It’s A Tie

I agree with sacred teachers
who advocate I best not feel resonantly privileged
while meditating
to take part in something special
like sacred mysteries
of sabbath revolutions.
And yet,
I only half agree.
This secularizing paradigm
would promote democratic accessibility
and convenient evolution of educational systems,
transport and marketing of organic integrity
and win/win compassionate systems
to left-brain dominant calculators
either/or thinkers
without co-developed sacred feelings.
My other half
remains prime zero-rooted
in EarthMother’s primal health/wealth relationship
through non-violent communion,
Peaceful reign of eco-feminist EarthJustice
sacredly felt
and secular thought through
deep EarthTribe nutritional
regenerate bilateral intelligence.

2020 ReSolutions

I will not substitute:

Wealthy ends
for healthy means,

for Yintegrity,

for creative process,

Visual resilience
for audible resonance,

Objective resolution
for subjectively felt inclusion,

EgoFulfilling analogy
for EcoHealing metaphor,

Unchanging affluent paradigms
for effluent polyphonic polypaths,

Atomic wholes
for wave-linear co-relationships,

Nomial being
for bilateral becoming,

Well-rhymed and metered lyrics
for rapturous musical climax,

for full mindbody participation,

Winning personal economic growth
for losing integral ecological resilience,

Winning short-term national economic growth
for losing long-term global ecological development,

Retributive judgment and sentencing
for restorative peace,

Red madness
for Green gladness,

for thrival,

Degenerating life
for regenerative love,

Conservative judgment
for radical invitation,

Brilliant answers
for further acute questions,

Omnipotent principles
for geo-hemispheric balancing experience,

LeftBrain deductions, reductions
for RightBrain inductions, intersectional seductions,

Win/Lose capitalistic games
for win/win cooperative innings,

God the Holy Father
for Holonic Matriarchal Spirit,

Transcendent autonomous theory
for immanent interdependent appreciation,

for NonViolent Communion Ecology,

EgoNarcissistic TheoCentrism
for EcoLogical Gratitude,

for Integrity,

PolyCultural completion
for multicultural InterMission,

Wealthy, competitive economic ends
for healthy, empowering political means,

Ever externally after
for internally Happy,

for unfinishable Beginnings…


Warmer Memories

During December
I have trouble remembering we are potentially orgasmic organisms
designed for healing,
resiliently restoring our egos
acclimating with everyday eco-habitats
to regenerate this lifeline climax;

Virally reverse-hierarchical ecstatic experiences,
BigBang self-other perpetuation,
primal relating
interdependent ZeroZones
of ambiguously autonomous identity.

Our most efficient organic economies
for enduring wealth
Are also our most effective ecological relationships,
matriarchal/patriarchal interdependent

Divine regenerating light
co-inviting dualdark humane aversions
to WinLose sectarianism,
anti-organic divisions,
anti-creative demonizing processes,
degenerative opposing originally regenerative healing light,
in this darkening climate Advent time.

Effective ecological systems
also efficiently optimize economic WinWin trends
for all Earth and each sacredly climaxing Ego
for divine and yet humane light, non-sectarian
full ultra-violet octave, felt most brightly non-violent
transparently accessible, non-defensive
peacefully inviting health wealthy futures, non-insular.

We are life stories
sometimes deep learning Left with Right mindbody sacred ecologies
and too often mere products
of mis-educational Win/Lose factories,

We are polypathic climax designed
To create full awareness
of poli-economic power structures, octave
natural seasonal costs
and nutritional benefits,
To find repurposing healthy ways
for all Earth’s Tribes and Species
to achieve secular non-sectarian climax
and sacred non-violent objectives furthering resilience,
To invite green democratic global parties
to agree to a deep learned balancing environment,
To slow current run-away Lose/Lose rates
of outside ecological and inside theological chaos,
To escalate polypathic multi-lateral health/wealth outcomes.

