation, in some contexts, as a response to dissonance and turbulence; like when my teenage sons pop their ear buds back in and turn their backs—Cognitive Dissonance Theory at work.

If only the positive, happy, more enlightening, emotions and affect could lead to improved, more abundant happiness, then I would presume that those of us who tend to sometimes be at least a tad more dull, and blind to our own gratitude for belonging with each Other, would have long ago died out, probably before dinosaurs..Glee, success, happiness, brilliance, beauty, goodness do not fully explain personal and social and economic evolution, or we would all be a whole lot more positive by now.

A response may emerge by looking at why Positive Psychology bears the name “Positive” rather than other possibilities like “Therapeutic” or “Good” or even “Correct” or “True.” Or “Perfect,” why not Perfection Psychology or even Paradise Psychology?

According to Wikipedia.com, our mutual textbook in the clouds, “Positive Psychology…uses scientific understanding and effective intervention to aid in the advancement of a satisfactory life, rather than merely treating mental illness.” What distinguishes between an unsatisfactory life and mental illness? Why wouldn’t treating an unsatisfactory life also treat mental illness? Positive Psychology implicitly, or liminally, somehow, seems to respond to Negative Psychology, our cultural fascination with pathology as unsatisfactory.

The Positive branch complements, with no intention to replace or ignore, the traditional pathological foci of psychology. Those other, Negative psychologists, with remedial intentions, have their place inside our somewhat shared asylum. Those ready for, and actively seeking, the good life will learn about “using your signature strengths everyday to produce authentic happiness and abundant gratification.” (Martin Seligman, 2002). Presumably, if you want to learn to use your signature weaknesses everyday to produce authentic happiness and abundant gratification, then you need to move over to that other Negative branch, which, unfortunately, is so embedded in its pathological silo that the two branches are too often not even on speaking terms within the hearts and minds of psychologists.

Kirk Schneider points “to a body of research showing high positivity correlates with positive illusion, which effectively distorts reality.” High positivity, or “flourishing,” can generate a positive feedback loop rendering some self-delighted sap “incapable of psychological growth, unable to self-reflect, and tend to hold racial biases. By contrast, negativity, sometimes evidenced in mild to moderate depression, is correlated with less distortion of reality.” (wikipedia.com, Positive Psychology, Schneider, 2011, Toward a Humanistic Positive Psychology). This reminds me of how psychoanalyst mentor Harold F. Searles responded to Edward Podvoll when he was unclear about what more he could learn, ”Your problem is that you’re not paranoid enough.”

Depression, to take a sometimes personal example, may be a correcting, or TrimTab, tipping point away from run-away positively manic delusion, just as flourishing affect and feelings associated with ego-identity and relationships can be therapeutic for all that sad poetry I write during the winter that no one wants to read, including myself, when I’m feeling Positive, “flourishing.”

TrimTabs, from B. Fuller, are small deviant adjustment dynamics that reiterate positive and negative feedback functions between Positive Psychology and Negative Therapy, showing up in the amazing outcomes of the Positive Deviance Initiative (www.positivedeviance.org).

Positive Deviance is based on the observation that in every community there are certain individuals or groups whose uncommon behaviors and strategies enable them to find better solutions to problems than their peers, while having access to the same resources and facing similar or worse challenges.

The Positive Deviance approach is an asset-based, problem-solving, and community-driven approach that enables the community to discover these successful behaviors and strategies and develop a plan of action to promote their adoption by all concerned.

This is strategized and planned positive evolution, with regenerative neighborhood and community-level effects. It is, in Podvoll’s language, finding islands of relative sanity. For example, a few parents figure out how to grow well-fed kids without any more money than anyone else in a neighborhood of largely malnourished kids.  The Positive Deviance researchers interview those families as the first step in spreading their outcomes more broadly among the population. I presume the reverse-deviant behavior or affect or feeling, or all the above, truly is positive, and not involving flourishing kids in assaulting other kids for their school lunches. Maybe these kids are flourishing because they have better choices for breakfast and carry nutritious lunches from home instead of what everybody else at school is eating.

This idea of not only Positive Deviance but also, by implication at least, Negative Deviance spreading to optimize a mutually-valued level of long-term sustainability comes to mind as I look for Ecological Mentoring Communities and Homes. Like the Findhorn EcoVillage, for example. Where are our best therapeutic cooperative models for sustained intentional positive communal life? How would one go about replicating these cultural development models within a more diverse and inclusive culture?

Apparently not with Positive Psychology alone, but some TrimTab balance between the Yangish excesses of positively functional outcomes and the Yin negative-reflective mutuality of interdependent nourishment, economic subsidiarity. Loss, pain, dissonance, wilting flowers and thriving weeds, climatic distempers, violent and fear-filled communications acutely erupt into our lives, and sometimes chronically emerge into our relationships, our communally accepted norms, our willingness to compromise on our definition of “home” and “paradise,” and perhaps even “sanity,” due to realities of the moment.

I am looking for models to form and maintain and self-propel positively deviant residential communities. Three psychologists stand out for me. The first is Julian Jaynes. I may get back to him a bit later. The other two are psychoanalysts, Edward Podvoll (Recovering Sanity, 2003) with a Compassionate therapeutic model, developed through the Windhorse Project, and Laura S. Brown’s Feminist Therapy (Subversive Dialogues, 1994).

Brown is passionately eloquent about the dis-positive ego-softening state of listening and speaking awareness essential to empathetically resonant, resilient, sustained therapeutic relationship. “A feminist therapy ethics takes the stance that practitioner and client are allies in the process of transforming…” (p. 207). This idea of therapist and ally, as empathic mutual mentors listening for dynamic functionality within their cognitive and communication dysfunction goes by the name of Basic Attendance in Podvoll’s psychoanalytic model.

Basic Attendance may be to non-violent communication what compassionate mindfulness is to actively engaged discursive synergy. Perhaps Basic Attendance has more of a peace intention, while compassionate mindfulness carries a more Western linguistic preference for active love. All of these are born of the same synergetic fabric found ubiquitously in religious and scientific paradigms as mutually gravitational attracting energy, motion, time frequencies, integrative function and force.

Uncovering the existence of spontaneous, innate flashes of sanity can become the building blocks of recovery…. Learning the necessary skills of this approach, especially the methods of basic attendance, allows human intimacy to become the catalyst for recovery. (Podvoll, p. 318)

Human natural intimacy is basic attendance, which might also be defined as the implicated root, or enthymematic to, compassionate mindfulness, love, or even synergy—according to Buckminster Fuller’s original coinage of this term for negative entropy—the opposite of an established relationship is something different, and more “advent”ish, more actively hopeful, than the entropic absence of relationship.

Basic Attendance includes both an intention and a practice. Intention precedes practice, “In this sense, environmental [ecological?] awareness is not only the tool to create sanity in the household, it is also the fundamental healing discipline that the patient needs.” Basic Practice of Attendance evolves out of Compassionate Therapy as a “fundamental healing discipline” ordained, perhaps quite literally, by ecological multisystemic awareness, or perhaps even a more active prehension of “Other-ness” within. “The secret of such intimacy can be learned and practiced; it is called the discipline of ‘exchange’.” (Podvoll, p.. 318) This seems to more-or-less bring us back to Brown’s feminist and holistically integral empathy.

Stretching to include human nature’s full living and often quite deviant diversity, I suppose ecological natural system awareness disciplines would include intentional breathing together, and noticing the pace of our heart rhythms, perhaps movement, exercise, artistic expression, poetry and story-telling, but also the mundanely unmystical habit of listening in full left- and right-hemispheric balanced stereo, and perceiving and feeling and absorbing and generating full sensory nutrient positive potential in full left-right hemispheric balanced stereo.

