Sometime During the Night

Sometime during the night
I knew what was more right
to sing our songs
with great yang might
and soft yintegrity’s not wrongs.

We could sustain our notes
within this singing circle,
whether loud or soft,
but not too soft
to slowly feel our pitch
veer yinly flat.

Whether bright or dull,
vibrato or flat-line pure linear
waves of yang/yin sounds
to hear
to uniformly match dipolar
and multiculturally mixed.

Then, as we listen and sustain,
we are free to retain our interdependent voices
of dissonance and confluence,
of dissent and harmony,
of resistance and peace,
and also free to change
toward growing harmony
or growing disharmony.

And, as we listen for re-alignments
in our ego/eco-voicing stream of time,
we grow free to hear with right-hemispheric wholeness
of our collective chord changes,
together soft,
now growing louder,
more peaceful
until fading into silent joy,
listening to our echoing after-ring power
of collective yang/yin reweaving memory.

We are no different,
on our better win/win communicating days,
of listening to curiously understand
than actively speaking out and up
for ego/ecological resilience
timelessly echoing,
both vibrato and flat-line
peacefully ever mountain/valley after.


Candle of Hope

I am in my newly adopted Green Sanctuary
enjoying our communal celebration
of all things nutritionally healthy

When the ecofeminist facilitator announces
it is now our time to light three candles of hope.

She invites our Greek chorus
to speak these candles’ brightening intention.
Various voices give shout outs of ongoing despair
for lack of healthy cooperativity growing darkly drear
competitions in Virginia
and Syria
and capital-city hysteria
nearly every Win or Lose ZeroSum place.

I was thinking of shining more light on seeds of winwin hope,
Like most everything in Yes! magazine
and in Permaculture Design magazine
and in Restorative Justice
and NonViolent Communication classes everywhere.

Hope cooperatively owned and managed
universally celebrated in green businesses
and uniting household sanctuaries
and eco-villages,
good-faith intentional communities,
communions of nutritional integrity
springing up across Earth’s multiculturing planet.

Hope shouting out for creolization over colonization,
for unity over uniformity,
for freedom for active love and not just freedom from chronic fear.

Hope for lefts with rights,
for adaptive deductions with adoptive inductions,
for natural systems with spiritual networks,
for secular knowledge with sacred wisdom,
for yang with yin, and never against,
for ecofeminists with cooperative-parenting matriarchs,
for spatial now with temporal not not yet,
for universal OneZones with unitarian multi-lateral ZeroZones,
for equal dignity of egos within interdependent webs of ecohabitats.

I did not speak my active hopes aloud,
worried they might feel too aggressively intrusive,
so not even one candle is lit
for healthy compassionate climates
cooperatively impassioned hope,
for investments already planted,
growing up and out wealth
of green and black and brown and white and blue and red
and ultra-nonviolent resilience.

How will this liturgy incarnate cooperative compassion
becoming non-violently viral?
Without everyday resonations,
articulations of interdependent ego/eco-balancing,
bicamerally becoming,
pro-active shout-out Hope! impassioners.

Green sanctuary history lessons
often miss what’s going on
with other Yes! multicultures,

Miss what has gone on in non-sectarian
green cultures,

Miss what and whom have not yet nutritionally come
within our potential 7-grain interdependent 2020 communion.

Green sanctuary celebrants
mistake our despair for WinWin opportunities missed
for candles of hope unlit
omitting interdependent risks
to celebrate more extensively
within Earth’s healthy polycultural strengths
not yet grown adoptively,
but known adaptively
within as without
one interdependent trans-generational web
of healthing wealthy life.


Who I Am Right Now

Who are you?
he asked perpetually, patiently
because I invited him to do so
until our time for contented me
to discover his diversely integrated/fragmented identities,
critical acting
and singing
and dancing
and warring
and terrorizing
and confronting events
right now,
and in past network iterations
and throughout future synergetic neural regenerations
of lifeline transgenerational memory.

Who are you?

I am an interdependent neural-systemic journalist,
a witness hoping to WinWin reconnect
with cooperatively invested communion ego-courage
to know and appreciate you,
your inhabited past
and echoing future
and my own best regenerative green sanctuary ego-self.

Who are you?

I am curious
about your enchantment
with interdependent neural webs
of communication,
toxic and therapeutic,
between humane capital heads,
comparing and contrasting green economic and nutritional co-investments
in democracy, not privilege,
usually cooperative,
but sometimes dissonantly suffering competing bodies
longing for relief
from EarthTribe’s WinToday to LoseTomorrow mortal enculturations,
wounding marks of perpetually anticipating tensions
about who we are
and are not yet

Who are you?

