RePurposing Anger

At last,
we are angry with each other
which may be a coincidence,
but probably not;

Depending on active faith
in linear cause-effect relationships,
leftbrain dominant yang powers,

circular dipolar co-arising
co-passioned effective unpolarized relationship,
causes v effects = effective causal recycles
of rightbrain both/and recessive yintegrity.

at last,
we have set our synergetic communication stage
to test this ancient hypothesis
that two negatives
are equal to a potential positive co-passion,
as polynomials
may equal not not polynomials

Where positive
also equals leftbrain healthy
and rightbrain safe

And negative anger
equals leftbrain liberally
communication healthy
when rightbrain feels conservatively safe,

Despite never considering this internal hypothesis
because of patriarchal
win/lose capitalistic faith
in not not equivalent potential
for ego/ecosystemic win/wins

Despite respite death through life
repurposing timeless eternity
of unity
more flexibly equitable
than uniformity
of leftbrain thoughts
with rightbrain feelings.


Virtuous Revolutions

Virtuous revolutions
are like timeless whole system recycling.

When was the last time
you thought and felt
we cooperatively feel and think in cycles
while living in a virtuous WinWin communicating circle?

Rather than slowly dying off into more private mutterings
while competitively marching
through a WinLose vicious market square.

When we are small toddlers
learning to speak healthy words,
while also hearing angry wounding curses,
despite wealthy experiences of family well-seasoned integrity
growing toward climaxing green sanctuary summers
and then winnowing most nutritional relationships toward
womblike wet-outside yet warm-inside winters

While yang inhaling co-operative intent
heard with slumbering gratitude,
co-arises yin exhalations
manifesting each compassionate airborne revolution
of responsive cooperative solidarity
inside yin dark womb
refueling back toward outside yang bright summer

Unitarian inside compassion’s intent
toward universal cooperative outside incarnation
informating mature enlightening trends
exhalating virtuous systems not not coterminous correlations,

Incoming therapeutic evolution
predicting outgoing co-passioning revolution recycles
going up wealthily
reweaving down healthily

Life becomes light robust as summer
winnowing ego-death resilient revolutions
winning virtuous eco-systemic ways.

When was the last time you thought and felt
we cooperatively feel and think
while breathing in a virtuous communion circle
rather than slowly dying off,
overpowered by a viciously commodified square?


GrandMother Moon: Philosopher of Law

I declare,
said Grandmother Moon,
in a distinct correlational dialect
of new to full moon recycling health,

You have the right to remain free
of annoying monotheistic waste-stream Authorities.

Waste-stream Authorities…
And who would be responsible
in that LoseLose way?
I was asking about life-stream
cooperatively-owned responsibilities.

Responsibilities for full moon access to light
of matriarchal Yin
and patriarchal Yang,
full of his solar radiant FullMoon reflective self
continued Authoritative rebirth
centering Earth-revolutionary survival.

Natural/spiritual speed of enlightenment
slow-revolution growing laws
written by our most senior trees
include rights
to healthy food
clean water
breathable air
sheltering climates and inside spaces
dependent solely on upholding
cooperative responsibility
to revolve in nature/spirit harmony
with non-self remainder
of sacred creation
still spinning
as a non-reflective GoldenRule shadow.

I know,
I know,
We find these WiseElder rights
to be not quite LeftBrain deductive dominion
self-evident without FullMoon self-other regenerating
v pathologically reversing back
toward NewMoon degenerating

All revolutionary potential creations
are weakened or strengthened
by competing or cooperating responsibilities
conjoining WinWin Root Systemic NewMoon Theories
of WiseElder CoOperative RightBrain sacred authority
to uphold our nature/spirit light
of constitutional revolutionary WinWin agreements

Made this NewMoon cooperating dipolar night with day
toward Democracy’s Healing Revolution
Solar rights
reflected in Lunar responsibilities
as matriarchal responses
to patriarchal authority,
engaging cooperative/competing authorities
witnessing FullMoon health rights
and NewMoon sociopathological wealth wrongs

DayTime revenge
and pay to competitively play codes
of legal WinLose conduct
Punish for predator sins
against an unjustly preyed upon society,
a wrongly neglected neighbor,
an assaulted sister,
learning to support
a fragile
unsatisfying Authority
not at all helpful
for transforming responsible guilt
into gratitude for equitable WinWin rights
and against pathology of not equitable WinLose wrongs
for achieving long-term restored integrity,
revolutionary HealthHarvest
laws of nature-spirit revolutionaries.

