Polyculturing Bipolar Paths

Our passion grows planetary,

and coincidentally emergent.


Learning grows logical


accessible to both Self and Other;

evaporates into dissonance

without coincidental incarnation,

madness and wildness.


EcoSelf consciousness develops

coincidental experience,



of our ego-eco balancing identity

as bionic information processors

of form-bits essentially binomial,

mutually mentoring bows of gratitude

implied, then explicating, emerging

elliptical convex Yang eruptions

on Earth’s evolving skin,

filled with yeasting metaphysical Yin-Codex

concavely unfolding polycultural paradigms and memes,

logos and mythos,

growing out and merging,

synergizing ego-id and Gaia’s superego,

Left and Right confluent experience,

incident, rhetorical and experiential events,

deduced coincidence optimizing intuitively positive

teleo-ecological multisystemic identity.


Half of Freud’s mental health

uncovered id-ego learning to resolve,

emerging resonance with Other Half of mindful well-being,

super-eco’s redeemer economics,

exchanging win-lose cognitive dissonance

for win-win ecological coincidence of lives

and mindful consciousness.


Meta-enculturating diastasis

optimizes Yin’s purgative ego-function,

seeding Yang’s fully balancing life-form;

where Yin is non-polynomial spacetime information

double-bound equivalent

with Yang polynomial information’s primal resolution

to always fly and swim and walk,

run and play and hide,

and mutually gravitate together.






When we see regenerate systemic structure,

Then we know regenerative prime function,

of time and relationship,

of space and sequential proportion,

of polyculturing revolutions

devouring monocultures in warm synergetic baptisms.


When we know regenerative primal function,

We learn to hear regenerating frequencies,

We fear unregenerative force,

We evolve  faith-praxis through ReGenetic Intelligism,

(oops, did I say that out loud?).


When we evolve multisystemic orthopraxis through ReGenetic Wisdom

Then we mentor co-regeneration,

mutual evolve-informing subordinate,

reiterative listening and syncing,

positive generous timeliness,

in Basic Attendance spaciousness,

diastatic lungs and heart and consciousness

in peace-radiant love with Earth’s unfolding song and dance.


+/-Eulerian + RNA 4-Based Binomial Geometric Evolutionary Logical,

Ecological and Biological,

and Regenerative Nuclear Linear-Polar String Revolving 4-equi-dimensional

thermodynamic and electromagnetic prime relationship balance,

where +Polynomial = -(-)Polynomial Open Hierarchical Balanced MultiSystemic Information Win-Win Assumption.


See Buckminster Fuller on prime tetrahedral revolving dynamic evolution of spacetime,

fractal information as energy,

(0)-sum Core Vector [convex] OVER Core Vortex [concave].

And also consider a post-millennial revision of cultural Taoism

so Yang = +1 QBit, as

Yin = (-)-1 QBit, and

Permaculturing Tao = +/(-)- Prime Fractal Ergodic 0-soul Theorem (Gregori Perelman, et. al.)


Economic Rights of Earth

Rights of nature,

truths, not wrongs,

goods, not so much bads,

are eco-logical.

Eco-pathic sanity

emerges away from ego-normic irrationality.

Divestment from extractive-based capital investment

predicts investment in cooperative-based diversity of cultures

and economies.


Natural systems emerge more fully, globally,

from well-composted soil.

Economic systems sustain optimized Trees of Life

when we invest every breath








in cooperative inclusive systems of Earth’s Care,

shared karmic vocation to grow

our paradise of graced economy.


Pathology has invested in ego-centric win-lose strategies

so our permacultured wise design

discovers therapy divesting of ego-centric incarnations,


commodified self-strategies to win.

We are learning nature’s deep eco-logic,

regenerative optimization invests in (0) sum global

win-win fair share policies

mutual priority

our shared subsidiarity to Earth’s logic,

Original Intent’s Omega Point,

peaceful air of mindful practice,

evolution of Green Revolution,

spins and weaves our Great Transition season

to produce new leaves of grass-fed transactions

with mutual gratitude for winter past,

as Right-brained Yin’s inductive swell,

our pregnant vein of time

balancing her well-Yanged Left brain dominance,

egocentric individual-ism.


Discovered Spirit,

uncovered Nature.

Nothing more,

nothing less,

than (0) sum positive teleology,

transforming meaning with purpose

marching eco-normic balance.

Nature’s righteous law

reveals spirit’s leftover

mergently abundant grace,

a (0) sum Win-Win global game

our positively balanced spacetime economy,

thermagnetic balanced, deep eco-logic harmony;

less marching in extractive market squares,

more dancing in globally networked circles,

harmonizing active peace,

love’s permacultured psalm.