I am future cooperating courage
to believe our WinWin dreams
and needs,
our hopes
co-arise positive and negative feelings
for and of, against and fleeing from,
green optimizing sanctuary communion
hearts and minds
restoring polypathic neural democratic trust
vulcanizing resilience
between what we think and feel and resonantly say
and where we choose to use
our therapeutic hands and feet,
left dominant minds
punishing and restoring health-right holistic bodies,

Interdependent therapeutic webs
of natural body and spiritual minds
bent toward co-passionate green-means-healthy-grow relationships,
non-privileged patience
with partial WinWin green sanctuary communions

Actively hoping for EarthTribal DNA interdependent stringing messages
within EarthPlaced integral HereNow messengers
listening, then gratefully speaking

Now it’s time to turn this listening/speaking table,
Who are you?

Then, for a later session,
How are we resiliently green cooperative communicators
communing communion communal
compassionate sanctuary together?

please avoid terms like
communistic communalist
because that raises all sorts of toxic
anti-social isolating unkindness and impatient paranoia
and misunderstanding of original WinWin democratic motives
moving toward green social well-being prosperity,
as if liberality of love
could toxically threaten conservational green therapeutic defenses
found in robust democratic webs of deep resilience
rather than patriarchal fake-walls of privileged resistance.


Sustainable Sanctuaries

I’m in the process of joining a Unitarian Universalist Green Sanctuary
communion of All Souls,
in Connecticut.

This is not my first time joining a new intentional good-faith community,
but it is the first time I have signed a Membership Book
of historical,
natural cooperatively intentioned community
which goes back only to 1911.
Some UU sign-up and -in Books
began, and have been more and less healthily sustained,
since the 1600s.

This AllSouls, in New London,
is more of a contemporary Souls membership history story,
mostly of cooperation,
or we could not still exist,
but probably more than sufficient competitions as well.

At least two natural-spiritual multicultural health formation experiences strongly influence how I approach the “Welcome New Member” folder,
placed in my hand by the Membership Committee Chair.

Our seven UU Communion Principles show up inside this folder
on a yellow-green sheet,
mapping a two-pillared alpha through omega arch;
a health construction bridge
between All Souls past and present;
Not a sectarian wall of dogmatic who is and was enlightened
and who is and was yet to be effectively reborn.

My Taoist Yang/Yin bilateral philosophy
intersects with training/experience with Permaculture Design
of natural exteriors
and spiritual interior subclimate development
for therapeutic and regenerative
Zero ZenZone polycultural health robust reformation.

This nature-spirit pancultural view
of Earth and Her/His non-sectarian communal parts
influences how I read through these transubstantiating communal Principles.

The first and last, the alphaYang/omegaYin, two pillars
speak to what Taoist Permaculture Design has ego/eco-systemically unveiled
inside me,
then outside me:

The inherent nutritional worthiness
and natural/spiritual co-arising dignity
of every person,
living with and for cooperatively owned and self-managing plants,
on organic planet Earth
Respect interdependent webs of nutrition, nurturing
subsystems of all changing climates
of which each ego-system, inside
and each eco-system, outside
is a secular/sacred pan-sectarian
communitarian sanctuary
preferably bilaterally, even multilaterally, non-violent
speaking and listening,
noticing and caring,
not neglecting and abusing,
polypathic co-relational
co-passioning part.

In the epicenter of the remaining five over-arching Principles
about our shared health-seasoned journey
into how we agree to cooperatively grow
as one organic communal to-gathered sanctuary,
The 4-Season Dimension speaks out, holds tightly, for

Freedom, because cooperatively paid forward and backward through multigenerations,
and politically
and psychologically
and ecologically redeeming health
virtuous cooperative circles
norms, etc
through co-responsible cooperative research
for healthy yang truth
meeting, and never excluding,
wealthy yinternal nutritionally effluent meaning,
robustly transformative,
resiliently co-relational,
resonantly compassioning.

The Second Principle
births spring thaws of EarthJustice,
nutritional equity,
compassionate sanctuaried integrity
in humane/divine
natural/spiritual co-arising newborn, reborn relations
sprouting summer’s fully maturing compassions.

