Turning Tides

She usually hears with her lungs.
He typically sees with his heart.

Until these two learn to take turns,
then exhaling,
pumping in
then pumping out
primal ZeroSum communion,

She heard through ancient surfing memories.
He saw through future red and blue blood anticipations

Multiculturally redeveloping strength,
Polypathically relearning flow

Right with Left
East with West
SouthDorsal with NorthVentral
bipolar with dipolar
co-arising through co-gravitating
wandering binomials,
polypathic left natural hearts
recapitalizing polyphonic right spirited lungs

Dancing EarthLife rhythms;
Singing HealthVoiced harmonics.


When I Was Eight

I owned a warm breezed first Spring day
in radiantly refulgent sun
between billowed cumulative clouds
white as sailing sheets
on our vibrating
shaking and tugging cotton clothesline
swaying multi-colored tops
and sun bleached blue jean bottoms.

Like God,
I looked curiously
warmly down

As industrious ants
with apparently urgent missions
I would never learn how to assign
chewed and sniffed their singular ways
through a forest of shading grass
over dappled shadow soil

Vibrant blades of pointed grass
as tall as trees to ambitious worker ants
sometimes militaristic
but now peacefully recovering
discovering thawed warm roots
of cooperative deep dark Earth.

I could not own a wealthier Spring day
except just now,
at sixes with seven,
often remembering this polished day
and night dreamed moment
beside breeze blown white sailing ships
of sun-scent cotton state
breathing in under first fresh cut lawn
to notice how wee ants live
rubbing up against and with
warm lamped memories

Recreating paths
by imaginatively embodying them
yet again

This first-owned warm Spring breeze
of wistful
divine memory.


ReImaging History

Historic ReImagining

We need only travel back in time
through our active historic imagination
to see all organic life systems
re-merging and re-emerging
to invite and envelop our ego-centers today

Reborn of ancient EarthTribe families,
cooperatively deep relearning co-acclimators
acclaiming and reforming ecovillage resilient lessons

More therapeutically stone soup
than competing throwing stones against
each sacred Other’s nutritious journey
from secular Now
to mythic Then
and sacred Back
re-emerging yet again

A historic series
of more WinWin fortunate
and fewer LoseLose unfortunate events
producing who you have become
so far
polyculturally Here
with polypathic EarthRights Now.


Summer Plot Development

In grade school
many of us learned about plot development
as variations on a WinLose theme–
Person v Self,
Person v Other,
Person v God/Universe/Earth/History/Evolution–

probably nothing about cooperative garden plot development.

Literature is replete
with manly patriarchal ubiquitous competition themes
required to hold consumer marketing interest,
and usually the writer’s own self-therapeutic
or pathologically toxic fascination interests
as well.

Yet these WinLose themes
are difficult to find in day to day organic history,
because not the primary framework
in WinWin polycultural plot development.

Western patriarchal literature flirts with
Every Wounded White Man
lived happily ever WinWin after
despite a WinLose opportunistic
and self-hypnotizing Rapture
not quite fully humane
divine White capitalistic competing Historical World.

For some LoseLose avoidance reason
WinWin polyculturing outcomes came to mind
when I outlined
my morning and evening cooperative gardening plan
for friends and extending family.

1. I recall all the 101 recent weedy moments
when I reflected,
deflected grief
and loss
and shame
and blame
and WinLose repression
oppression, etc.
On my Person v Self
and my EgoPerson v EcoOther
and my Person v OpenEarth Organic WinWin Systems,
and my Yang Autonomous Person v Yin-Matriarchal
and WombingSeas
and Warm through Colder Seasons
of my business as competing usual day.

2. I do my best to think of one or two
or even three
cooperative just-right moments in between all the WinLose weeds above,
when I and We recreated WinWin,
as I fed and watered no Loser victims,
including myself.

3. I declare and explore
partial not notWinning success.

4. I celebrate my potential sacred opportunities
for more
and stronger
and healthier flowing
WinWin tomorrows
as a secular PositivEnergy Person
within a confluent EgoSelf,
as a sacred vocational identity
with a future for
and a past of
WinWin resilient EarthTribe Others,
as a HealthingEgo
within Sacred WinWin ecological His/Her-CreationStory.

5. AND,
I spring and summer evening ignore LeftBrain
transposition tensions,
analogical words for RightBrain potential ecological integrity
AND WonderWander my LeftBrain Ego
and Awe Zero-sum my RightBrain CoPresent
sacred ecological extended family
SacredOther recreating re-memories

Reweaving my best WinWins
getting down,
even sexy
organic garden stalking
and eating time
nutritionally co-invested.


Do We Belong?

The number and weight of facets
consciousness breaks light into
influences how these parts look,
not together as global Green and Red and Brown EarthTribe,
but separately,
without interdependent relationships.

“I belong where I am”
is not only a psychological light transactional message,
but also a political statement of authoritative co-ownership,
and an economic statement of co-operating interdependent intention
to co-invest responsively.