Natural/spiritual nondual Law,
WinWin GoldenRules of therapeutic multilateral intent
applied with health responsibility
for humane
and all natural/spiritual living Egos,
for living within healthy EcoSystems
on a more beautiful
bilateral New through FullMoon promising planet
of loving LeftDeductive FullMoon
RightInductive NewMoon
GraceLight invoking secular/sacred Gratitude.

Solar radiant retribution
seems to carry FullMoon authority of environmental justice
for competitively polluting
a lot of hot and stinky ecopolitical global v nationalistic competing air
Without health-aspiring
to restore healing kindness
Gratitude which unmutes transparent mutual responsibilities
for growing ecological health
as polypathic theological FullMoon wealth
through co-operating equity
of Solar/Lunar
nature/spirit light polypathic/multi-nutritional powers
of Love’s Revolving Authority.


Hypocrisy in OnlyWhite

I am reading
“Democracy in Black”
by Eddie S. Glaude, Jr.
but continue reconstructing this title
“Hypocrisy in Only White.”

when I let my memory
look back to my own self-interests in history
as archaeological digging and prying and discovery,
adventure and curiosity
of my internal ecological development,
I reweave back
through still on-going matriarchal lines
that include,
are shared with,
anyone capable of reading
and comprehending
these words of regenerating memory.

to darker
richer genes and memes
of cooperative to still thrive today,
saving competitions for survival moments.

Back to
better to prey together
side by side
as neanderthal brothers and sisters
than to grow predative
against each other.

This Golden Rule
of dark Afro-Eurasian
equatorial resonant depth
of historical origin
in normative play
at least until we substitute capitalism’s
supremacist agendas
for rationalism’s ego-ecocentric
reweaving memory
of this original Earth Mom
magical and mysterious
then worshiped and danced
ritualed and cooperative ownership co-governing,
then more modern radical eccentricities
forgetting our shared matriarchal
memory of dualdark
hypocrisies of merely white inferiority
despair of remaining fully
who we together are,
where we have been
predating history
where we could return
each morning
with greatest polyphonic joy.

To paraphrase David Holmgren
(Permaculture, p. 113)
Containers were one essential organic innovation
necessary for this cooperative agrarian revolution.
Opportunities to refill organically produced bodies
are enormous
transitioning into recycling energy descent
for shared cooperative memory.
Reimaging full organic containers
is far better than sending us
away and down and out for recycling.
Most official ecopolitical waste reduction strategies
place little emphasis
on organic reuse refilling re-educating
deep ecologically learning containers,
or confuse WinWin refueling,
with capitalism’s WinLose recycling,
switching productive containers
into merely consuming eventual empties,
bleached-out white-washed faded hypocrisies
of purest supremacy against nothing
deeply densely
richly resonantly valued.


Fishy Science School of GeoMetric (0)-Soul Economic Arts

Math speaks through us
within us
of cognitive landscapes
imagined still and/or moving.

Primal metrics are rational and symmetrical,
good as true as straightforward,
complex creation story problems
unfolding with precise answers,
right as at least not not ecologically wrong,
ecopolitically suboptimal perhaps,
yet at least not full-blown subclimate of depressive pathology,
no irrational remainders of wasted paper and trees and days and decades remaining.

Tidy, if somewhat empty,
zero-sum metric loving souls.

But scientists need to understand
how we climatically feel about these metric bicameral functions
of cognition’s agape through terror
of dissonant irrationality,
exterior landscapes of joy with some considerable unknown as yet dismay,
empathically felt interior erotic-sensual trust
fertilely opposing toxic hate of chaotic landscapes and lifespan dreams and meta-unphysical paradigms
and ecological as ecopolitically correct global multicultural climates
of and for not-so-much pathology.

This appears to become our bicameral fractal spiral
of three dimensional spatial landscapes
with one bilateral temporal summerish-mature Yang climate
of ecoconscious
Left/Right Balancing consilient polypathy,
bicamerally (0)-soul invested ecopolitical resonance,
octave-crystal holonic harmonies of RNA/DNA Revolutionary EarthRights Solidarity, HistoricCultural ReWeaving,
evolving rainblown spirals of metric scientific enlightenment.