Julian Jaynes’ evolutionary theory of left-brained emergent linguistic dominance might suggest a cranial understory of reiterative, double-boundaried, Eco-Connected-SelfOtherPrimeRelationship-Mind-Right and Ego-Self-Identified-Body-Left-Languaged accessibility to and from older-brain encoded information. R.D. Laing, Gregory Bateson, Buckminster Fuller, and Robert Norton all look at diverse paradigmatic relationships between double-bind prime identification duality, emergence of binomial—analogic and digital, bipolar, and dual-nature polarities, autistic dissonant communication silos, and the ethological emergence of ego-body-self-identity awareness seminally accessible with the evolution of double stimulation capacity. (See Robert Norton’s Communication & Consequences: Laws of Interaction, p. 101) Self and Other are mutually individuated by knowing not only that when Other touches my arm I can feel this on my arm, but also when Self pinches my arm I can feel this on my arm and on my hand. Self is both subject progenitive, predicative, and object, response, outcome, in some (0)-sum balanced ego-core identity; or Not-Self-Otherness.

Non-violent communication analyzes the distinctly pathological problems that emerge from listening only with one ear and seeing only with one ego-centric eye. Feminist therapy reminds us that optimizing therapists choose to give fully balanced weight and credence to any functional intention of Other’s voice and movement, through empathic listening and responding with a voice or movement, music, rhythm, pace, flow, frequency, force this particular Other, in this particular moment might be able to recognize as confluently responsive.

When my non-verbal son, Yin, screeches and shouts and pops his lips with a sequence of rhythms and pitches, creating a repeatable sequence, he listens more attentively when I repeat these sounds back to him, more or less the way they sounded to me. For my reward, he shows the dimple on the right side of his mouth. Because I frequently get to see this dimple, I recognize myself as a well-trained Ecotherapy student; but Yin is, so far, the only effective verbal-pattern linguistic teacher in our mutually-therapeutic relationship.

When my probably insane daughter throws her food, jumps up from the table and runs away, I have learned to stretch further to see and hear through her functional neural system. It looked rather like one of her internal voices sounded an alarm, “Oops, alien incoming! Run away!!!

The most positive response in my arsenal was to see this as time to clear up her mess and go read a good book. But, when she was ready to come back to the crime scene, she wanted to eat the food off our floor (not something for the faint-hearted to even consider) rather than clear it up with a broom and mop.

When I responded with a cease and desist!, her response ranged from angry panic, incessant wailing despair, to loud protestations to the effect, “I’m hungry! Not just hungry; but hungry for this food on this wall and floor!”

With time, and more reflection on what response might Basic Attendance invite to my daughter’s dysfunctional alarm, it came to me that the alarm itself is not dysfunctional; it is my interpretation of her alarm’s meaning that was too myopic. My challenge was to regain positive and active faith in her functional intent to take care of herself. Soon after I remembered that Yang will take care of herself before she will do anything else, because she is profoundly ego-identified, it occurred to me that maybe I should jump up and run with her to her bedroom sit down on the floor with her, hold her if she will let me, and ask her what happened and why were we running away from the mashed potatoes, with gravy, and butter.

While initially all I got was silence, this was already better than all that wailing and terror. Eventually we got to I don’t know. Shortly after that, to Who threw my dinner? I’m hungry! That was when I began to have restored faith that there was a positive, yet alarming, method in her madness. She began to teach me about oppositional temporal disorder, reversed memory of cause and effect when under moderate to high stress conditions, and confusion between agent and victim, Self and Other-ness.

Yang’s reverse-synaptic affective response to her environment as a negative and toxic place for living cells probably started with her first baptism in alcohol. As she has matured and found her moments of sane nurturing relationships breaking through the insanity of her neural-hostage environment, her anxiety level has dissipated. Yang continues to mature, helped along by some music and dance and game therapy, playing with cause, effect, and reciprocal, reiterative, and appositional-oppositional temporal sequencing. Reverse role playing, story-telling with peaceful and harmonious words but saying them mean and ugly, and vice versa, ritualistic absurd name calling all have become idiosyncratic to our mutually trusting, playful, often humorous, positively expressive relationship.

Ecological awareness is feeling and hearing and seeing Self and Other with both eyes, as interdependent holons within Earth’s positive evolutionary, explicating, incarnating order. Karmic purpose unfolds as grace’s meaning, as karma’s practice enfolds grace’s intent. Borrowing from Basic Attendance but also Permaculture Design, we can choose to optimize polycultural nutrient absorption by minimizing ego-dominating distractions, predators, and dissonant assumptions of malignant intent. Bicameral basic attendance learns that well-balanced egos prehend indigenously within self-perpetuating, self-defining eco-centric EarthTribe design and development natural flow trends, functions, information. We each evolve part of Earth’s way, truth, and life; each of these three words is used to define Tao and, by Jesus of Nazareth, to define Messiah, as a new millennial manna.

Buckminster Fuller might recognize mutually symbiotic Attendance within our multi-systemic environment as a metaphysically real true way, or Universal Intelligence.[1] Fuller presciently committed intelligent permacultured design to the core TrimTab balancing principle of Greatest Effect with Least Waste, or loss of value, or least retention of dissonant values and frequencies and functions. His TrimTab mechanism later was labeled as the “tipping point” within a dynamic system in process of reversing one or more energy or information flow trends. A Trimtab’s (0) Core Vector is a “digital” view of optimized confluent analogical frequency trends, and minimized dissonant frequencies; optimized energy and information. TrimTabbing predicates consciousness value-balancing within any dynamic relationship trending toward prime, primal, or seminal; a significantly harmonious threshold toward emergently confluent ways, or Tao. Tipping points are emergently diastolic balanced flow, with reduced dissonant turbulence, moving toward some new/old diastatic, mutually enculturing stage of systemic relationship, synergetically merging two interdependent but complexly diffused, and sometimes confused, entities into one organically evolving form of stasis.

TrimTabs are tipping points in cultural self-designing moments and eras, increasing our collective prime comprehension, conceivability, compassionate mindfulness. They are balancing trend changes of function and form and frequency generating new moments of mutual sanity, or at least reiteratively building exchanges of values, words, thoughts, conceptual forms and structures that appear to have harmonious resonance between communicating minds and bodies wanting to head in the same balanced direction.

Prime mindfulness emerges from a formative infolding/outflowing intuition: just as Self identity grows through successfully individuating Not Eco-Other, so Not Eco-Other reveals our universal prime replicating teleological and ecological fractal relationship, with 50% Yang Self-Body ego-identity boundary covering [positive correlates with geometrically convex, when you learn to speak Fullerian, or Buckminstermess] our 50% interior eco-Yin chi-soul embryonic mind [negative correlates with concave], together self-perpetuating interdependent individuation, lived in balance on the cusp of each interdependently eco-self-consciously eternal temporal moment, our  mutually symbiotic event of shared consciousness.

We need not deeply comprehend primal layers of Basic Attendance to understand  Fuller’s prime relationship of 4-based geometric dynamic physics, and the process of in-formating, and 6-based metaphysical prime stage-flow functions, like color and sound round octaves shaped by Pythagorean iconic codes of value, or 2-based prime temporal-ergetic polarity, +radiant Eulerian primal horizontal cross fractal-functional perspective OVER (-)ergetically gathering, synergizing, concaved frequency temporal trend, the dark bottom view of a tornado spinning away from you, temporal spin assumption of clockwise [temporal natural flow patterns “from below” would be the dark understory view of a tornado spinning a spiraling temporal-flow string of memory back in time traveling away from you] = Right hemisphere toward Left hemisphere across elliptical space, Left toward Right across polar-linear time sequence and appositional staging seasons.