Greatest effect with least effort, loss, and suffering,

winnow investments toward cooperative practice,

our Original Permaculturing Intent.


Spacetime Lament


I’ve said it all before,

last time you firmly closed my door.


Where have my words dreamed since then,

hiding fugitives in labyrinthine recesses,

backwaters of insane progress

confidently processing toward unknown intent?


I’ve feared it all before.

This flirtive closing door

on other sides far too vast

with needs sucking out my lungs

squeezing timid-static heart

closing rich sensory prehensile shutters

until concaving Yin weeps with righteous loneliness.


She’s sung it all before

time’s merciless karmic door

open always as before

yet No Admission

without formal dress,

accessorized dysfunction.



You’ll say it all again

next time I mercy fuck your home.


What will your words do next time,

laughing boldly through primordial eclipse,

surging equinoxing rivers

streaming global madness fear?


You’ll find me once again,

my grace-open salvific door.

Death’s other side slowly swims

languidly breathing advent into

fertile faith-ballooning diastasis,

wide-sweeping invite into ego-silence,

warm echo belonging,

blanketing Yang’s eternal karmic kiss.


He’ll dance with Yin again

in carnaling EarthTribe’s permacultured soil

zero-carbon holonic balancing

banquet for all Earth to savor

frequent fractal organic fusions.


I’ve said this all before

time gave birth to four dia-metric space,

biological, binomial, and bicameral,

in Bucky’s regenerate,


geometric (0) soul-fractal place.



Yang encultured power praxis,

male-dominatrix history.

Yin polyculturally integrating harmony,

feminist nutrient permaculture.

Revolve in RNA’s relational fractal structure,

regenerating natural systemic template:

U = +P

C = (-)NP

A = Yang-convex Vertex

G = Yin-concave’s Dark Vortex

cooperatively stringing


EarthTribe’s eternal memory code.


Synergetic Nest

We find each Other’s contours,



merging into one breath,

two resonant heartbeats.


Then rise to fly apart.

Breathing out what you breathe in

breathing in what you breathe out,

Inspiring information

expiring exformation,

my Yang inhale your Yin exhale

my Yin exhale your Yang inhale.


Floating back,

syncorhythm breath,

harmonic (0)-sum stress

resonating confluence,

true mutually adjusting ergodic rest,

in interweaving spirare nest,

full vibrant revolutions.




Man/Sha Legends

Earth Tribal Declaration of Interdependence

Dr. Owl, from the Treeology Department, drafted the Declaration of Interdependence, borrowing heavily from the nature-spirit traditions and Regenerative Systems Theory. Some cultural historians attribute the outbreak of the Green Revolution to the promulgation of her draft to the Assembly of Biospecies.


Green Revolution Declaration of Universal Grace Ecology, Economy, Treeology, etc., etc., etc.

Regenerative Systems Development Theorem

[Reverse Corollary of Cognitive Dissonance Theory and the Positive Deviance Conjecture that Polynomial Time = Non-Polynomial Information Codex -1 (C-Yin) = +0 (U-Yang)]

 We seem to die to regenerate toward flying together, like the stardust from which we emerged, and Gaia’s root systems rewoven within, reflecting what our bicameral minds have discovered evolving without; and not flying apart into disharmonious chaos and entropy and irrationality quite so awfully much.

We are a stardust Earth Tribe, of, by, and for sustaining all living systems and species.

We refuse to confine our lives within benighted and arbitrary death sentences and even whole paragraphs and paradigms.

After all, a creature’s a person,

no matter how small,

no matter how yet unborn or ancient,

no matter how marginal,

or insane,

or deviant,

or violent and suffering.

We are becoming aware that the opposite of life is chaos, dismay, decay, dissonance, entropy.

We are becoming aware the opposite of the absence of relationship,



is equity, beauty, dance, song,



merging toward, and from, a primally balanced relationship,

between Pre-Genetar Earth and Re-Genetive organic systems,

between God, Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah, Omega Point, Universal Intelligence, Original Intent and

Re-Connective Design Bicameral Processors,

between Earth’s Original Intent and meaning and

Future’s Universally Intelligent purpose,

between functioning effectively, and thermodynamically balanced energy frequencies, and growing awareness of natural polycultural form development,

between informing as Implicate Order and unraveling as Bohm’s Explicate Order,

or vice-versa, or all the above, depending on which end of the polar, elliptically and fractally revolving string you imagine standing on,

between air and water and fire,

between space and the flow of time,

balanced induction and deduction,

balanced concave and convex,

balanced feminine and masculine,

balancing our within and without,

our positive and negative,

our polynomial and non-polynomial information

in any binomial/binary metric system,

with 4-prime equi-dimensional fractaling/fusing/folding metric frequencies and rhythms,

inductive and deductive Janus-faced,

[+/-4QBit Implicated Octave = +/- (0) Soul Universal Prime Relationship Treeological String Theory],

Infinity Assumption of Balanced Tao.

