LeftBrains with RightHearts

LeftBrain ego challenges
are also investments
in cooperatively struggling with RightBrain understream flow,
understories of recreative grace,
positively trending karma,
or against, trying to swim directly upstream,
competing with RightBrain’s laterally co-arising flow skills of integration.

Our moment by ego/ecoconscious moment choices
are in where and how and why
to LeftBrain invest in positive challenge
and/or divest of cognitive negative problems.

While this either-or competition
is actually also both-and cooperation
when we are at our Left-Right best,
most maturely skilled in deep ecological learning,
we lean more heavily into both-and challenges
with RightBrain integrative polypathic multicultural comprehension,
co-empathic co-arising Left/Right mutual-subsidiarity trust,
and more lightly on either-or mistrust problems
with LeftBrain ego and anthrocentrist ignorance
of RightBrain’s timeless understory
of nutritional co-gravitating integrity.

Minds, brains, hearts, lungs, hands, feet
are embodied,
part of an organically healthy,
and sometimes more unhelpfully pathological,
ecopolitical biosystem.

So LeftBrain deductive reasoning,
logical rationality,
is also RightBrain embodied ecological,
phylogenically emerging within holistic matriotic nurturing,
growing out from Ego/Self:Eco/Other co-embodied composting wombs
co-arising nondual polypathic power-with empathy.

Following Julian Jaynes’ ethological theory of bicameral emergence,
and phylogenic historic-memetic evolutionary evidence,
LeftBrain’s polynomially languaged rationality
is primally embedded in RightBrain unlanguaged unconscious
notnot Tipping Point ecological-moral integrity development,
discernment toward multicultural integrity as climate health norms,
ego-values rooted in ecological thermodynamics of living systems.

LeftBrain egocentrism
merges with RightBrain eco-consciousness
as we mature
by extending our empathic skills
discerning ecological health
cooperatively, co-redemptively, co-mentoringly, democratically
by divesting of unhelpful self-and-other condeming pathologies,
an unwillingness to mentor co-empathic “both-and” acclimation;
especially when we feel surrounded by a mistrusting “either-or” competitive, and not quite so healthily democratic,
sometimes paranoid and terrifying,
ego-supremacist environment.

After all,
what else could divine with human natural transubstantiation be,
other than this ecological polypathic stretch
of our multicultural WinWin Golden Rule?

Left to Right and back again,
reiterative enthymematic revolutions
of Left-Explicate and Right-NotNotImplicating-integrating
co-arising polypathic communications of climate health
and notnot dissonant demonic noise?


Ground of Becoming

Aristotle thought happiness is the foundation of existence.
Since then, others have worried that maybe survival is closer
to their own more suffering experience.

I don’t exactly disagree with Aristotle,
or with those on the more suffering side of our species.
But, where these two come together, in my experience,
is within the context of health v pathology.

To me, happiness is the Yang-face of health’s Yin-face,
so it is these two together co-arising the foundation
of ego’s regenerative existence,
and degenerative subclimate pathologies.

In learning happy health,
life lived ever more fully,
positive karmically,
as in gaming,
the stress of stretching one’s offensive capacities
is reduced by the belief that we have a perfect defense.
We know there are no WinLose strategic players;
only WinWin intent.
Because we know through co-empathic experience
and the evidence of Earth’s evolution,
that WinWin always optimizes happy-health,
while WinLose suboptimizes
opportunities for developing further co-empathic learning capacities.

So too,
defensive concerns soften and languish
by constant feedback that we have a flawless happy-health offensive strategy for further WinWin learning.

In the real world
there is no more a perfectly conservative defense
against unhealthy suffering
than there is a perfectly evolving offense toward happy health.

In learning healthier living,
cognitive-affective dissonance is our defense against polypathic co-empathy,
our oppositional resistance.

Empathic happy-health psychology,
a deep awareness of our ecopolitical equivalence,
empowers Basic Attendance (0)-sum balance,
our regenerative offensive-centered listening position
for learning effectively,
balancing nurture with challenge,
by noticing our own cognitive-affective defenses,
without which we would have no radical sense of autonomous identity,
no monoculturing monotheistic monochromatic severed ego.