Somehow it all feels like it is soaking into our global analogically saturating culture right now, this companionship between physics and math and teleology and evolution and ecopsychology and new economics and cooperative gaming theory, and then back to Bayesian trend analysis of QBits, or Qits, or whatever quixotic quarky name we have for implicately analyzed big data-set trend strings of confluent prime spacetime relationships within overall regenerative  Hilbert-space strategic development trend-normative story lines. This generates a permacultured nutrient rich and sustained well-being frequency, full-octave, with a sometimes alarmingly, and often surprising, bipolar temporal intent, and autonomic intuition of frequency polarities.

Temporally emergent functions and stage-frequencies follow an ecological rhythm and pattern like RNA, or the four annual seasons, or the light and dark sections of a day. In Dharma and Development, Dr. Joanna Macy discusses a development fractal following this same pattern:

  1. NOTICE: metta–loving kindness
  2. HOPE: karam—compassion and/or grief [I would translate as confluence and/or dissonance, within information and communication theory]
  3. FAITH: mudita—joy in the joy of others; confluence/sorrow in the confluence/sorrow of others; trust in the trust of others; informating through informating with others; incarnating through incarnating as Integral Eco-Other Positive mythos/logos, eisegetical/exegetical string species
  4. LOVE/ACTIVE PEACE WITH JUSTICE: uppekkha—equanimity/integrity optimized value balance; a great, and deep, peace Tao of balanced equity.

So, in Bloom’s Taxonomy of deep learning, we start with

  1. an enthymematically emergent noticing of potential information,
  2. through hope of confluence researched,
  3. through faith therein reported, and finally
  4. comparatively analyzed and synthesized for analogous ecologies and economies with prior regenerative memory cycles and metric systems and language paradigms;

Basic Attendance metta is to hope, as faith is to love;

as LINE is to COSINE is to LTR is to Fuller’s (0) Core Vector fractal prime relationship;

as winter’s advent is to springing hope,

as summer’s faith fulfills in abundant Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Permaculture Design and Development optimized prime cooperative information and functional-synergetic value harvests;

as Uracil is to Cytosine,

so is Adanine to Guanine;

as + is to (-),

so is Polynomial Yang+ QBit


Reverse Not-Polynomial Yin(-)QBit..

This EcoTherapy is symbiotically and binomially born of  digital binary information ecosystemic theory and from a deeply inclusive permacultured Golden Rule, expressing each person’s positive cognitive intent through Basic Attendance  described as our mutually enculturing, empathic, and intuitively enthymematic practice of reflecting each other’s sanity by discovering analogies within our own experience and imagination, our extant range of frequency and functional and formative awareness of natural/organic/holonic potential (e.g. role play, music, gaming exercises, movement, meditation, stress reduction and artistic expressive therapies). Basic Attendance is to actively peaceful, “safe” and harmonious expression what non-violent communication is to dissonant- and risk-avoidant information patterns, like the stuff of Cognitive Dissonance Research. Cognitive Dissonance is the opposite of Basic Attendance, which grows nutrient positive roots for growing more sustainable Positive Deviance trends, especially within currently abused and neglected populations, species, neighborhoods and bioregions.

Anyway, getting back to my crazy oppositionally afflicted reverse-temporal synaptic daughter, she and I were both able to laugh at our dysfunctional fears when I was able to share with her that she threw that vegeburger and ran away so fast, I was sure it had teeth and had bitten her on the nose. She found that image amusing, and perhaps humoring this pathology helped her loosen her fearful grasp a bit, to hang on to our shared intentionally co-passionate and mindful moment of positive integral ecotherapy. It helped each of us to hear the other, and ourselves, laughing about that fearsome vegeburger. Laughter, perhaps literally, absorbs dissonant information, it is medicinal, as is joy, and all those attributes associated with Positive Psychology.

Perhaps what is still missing for me in Positive and (negative) remedially-oriented  ecopsychology theory is something that might help explain why an old widow and her not quite so old boxer look like cousins sometimes. Can we predict the evolution of body and mind confluence by optimizing multisystemic information and energy confluence in each of our relationships, each moment, each choice of word and song and dance and value? Is this not what we mean by Basic Attendance, and/or compassionate mindfulness?

How might we spread this rich compost of Basic Polycultural Attendance throughout our most cooperative and permacultured enterprises? Throughout the places in time and moments in space where those who are not wealthy straight Western adult males, 40-70, will have one of Laura Brown’s Subversive Dialogues about ecotherapeutic cooperative care for homes and families, businesses and vocations, learning and designing and developing regenerative systems and relationships. How will you invest our wealth for yourself, your children, and our future generations of all EarthTribe?




Is work that reconnects?

I hope I am hearing voices from the future

not yet here.

But, I have a message from our past

that might reflect a positive intention

for continuing our epic journey

of regenerative pilgrimage.

Do we intend effective regenerative therapy

for straight white upper middle class

family value issues,

choosing segregated safety

over a more active adventure of integrative living

as a quasi-gendered Other of non-color

within a neighborhood

and school

and training workshops

led by straight white wealthier

family value issuers,



Industrial Age Myth delivers

global value confusion

into an otherwise formerly sustained,

deeply green encultured,

Agrarian EarthTribal Age Myth.

Logosing across economic,



linguistic analogies,

emerges a slow-evolving hypothesis:

family economic and ecological silent silos of abuse

and neglect reveal abundantly informative

confluenct Tao patterns and

permaculturally functional rhythms.


  1. Industrial Age Myth of Global Progress

Leads to

  1. White wealthier Western

straight male-dominant

cultural and ecological

and economic pathologies.



tipping turning vortex

Positive Deviance Therapy

confluently hearing

Positive peace-filling kind-kin logos orthodoxy.

A.(1) Profoundly inclusive diversity

(2) reweaving diastolic evolution toward

(3)diastatic fullness,

also known as

(1) Basic Grateful Attendance

(2) to Self, Other, Earth,

three faces of SelfIdentity balancing EarthTribal Co-Prehension,

(3) democratizes compassionate mindfulness,

also known as

(1) Eastern Yin-executively flexible

and reverse-hierarchically inclusive

polycultural information skills

(2) emerges ecological economic

and global-learning therapies.

(3) Leads To

  1. Sustaining Well-Being Optimized



and Trade Guild Cooperatives

Communities and Nations

planets and universes

with Therapeutic Ecological Econormial Values

These feed my permacultured Taoist soul story

that we are sticking with it

to fly together,

and not apart;

and I am not either just a straight white Western male old fart!

Gerald O. Dillenbeck


[1] In Synergetics 2 (1979), #987.075, p. 322, Fuller appears to conclude that Universal Intelligence is DNA/RNA design programming, the “cosmic-coordinate system to be embraced and accommodated by the epistemography of synergetics.” If so, then he may have been casting the role of uracil as “Yang”, +1 Eulerian QBit function, Bohm’s Explicate Order, and Polynomial spacetime information set, and cytosine as “Yin,” +/-(0) Core Prime Fractal-Holonic Relationship, Vertex/Vortex binomial, Not-Polynomial-dominant, reverse-temporal “dark/dense” string memory codex.