Now, where was I, oh yes, coming back and in toward this Eternal Transition Moment, at the beginning of the 3rd Millennium,

We are a narrative encultured information-string metaphysically stretching back to the origins of RNA; Original Intent Coded for symbiotically regenerating life along a Positive Purposive Predication (or Golden Rule Ratio Assumption, if you prefer) of greatest diastatic full-breathed development through minimal competitive stress disorders, by exhaling negative air and values,

potential nutrients lost,

resources gone awry.

We are a Bicameral ReGenesis Project sowing seeds of permacultural cooperative, profoundly inclusive, balanced polycultures,

especially where we have created burgeoning monocultural messes and monopolies.

We are incubating our most long-sustained fertility in centered peaceful compost

between Left and Right hemispheres,

balancing away from Left-brained, deductive dominance,

balancing toward feminist power and masculine flexibility and nurturance,

balancing a long-term risk avoidant economy and a cost-effective preservation of Gaia’s ecosystems, well-seasoned optimization of Earth’s natural cycles,

like sap rising toward our branches in early spring, followed, in late fall, by the reverse rain of self-regenerative seeds scattered on the polycultured compost of mindful remembering and diversely inclusive compassion.

We are Earth’s Tree of Systemic Life, a Commons, held within our deepest (0)-sum ecology of gratitude,

especially for the winter’s of implicating, brewing, fermenting, precessive stillness,

predicating summer’s positive, actively incarnating production of leaves and flowers and fertile seeds.

We are developing naturally grown patterns and frequencies,

producing thriving, balanced interior and exterior landscapes,

minds with bodies,

and bodies with mindful communication systems and skills,

positive treeological practice and intent,

balancing East to West to East double-helixed Yin/Yang/Yin spacetime fractally-sequencing information revolutions.

We are watering and harvesting our flowers, worrying not so much about those dissonant weeds over there,

somewhere, anywhere, everywhere.

We are dancing in ever richer circles,

with less marching in ever-shrinking effractive markets.

We are a recycling fractal Human-Natured Tribe

deeply learning our emergent polycultured, bicameral, breathing EarthSelf Identity.

We remember, re-ligion, who we already are,

we reincarnate Eternal Moment’s meaning and purpose

(teleological conjecture of panentheism),

we are a YangCommons-balanced informing string stretching back, and in, and out,

to our Prime PreGenetive (0)-sum feminist YinVortex

discovering Yang Polynomial Time by uncovering Yin’s Not-Polynomial reversed/negative temporal, implicated primal order

(or the affective-temporal aptic stricture of pre-bicameral awareness, see Julian Jaynes on the ethological evolution of bicameral consciousness and iconic language).

We are a Bicameral Tribe with a shamanic conjecture:

Earth reveals, temporally uncovers, our Without,

Earth’s spacetime Original Intent awareness,

to teach us equity, peace, grace, and justice Within,

Bucky Fuller’s Universal Intelligence as a positively-trending information string,

our exegetical metaphysically encultured string theory of deductive development,

such as Bloom’s Taxonomy of sustained learning cycles,

and Robert Norton’s reiterating developmental cycles of enthymematic communication,

or both Eastern and Western alchemy

or octave harmony structures and stages of evolution,

or Tao as the water-nutrient system of the Tree of Life.

Awareness of Earth’s spacetime optimization of living systems

predicates therapeutic global redesign of natural systems,

paradised eternal moment projections Without,

as Earth revels with, and embraces, our human-natured Within:

EarthTribe’s slowly evolving manifest destiny,

now in our Great Turning,

declare our positive practice and Original Intention toward

(0)-summed, balanced, abundantly Win-Win regenerative system

for optimizing each peace-filled paradise-predicated moment,















What grows YangUp

to flower,

must also grow YinDown

to root

toward optimized permacultured compost,

positive nutrients and values

to design,


maintain and mature,



and re-seed

this ethology of paradise polyculturally revolving,

each season predicating the next,

reiterating our positive Original Intent

back, back to the (0)-seed vortexical beginning of spaciated time.