Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President,

at my Green STEAM EcoSchool–
Which Mother Gaia asked me to mention
was supported by the Environmental Protection Agency
until plundered into
your Environment Predation Agency,
an offense against health defense.

back to what I hoped we might talk about,
We learned about designing multicultural nurturing guilds
composed of polyculturing plants
like cooperative flowering eastern pollinators
and chickory deep soil/soul southern enrichers,
and yummy nutritional western food producers,
and north wind resilient double-boundary networks.

And how building cooperative multicultural guilds,
and feeding them
with WinWin organic compost,
democratically and resonantly yields
long-term resilient
economic and political
and polycultural
nutritional optimization outcomes.

And how building boundaries
and walls between these polypathic
potentially free WinWin cooperators
leads to emerging WinLose climate competitors
building even larger scale
ever more supremacist monoculturing wars
and mutually unbalanced
and devastating
LoseLose climate pathology terror.

That was about it
for today
as I recall.

what did you learn outside today
listening to your EcoSchool root system mentors
and interns
and WiseElder matriarchal teachers?

If Mother Yin-Gaia spoke to me,
just a Green kid,
I’m sure She would speak with you.

Just another Green kid
listening to your Red,