Man/Sha Legends

Dr. Beaver’s Win-Win EcoTherapy Game

So, this year our Permaculture Communications Class project will hope to design a cooperative, yet fun, EcoTherapy Game. We will do this together, but let me give you some ideas that came to me in the middle of last night’s full moon cycle. So you know this is going to be good, right?

OK, what if we cast Information issues within a hierarchy of discernment authority to defer to nutritious health and economic prosperity values. So options available are restricted by giving preference to those that are at least positive/negative value balanced in both ecological and economic categories. This should have the effect of minimizing loss, pain, suffering, and dissonance, using normative Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) binary system standards, for positive value optimization, using Bayesian trend analysis.

Now, this is a Win-Win gaming frame, so we prioritize positive information value power and authority by using a principle of mutual lowest subsidiarity default. So, if a Win-Lose value issue dispute arises at the individual level, then the resolution frame goes to the population of the individual’s family, if the family presents the issue to their community, then the resolution frame incorporates that family’s community, if the community cannot resolve the issue to the satisfaction of both the family and the community representatives, then the frame goes out to representatives of the State, or Province, or Bioregion, then to national representatives, and globally only in the event of a national failure to find a mutually acceptable win-win indigenous strategy, which seems likely with regard to climate change concerns, for example, but probably not quite so much about your grandmother’s unfortunate habit of carrying an unsheathed paring knife concealed in the back pocket of her dungarees. But, please notice, this game design intends to be family-based, or rooted–not exclusively marketed to those desperate 16 year olds hiding down in your basements waiting for the satellites to fall, playing their Win-Lose cosmological disaster games.

Let’s take a familiar and long-standing ethical dilemma between the individual and society: If we had a citizen who refused to pay that portion of federal taxes currently allocated toward the production of death and the destruction of property, these would probably show up in our positive ecology value column as ecologically dysfunctional, and therefore negative values; that is, death, decay, dissonance, and destruction are each an indicator of harm, disvalue, dissonant Information string-trend frequencies. These are each and all ecologically negative trend projections. So, a State regulation that appeared to the individual to be dissonant with his or her biosystem’s positive productive outcomes might also contribute to the demise of everyone’s biosystemic health and welfare. I think this might be at least a reasonably moderate level of global human collapse, probably bringing along several other vulnerable species.

Our EcoTherapy Game might involve a national resolution platform to reconsider options like permitting conscientious objectors to not pay their war tax portion so long as that same amount of currency is transparently invested for positive socioeconomic outcomes, such as cooperatives and locally controlled ecological and economic network development.

On the other hand, a socioecological pathologist, and perhaps to some extent we each participate in socioecological pathology, but some more frequently and dysfunctionally than others, brought to the justice system for violating a law, such as evading paying people in a corporation’s own community a living wage by moving production, packaging, and customer service operations to another biosystem, thereby increasing carbon footprint for transportation, and where cost of living in U.S. dollar equivalencies is much lower, thereby further eroding the value of indigenous currency, and further destabilizing the economic and ecological systems in another place. This begins to smell like taking a shit in somebody else’s water, most anybody else’s water, the further away from where I sleep the better, and would be an illegitimate Lose-Lose strategy with disvalues dominating values in both our ecological and economic categories of available options. I strongly recommend that we take off our Ecological Win-Win gaming table, any of these sociocultural and economic Lose-Lose strategies. But, carefully, therapeutically.

So, OK, where was I?  Oh yes, these ecodislogical corporate heads meet with community or state representatives for dispute resolution using a Basic Attendance positive, non-violent, dynamically reiterative, issue resolution framework. Compassionately mindful eco-therapists, both humanist and feminist, using their most inclusively empathetic positive communication and regenerative information skills, talk about, perhaps even role play, perhaps even playing the EcoTherapy Game together, demonstrate the positives and negatives economically and ecologically that they see in the corporate heads’ investment strategy, mindfully, and therefore gratefully, mentoring a hope and faith in mutually subsidiary positive dialogue and discernment. “We’re all in this mess together and we’ll all figure it out together, in a way that works for everyone. No one is allowed to walk away from this table feeling like they just lost something they really need.”

The EcoTherapist’s primary discernment function is to understand why these corporate heads behave as they do, what are the positive economic and  ecological outcomes, short-term and long-term, extending out over the next 7 generations? The negatives are self-evident and not useful to the initial stages of dialogue. Can the EcoTherapist find similar functions and dynamics within her/his own relationships to self, others, natural systems, Earth? In this light, the EcoTherapist can best mentor appropriate behavior, something they have actually done under similar ethical circumstances, that avoids violating the Golden Rule and most any other natural and evolutionary and ecological law that I can imagine, within a

Polynomial +1-Yang QBit trend analysis

magnetically balanced-as-equal to

-(Not-Polynomial) time and space information -(0)-Yin QBit 4-Based binary information processing system, CQI design standard [perhaps a bicameral cytosine processor network].

Our bicameral information analysis network will follow reverse temporal trends to optimize Win-Win scenarios and proposals, so a Global Win-Win hierarchical outcome stage of balanced +/- (0)-Core Vector cannot be achieved until every nation achieves +/- (0) value balance in both economic and ecological categories, and no nation can achieve 0-sum balance until every bioregion or state or province within that nation achieves 0-sum balance, and so on down through the community in mutual subsidiary relationship with families, and families with individuals within their families, so this Win-Win reverse-hierarchical default invests everyone in everyone else’s messes, leaving no one behind, feeling like they do not belong to what we are working on together within this EcoTherapy Game. Remember we can’t crowdsource a Win-Win Game and declare it won if even one of the players reports a deficit–a default (+/- 0) outcome for any player is no more than, or less than, what the player entered the game with. That’s more of a Draw-Draw Game. So, I don’t know, maybe our EcoTherapy Game hopes to be Win-Win at the global level, with every entity having a positive balance at the end, but perhaps a Win-Or-Draw-0-balanced Consequences is a more realistic thought, something just this side of paradise.

And, individuals could play this game in each moment of their thoughts and words and actions and absorption of nutrient choices, until they are able to strategize an eco-soul (0)-sum universe with +/- binary balance, using the Prime TrimTab Permaculture Design Optimization Standard of Greatest Abundance/Least Dissonant Loss of information and function, and frequency, and dynamic force, and gravitational flow synergy, which I think might equal positive ecological evolution in this hierarchically revolving Regenesis Theory.

Now, those of you who are taking careful notes may have noticed that reference to QBits, meaning Information Bits within a binary digital information processing system, or maybe not just that. You may also be aware that we have a lot of confusion right now about this QBit quantification of Information flow business, not to mention that whole thing about whether we have sufficiently proven that Polynomial Explicately Ordered Information is reverse-equivalent, formally, nomially, ecologically, metrically, energetically, culturally, and linguistically with NonPolynomial time and space. Some Information Development Theorists claim QBits are what is not real energy or information; others think of them more as heuristic vacuums of information at the proximate end of energy-frequency strings; absent, static, entropic, vacuous pockets within the functional dimensional perspective of observation at any one vector in spacetime. But, I think Buckminster Fuller may have also seen these positive information QBit vacuums as negative binomial knots of bi-functional frequency trend unraveling, rather like David Bohm’s ink drops, unraveling as positive spacetime information but potentially reweaving, under controlled reverse-temporal re-formative “information-memory” value assumptions.

