InExhaustible ComPassion

not impatiently exhausted
remains open to nonviolent solidarity
through multiculturing Earth communication,
within reflective self
and without
in active dialogue with nature
spirited Other remuneration.

As yang-strong
solid regenerative nature
engages and co-invests in more
and better compassionate humane
divine experience

As objective secular outcomes
blend yintegrity within
without subjective secularizing intent

To optimize green ego-health
and blue eco-sacred
co-invested safety;
An EarthCommuniy of communities
practicing social-economic Solitude
can be regenerative,
an omni-potent
healthy and safe place

Strong Yang-power mounted
within Yintegrative well alliterative rivers
through bilaterally flowing ZeroZones

Full of timeless NonZero
times undefinable potential,
future wealth
planted in solidarity
of now unfolding
indigenous green/blue EarthWombs
of and for
reweaving memories.

Active solidarity
within eco-responsive solitude,
full and empty
impersonal when co-impassioned felt
and needed safe wealth
is health
proper communication seasons

Inexhaustibly solitary
nonviolent political community
of co-investing economic green communions,
regenerating solidarity
re-membering compassionate nonhistoric nurturing experiences,
polypathically rational outcomes

through anticipating ego-health reflective
eco-wealth intent

Of communal solitary souls
full and ego empty
NonZero Zoned reflective
subjects inexhaustibly objective
exhaustibly solitary


Bohm Explicates PublicHealthing

I suppose,
implicit in any explicating form of evolutioning theory-talk,
a revolutionary verbing thesis
progressively implies mindful intention
assuming ethologically growing function
deepening and/or widening what makes and feels sense,
spatial and/or temporal,
some health-explicating and/or pathology appositional implicating purpose
beneficial and/or harmful to anthropoids,
to all Earth’s living-organic Tribes,
to all Ego/EcoSystemic Earth,
to all Animus/Anima Souls,
Left/Right Earth Holonic Nature/Spirit interdependence,
optimizing therapeutic
co-investing ZeroZones explicate/implicate
for secular/sacred [nondual] HealthVocations.


Tao ReGenesis

In logic, and in metaphysics, + = -(-). Positive polynomial information within any system is binomially negative, which is why each binary field is assumed to be balanced magnetic and thermodynamic polarity [+/-]. The double-negative, double-bind equivalency to the positive appositive side of any spectrum, perception, message, experience is probably why Tao was originally defined as the balance of Yang+ OVER Yin(-). The “OVER” is the fractive line demarcation, our Positive Teleological bias for thinking in positives rather than double negatives, separating our numerator Polynomials from our denominator “bottom line” values, with their self-defining disvalued antitheses. And, all the above may somehow predict that P polynomial = NP non-polynomial disinformation, as two Janus-faced sides mutually appositively self-defining, like Yin and Yang.

The balance of P-Yang with NP-Yin may respectively also reflect David Bohm’s Explicate and Implicate Orders.

In Fuller’s Synergetics, his +e-function (Euler’s binomial crossroad) defines information, in dynamic appositional geometric contrast to recessive, chaotic, irrational, -e-dysfunction.

Mapping this prime relationship (0) Core Vector onto Bohm and the P=NP issue, Fuller defines our Positive Teleological primal vector in a way that is confluent with the primal neural experience of fractally fused synaptic relationships [+Yang] OVER aptic (-)Yin-4-spaciated dimensional self-identity (see Julian Jaynes and David Abram on ethological development of bicameral deductive reasoning capacity as primordial to development of a 4-based geosystemic Original Intent metric assumption, or Omega Point, depending on whether one looks “outward” toward the future Universe, or “inward” toward one’s EarthSelf progenitive evolution toward confluent diastasis.

In Fuller, n-squared minus n OVER 2 = (0) Prime Relationship Vector OVER dia-Vortex.

“2” is a double-binary Constant [see Fuller, Synergetics 2, 1979, p. 203, 935.23] denominator representing the mutually defining dynamics of +e-functional [rational] Yang and -e-dysfunctioning (unwinding dipolar string theory, implicating reverse appositional prime relationship to QBit string theory, Quantum Physics)

“n” =  e-functional metric relationship

“n-squared” = +/- e-squared = 1 QBit positively balanced information event, so that  spaciated polarity [particle] is the functional binomial wave-linear frequency of the “speed of light;” c-squared.

Zeroism, as balanced prime relationship of Yang/Yin metrically outlines positive Original Intent Tao of ReGenesis.