Math erupts interior ecologic of healthy landscapes
while science is about exterior ecopolitics
evolving healthier climates
of polypathic Left/Right optimal-health comprehension.

This politics of science unveils economic health
perhaps even co-opting YangDominant capitalism,
co-operating ecologically positive climates,
of co-empathic trusting
fully-democratically accessible
co-messianic power
as opposed to decomposing pathologies of static distrust,
swelling toward LoseLose games and lack of passion displays,
climatic disempowerment of EarthTribe’s Common Rights.

Politics of knowledge power,
both positive and negative,
economically competitively ruined
unwilling to share and play Golden Rule through Ratio nice,
static monoculturing, repressing, self-oppressing,
paranoid ecopolitical isolation,
petrification, terror, fear of future times,
anger about losses from potential regenerations past,
negative psychology shadowing Positive Psychology
becoming bicameral politics.

All of us infantile deep learning scientists
begin bilateral walking through nurturing climate landscapes.
Some learn to bicamerally struggle
with flying through days and most especially nights
of health v pathology regenerate/decomposing climates,
feelings of straightforwardly true
and too often not so much lifting off co-gravity’s ground of becoming.
Few remember to swim erotically in our anciently sacred sea
of Agape’s implicating bliss
ecoconscious self-governed kiss,
kicking and revolving not too hard to soften
old rememories of our ecologically graceful old school
for/of co-empathically trusting fish.

EcoPolitical Science as GraceFilling School for fish
begins far back before graceful bipedal walking,
on back to beginnings of wave-linear metric bilateral time
swimming radiantly Yang with Yin
prime relationally entrusting
incarnating dualdark Elder Yin’s implicating procreation
born of Sun’s Yang sperm
waving warming embryonic Earth
regenerating healthy cooling information
of ecologically swimming bilateral identity,
revolving resonant light,
rainbow’s metric timing.

Where Father Sun greets Earth’s primal rain
there we scientifically engage
our Elder metric strains of harmony,
not merely cognitive-mechanistic predictability
of constant boring reiteration,
but profoundly politically embedded
in organic love and lust networks
of continuously revolving life through death functions,
adding days to subtract nights,
multiplying families to divide
empathic trusting schools of ecopolitical fish
spirals around and through coral boundary reefs,
reflecting ultra-violet resonance
of moon and star filtering almost light,
bounding heartbeat dreamy landscapes
and climates of septically bifurcating emptiness,
zero-centric ecopolitical scientists
still swimming toward bicamerally balancing identity.

The scientific life is not all full-swollen fertile summers,
not all hibernating depressive
monoculturing, isolated, hopeless winters of mistrusting discontent.
What co-arises in adolescent springs of life
will again co-gravitate in Elder’s Harvest
about what all those regenerative days and decomposing dialectic nights
of summer’s most Yangish WinWin outcomes
were all notnot about,
double-deductively as double-bind predicative,
positive MEME-Yang as notnot negative MEME-Yin balancing,
LeftDominant as RightBrain EcoPolitical/EcoLogical Climate
DNA-health-nurturing yet too-repressive,
non-elite. nutritionally undervalued,
yet healthwealth optimization regeneratively (0)-primal
Eulerian-spiral thermodynamic Prime Dipolarity
(co-arising as co-gravitating, reverse-4D temporal)
[as translated by Bucky Fuller’s speed of light as geometric-fractal/fusion-holonic/sacred-prime (0)Core],
Perelman-bilateral function Prime Relationship unfolding Tipping Point Universal Optimization,
[with 4 prime dimensions, Thurston, Group Theorists et. al.]
TaoTime WuWei= MidWay WinWin Gaming Theory
reiteratively profound enthymematic communication
(bilateral cooperative prime-septic (0)-sum
Positive=ReGenerative Health aptic-bicameral-internal-assumption
[Julian Jaynes, BiCameral Ethological/Ecological Theory
of LeftBrain language-dominant
as landscape/climate regenerative value),
resonantly-harmonically eco-light,
polypathically bicamerally still speaking
health v pathologies of ecopolitical science.


