Don’t Shut Me Out

Please don’t be mean to me
Don’t shut me out.

Please be kind to me
Don’t blame me
for all this pain about

Please give me a chance
to dance
to different drums
in dialects dissonant,

Bless me with a hug
and not a sharpened shout.

Look me in the eye
and tell me
I am worth your time
in sacred space
here free of fear
in night’s angry doubt-filled place.

Please embrace this dignity,
don’t be mean to me,
Take love’s fearsome risk
in vast integrity;

Please, please don’t shut me out…
Invite me in.


So Too

Wealthy anthro-supremacists
do not grow healthy
Earth climaxing climates

So too,
Earth’s optimal health cultures
currently predict

So too,
to a monoculturing sociopath,
whether person
or corporation
or national federation,
intent on coldly acquiescing to ecocide,

What remains of proper
and dignified distinctions
between civilization
and civil war?

What remains of integrity’s
healing bicameral balance,
to distinguish between
domestic health empowerment
and domestic corroding wealth
through sacrificial violence?


Breaking Through Nationalism

Yuval Noah Harari
suggests that Nationalism’s
Big Three Nemeses are fear of
nuclear holocaust,
degenerative climate trends,
and Business As Usual disruptions
of eco-political technology.

When I first read this list
of his global Three,
the one that stood out
at least for me,
to potentially
break through our tendency
to see through lenses
is Earth’s great climate pathology.

all three are LeftBrain dominant,
StraightWhiteMale privileged,
Patriarchal-Capitalist nationalistic systems
of scientific deductive-rooted secularism
and defensive

Aside from a home habitat
in WholeEarth Crisis,
extinguishing all hope
of future health
is our cooperative multicultural wealth
our ability to distinguish
which of these three
is most transparently
exploitive and disempowering
our SunShine EcoSystem,

To dialogically determine
which is most polyculturally vulnerable
to inflaming
already repressive Patriarchal/Capitalism,

Which is most unenlightened
and monotheistically RightWing
LeftBrain dominant

May also be the unholy Fascist fascinated
demonizing ecowomanist healthy choice
and Earth as sacred Goddess
panentheistically denying,
Holy Nature/Spirit indigenous defying,
climatically degenerative Nationalism, yes,
but also, more fundamentally dualistic,
over ecofeminist healthy wealth
of fertile sacred Earth

Where monoculturing climate “change”
may become most easily defined
by Yanged out RightWing predation
fueled by a competitive economy
of hierarchical
from-above scarcity,
rather than from-within
ecological integrity.

Then again,
I could also see win/win opportunity
for health as wealthy polycultural activity
in immigrating away from global fear
of nuclear hostility

Emigrating toward global polypathic thrival
post-secularizing revival of cooperativity
principles of Eartherapeutic Energy
as healthy integral democracy,

NonViolent Communication fueled
and for
and with Whole
Holy EarthTribal
win/win systemic
sacred global integrity.



Story telling
seems good and sufficient therapy
for those who feel not so patient
with inefficiencies of story making.

RightWing dominant telling
yelling allows remarkable capital stagnation
v fluidity
of set-back
v rapidly
multicultural health-developing

Supporting v avoiding
StraightWhitePatriarchal privileged
toward win/lose universal capitalism

My EgoWealthy Yang
in conflict with EcoSystemic Yintegral
health communication potential

Multiculturally intelligent
in win/win planning and co-design
humbling grace

Avoiding win/lose elite NorthWest sectoral
cornered monocultural history
inhumanely mono-faced

Not even win/win mentioning
eco-politically camouflaged ecofeminist
SouthEast non-elite indigenous
enlightening and empowering
natural/spiritual churched and templed and synagogued
BlueWonder and GreenAwe
polycultural Heavenly Truths

With YellowLight dawning
and redawning everyday EarthBeauty,
after climate’s darkest ZeroSum
concluding Left v Right
unwinged disempowering hour

Co-investing, instead
in win/win EarthClimate bounty
re-invents ReStory Listening
preliminaries to healthiest wealth
through EarthStory ReMaking

Leftwing eco-health
is also rightwing’s truest democratic
empowering resonant CreationBeauty
enlightens bountiful
ego wealth.


Broken Planting Oaken Tree

We have tree traditions,
still accessible in diverse backward
and forward
reforesting cultures,
of planting a commemorative tree
when a great and portentous series of loving events
comes to its untimely rest.

my middle son’s lifetime friend
decided it was time to travel with the starlight
and so he left us heartbroken,
trying to be happy for him,
and sad without him,
to become OK with his decision
that he had uncovered enough sadness
His final vote was cast
and no one else was invited
to participate in his great transitional selection.

So, my son and I
will go into our messy forest
also known as the back lot,
where former residents have dumped asphalt roofing shingles,
and buried an entire breaking down garage.

If we were to dig deeper than necessary
we would probably find other mislaid treasures.
Shattered glass bottles and hearts
and open rusted food and toxic feeling cans,
and plastic of all dismembering colors
and ugly unshapely shards of angst,
but this day
we will dig only as deep as we must.