If one of these three primal facets
is not deductively-rationally True,
then all three do not feel inductively confluent,
sensually honest,
nutritionally Left and healthy Right

Rather, RedMeat ego-identity
is not optimally embodied
without eco-green light beauty
emerging brown-skinned matriarchal co-arising
from RNA-reiterative root beginnings.

Red submerged light
can be too Yang bright
when RightWing ecopolitics of Ego
do not balance and align
with rhythmic LeftWing flying ecological time
conjoining Blue matriarchal AnimaMundi
cooperatively invested interdependent poli-economics.

Do we belong co-invested
where we ego-eco synergetically are?
Here, YangGreen STARS
with NowBiLateral greyscale shaded
co-empathic Yin
binomially dipolar polyphonic,
cooperatively crazy about each Other’s FullOctave Futures?

Awed and thundered
by political WinWin Sciences,
about cooperative Technology
and design and climate care installations,
about Arts and community-rooted
and grown
and harvested entertainments,
about green ReCreation
Resilient ZeroZone
creolizing Resonance.

Do we belong where we HereGreen
RedNow ReGenerate?
Where we ego-theologically WinWin listen and live
and when we sacred ecologically most care
to become
healthy eco-lovers.

In RedWork and Green WinWin Play
that ReConnects,
we prefer to work and play
group cooperative exercises
where we originally belonged.

Rather than paddling further against STEAM
using indoor WinLose BusinessAsUsual
human supremacist values,
voices confined and restrained in this over-heated Here
and over-extractive Now
Inside-EgoCentric Room.

Our EcoEgo Healthy Future Searches
might prefer to work and roleplay
group cooperatives in our outdoor shared habitat
hopeful of all WinWin voices heard
and gratefully seen
as humane-divine well-being,
ego swimming and flying,
walking and listening
in green round looping ecoconsciousness.

In Green
and RedHot Lava Hawaii,
means to grow our healthy belonging life
both ecologically green secular
and theologically red sacred right
with ego-left,
beauty-truth listening
co-invested within secular-true integrity,
green eco-responsibility.

a KingJames speaking and thinking evangelical
might settle for the more monocultural
grace of being seen
and heard
and compassionately co-invested

Co-redeemed through
theological green flowing currencies
and Positive Democracy
non-violent polyculturing energy
of HealthyLight,
Secular RedLeft
feeding rather than bleeding
Sacred GreenRight.


UnHoly Punishments

“God punishes us for what we can’t imagine.”
Stephen King

What we can’t imagine
is what we won’t imagine
for lack of polypathic priority,
for too much fullness of rotting exegetical Promise.

What I won’t imagine
becomes what I would never choose to invest in,
to nurture,
both filled with fear
of self-emptying prophecy
and overflowing with love
for Earth’s fulfilling potentiality;
resilient with or without us
opposite of delineating pathology
through superego’s anthro-absence.

We evolve healthy wealth becomings
truncated by static nonverbal then verbal …isms,
unimaginably ebbing and flowing
what we have not yet hypostatically imagined dynamic,
ergodically patterned,
bionically rhythmed
creolically rocked
and matriarchal understory schism-rolled
rewards of and for Earth’s echo imagining bicamerality,
sacred nondual ecology.

God’s punishment
is for what we won’t imagine,
multiculturally polypathic together.


DNA’s BiNomial Political Structure

is ubiquitously democratic
fertile plutocracy.

Junk DNA
is our stuff of potentially active imagination,
where most of life’s drama and blissful wealth
emerges eisegetically lived and dreamed,
planned and ruminated
and sometimes even cooperatively designed and loved,
where time can flow backward
as well as forward
so identity could be anything
choosing to love you
as DNA has proscribed.

Man/Sha Legends

Dr. Cook’s Metric Stew

Here’s the thing. You probably heard something else over in the Business School, but then they are always about busyness, and seldom really about the issues of optimizing long-term sustainable prophets and profits. It’s my time to prophecy.

Way back in the TransMillennial Era, the ReGenesis Cooperative Fund woke up one morning after some kind of epiphanic multisystemic eclipse to a renewed dream of cooperative economics and polycultural sustained-justice, also first recognized as active peace back in those dark days of  epidemic cognitive dissonance, coincidental autism and cognitive delusional dysfunction.  Well, not that they had any monopoly on those issues, but the great forces of cultural synergetics and corporate lose-lose entropics were vying with each other for the collective economic and ecological imagination of our Tree of Life’s DNA-encoded branch of our RNA-encoded trunk, fed by natural systemic fractal-forms and their metaphysical crystal functions, if you will, or won’t, for that matter, now that I come to think of it, which was what, I wonder?

Anyway, the ReGenesis Cooperative Network began to function as a self-financed Group Purchasing Organization. Then, the ReGenesis GPO declared a closed-market discount of 20% for local eco-lateral transactions, with all sides of each transaction guild using ReGenesis on-line EcoShares.

Then, as they grew locally toward other local EcoShare networks within our region, the Fund announced a 10% discount for exterior bordering EcoShare regional transactions.

Then a 5% discount for all other cooperative networks throughout Earth.