The Third sun-drenched Principle
celebrates transparently enlightening acceptance
and vulnerably naked encouragement
to naturally/spiritually
outside/inside mature,
climax polycultural outcomes,
polyphonic inside singing outside dance,
polypathic spatial Here breathed yangly in
as temporal Now exhaled affluently yin out

Preparing for our future Fifth Principle:
Bicameral harvesting right and left
of conscientious democratic mutually past/future trusting seeds
and carefully treasured
in active hope
for yet another season
of EarthSanctuary renewal.

And then, holistically systemic Yin
as the last Sixth Principle
winterish say:
Prophesying Advent of global non-violent communion
over-arching FourSeason PermaCultural Goals
of healthy EarthGreen Sanctuary, warming spring of
peace-drenched communication,
radically lavish inside liberty of universal love,
celebrating unitarian EarthJustice restored
and by
and for
and of all cooperatively-owned
interdependent webs
holistic organic farms,
sanctuaries producing and consuming and reproducing
WinWin polypathic Souls
of which each healthy ego
is an essential
whole yin/yang speaking
graceful EarthJustice
GreenSanctuary part.

It’s a lot to take in
before moving on to the GoldenRule Cooperative Stewardship sheet,
all about therapeutically treating
and sustaining
robustly resilient
root systems.


Green Body of Christ

When I was a child
my evangelical family
went to People’s CoOperative Bible Church,
to rapturously pray and praise our privileged preachy partialness,
political and economic and social and environmental,
spiritual against physical apartheid
of superior, divinely-inspired, theology,

Yet, somehow rooted in mission-driven competitions
against the fullness of non-sectarian time
sufficient to bring inclusive nutrients,
liquid and capital-hoarded assets for future rainy
blizzard blustering
dominant days,
at least six per week
severed from Sabbath’s cooperatively wondrous Kingdom
at open-systemic nurturing hand,

Celebrated by declaring our victorious Communion
on God’s glorious not capital-driven work on Sunday
seated in humble chairs of classroom youth,
eventually wooden pews of adult authority
in our small
AllWhite People’s Sectarian Bible Church.

I recall not even one Sunday School lesson
about what the Holy Historical Body of Christ
might have to do with our potential
Green MultiCulturing Spirit of Healing Christianity,

Nothing about tensions between communion
and monocultural supremacist apartheid,

Nothing about walls between WinWin healthy sacred interdependence
and WinLose stringent secular autonomy of capitalism,

Nothing about Great NonTransitional Divides
between cooperative passions and competitive dispassions,
between Heavenly to-gatherness
and too much Earthly apartness,
between celebration of health
and holocaust of anthro-centric pathology.

Maybe I missed that non-violence teaching Sunday,
But I did not miss experiential theology lessons
of tensions between heterosexual patriarchal monocultural evangelism
and Heaven’s vast radically inclusive promise
of a polycultural
eternal communioned outcome for Earth-dwellers,
especially for child-like peacemakers,
Holy Spirit inheritors,
co-messiahs within this one secular/sacred Body of Christ.

Active hope for such enchanting holistic bodies
and spirits of vulnerable and transparently loving Messianic Missions,
in the West,
and Bodhisattva PeaceWarriors,
in the East,
felt, even then, as a child,
like emotionally interdependent
enchanting intelligence.

if we could all arrive in everyday Sabbath Heaven,
in absence of six-day capital over-invested apartheid,
we might discern warmer inviting Lights
are also Truths
and communioned Ways
to sing God’s/Gaia’s EarthBound greening praise

As when we first began
in Planet’s CoOperative Bible Church.


Great HealthCare Expectations

A pandemic Christian evangelical error
disparagingly contrasts gospel privileged scripture,
root of all-powerful faith,
with inferior and erroneous Eastern religious traditions,

Like Buddhism
and Taoist
sanctuaries of well-governed love,
and Hinduism,
and mysticism
and humanism.

Such prejudice assumes each of these spiritual/natural nondual traditions
intends to also be compassionately rooted
in creedal truths,
rather than covenanted sanctuary co-relational experience
advocating polytheistic worship,
dogmatic Word voices,
linguistic historical language choices divinely, not humanely, created,
worshipful sacred nature-creeds
for spiritually healing history.

These are not at all primal Eastern existential philosophical intent,
which is more basically,
fundamentally, if you prefer,
to capture non-sectarian natural
dynamic health-wealth principles
rooted in nutritional-nurturing compassion
(divine sanctuary RightBrain experience)
and flowing left as good nutritional
life-fulfilling Golden Covenant,
deduced as ecologically proper theological humane behaviors.