So too, without our primal co-empathic relationship
with our mentoring environment,
we could have no interdependent. ecological happy-health identities.

And yet,
our ego-patriotic conserving defense of happiness
remains a secondary form
in relation to our RightBrain matriotic nurturance function
of a healthy regenerative climate,
learning atmosphere,
ecological integrity of ego-resilient polypaths.

LeftBrain Aristotle thought happiness is the foundation of existence,
because his RightBrain noticed health as his ground of becoming.


Turquoise Dawn meets Purple Dusk

Earth’s Day issues our collective invitation,

echoing out and back through all incarnation,

enculturing all EarthTribe’s living natural systems,

to celebrate balancing harmony,

confluent peace with fairness,

contented mutual equity,

mindful compassion between

Caesar’s commodified Physical Universe,

also known as branching Yang,

and SuperEco’s graced Metaphysical Universe,

also known as rooted Yin;

both economically and ecologically self-optimizing

Prime Relationship of Tao’s mutually compelling

0-sum Win-Win Group Game Soul Theory.


To optimize Earth Day’s here and now contentment,

minimize suffering silos of stratified separation

from humane nature’s cooperative eco-normic balance

between Purple MetaPhysical paradigms polypathic

and Turquoise Physical 4-dimensional dynamic math polynomic.


With gratitude to G. Perelman, W. Thurston, D. E. Beck, and C. Cowan


Polyculturing Bipolar Paths

Our passion grows planetary,

and coincidentally emergent.


Learning grows logical


accessible to both Self and Other;

evaporates into dissonance

without coincidental incarnation,

madness and wildness.


EcoSelf consciousness develops

coincidental experience,



of our ego-eco balancing identity

as bionic information processors

of form-bits essentially binomial,

mutually mentoring bows of gratitude

implied, then explicating, emerging

elliptical convex Yang eruptions

on Earth’s evolving skin,

filled with yeasting metaphysical Yin-Codex

concavely unfolding polycultural paradigms and memes,

logos and mythos,

growing out and merging,

synergizing ego-id and Gaia’s superego,

Left and Right confluent experience,

incident, rhetorical and experiential events,

deduced coincidence optimizing intuitively positive

teleo-ecological multisystemic identity.


Half of Freud’s mental health

uncovered id-ego learning to resolve,

emerging resonance with Other Half of mindful well-being,

super-eco’s redeemer economics,

exchanging win-lose cognitive dissonance

for win-win ecological coincidence of lives

and mindful consciousness.


Meta-enculturating diastasis

optimizes Yin’s purgative ego-function,

seeding Yang’s fully balancing life-form;

where Yin is non-polynomial spacetime information

double-bound equivalent

with Yang polynomial information’s primal resolution

to always fly and swim and walk,

run and play and hide,

and mutually gravitate together.






When we see regenerate systemic structure,

Then we know regenerative prime function,

of time and relationship,

of space and sequential proportion,

of polyculturing revolutions

devouring monocultures in warm synergetic baptisms.


When we know regenerative primal function,

We learn to hear regenerating frequencies,

We fear unregenerative force,

We evolve  faith-praxis through ReGenetic Intelligism,

(oops, did I say that out loud?).


When we evolve multisystemic orthopraxis through ReGenetic Wisdom

Then we mentor co-regeneration,

mutual evolve-informing subordinate,

reiterative listening and syncing,

positive generous timeliness,

in Basic Attendance spaciousness,

diastatic lungs and heart and consciousness

in peace-radiant love with Earth’s unfolding song and dance.


+/-Eulerian + RNA 4-Based Binomial Geometric Evolutionary Logical,

Ecological and Biological,

and Regenerative Nuclear Linear-Polar String Revolving 4-equi-dimensional

thermodynamic and electromagnetic prime relationship balance,

where +Polynomial = -(-)Polynomial Open Hierarchical Balanced MultiSystemic Information Win-Win Assumption.