Efficient ecological therapy
invites effective economic empowering theory,
fractal boundaries, zero-zone centered
non-sectarian zen sacred
in non-violent ultra-violet, spectral
non-insular green ecoschools,
musical tragic comedies, everyday
non-defensively open for graced karmic love

Ecologically restoring EarthJustice
to theologically restory Ego’s polypathic climax journey
into globally resonant warm EarthPeace.


GoFlow On Our Mountain

Once upon an eternal sacred time of Earth’s Golden Age,
Yin knew her body as a divinely virginal forested place
given equally to all for and of Earth’s holy

She, without language,
but with marvelously holonic ecological symmetry
and sensory proportion,
recreated organic ecosystems,
bilateral branch/root trees of nutritionally reversed hierarchies
with mutually subsidiary memory,
digesting compost icons of Earth’s Yang spaciated,
convexly articulating,
four dimensionally spacetime octaved
health-nurturing prime (0) relational time resonance,
autonomic integrity,
universal positive Left-Yang
unitarian double-negative eco-binding Right,
Yin’s dualdark WinWin
nondual evolving nature-spirit.

Elder Matriarchal YinRight mind
and Younger Patriarchal YangLeft body were,
and remain,
happiest and healthiest together,
and cognitively-feelingly dissonant
when Yang remains adolescently uppity,
believing his superior polypathic brain runs his ego body,
which may be too often his suboptimal flow of quasi-graced state,
yet Yin’s RightBrained autonomic DNA-memetic
ecological body
still integratively sacred dances
our LeftBrain’s best reflective language,
poetry of embodied form
with Earth’s ecosystemic functional flow-powers.

Climate health-Positive Yang
external/internal landscapes decomposing dualdark Yin flow,
WinWin future/past regenerative (0)Riginal Intent
within Earth’s ecosystemic nondual co-arising
polypathic bicamerally continuous
memetic-iconic re-imagination.

Tell it on Earth’s mountain:
this MindBody of ChosenAnthro Christ reborn
Bodhisattva Warriors,
Yintegral Princesses rebirthing Yang Conserving Princes/ses
of Earth’s Post-YangSupremacist Peace.


January’s Dark Light

Dear Sacred Son,

I realize this feels like a Win-Lose
New Game Year,
with you as “Loser”
and so it is,
a self-fulfilling prophecy
equally as powerful
as if you could find a way to choose
this as a Win-Win Game
opportunity, with only shorter term risks likely,
with you as CoWinner
and so it would be,
your new year self-fulfilling prophetic resolution.

January strikes each new year with tough love
messages everywhere you see time’s cold harsh claw
fang of Lose-Lose angry threat of fears,
self and other hatred
of political and economic
and personal and familial hypocrisies,
thinking we might ever Win through trying
Love’s narrow path
between Angry memories
and their foreshadowing winterish dark Fear
of freezing death.

Especially true, perhaps,
without Advent advantage of more positively waiting
in elational CoMessianic Expectation
during December,
hosting Winter’s Solstice
Transition from Win-Win new year expectation
into Lose-Lose ego pay-it-forward investment
in eco-health and therapy
by divesting of Ego v. Eco SuperCompetitive Pathology.

Even, if not especially,
in cold freezing heart of January,
it feels good and warm to remember Present EcoPresence,
Interior Landscape as cold, cold Exterior Winter Landscape
of dipolar revolution
toward Summer’s Win-Win regenerative wealth maturation,
whether incarnate or no longer,
either way,
this year is likely to get much better
within six months,
before things start to shake down
for the next round.

Perhaps it helps to imagine your Interior Landscape
as already experiencing July’s warm climaxing Beloved Community,
worshiping together in verdant gardens and fields,
or just sitting in front of any RealTime old-rooted tree
or sublimely octaved unfolded flower,
or imagining the beauty of human bicamerally unfolding
eco-centric balancing temporal-neural nature
and culture
and iconic language patterns and rhythms,
and information and bicameral communication systems,
and history of science and psychology and ecology and evolution,
and then a nap

As warm radiant light
baptizes me in cosmic atmospheric bright
drifting toward another January sunny afternoon,
Interior Landscaping for Win-Win EcoPlay.