In positive trending polynomial spacetime, these QBit knots of negentropy remain -(-P) [for Polynomial and for Positive Bayesian analytic appositional correlated dis-information] decaying information, perhaps coded reverse temporally as concave-aptic-interior by ‘within’ confluent nuclear mutual-immune-“without dissonance” structural default space-gaps. In normative RNA code development, QBit non-polynomial folds, also binomial gap-ends of vibrant-frequency information-strings, temporally infolds “closer-later-lower” OVER more “distant-earlier-higher” [probably inclusive of magnetic North as +]. Cytosine (C) functions in this prime-information codex system as appositional temporal reversal “constant not-immune” = appositively reflective of Uracil. C functions as a constant -(-)P dysfunction negative non-correlative reverse Bayesian temporal polarity within a balanced P OVER NP binomial metric assumption, rather typical of binary digital information processing systems dependent on +/- electromagnetic balanced energy frequency assumptions. If there isn’t an implied 0 for every explicate 1, then our information system itself is out of balance. This -(-) = + Information Polynomial is analogous to the dynamics of (-)Yin = (+)Yang, just as (+)Yin = (-)Yang form, function, frequency, flow, and force/power in Taoism, maybe.

So, there are +Yang QBits and -Yin QBits with temporal relative constant equivalencies within natural ecological, physical systems, like human bodies, each with its own chi-soul polarity, right through the spine and between the right and left lobes. Now, human minds try to keep all this stuff in balance, which is, according to Julian Jaynes, perhaps why our mammalian brain has pushed out some bicameral information processors, although I think our human natural version went from older Right-brain dominance to now a bit too much Left-deductive, reiterative, ego-more-than-eco-speciated-centric, languaged Western and Northern hemisphere, and male-dominant cultures, all giving historical evidence that Yang Culture and Yin Culture are still issuing exclamations about ecological wisdom v. economic serenity. Which, I think, brings us back to the ecological purpose of this EcoTherapy Win-Win Game design project.

So, what questions and concerns and resonance does all this evoke for you?

Man/Sha Legends

Gaia’s Cultural History Lesson

Dr. Kathleen Gaia, vaguely associating with the Sisters of Perpetual Peace, drew her first equity credits through the Social Work Department. But, as with nearly all functions, and perhaps some dysfunctions as well, pertaining to Dr. Gaia, this became a controversial matter for a time, early in the Post-Millennial Period, as the Green Revolution was drawing toward its inevitable close.

Dr. Gaia insisted that her students should call her Kathleen, not Sr. Kathleen, not Dr. Kathleen, but not Kathy, or Kate, or, most vehemently, NOT Katey. This preference became iconic of her regenerative iconoclasm. Kathleen was her own tour de force, especially in her view of history and evolution, and economics, and metric systems, and information….  OK, maybe the word especially is not the best choice; perhaps eclectically would be better. Anyway, case in point, Kathleen was almost solely foundational to the School of Social Work becoming the School of Ecologic Practice.

It’s so difficult to know where her history of cultural evolution story actually begins because everything about her spirals around into everything else about her. Kathleen is a spinning regenerative, life sustaining, revolution, whether she spends the day in mindfulness practice, just breathing deeply, what she calls positive intention, as if she sees Mother Earth writing down her intentions, her attendance, her presence, each moment of each day, and night; or whether she is consulting for the U.N.’s ReGenesis Committee. Kathleen is of, by, and for abundantly fertile compost-culture.

Kathleen came to what was then the School of Social Work with an outrageous Dissertation proposal probably because she was a Buckminster Fuller scholar and a Permaculture Designer. One or the other might not have triggered her personal cultural revolution, but that she understood Fuller as a Permacultural Teleologist seems to have set the stage for her unusual entry into, and eventual symbiotic relationship with, our Ecology Practice Department. She confronted not only a huge cultural gap but her dissertation became more of a transliterative dictionary of self-inflicted terminology than she would have greatly preferred. On the other hand, this early translation project grew intrinsic to her capacity to sustain Positive Intention (also known as Basic Attendance) throughout a wide range of paradigms and interactive environments, sometimes quite heated. She just keeps coming back to her symbiotically interdependent principles of Regenerative Systems.


Buckminster Fuller’s Permacultural and Teleological Regenerative Information Conjecture

 Rev. Kathleen 0. Gaia



Buckminster Fuller’s rather too comprehensive Synergetics: Explorations in the Geometry of Thinking came to fruition while Gregory Bateson’s parallel reflections were published under the titles of Steps to an Ecology of Mind and Mind and Nature. Meanwhile, at Yale, then Princeton, Julian Jaynes produced his major opus, The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind.

These titles, and the undercurrents within these three thought streams, might combine as Explorations in the Geometric Ecology of our Bicameral Mind. Unlike Bateson, both Fuller and Jaynes move toward an evolutionary teleology, the conjecture that evolution follows a positive trending intersection toward a primal intersection of both ecological meaning and economic purpose, or value-transfer confluence. Bateson and Jaynes, unlike Fuller, are interested in the mapping emergence of pattern and learning. Jaynes, unlike Bateson and Fuller, is interested in the cultural and historical evolution of our Left-Right hemispheric brains, or, more specifically, the emergence of Left-hemispheric dominance, which he thinks of as an evolutionary breakdown or perhaps breakthrough in his later reflections.

Each of these seminal thinkers, and others more epistemologically inclined, such as Thomas Kuhn, Karl Popper, David Bohm, lived, thought, wrote, published during the late-Industrial Revolution era. This was also the time when Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity was the culturally dominant model for understanding spacetime. It was not until the early post-millennial era that Fuller’s work came to cultural dominance, recognizing both that relativity is a function of primal relationship and that Einstein had explicitly assumed a 4 equi-dimensional spacetime Commons, or Hilbert Space, only within which the conversion formulas for measuring energy in relation to space and time are applicable. Our ego-relativity aside, within spacetime universe, our eco-relational Commons can be optimally comprehended through a redundantly tetrahedral fractal development pattern, as evinced by the regenerative pattern of RNA, the 4-prime dimensional base implied within atomic metamorphosis, and the Group Theory work of Gregori Perelman and William Thurston. Their intellectual children are not just chaos and complexity theories, but also what has become the Permaculture Design Movement.

 Fuller does not experience our cognitive ecology as responding to static information. He sees geometry as a way of describing and predicting relationships in a constantly changing, revolving, physical universe. Math is about verbs, action, relationships; not so much about stasis, nouns, nomials, names, numerals, lifeless symbols. Jaynes understands the development of symbols and language in a similar evolutionary functional model. Jaynes’ lens was as a psychological ethologist. He believed that nature’s evolution systemically predicated the development of a dominant, deductive, self-conscious left-hemisphere. There is a natural and functional teleological explanation for the development of self-awareness, also causally related to the development of early language and written symbols.

During the early 21st Century, Permaculture and Synergetics melded into the Prime Universal Principles:

  •  Spacetime prime, rational, relationships evolve into, and from, 4 equi-dimensional thermodynamic and magnetic balanced frequencies and functional, confluent relationships, trending toward synergetic formation. 
  • Original Teleological Intent: Prime binomial, and binary, relationships self-organize and perpetuate universal open energy, and information, systems.
  • Omega Point Optimization Practice: The mindful effectiveness of regenerative integral multisystemic therapeutic design increases as negative dysfunctional monochromatic silos of competitive ego-nomial [formerly known as economic] ecologies decrease.
  • Information can only exist within a systemic identity; the absence of absence. Polynomial spacetime information is the positive functioned face of the absence of reversed temporal, Not-Polynomial negative spacetime–which Bohm refers to as Implicate Order. 

 In other words, bottom line, compassionate mindfulness increases within human natural systems as ego-passionate irrationality and dissonance decrease; a teleological tautology. Active peaceful practice grows where nonviolent intent and design is planted. This has become the Prime Permacultural Principle of Thermosystemic Balance.