So, spiritual development emerges
analogous with natural lifeline health-optimizing incarnations
of bilateral
a-theistic-theistic EarthSanctuary governance.

Eastern traditions may be LeftBrain either/or deduced
from multiple sacred polytheistic,
yet uniting,
co-operating integrity Voices;

Powers of divine deities,
nutritional interests,
nurturing Sources
with iconic traits of interdependent species and/or genders
but only if also RightBrain holistic web intuited
as universally a-theistic,
formed by deductive either/or
cause/effect appositional reasoning

Traveling back toward mysterious and curious original integrity Source,
comprehension is Left/Right co-relational,
non-personified Yang/Yin sanctuary space
positively enlightening,
compassionately self/other

A-theistic principles of reason
are Eastern WholeSystem conservative logic principles
of non-sectarian ZeroZone integrity,
holistically and holy co-passion,
unitarian liberal and democratically shared sanctuary Light

Not requiring reason to blindly bow
outside our creative diversity of faith
experienced with
or without belief in a universally uniform monotheistic creed
demanding covenants of wealth-bearing fidelity
expressed through unquestioning worship
remotely not communicating with WholeSystem philosophy,
ecological green sanctuary theology of Earth
as prime principle of Light’s creative integrity.

the Disciple closest to the red-blooded heart of the Word
incarnating compassionate breathing in and out Light,
also experienced Jesus of Nazareth
as his Great Sanctuary Mentor
singing in harmonious liberty
of two-way cooperative covenants
lifting every sanctuary Worded voice,
black and brown and white
and green and blue and red rhapsodies
in multiculturing rainbows
of active hope-filling

WholeSystem existential natural/spiritual Light
is included in the living water gospels of co-redemption,
for those with covenanting eyes
to sanctuary see
who I integrally AM
is who WE healthy BECOME.

To paraphrase the Dalai Lama,
Compassionate Philosophy lies beyond sectarian Religion:
Health Sanctuary for a WholeSystemic World.


Green Sanctuary

Dear Green Sanctuary 2014,


Please excuse two messages intruding from the year 2214, from our Green Sanctuary progeny, but I wanted to share these messages based on research from the Tellus Institute (www.tellus.org).  Since the 1970s, Tellus has been contrasting the pictures we can project on our progeny if we follow Business As Usual, contrasted with a still possible future should we implement pervasive systemic changes, that I argue follow Permaculture Design standards, principles, and ethical norms, including (0) carbon footprint. Forty years, and one millennium, later does not seem too soon to incorporate this information into economic and ecological policy and procedure for community development and investment.


U.S. history unfolds replete with precedent for the religious sector taking an early lead on freedom and justice issues. This began with the primary motivation for many early European immigrants, looking for religious freedom and self-governance, to abolition of slavery, equal rights for women, through civil rights, more inclusively conceived. Now we come to the ecological, economic, and perhaps even the evolutionary rights of Earth.


Business As Usual, 2214


From your perspective, back in the day, I would probably be labeled as an autistic gamer, more comfortable below ground. Living in basements has become normative for their comparative effectiveness as contamination-resistant silos. Most of us are hiding from each other. Your corporate elite “won,” from a really sick way of understanding nihilism as success. They got the world they wanted, what’s left of it, and the rest of us mainly don’t think too much about how things might have been different.


I do wonder sometimes, though, if you had looked my direction with better foresight, maybe you would have seen how worthy of cultural ridicule those enormous wealth and power deposits were in your own time. Laughing at your Emperors With No Rationality, rather than voting them into office, and allowing them to control information and influence networks, to defend their own hopelessly ridiculous sense of values, may have been a more effective political weapon than all that anger and angst, and wringing of hands.


Anyway, my Business As Usual days do not include going outside unprotected. Most of the mammals and birds have died. Water is rationed, but there is lots of piracy. Even so, we would never use it for waste disposal.


What were you thinking, really? You starved our soil for compost while you took a shit in our water? It defies my increasingly autistic imagination and memory communication capacity to imagine a species that was so utterly benighted. Although the solar and wind powered energy caught on, as did fake commodified nutrition. Most of us use recycled bicycles to get around, when we have to forage.


Connecticut, and all land masses, is smaller now that coastal waters cover most of the towns and other habitats. Even so, we continue losing people faster than dry acreage.


They say that you used to experiment with rats, leaving them free of constraints to overpopulate, which they did. Along the way they developed their FatRats, with too much rabidity, chomping down on their smaller, weaker neighbors. All the rats stopped breeding, eventually, became sick, died off, some from vicious attacks without apparent cause or meaning.