Your Always Loving, but also Retiring,



New Year ReSolution Discernment

Time for New Campaign Year ReSolutions,
perhaps informed with some new political economy
discernment questions.

Why is a free market
most accessible to those with the largest investments
in marketing?

Could this be the same question:
Why are our free political elections
most accessible to those who invest most heavily
in self-marketing?

Why does suppression or oppression or repression,
some kind of taxing expression,
of the free cooperative-barter labor market
feel related to the rapidly increasing disecological cost
of and to Earth’s formerly free commodities,
co-arising intelligence,
ecosystemic integrity,
and possibly some cooperative hunting and gathering nutrients, while avoiding poisons, research?

Why does it cost so much
to market the economic policies and political procedures
intended to evolve healthy cooperative free markets?

Why does freedom from fearful need for
–debt forgiveness
–ever more efficient competition and untimely death
feel so much like freedom to give
mutually cooperative absolution
–for being human,
–for not being humane enough for our own SuperEco Awareness,
–for not being unnatural enough
for your EgoCenter to entirely forget
your cooperative political and economic RNA regenerative roots?

Why do I feel
and not feel
free to participate in competing racist/sexist eco-political networks,
when I buy groceries and clothes,
every time I support an
–overly anthro-indulgent,
–overly toxic
–overly carbon-footprinted
–overly Left-brain dominant
including political party corporations
competing for market shares in votes,
and how do I feel free to support overly incorporated candidates
for overly-commodified public offices?

Why does an independent permaculturist
sound like an oxymoron,
while a cooperative permaculturist network
sounds like deeply nutritious redundancy?


AdVenturing New ReSolutions

“The Path of Evolutionary Enlightenment,
like all enlightenment teachings,
is a path of ego [Past/Future Tense]-transcendence.
In Evolutionary Enlightenment,
transcending ego [investment in anything other than the Present]
is not an end in itself–
it’s a means to a higher [Presence Present] end.
The reason that we want to have the liberating experience
of transcending our personal [anthro] fears and desires
and our culturally conditioned [nature-health] values
is first and foremost
to open up some [more Right-mindbody] space
with the [Left-ego]self–
space for evolution to occur.”
[in this timelessly eternal present
RightPresent–Left/Past-Future dialectic
dipolar moment.]
Andrew Cohen, “Evolutionary Enlightenment”
excellent Advent and YearEnd ReSolution reading

As we conclude each day
and year
and life,
conclude that life with death
refer only to Left-brain ego’s Past toward Future
ionic language,
too often angry about life
and therefore fear-filled about an untimely
and clearly inappropriate
not to mention unfair,

Earth’s Time memory
is stored in natural-systemic DNA/RNA regenerative folding
and unfolding clocks,
rhythmic function,
a recycling journey of time traveling identities,
memory strings transcending generations
by transposing across the eisegetical language
of any one ego-identified entity,
learning to harmonize in
a too strident humanizing nature,
trying to bring humane kindness and justice,
to gift nature with humane nature
as a blessing for Earth,
from Earth,
with Earth,
for Earth’s Advent,
inclusive of all species
and all natural economies,
and all RNA cellular cultures
of universal co-arising intelligence.

When love and kindness say
“I have time for you”
fear and anger are also saying
“I regret not having enough time
for my own anthrocentric agenda
right now,
between past’s anger
and future-fear depression
repression of this present moment.”

EcoLove and Ego’s Kindness
only speak with present-tense consciousness,
which is all remaining functional information
when neither future nor past tensions are dominant,
the tension and intension of ego’s fear and anger,
anger about past leads fear about repeating
ego’s pathological abuse and neglect in the future.