Kathleen responded to concerns that her theoretical frame would be more appropriate to our Environmental Sciences Department, or maybe even what was left of the moribund and largely dysfunctional Economic History Department, through the development of her therapeutic model. She understood cultural history, including anthropology, as the narrative incarnation of informational string theory. Resilient, inclusive, sustained articulation, connection, weaving of globally interspeciated and intergenerational information-Codex strands, comprehended as a positive-intent, cooperative information network, produces optimizing therapeutic intervention trends. In other words, our healthy ecological systems are intrinsically therapeutic, and follow the natural system development trajectory of positive evolution. Unfortunately, the Industrial Revolution, a by-product of Left-brained dominance—also known as Yang-centric imbalance—severed eco-nomic value transfers from their eco-logical nutritional root system. So, to Kathleen’s permacultural way of looking at our Tree of Life, if we want our social work project design to meet Continuous Quality Improvement multi-systemic information standards, then obviously we have to re-ligion, reconnect our cooperative economic production to our interdependent and synergetic ecological root system. It is not an integral, optimizing systemic development practice to sever our social investment strategies, and practice, from the richly fertile wealth of our ecological wisdom, and intent.

Her advocacy for a global cooperative eco-normic networks illustrates how Kathleen applied her Regenerative Ecological Practice to more specific public sector planning proposals.


In all my benighted years as the United Nation’s EcoChaplain I have heard an ear-full of mind numbing noise. But, nothing more so than this endless chaotic and dissonantly suffering confusion of egonomics with econormics. So, if you would be so kind, I would ask if you might focus on breathing together for a few moments, soften your eyes, and listen as we time travel together back in history.

Our time, this time that we have each chosen to walk and sing and dance on Earth, has been long predicted. Some have called it the Second Coming, others the Great Apocalypse, others the Great Turning. Each of us breaths together in this room today because our species’ karma evolved us to know everything we need to know to uncover our mutual gratitude for winter’s harsh wind voices. Until we can appreciate what the discontent of this Great Winter Transition can teach us, we cannot enter our promised land of eternal spring.

So let us imagine ourselves reborn into the advent season, within our mother’s womb. This is our time of metamorphosis from permacultural seed into our regenerative Earth Tribe, rebirth conceiving abundant opportunity. Our short-term risk is only stepping faithfully into appropriate gratitude for our mutual subsidiarity, trusting the principle of waxing and waning reversion, within Mother Earth’s nurturing care.


We belong to Her clearings

Her places panoramic

Older than our Logos Voice of culture.


We toddle, listen

memorize Your scent as this day’s time;

Your shadows, curves, slopes, curls,

a panoply of silent places

shaping paradigms for mind’s rest

imagining Your scale as mine

to play or hide

or grow smaller

or dance

to sounds of nature’s buzz and chatter,

clack and clatter,

august synapzzz resounding quake of grounding gravitas,

moving, shifting, hunting

resting silently again.


Behind my breath

I hear Yours

and ours together

before this voice,

interrupts our nutrient bath,

through intimate birthing horizons,

vast belonging songs

string back to cultured paradise cavern,

pearl of advent crystal-ringing exform’s mythic treasure.


This Great Transition to reflow our rivers,

warm tears spiraling down our drainpipes

into warming seas of salty fears containing

all Earth’s regenerated tears through past years

and generations,

a sea-green latticed pearl of tears

cooperatively compiled from EarthTribe’s

quakes and pains,

suffering and surprising joy.


Tears come with sad

but also wildly glad

Gaia cares not which way she collects them.

These are Her tears to share with Father Sky,

their seeds of immense iniquity,

but also equity

absorbing pain and suffering,

lubricating ecstatic pleasure,

tears water sap

filled abundantly rich nutrients




catharsis leads to slower grace,

wisdom to hear both pain slow smoke-filled exhalation

and wild enthusiasm’s equally valued teachers,

mentors along our permacultured path,

learning to water regenerative values

by starving long-suffered disillusion.


To starve long-suffered disillusionment, our growing absence of active hope, these are negative ways of describing our new millennial positive teleological faith. The fact that some of us still exist, although the number of species is dwindling, that anything exists at all, proves the lie of this Closed Universal System assumption of cosmology, and gives deductive power of reason to hope for final outcomes other than entropy and dissonance.

Perhaps it is believing we are each ultimately mortally bound independent ego identities that draws our minds to this Closed Universal System assumption. But, our sensory experience protests this irrational conclusion and draws us, instead, toward faith in our interdependently immortal freedom, released from spacetime’s ego-consciousness, bringing power to hope, grow faith, regenerate love for our open systemed Permaculture Paradise.


If it is our Tao

if it is true

that Original Intent predicts

what Teilhard de Chardin’s Omega Point articulates,

that this globally resounding echo through our universe of post-millennial time

reconnects our religions with our science and our best artistic grace,

then could we please agree that we have chosen to begin anew together,

to fly together,

not fly apart,

to dance and sing in permaculturing, eco-normic, widening circles,

not march and shout in diminishing extractive ego-centric markets.


Some of us do not believe it was a coincidence that we were born at this time together. Together we have sufficient knowledge, we simply lack the power to be where we belong, in some future paradise moment, both ecologically and economically balanced, inclusive, fair, with fresh air and water, and plenty of wholesome food for all the Earth’s Tribes, regenerating diversity into our sustained future.

We have a messianic dream and live a crucifying nightmare of anguish.

 So, once again, I ask you to close or soften your eyes, breathing in Earth’s radiant energy, into our lungs and blood streams and neural systems. Then breathing out and down, imagine following your deep and tender root system into the past, down toward Earth’s core, from which emerges all our diversely interdependent root systems. Breath in Father Sky’s radiantly productive energy, and exhale in and down and through and back to where spacetime begins with all of us together. Here, in this interconnectedness, in this symbiotic vulnerability, we experience our shared messianic vocation.

Hear our new millennial Messiah Voice first as our shared suffering and loss:


Messiah’s Torch Song to Mother Earth


I have given up on us

because you gave up on us

before I even came along.


You saw in me some hope

that maybe you were wrong

perhaps my humane race could be redeemed

if just one would take the time

to notice and care

that you are.


But, I was not that one for you.

The one to see wealth

where you have it

rather than long to be fed

with what is not yours to provide.


It breaks my heart to know

that I can’t fix yours.

I step into your absent grace

and here I am with you

where I have only seen you

as my fixer-upper.


I am afraid to be your only love

it feels too much to ask of me

to love you when you’ve never loved another.

Can you tell me why

I never cry

when I try to hurt you?

Can you tell me why I only cry

when I tell you that I need you?


But I can’t find you.

I had given up on me

before we ever came along.


I saw in you my last life’s hope

that I could share myself

without running out

until our dying day.

We would never end

telling stories of now,

and then,

and why we never want this one to end.

We would look outside

in each other’s eyes

and see inside

through each other’s eyes.

It’s your nervous roots within your skin

your mind,

your heart,

too weakly fibrillating for faith

that I might care

and know you as you are.


And yet your hope,

it lingers there,

ringed trees glow reminder

when there is hope that’s positive

then water it with light.

My hope emerges warm teared compost

for our faith that love could be for us

to share such diverse synergy,

grow love for all who come to share

this pilgrim floored and worn-out rug.


This transition time, our time, all time is the measure of relationship. Relationships, each one, taken together, are our time. How and where, with whom do we invest our nutrient time-relationship? In which values, and are these positively intended or negatively practiced, harmonious or dissonant, automated autistic ego-stressed suffering? We would wisely water harmonious, emergently evolving ecosystems, in part by starving silos of ego-centric monocultures.