ReGenesis argued with the State tax authorities that EcoShare transactions within the GPO umbrella  should be sales taxed only when exchanged within the open federal currency market, so when the folks from the food coop used on-line EcoShare assets in exchange for foot massages, no sales tax, and a 20% discount if both providers were in the same local GPO.

Also, because all members were mutually self-employed income tax entities, their cooperative tax liability could not be more than each individual employee was paying or this would represent double taxation. Then GPO Network enterprises paid no corporate taxes, because there kind of wasn’t any such thing as a non-interdependent corporate profit and loss situation any more, except in what was left of the dwindling monocultural and monopolistic competitive commodity market, where life and time continues to be for sale and rent, for awhile.

The Tax Bureaucrats got a little huffy for awhile about the whole thing until the ReGenesis Cooperative GPO wrote their own mission statement. The ReGenesis GPO’s primal regenerative mission is to mutually redeem cooperative asset EcoShares through direct local barter exchanges in which the dignity and value of each individual’s hourly time investment is assumed to have equivalent per-hour value. That made too much obvious sense to credibly argue against.

Each transaction was recorded in the on-line cooperative economic network system, binary RNA designed to meet optimized polycultural algorhythmically harmonious equivalence standards: [+Polynomial = (-)(-)Not Polynomial] = [+1QBit = (-)(0)QByte].

Zero-Byte balanced binomial-fractal prime spacetime, as economically paradigmed and polylogical.

Oops, I mean polycultural, you know, like what eternal-culturalists are endlessly metaphysicating and metasystematically therapizing, or maybe not so much. Because, meanwhile, psychology had ended the Industrial Era by initially staring at negatively anomalous right hemispheric id-entity behaviors, memories, issues, rationality problems. Perhaps the post-millennial Positive Psychology had to overcome this initial pathology fascination to become a more integrated theoretical field and more congenial to analogues with Eastern alchemical and fractal natural systems analysis, confluent with Taoism’s dipolar binomial pattern, rhythm, and metric value assumptions; with

id as yang

ego as eco-logical awareness of confluence

superego as yin super-eco.


But, I don’t know, therapy as mutual mentoring fell by the wayside, replaced with chemical therapies. Adding chemicals to interior landscapes has polymorphic evolutionary effects, coincidental, within our Exterior Landscapes. Who we are as a species, living as diverse polyculturaling and chemically-fueled monoculturing economies and ecologies, emerges as a global understanding that we are all incarnating within physical Earth’s solar gift system’s

convex atmosphere.

permafunctional paradigmatic metaphysical diastatic enculturing Elders.

and nutrient regenerative RNA information Root System.


One early spring morning everyone woke up thinking they just might on occasion actually be a diastatically enculturing polyculturative kinda internal Climax Community, and they began mentoring each other about what that meant for them.

If you think you are a polyculturalist way down in your little permaculturally hopeful heart, then you probably are one. Enjoy the ride, and avoid feeling special because catastrophic paranoia is contagious. Return to your original self-regenerative Climax Community orthopraxis.  You know, permaculturist active peaceful synergetic balanced justice…. Gardening. Really well-designed self-regenerative, perennial gardening, symbiotically, with all our cousin species and Elder metaphysically living system strings, unfolding forward in spacetime, and folding back to Black Hole spacetime not-polynomial crystalized memory.

Notice advent winter Other, as Left-deductive hemispheric Negative.

Hope springs forth as Right-intuitive Positive.

Summer’s regenerative consuming fullness, as convex Left-hemisphere Other.

Fall’s decomposing productive emptiness, as concave Right-intuitive eco-diastatic harvest of permaculturalist +/(-) tipping point systemic values.


It’s peculiar, we speak of love as our highest value but what we most love is peaceful justice as our daily incarnate belonging habitat, both within our metaphysical eco-landscape and our physical-logistic metasystemic EcoTherapy.

Perhaps it might be more permaculturally accurate, and balanced, more harmonically synergetic, more crystal-fractal Commons-Clear, when our primal vocation issues forth transgenerationally, transgenetically, and transgenerically across all paradigms and id-entities, all systems and life, all space and time, all Yang with Yin, to regenerate our mutual EcoTherapy as optimally health-enculturing as we have power and imagination to swim and fly belonging in solidarity rather than wilt mono-longing entropically apart.

Make love not war, in metasystemic therapeutic logos…and mythos, don’t forget about myth, after all, a family that myths together hangs together, more or less, if I remember that part correctly, and not.




Hospitality Economics

Never give up.

Always give down,


only what you would hope to receive

from upstream.


Ego identity only exists now.

A moment ago,

and a moment from now,

you ecologically individuate,

balancing self-identity with environmental messages

and memory string revolving through your seasons

and imagination,

both hopes and fears,

values and disvalues

back to doubly-bound DNA,

maternally and paternally balanced.


What you received downstream

evolves what ego invests upstream.

Karma hosts time’s regeneration,

your ecological investment,

sometimes dislodging revolutionary synergy

when space and time reveal themselves

as yang and yin,

polymorphic positive physics

hosting -(-) meta-fractal fold

flying binomial time.


We submerge spatial out

with temporal echoing in.