To dissipate fear,
we evolve Adventure to embrace Anger’s information
about not repeating a negative,
too Left-brain dominant toxic past
with a personal gestalt
playing a Win-Lose political game
toward anthro-centric economic
dis-Right-brain eco-pathological
pilgrimage to AdventTransition Away
Lose-Lose cosmological evolutionary conclusions.


Andrew Cohen quote, p. 99, opening paragraph for the chapter, “The Art and Science of Stillness”.

Again, excellent Advent and New Year ReSolution reading, Evolutionary Enlightenment: A New Path to Spiritual Awakening. Also again, the subtitle, I would prefer: Evolutionary Enlightenment: A Better Way to Wake Up; more of an Alan Watts feel to it, but there is definitely some Thoreau in this preference of mine, and probably some PermaCulture Design for Interior Landscape EcoTherapeutic Home and Family and Other Speciated-Spaciated DiPolar Temporal-Balancing Environments with Political-Economic BiCameral EcoLogical ReGenerative+/ExFormating (-,-) Systems.

Where (-,-) is metrically and logically, defined as double-binding negatively-correlational double-negative dipolarity (0) PrimeRelationship Function = Positive Polynomial Rational Zero-BiLateral Temporal TransParentcy of Space as Time-Squared TriPolar Advent of EnLightenment.

I’m just sayin’, yes, this really is a better way to start each day, and finish life, and heal Earth too, I would more therapeutically imagine we would more therapeutically and cooperatively imagine this revolution of light, together.


Allah’s Health Care Lament

I would add to all Evolutionary Cooperative Warriors
a nuance regarding my teleological
raison d’etre
defined as “freedom to choose”
as sufficient to define my purpose of evolution
v. purpose of devolution, decay, death.

Earth’s regenerative evolution
slow-grows freedom to choose health,
most certainly including cooperatively healthy ecotherapy,
but slow-fades competing freedoms to choose
pathological evolution,
as we more accurately call this devolution,
confusion and chaos and struggling-against-Other violence
climatic and chronically dissonant stress, change
that can no longer sustain,
inviting our release of grasp
to co-prehend positive evolution
revolving ecotherapeutic global intent,
clearly well-incarnated karma through the full range
of North and South
East and West,
and both your Right and Left Bicamerally Balancing hemispheres,
more or less inductiveRight dancing with deductiveLeft’s geometrics of
mind-body functions and frequency and syntax, and then Language,
of co-arising
Earth Tribes
of diversely cooperative,
struggling with,
but never competing against,
ReSolutionary Warriors,
exchanging weapons of humor
for terrors of cultural ugliness.

Allah cries in fearful anger
only when S/He loses
a more neutral-naturally-balanced sensory humor,
good rich fertility for ecojustice.

If our political and/or economic agenda
is not confluent with “mutually-subsidiary co-arising cooperative”
cannot resonate with Allah’s regenerative Earth,
you might reframe your teleology
of who and what you are hating and killing
with partial-will but full-intent.

Why would you dare think Allah’s regenerative recreation
is so anemically weak
that your terror is any more or less
a concern of Universal Benign Intelligence
than is your NotBenign hate for,
as well as your reasonable concerns about,
NorthWestern greed,
and concomitant gathering of calcifying fat deposits,
amongst their ego-centric Publicans
and anthro-centric Sinners?

If you want to defend-against
overly secularized culture
you cannot gain this outcome
with overly secularized, and negatively-disenculturing tools
of competitive violence and terror.

Rather, Be Allah’s PolyCulturing Paradise!

in the errors and the blessings
of your mutually subsidiary
I’m sure you can do better than
blasting your soil and water and air
into a flat-line state of total collapse,
and if you can’t
there are many permacultural evolutionaries
amongst and beyond
our mosqued Tribe.

And then you might teach them
what you know about cooperative loans
and interest rates
and insurance
and tribal re-investment.