 Where are our most holistic human natural systems? Where endure our surviving permacultured seeds of hope? Where are our Shaman Warriors for Peace?

 Look to your most regenerative mentors. Those few leaders who are more about walking our revolving-reverting pilgrimage together than about talking individualistic creeds, designs, and plans for personal salvation. Then give priority to those who work with young people, sharing regenerative mentoring skills, creating positive, healthy peer-support environments to sustain life. Find master gardeners who live as well as they eat, permaculture designers whose cooperative intensions sync with their regenerative designs, ecosystemic ministers who understand nutrients and toxins can be absorbed through all the senses, from taste through feeling, sound, voices internal and external, sight internal and external, fragrance and stench. Divided and splintering spiritual strains are decaying and dissonant. We need to follow our nutrient string back to our Original Intent, our permacultural story, of Tao harmony, of active peace introducing abundant global love, of a justice that balances mercy for self as interdependent with others, sharing both responsibility and opportunity for reweaving broken communication and community fibers composing our universal Tree of Life.

Your religious, faith, intentional communities, having found their shared cultural root system, are now free to lead our public sectors, and our public sectors can be free to once again lead our humane nature toward eco-logical intension and design informing eco-normic global practice. This is the economic right of nature, to regenerate through the balancing evolution of mutual gratitude between Self and Other, Yang and Yin, Explicating and Implicating Systems, Convex with Concave, as our universal longing folds into our global belonging, within Earth’s nurturing care.

Man/Sha Legends

Earth Tribal Declaration of Interdependence

Dr. Owl, from the Treeology Department, drafted the Declaration of Interdependence, borrowing heavily from the nature-spirit traditions and Regenerative Systems Theory. Some cultural historians attribute the outbreak of the Green Revolution to the promulgation of her draft to the Assembly of Biospecies.


Green Revolution Declaration of Universal Grace Ecology, Economy, Treeology, etc., etc., etc.

Regenerative Systems Development Theorem

[Reverse Corollary of Cognitive Dissonance Theory and the Positive Deviance Conjecture that Polynomial Time = Non-Polynomial Information Codex -1 (C-Yin) = +0 (U-Yang)]

 We seem to die to regenerate toward flying together, like the stardust from which we emerged, and Gaia’s root systems rewoven within, reflecting what our bicameral minds have discovered evolving without; and not flying apart into disharmonious chaos and entropy and irrationality quite so awfully much.

We are a stardust Earth Tribe, of, by, and for sustaining all living systems and species.

We refuse to confine our lives within benighted and arbitrary death sentences and even whole paragraphs and paradigms.

After all, a creature’s a person,

no matter how small,

no matter how yet unborn or ancient,

no matter how marginal,

or insane,

or deviant,

or violent and suffering.

We are becoming aware that the opposite of life is chaos, dismay, decay, dissonance, entropy.

We are becoming aware the opposite of the absence of relationship,



is equity, beauty, dance, song,



merging toward, and from, a primally balanced relationship,

between Pre-Genetar Earth and Re-Genetive organic systems,

between God, Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah, Omega Point, Universal Intelligence, Original Intent and

Re-Connective Design Bicameral Processors,

between Earth’s Original Intent and meaning and

Future’s Universally Intelligent purpose,

between functioning effectively, and thermodynamically balanced energy frequencies, and growing awareness of natural polycultural form development,

between informing as Implicate Order and unraveling as Bohm’s Explicate Order,

or vice-versa, or all the above, depending on which end of the polar, elliptically and fractally revolving string you imagine standing on,

between air and water and fire,

between space and the flow of time,

balanced induction and deduction,

balanced concave and convex,

balanced feminine and masculine,

balancing our within and without,

our positive and negative,

our polynomial and non-polynomial information

in any binomial/binary metric system,

with 4-prime equi-dimensional fractaling/fusing/folding metric frequencies and rhythms,

inductive and deductive Janus-faced,

[+/-4QBit Implicated Octave = +/- (0) Soul Universal Prime Relationship Treeological String Theory],

Infinity Assumption of Balanced Tao.

Now, where was I, oh yes, coming back and in toward this Eternal Transition Moment, at the beginning of the 3rd Millennium,

We are a narrative encultured information-string metaphysically stretching back to the origins of RNA; Original Intent Coded for symbiotically regenerating life along a Positive Purposive Predication (or Golden Rule Ratio Assumption, if you prefer) of greatest diastatic full-breathed development through minimal competitive stress disorders, by exhaling negative air and values,

potential nutrients lost,

resources gone awry.

We are a Bicameral ReGenesis Project sowing seeds of permacultural cooperative, profoundly inclusive, balanced polycultures,

especially where we have created burgeoning monocultural messes and monopolies.

We are incubating our most long-sustained fertility in centered peaceful compost

between Left and Right hemispheres,

balancing away from Left-brained, deductive dominance,

balancing toward feminist power and masculine flexibility and nurturance,

balancing a long-term risk avoidant economy and a cost-effective preservation of Gaia’s ecosystems, well-seasoned optimization of Earth’s natural cycles,

like sap rising toward our branches in early spring, followed, in late fall, by the reverse rain of self-regenerative seeds scattered on the polycultured compost of mindful remembering and diversely inclusive compassion.

We are Earth’s Tree of Systemic Life, a Commons, held within our deepest (0)-sum ecology of gratitude,

especially for the winter’s of implicating, brewing, fermenting, precessive stillness,

predicating summer’s positive, actively incarnating production of leaves and flowers and fertile seeds.

We are developing naturally grown patterns and frequencies,

producing thriving, balanced interior and exterior landscapes,

minds with bodies,

and bodies with mindful communication systems and skills,

positive treeological practice and intent,

balancing East to West to East double-helixed Yin/Yang/Yin spacetime fractally-sequencing information revolutions.

We are watering and harvesting our flowers, worrying not so much about those dissonant weeds over there,

somewhere, anywhere, everywhere.

We are dancing in ever richer circles,

with less marching in ever-shrinking effractive markets.

We are a recycling fractal Human-Natured Tribe

deeply learning our emergent polycultured, bicameral, breathing EarthSelf Identity.

We remember, re-ligion, who we already are,

we reincarnate Eternal Moment’s meaning and purpose

(teleological conjecture of panentheism),

we are a YangCommons-balanced informing string stretching back, and in, and out,

to our Prime PreGenetive (0)-sum feminist YinVortex

discovering Yang Polynomial Time by uncovering Yin’s Not-Polynomial reversed/negative temporal, implicated primal order

(or the affective-temporal aptic stricture of pre-bicameral awareness, see Julian Jaynes on the ethological evolution of bicameral consciousness and iconic language).

We are a Bicameral Tribe with a shamanic conjecture:

Earth reveals, temporally uncovers, our Without,

Earth’s spacetime Original Intent awareness,

to teach us equity, peace, grace, and justice Within,

Bucky Fuller’s Universal Intelligence as a positively-trending information string,

our exegetical metaphysically encultured string theory of deductive development,

such as Bloom’s Taxonomy of sustained learning cycles,

and Robert Norton’s reiterating developmental cycles of enthymematic communication,

or both Eastern and Western alchemy

or octave harmony structures and stages of evolution,

or Tao as the water-nutrient system of the Tree of Life.