Health Questions for Leading Candidates

by DipolarTaoist G. O. Dillenbeck

These invite your most integral multiple choice responses.

Please choose your one best answer,
recognizing you may often find more than one choice
resonant with your own experiences,
and/or interior and exterior climatic feelings
of belonging/not-belonging.
Would you rather garden,
take care of your own yard
and home,
your landscapes,
or any other form of skilled work
with your hands
and body
as co-arising ego-mind:

A. By yourself,

if and when your family and/or vocational colleagues
are not equally co-invested in your future projected healthy outcomes.

B. With others,

especially if they are family and/or vocational colleagues,
capable of co-arising cooperative co-investment,
as you are,
and express this intent
in ways you also care for your internal and external skill-sets,
emerging gestalt balance,
Yang/Yin harmonics,
deductive LeftBrain with inductively bicameral Elder RightBrain,
autonomic bicameral resonance,
ecological-dialectical regenerative orthopraxis,
your way of poetically metamorphing, polypathing,
passionate co-investment within
shared RealTime internal/external deep-rich reiterating-resonant experience.

C. As Plan A above, because of Plan B above;
and as a holonic regenerator within Plan B above, because of too much Plan A self-hypnotic experience above,
for Cooperative Self/Other CQI Optimizing Health Outcomes.
Would you rather communicate effectively and efficiently and therapeutically,
most certainly non-violently,
as managed by your active love and peaceful campaign contentment?
[Hint: Rather than more competitive and negative counterparts,
your anti-social enculturation history,
your anger and fear management exegesis
and co-arising negative-emergent issue orientation,
dissonantly and persistently eisegetical dissonant noisy
economic and political as dis-ecological imbalance issues
of chronic-hypnotic-aptic pathology,
anti-climatic stress, discomfort, discontent,
bicameral Yang/Yin ongoing contentiousness.]

A. Just within yourself,

in a more introverted-yin
and sometimes depressing
and self-repressive
“we all have to ego-die sometime”
sort of unkind nature-way,
at least disruptive to our dreams of endless gorgeous-growth, lush-rich incorporated
EgoEmpire building.

Yang hypnotically LoseLose dominating,
rather than equivalently loving,
Yin as AlienEarthOther CoArising Presence.

B. With others,

especially if they have 7-Generation therapeutic cooperative community planning,
maybe even correlated budgeting and co-investment support experience,
economically permacultural ego-health co-development strategic planning maturity,
preferably both personal as well as political,
co-investment through communication campaign design,
eco-networking dialectical capacity,
demonstrating WinWin PoliEconomic PolyCulturally Positive Health Outcomes
at individual Ego,
and other EcoSystemic levels
currently merging Ego/Eco optimizing slow-growth
healthy political-cooperative economies
tipping toward EcoLogical interior/exterior climatic Balance.

C. EquiValent Plan A-Ego and Plan B-Eco Balance,

as co-arising dipolar Yang/Yin prime co-relational,
appositionally bilateral as bicameral,
notnot cognitive dissonance equivalency with something like
ecoconscious operatic bodhisattva as bilateral-messianic vocation, purpose, original intent,
exegetical historic RNA/DNA fractal-fold-functional temporal resonance.
Would you rather live and breathe,
sing and dance,
celebrate and eulogize,
advocate and occupy,
vote and discern,
deliberate and contest,
debate or discern

A. By yourself,

for obvious non-competing economic and ego-monocultural social-political reasons.

B. With others,

especially if they too
like you,
breathe day in
as each night out
ecoconsciously bicameral wu wei
TippingPoint MidWay (0)-Balancing
shared-Earth-and-Atmosphere teleological vocation
as polyculturing ecotherapic love of Self as Other as Earth Holonic EcoSystems,
with cooperatively shared economies
of politically polypathic ecologic.

C. Both Plan A as Plan B,
mutually co-arising “truth” confluence as Tao’s WinWin Ego/Eco “beauty” Timing.
Thank you for always and everywhere choosing C,
and other PlanC-oriented candidates for economic and political
as ecological bicameral-balance
of Earth-thru-Ego-healthy leadership.