And then they might respond
by suggesting you apply your already existing cooperative economy
to the internet
to Earth,
as a resource for cooperative economics,
to In/ExFormation Polynomial Network’s own ecological synergetic/loving/co-fertile bicameral vision
of health v. pathology for co-arising dialectically dipolar ecosystems.

Sun Advents East
to settle West
to arise again, Easterly…
for all Earth’s Tribes

temporally-spaciated neural memory information:
syntax-as-seasonal/reasonal-sequential/temporally-developmental: RNA/DNA PolyNomial Language, P = N(NP), as U = (-,-)C
as +1QByte = [-(-P)],
because +=(-,-)
is both bicamerally-analogical and binary-digital applied
to both
Special Case External Landscape health/pathology trend analysis
as to our more MetaSystemic PolyCulturing Time-Balancing DNA-syntaxed, Interior Right-Left Brain Balancing DominantHealth/RecessivePathology Economic and Political Landscape,
PermaCulturally speaking, of course,
good for building healthy mosques and families
and future PolyCulturally Health-Beloved generations.


Resonating Railroad Tracks

The direct sensing of information may sometimes be deceptive and illusory due to such factors as coincidence, congruence, or the time-and-angle distortions of perspective. For instance, the parallel railroad tracks seem (mistakenly) to converge at the horizon,…

Buckminster Fuller, 100.021, p. 5, Synergetics 2, 1979)


Coincidental awareness:

To sense coincidental information,

it helps to remember,

Left hemisphere sees Other Universe

as +Object,

while Right sees Other

as SuperEco “Self-identity”

Subject (-)(-).


Prime Relationship of Subject/Object bicamerality,

evolves coincidental binomial consciousness.


Rational Left-Right balancing confluent minds


stress and strain

to retain confluent coincidental bi-reiteratively

and multisystemically balancing

Prime Relationship.

Coincidental binomial and binary information structure

of human nature’s consciousness emerges

from Julian Jaynes toward Buckminster Fuller’s

theory of polypathic Universal Intelligence,

coincidental coherency of Right-Left hemispheric

“self” ego-consciousness as identity

with and without cognitive dissonance.


Without cognitive dissonance,

human nature self-optimizes with Positive Psychology,

and Positive Deviance Theory,

as (0)-sum ecologically Win-Win Therapeutic Game Theory

and economic transactions of well-being nutrient values,

redeeming their disvalue double-bound dipolar appositionals.

EcoTherapy sprouts mutual mentoring praxis

of Permaculture Design outcoming sustained Climax Community optimization,

regeneration of Universally Intelligent

and Synergetic Natural

Physical Universe Open Convex/Concave Systems.


But, with cognitive dissonance adds DNA to RNA’s primal identity,

creating coincidental conversations between bi-elliptical negativity

as implicately ordering human incarnating Memory.

Right Elder nature,


icon of wise intelligence

evolves RNA-encoded

as prime regenerate-fractal 4-based crystal structure.

Dynamic prime relationship DNA,

double-bound elliptical,

evolves a temporal-linear linguistic string of distancing/densing Memory,

reaching back for confluence with Right-Elder’s RNA

static-double-bound ecological paradigms of coincidental consciousness,

learning and development,

cooperative economics, values, norms,

synergetic balance,

and permacultured design and resolution.


Left sees rising and narrowing

converging railroad tracks and paradigms emerging synergetic

“Other” Universe as Object,

while Right sees SuperEco Not-Not Self,

inviting Subjective Ego

to follow this trail,

originating with  Original Id-entity,

to culminate in Objective SuperEcoTherapeutic

Omega Point of time’s predicted NOW.



Gravity Waves


a group of positivists with hair-like organelles

called cilia,

structures analogous to flagella,

ciliating organelles absorb

while flagellating spermy whips

propel themselves toward conciliation,

like compassion

it takes at least two to tango.

Too often tangos lead to tangles

requiring reconciliation,

toward confluent absorption in mutual forgiveness

or disreconciliation

a disconnecting dissonant resolution

toward wiser ciliating revolutions.