We will first visit a handful of oak babies
sprouting up under bushes in the side yard
and among poison ivy on the north side
so my son can choose which of these
will become Greg’s oak tree of new life
not beyond
yet still after suicidal death.

We will prepare this sapling’s new home,
digging a deep and wide welcoming hole
among back lot brambles of our thoughts and feelings,
then clear away potential choking vines and voices
now covering a clearing
surrounding trees have left
just right enough for a growing Greg
Large shade tree
to hug my son’s grandchildren,
and their Greg the OakTree loving children.

Then we will uproot our chosen new life tree
with reverence
and baptize her future MotherTree roots
of sacred fertility,
and as we sprinkle holy compost
to shade her vulnerable transparency to shaded light,
we will sing our allegiance to gratitude
for each life created through Father Sun,
nourished with Mother Earth,
sadly smiled with sacred GrandMother Moon,
sprinkling sounds of thanks
for each day
of each life
this oak tree,
as Greg,
will continue bringing us.

We will read and look and listen as Jesus taught
it is ungrateful sacrilege to remain angry
about not having received more grace
than we could have earned with more generosity of time,
when we could choose instead
to give thanks for each day shared with us
doing the best we can,
to give care as we would continue to receive.

Our love for Greg
grows through this oak tree’s future shade,
and west wind protection
for all our future days of thanksgiving
and suffering lost loss,
security for our children’s
healthy and happier children
this canopy grown Greg
still choosing flight
with starlight nights.


Memorial Wonder

Today we honor those who paid our price of violence
to protect us from each other’s monocultural excesses,
we remember deep respect for those who have done their best
when this was too often not sufficient
to return to a sustainably healthy life together
in their own families, prior loves now wilted.

We recognize and would redeem
returns to less peace
found in Business As Usual social reimmersion.

We wonder with their own feelings and thoughts,
reverberating through second generations of domestic stress,
about political seductive and reductive economic values
within normal human enterprise.

How and when war and terror might re-erupt
this premonitional memorial silence.


Grace’s Seductive Nature

This day dresses gracefully

like all our days before

but each one unfolds differently

with unique charism and dignity

inviting dawn’s engagement

to stay together in her place

a habitat that paints a dance

across my senses

reminding days before

some less, some more,

some brighter, others dark

wet to dry

cloudy to bright toward dusky night.


Each dawn invites engagement.

Step out into my sky!

Nature draws my humaned nature

out in simple abandonment of roof

and walls, windows and doors.

Step out please spin this day with us!

Ms. Day’s natural ways

have trees for voice and waving arms

and meadows for her lap

rivers sometimes quick and rocky and frisky

but usually more sedate,

lately, too often murky,

her circulation needs more exercise

more human exercise to swell her flows

and clear her clogs

beneath her lacey dressed up grace.


Each afternoon invites marriage

of human nature’s eco-clan.

Her heat each day reminds

invest some heat her way.

Summer’s warm acidic

flashy orange-red-tomatoed polish.

Fall’s weeping kaleidoscope

seeding color compost

cool and moist fragrant maturity

a harvest for her nest.

Winter’s white crystal sequined gown

hides icey heart in hybernation.

These days with her are shorter.

She freezes and prefers a solitary nap.

But, when she’s bright and warm and

brilliant, gleaming so white bright

her rays burn crisp dry skin

exposed beneath my chin

as I venture forth for warmth’s brief fling,

sniffing searching for her sisters’

warmer green-hued spring.

Warm spring heat gives birth to

flower, food, fragrance, folly

to be worried about missing her past winter.

Her fecund grace pledges a bun dance

for our wedding,

each mindful natured afternoon a marriage

of our diversely racing meetings.


Each day’s evening draws me toward her honeyed moon.

A time to rest together through dark

nights of reweaving flight

remembering this day’s beauty

and her beast

when nature’s tensions

made me want to slam shut door

go back inside

say, What for!

But dwelling in this beastly beauty

warps a weavish fecund trail

toward dawn’s next new dress

seducing humans’ nature.


SabbathTime Traveling

It feels wrong to commodify each day,

means to exclusively reclusive ends.

What mortality?

A night of dreams,

of merging id-entities into insight,


burgeoning coincidental awareness,

to arrive at co-prehensive moment

in morning’s meditation?


It feels right to full measure each day’s rhythm,

to respectfully dignify

our burgeoning story line’s


then commencement.

Each day a place of pilgrimage,

reauthoring our journey,

resting in rich place of gratitude

for gift of this eternal day’s promise;

fulfilling transition.


It feels wrong to commodify each moment,

means to ends.

What end?

Each life’s potential integrity

flows right and true,

radically replete song and dance,

engorged sustenance;


graceful karma,

resonant resolutions.

Choosing rich eternal life

toward next moment’s transitioning abundance,

from prior moment’s integrity;


within time’s envelope

this day’s gifting economy.