An appositive polarity of possible interest to both physicists and metaphysicists:

+Eternal Life EarthTribe–explicating string development = – EgoSelf-Centrism (viewing self-identity within the “concave” perspective only, as independent of our genetic string heritage and culture)

ReGenesis is fused transformation–transmutation; and what is fused is Information [+Yang] and Exformation [-Yin], forming an evolving self-perpetuating, optimizing string development (also see Fuller on energy “knots”).




Man/Sha Legends

Dr. Taowl Delivers Commencement Reverie

Our children learn to deserve the parents they get, which is why parents deserve the children they raise.

We need each other less when we love each other more, for who we are now, of course, but also for who we are potentially, in the future. Not one or the other; both.

Because, whether we do, or do not, love our children, or anyone, regardless of species, whether currently alive or not yet, or already gone into their optimal potential, they will trust our actions and passivities regarding their potential value to us, and to themselves, while discarding our words on this subject, which primarily stimulate cognitive dissonance for any child; when not delivered with compassionate mindfulness.

A bit of wisdom from the elders has traditionally gone a a long way toward what is typically the end of a very short attention span.

What Taoists, and maybe other current and ancient spiritual/religious traditions, metrically and nominally presume is a Positive Teleological Faith, and its corollary, that we are intrinsically interdependent in a profoundly evolutionary way toward an Omega Point that strongly suggests, implies, predicts that we will arrive in the future back with our Original Intent. This has an intergenerational cyclic dynamic, our kids treating us with some echoing disdain, “I’m too busy trying to scheme my way toward a more leisurely, and preferably more richly abundant, future than I am about your future right this minute, so please go play amongst yourselves,” that came their way when they were maybe about the ages of 3 to 12, when we finally notice that they are going to be leaving us in a minute and our relationship habit-culture holes are already entrenched. Each generation wrestling to optimize our story by minimizing dissonant relationships, especially primal relationships, like

mother-child, as benign Mother Earth and benignly developing parasites

father-child, extended family,

oldest v. youngest child, middle child ,

intrinsic genetic traits such as regularity of heart beat and lung capacity

strength of eyesight, and foresight, more generally

affective responses to sensory input such as touch



smell, taste,

pain-suffering, mutual caress,

restraint, embrace

aptic sense of positive mutual confluence (especially pre-sight/sound) older-brained, pre-bicameral;

information default functions as +0 OVER (-)1.00% QBit dissonance, chaos, Implicate Order (D. Bohm),

unraveling RNA-strictured (or enthymematic, see Robert Norton and David Brenders “Communication & Consequences”) information string self-reproducing, regenetic becoming-pattern of in-forming.

If we assume bicameral information processors are binomially optimally self-organizing, then Polynomial information (P) equals Not-Polynomial information (NP) as Bohm’s Explicating Physical Order reverse balances our Dark Relationship “Black Hole” Implicately Disrelationshiping backdrop of balanced functional/dysfunctional reverse relationship; the negative face of Yin e-functional relationship in our 4-equidimensional Universe. Just imagine an audio-video file of your life in reverse, including those earliest seconds–OK, now that’s cognitive dissonance so maybe we don’t really want to go there–try staying within your DNA’s Interior Landscape–not imagining your parents naked. That’s just yucky.

(-)Not-Polynomial (NP) ex(information) = -1QBit NP/Yin = +0 QBit bi(polynomial +P)/Yang; these two prime QBits are reverse-elliptical (concave/convex–like the Yang/Yin icon).

Assuming 4-equidimensionally balanced spacetime +/- e-function: magnetic-dynamically balanced polar, or appositional, (+/-)0-souled [G. Perelman, W. Thurston, et. al. Group Theory] Prime Relationship. Defined as:

+.50% e-function Yang = -.50% e-dysfunctionally unraveling, reverse-revolving, Implied Sub-Prime Chaos with Harmonic Octaved e-frequency primal strictured Yin intuitive fractally regenetic hierarchical structure of 8-QBits/1 Q/Byte:

(-) 000     (+) 111

(-) 001     (+) 110

(-) 010     (+) 101

(-) 011     (+) 100

After all, thinking back on it, I can see how the messes I get into with my kids have played an Original Intent Teacher role to TrimTab my dissonant excesses and absences in my parental relationships,and how these predict our current issues arriving at an Omega Launching Point into an optimized sustainable global and personal future for my kids, our kids.

Did I say “my kids” out loud?


Well, good, maybe they will hear that as an apology and peace offering; as well as a congratulations and my gratitude for being such patient teachers. May they learn more than they have taught me. They will be wise in deed, and perhaps even wiser in their words. Although this is, of course, most difficult to imagine.