See Buckminster Fuller on prime tetrahedral revolving dynamic evolution of spacetime,

fractal information as energy,

(0)-sum Core Vector [convex] OVER Core Vortex [concave].

And also consider a post-millennial revision of cultural Taoism

so Yang = +1 QBit, as

Yin = (-)-1 QBit, and

Permaculturing Tao = +/(-)- Prime Fractal Ergodic 0-soul Theorem (Gregori Perelman, et. al.)


Economic Rights of Earth

Rights of nature,

truths, not wrongs,

goods, not so much bads,

are eco-logical.

Eco-pathic sanity

emerges away from ego-normic irrationality.

Divestment from extractive-based capital investment

predicts investment in cooperative-based diversity of cultures

and economies.


Natural systems emerge more fully, globally,

from well-composted soil.

Economic systems sustain optimized Trees of Life

when we invest every breath








in cooperative inclusive systems of Earth’s Care,

shared karmic vocation to grow

our paradise of graced economy.


Pathology has invested in ego-centric win-lose strategies

so our permacultured wise design

discovers therapy divesting of ego-centric incarnations,


commodified self-strategies to win.

We are learning nature’s deep eco-logic,

regenerative optimization invests in (0) sum global

win-win fair share policies

mutual priority

our shared subsidiarity to Earth’s logic,

Original Intent’s Omega Point,

peaceful air of mindful practice,

evolution of Green Revolution,

spins and weaves our Great Transition season

to produce new leaves of grass-fed transactions

with mutual gratitude for winter past,

as Right-brained Yin’s inductive swell,

our pregnant vein of time

balancing her well-Yanged Left brain dominance,

egocentric individual-ism.


Discovered Spirit,

uncovered Nature.

Nothing more,

nothing less,

than (0) sum positive teleology,

transforming meaning with purpose

marching eco-normic balance.

Nature’s righteous law

reveals spirit’s leftover

mergently abundant grace,

a (0) sum Win-Win global game

our positively balanced spacetime economy,

thermagnetic balanced, deep eco-logic harmony;

less marching in extractive market squares,

more dancing in globally networked circles,

harmonizing active peace,

love’s permacultured psalm.


Greatest effect with least effort, loss, and suffering,

winnow investments toward cooperative practice,

our Original Permaculturing Intent.


Spacetime Lament


I’ve said it all before,

last time you firmly closed my door.


Where have my words dreamed since then,

hiding fugitives in labyrinthine recesses,

backwaters of insane progress

confidently processing toward unknown intent?


I’ve feared it all before.

This flirtive closing door

on other sides far too vast

with needs sucking out my lungs

squeezing timid-static heart

closing rich sensory prehensile shutters

until concaving Yin weeps with righteous loneliness.


She’s sung it all before

time’s merciless karmic door

open always as before

yet No Admission

without formal dress,

accessorized dysfunction.



You’ll say it all again

next time I mercy fuck your home.


What will your words do next time,

laughing boldly through primordial eclipse,

surging equinoxing rivers

streaming global madness fear?


You’ll find me once again,

my grace-open salvific door.

Death’s other side slowly swims

languidly breathing advent into

fertile faith-ballooning diastasis,

wide-sweeping invite into ego-silence,

warm echo belonging,

blanketing Yang’s eternal karmic kiss.


He’ll dance with Yin again

in carnaling EarthTribe’s permacultured soil

zero-carbon holonic balancing

banquet for all Earth to savor

frequent fractal organic fusions.


I’ve said this all before

time gave birth to four dia-metric space,

biological, binomial, and bicameral,

in Bucky’s regenerate,


geometric (0) soul-fractal place.



Yang encultured power praxis,

male-dominatrix history.

Yin polyculturally integrating harmony,

feminist nutrient permaculture.

Revolve in RNA’s relational fractal structure,

regenerating natural systemic template:

U = +P

C = (-)NP

A = Yang-convex Vertex

G = Yin-concave’s Dark Vortex

cooperatively stringing


EarthTribe’s eternal memory code.