So why couldn’t you see that you were acting the same way, with the same results predicted for my generation? Few of us left, and even fewer who have any hope, faith, or even basic desire for breeding.


I usually play on-line games in my underground silo, in he dark, waiting for the last satellites to fall, leaving me in a dark solitary confinement. That is when I plan to finish this death, already too long in process.


Truth, you were looking for Truth? If your Truth left you free for Business As Usual, I am barely here to tell you that yours is a Truth that cannot and will not sustain. Your intentions are good, but your precariously empty, pseudo-independent egos, homes, vocations, travel plans, food production practices are far from eco-logical. Replacing synergetic, loving ecological meaning and purpose with competitive economic rights of ego-self investment and extractive market developments was at least short-sighted, if not criminally sociopathic toward other species and your own future as a humane species.


Eco-dislogic dissonance degenerated into a competitive culture of increasingly autistic dismay. But, then, I’m just an Occupier Kid living in the basement of the old Unitarian Society of Hartford, all that’s left after the big 2213 hurricane that took the roof and most all the trees.


Anyway, I saw this message in your Green Sanctuary 2014 file that you wanted to hear from your future generations about what we think of your work to divest from the fossil-fuel business. Well, duh, good job on stating the embarrassingly obvious. But, would it have killed you to spend at least as much time on an ecological investment policy and procedure?


Back in your day, investing your lives, vocations, days, words, property, wealth in learning to live more cooperatively with nature, using natural, regeneratively balanced, system development skills and technology for creative design and learning and economic planning…. Well, hindsight is always 20-20.


Thanks for giving it your best shot. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you, I’ve been busy catching cockroaches for…, well, never mind. It’s probably kinder not to say.



Great Transition Message, 2214


OK, so I had this dream last night that back in 2014 our Green Sanctuary Elders specifically wondered aloud what Green Sanctuary would look like in 2214 and how their work on divestment would play out for the long-term.


So, yes, thank you for turning our investment strategy around from all that angry angst about losing fuel toward all that happy grace about gaining cooperative investments in your own future energy for our planet and our species.


Sync-ing pre-millennial Information Systems Theory with Deep Ecology and post-millennial Evolutionary Economics was so UU of you!


Today, Green Sanctuary continues growing your ReGenesis Project, for Reconnecting People, Place, and Planet. Intentional Communities (we stopped calling intentional communities “faith communities” when we realized that there is no such thing as a faithless community—an oxymoron if there ever was one) cooperatively invest in worker, resident, and consumer-owned services, products, enterprises, and natural construction habitats with organic food production capacity on site, all meeting (0) carbon foot print and (0)-sum economic transaction network Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) standards of Permaculture Design, which I think was still not quite evolved completely back in 2014.


At this point all food products are repurposed, with curbside pick-up and delivery through the ReGenesis Project’s communication and transport network of Transitio Teams. So is everything else recycled and repurposed, although we sometimes use specialized Transition Teams for non-food items like, you know, pianos, and wire, and all that plastic your generation could just not stop finding new reasons to produce.


We also have cooperative natural construction teams; organic farms, gardens, and nurseries; recycling/repurposing guilds, cooperative child and elder care; schools; bioregional credit unions; cooperative health care, including mental health care; energy and biofuel coops; artisan, craft, and performance arts guilds—using a surprising amount of stuff out of old land fills. Most people live in some form of cooperatively owned structure with occupants responsible for maintenance and resale or exchange within the economic network.


Your Low-Risk/Optimized Long-Term Return financial priority carries through to this time as Greatest Effect/Last Loss; a core principle of Permaculture Design applied to all nutrient, energy, and economic systems. Advocacy to that effect led to:


  • A huge increase in cooperative loan fund investment dollars now easily accessible through individual and cooperatively-held retirement funds;
  • Voters learning to ask which candidates for public office have the lowest carbon footprint and spend the least amount of money on campaigning, choosing from among these Green Mentor Candidates;
  • Passage of the National Fee-and-Dividend Carbon Tax (see attached documents from Citizen’s Climate Lobby–www.citizensclimatelobby.org);
  • Changes in income tax structures so that the top revenue generators has options of paying up to 80% of their income in taxes or investing up to 60% of their revenue in their bioregional community at 0% interest, for up to 20 years. These percentages and length of loan terms vary from highest for those in the top 1% revenue category, to lowest and shortest loan terms for those in the 21% to 30% of revenue in the prior year. Any wealth taxes paid in lieu of 0% interest bioregional loans are usually invested in cooperative homes, businesses, services, and commodities;
  • Reversal of that weirdness about corporations having the civil rights of personhood.