Awareness of Earth’s spacetime optimization of living systems

predicates therapeutic global redesign of natural systems,

paradised eternal moment projections Without,

as Earth revels with, and embraces, our human-natured Within:

EarthTribe’s slowly evolving manifest destiny,

now in our Great Turning,

declare our positive practice and Original Intention toward

(0)-summed, balanced, abundantly Win-Win regenerative system

for optimizing each peace-filled paradise-predicated moment,















What grows YangUp

to flower,

must also grow YinDown

to root

toward optimized permacultured compost,

positive nutrients and values

to design,


maintain and mature,



and re-seed

this ethology of paradise polyculturally revolving,

each season predicating the next,

reiterating our positive Original Intent

back, back to the (0)-seed vortexical beginning of spaciated time.


Tao ReGenesis

In logic, and in metaphysics, + = -(-). Positive polynomial information within any system is binomially negative, which is why each binary field is assumed to be balanced magnetic and thermodynamic polarity [+/-]. The double-negative, double-bind equivalency to the positive appositive side of any spectrum, perception, message, experience is probably why Tao was originally defined as the balance of Yang+ OVER Yin(-). The “OVER” is the fractive line demarcation, our Positive Teleological bias for thinking in positives rather than double negatives, separating our numerator Polynomials from our denominator “bottom line” values, with their self-defining disvalued antitheses. And, all the above may somehow predict that P polynomial = NP non-polynomial disinformation, as two Janus-faced sides mutually appositively self-defining, like Yin and Yang.

The balance of P-Yang with NP-Yin may respectively also reflect David Bohm’s Explicate and Implicate Orders.

In Fuller’s Synergetics, his +e-function (Euler’s binomial crossroad) defines information, in dynamic appositional geometric contrast to recessive, chaotic, irrational, -e-dysfunction.

Mapping this prime relationship (0) Core Vector onto Bohm and the P=NP issue, Fuller defines our Positive Teleological primal vector in a way that is confluent with the primal neural experience of fractally fused synaptic relationships [+Yang] OVER aptic (-)Yin-4-spaciated dimensional self-identity (see Julian Jaynes and David Abram on ethological development of bicameral deductive reasoning capacity as primordial to development of a 4-based geosystemic Original Intent metric assumption, or Omega Point, depending on whether one looks “outward” toward the future Universe, or “inward” toward one’s EarthSelf progenitive evolution toward confluent diastasis.

In Fuller, n-squared minus n OVER 2 = (0) Prime Relationship Vector OVER dia-Vortex.

“2” is a double-binary Constant [see Fuller, Synergetics 2, 1979, p. 203, 935.23] denominator representing the mutually defining dynamics of +e-functional [rational] Yang and -e-dysfunctioning (unwinding dipolar string theory, implicating reverse appositional prime relationship to QBit string theory, Quantum Physics)

“n” =  e-functional metric relationship

“n-squared” = +/- e-squared = 1 QBit positively balanced information event, so that  spaciated polarity [particle] is the functional binomial wave-linear frequency of the “speed of light;” c-squared.

Zeroism, as balanced prime relationship of Yang/Yin metrically outlines positive Original Intent Tao of ReGenesis.

An appositive polarity of possible interest to both physicists and metaphysicists:

+Eternal Life EarthTribe–explicating string development = – EgoSelf-Centrism (viewing self-identity within the “concave” perspective only, as independent of our genetic string heritage and culture)

ReGenesis is fused transformation–transmutation; and what is fused is Information [+Yang] and Exformation [-Yin], forming an evolving self-perpetuating, optimizing string development (also see Fuller on energy “knots”).




Man/Sha Legends

Dr. Taowl Delivers Commencement Reverie

Our children learn to deserve the parents they get, which is why parents deserve the children they raise.

We need each other less when we love each other more, for who we are now, of course, but also for who we are potentially, in the future. Not one or the other; both.

Because, whether we do, or do not, love our children, or anyone, regardless of species, whether currently alive or not yet, or already gone into their optimal potential, they will trust our actions and passivities regarding their potential value to us, and to themselves, while discarding our words on this subject, which primarily stimulate cognitive dissonance for any child; when not delivered with compassionate mindfulness.

A bit of wisdom from the elders has traditionally gone a a long way toward what is typically the end of a very short attention span.

What Taoists, and maybe other current and ancient spiritual/religious traditions, metrically and nominally presume is a Positive Teleological Faith, and its corollary, that we are intrinsically interdependent in a profoundly evolutionary way toward an Omega Point that strongly suggests, implies, predicts that we will arrive in the future back with our Original Intent. This has an intergenerational cyclic dynamic, our kids treating us with some echoing disdain, “I’m too busy trying to scheme my way toward a more leisurely, and preferably more richly abundant, future than I am about your future right this minute, so please go play amongst yourselves,” that came their way when they were maybe about the ages of 3 to 12, when we finally notice that they are going to be leaving us in a minute and our relationship habit-culture holes are already entrenched. Each generation wrestling to optimize our story by minimizing dissonant relationships, especially primal relationships, like

mother-child, as benign Mother Earth and benignly developing parasites

father-child, extended family,

oldest v. youngest child, middle child ,

intrinsic genetic traits such as regularity of heart beat and lung capacity

strength of eyesight, and foresight, more generally

affective responses to sensory input such as touch



smell, taste,

pain-suffering, mutual caress,

restraint, embrace

aptic sense of positive mutual confluence (especially pre-sight/sound) older-brained, pre-bicameral;

information default functions as +0 OVER (-)1.00% QBit dissonance, chaos, Implicate Order (D. Bohm),

unraveling RNA-strictured (or enthymematic, see Robert Norton and David Brenders “Communication & Consequences”) information string self-reproducing, regenetic becoming-pattern of in-forming.

If we assume bicameral information processors are binomially optimally self-organizing, then Polynomial information (P) equals Not-Polynomial information (NP) as Bohm’s Explicating Physical Order reverse balances our Dark Relationship “Black Hole” Implicately Disrelationshiping backdrop of balanced functional/dysfunctional reverse relationship; the negative face of Yin e-functional relationship in our 4-equidimensional Universe. Just imagine an audio-video file of your life in reverse, including those earliest seconds–OK, now that’s cognitive dissonance so maybe we don’t really want to go there–try staying within your DNA’s Interior Landscape–not imagining your parents naked. That’s just yucky.

(-)Not-Polynomial (NP) ex(information) = -1QBit NP/Yin = +0 QBit bi(polynomial +P)/Yang; these two prime QBits are reverse-elliptical (concave/convex–like the Yang/Yin icon).

Assuming 4-equidimensionally balanced spacetime +/- e-function: magnetic-dynamically balanced polar, or appositional, (+/-)0-souled [G. Perelman, W. Thurston, et. al. Group Theory] Prime Relationship. Defined as:

+.50% e-function Yang = -.50% e-dysfunctionally unraveling, reverse-revolving, Implied Sub-Prime Chaos with Harmonic Octaved e-frequency primal strictured Yin intuitive fractally regenetic hierarchical structure of 8-QBits/1 Q/Byte:

(-) 000     (+) 111

(-) 001     (+) 110

(-) 010     (+) 101

(-) 011     (+) 100

After all, thinking back on it, I can see how the messes I get into with my kids have played an Original Intent Teacher role to TrimTab my dissonant excesses and absences in my parental relationships,and how these predict our current issues arriving at an Omega Launching Point into an optimized sustainable global and personal future for my kids, our kids.

Did I say “my kids” out loud?


Well, good, maybe they will hear that as an apology and peace offering; as well as a congratulations and my gratitude for being such patient teachers. May they learn more than they have taught me. They will be wise in deed, and perhaps even wiser in their words. Although this is, of course, most difficult to imagine.