Finally, these  evolutionary economic measures culminated in our globally recognized Ecological Rights of Earth.

  • CQI Information and Economic System Design Standards research equivalent analogs between permaculture principles, procedures, values, ethics and thermodynamically optimized sustainability of ecosystemic synergetic outcomes, with least dissonance and value loss.
  • Economic positive value development systemically follows positive functional information string trends of Bayesian analysis. In other words, Win-Win gaming strategies optimize regenerative and inclusive development strategies, while win-lose assumptions tend to sub-optimize and become exclusively valued by those with greatest accumulated value (functional capacity) and power (autonomous force-freedom) frequencies, at global expense to sustainability of life.
  • Competitive, ego-centric paradigms become exclusive, monopolistic, run-away positive feedback systems for wealth/power centers, becoming overly extractive of long-term sustainability from the population, polyculture, and ecosystem as a whole.


Once it became redundantly clear that competitive win-lose extractive markets, rooted in the assumption of self-perpetuating gravitation toward existing wealth and power deposits as normative ethical values (eco-normics) would always sub-optimize sustainability for future generations and sacrifice inclusive systemic diversity, thereby further eroding and weakening future evolutionary potential, then it became culturally normative to economically embrace our permacultured natural systems regenerative roots. Cooperative, diverse bioregionally-centric (rather than anthropocentric) markets, habitats, enterprises, gardens, farms, communities, communication, information networks emerged globally normative, and re-established a strong regenerative slow-growth ecological and evolutionary economic network. (See the attached study from the Tellus Institute for their research germane to future regenerative development trend comparisons.)


So, this cooperative economy did emerge out of your generation’s Permaculture Design, and your New Economics became Positive Evolutionary Economics, and your Deep Ecology, but this first appeared in the Synergetics of Buckminster uller, who grew up in a Unitarian cultures. Anyway, putting it all together led to global resonance for a (0)-sum economic norm for each living system. The true value of any investment measures time and energy resources committed toward the outcome in this moment.


Value has become more closely associated with nutrition and well-being and disvalue with dissonance and decay. A nutritious house is one that delivers energy and shelter and beauty, and smells and feels good, and interacts with natural sounds and light and does not pollute our soil, water, or air. A nutritious relationship is one that delivers energy and shelter and beauty, and smells and feels good, and sounds and looks natural, light, resonant, resilient. These are the value attributes for information, communication, communities, these are the relationships of belonging, a Green Sanctuary place called home. When we see and hear and feel and smell these values about ourselves, then we feel at peace and at home with ourselves, and with those around us, I mutually mindful gratitude for this Green Sanctuary economy of optimized ecological value.


No one owns time,

So no one owns temporally functional realities,

So no one owns this informating canvas of ecologically grown Earth,

So no one owns soil, water, air,

So no one owns information, frequency, force

Or form or function of any kind.

We are each and all of, by, and for this informating Earth-bound

Universal Intelligence we share,

As energy is to information,

Yang is to Yin,

Balanced Tao (0)-sum cooperative economy of grace.


We have worked on the pre-millennial Golden Rule, giving it a bit of a tweak, more of a permacultured brand and articulation:


  • Assign to others the same responsibility and values that you are willing to receive from your own practice, as well as all that positive intention.
  • Give others, including all species, past and future, the rights of freedom, responsibility, and integrity that you would have them give to you.
  • The universal right of integrated freedom and responsibility optimally incarnates through balancing synergetic justice with responsible self-authority—mutual eco-logical subsidiary solidarity within Earth’s natural spacetime information systems.
  • Water our confluent flowers and mulch them with our dissonant weeds. Harvest positively deviant seeds for strategic spring planting where most useful to Earth’s Common Tribe.
  • Learn to fly cooperatively together, like flocks of airborne geese, so we don’t fly apart quite so awfully much.


I know your era of divestment, the post-millennial tipping point, was difficult, as are all Trimtab functions, learning from both confluence and dissonance how to more astutely aim for (0) eco-centric balanced cultural and economic values. I hate to think what might have happened if you had not done your best, as always. Maybe I would be living in some dark silo waiting for what’s left to end, longing to belong, yinning for Yang.


Your incarnation continues. Namaste.