Holy StandUp Matters

In April of this year I began preparing a new organic gardening patch,
planning to have it ready for next year’s expansion from a too-small garden
in front of my recently acquired Connecticut Cape Cod home.

I have neighbors toward southern exposure and behind,
between the Thames River and my sunset-facing backyard.

Here, next to an old, but still purposeful,
forest green fresh-painted deck
lies a mix of some rich dark soil
and some topsoil with unpromising smears of gravel stones
scraped off a dirt driveway
that turned to mud when wet
before I installed a pressed gravel drive last month.

next to the repurposed green deck
lies my new garden incubation project.

I rescued my deck floor last fall
from the bowels of a thorny bramble mountain,
some woody stalks obscenely pushing between heavy 2×6 planks,
now upper faced with little green stubs
since I rolled my lavish green porch paint.
But, the old railing around three sides was beyond rescue.
No longer with us, I’m sorry to say.

A sun exposed potential spot for a garden
emerged from my bramble mountain on the south side of the slightly raised deck,
about eight yards long on each of three sides.
I laid out my cardboard boxes,
stored in the grotesquely damp basement since I finished unpacking
last fall.
After soaking the cardboard,
I covered it with a combination of compost,
top soil harvested from elsewhere on this property,
and peat moss.
Then I spread four to six inches of leaves over all that.

While I wait for this to transform into healthy nutritional soil,
I have been religiously peeing on the leaves.

At first I only reenacted this baptismal ritual under cover of night,
not so much out of modesty
as motivated by kindness,
as the sight of the elderly pasty white man who just moved in next door
outside exposing his peeing penis
might offend fragile first impressions of a fairly sane person
who might be expected to behave more reliably
with regard to neighborly decorum
and more traditional liturgical events.

More recently I started peeing in a yogurt container by daylight,
huddled up against the back porch door
where at least only my backside could ever become visible
to only the backside neighbor, so to speak,
who seems to be something of an ass.
But then, who isn’t?
Then I take my yogurt cup of warm pee
and toss it out across the leaves blanketing my next-year garden plot.

This ritual feels generous,
like sprinkling my soil with nutritional holy water,
of which I do have some, but far less,
yet perhaps a bit too much,
experience as a seminarian some decades ago.
Ah yes,
memories of peeing with the other would-be angels.

Now I am concerned that I could use a great deal more urine
for my organic farming purposes.
Perhaps I should come out of my yogurt closet,
send out a note to my nearby neighbors:

“Hi. Just want to invite you to come over and pee
on the leaf-covered triangular spot
next to the south side of my deck,
anytime of day or night you wish.
Feel free to include your pets.
Make it a family destination if you wish.
In return for your investment,
I will probably have tomatoes,
and leeks (no pun intended)
to share,
not this season,
but next.
Maybe some extra peas too.
OK, I’m gonna’ stop now.”

“The neighborhood that pees together,
eats together.
So, come on,
please don’t leave me standing outside,
peeing alone,
preparing for next year’s yummy harvest.”

So I did.
This invitation has not generated the enthusiastic response I was imagining,
with neighborhood families dropping in
to drop off their deposits
for our neighborhood development project.
it did provoke my backyard neighbor
to jam a note into my otherwise vacant mailbox:

“You mentioned,
among your commitments to recycling and repurposing,
that you are an Organ Donor.
I certainly do hope whoever gets those organic parts
has a good harvest no later than next year.
Sooner is better.”

Now, how could we compost our collective humanure?


Hunting Health

Nature hunts health
to heal those and that hunted.

Spirit healths those and that haunted
by haunting those and that unhealed.

Human nature reincarnates this universal search
of why and why not health, healing, nutritionally confluent intimacy,
lover as content of beloved,
fearer as discontenting socio-ecopathology,
self and other primally identified as hunted haunted co-arising victims.

What meaning could “Universe” have outside our hunt for why
and how
to optimize co-arising healthy hunts
to extinguish co-victimization?

Universe is everything, all space through time,
so could not be contained within any deductive-only label,
closed-set assumption of formed logic.

Universe becomes uni-verb,
universing folds and unfolds our binomial,
bicameral co-arising hunt for conscious co-prehension
of Earth Tribe’s dual-transparent Prime Relationship Elder,
as Duelling Destiny,
both hunter and hunted egos searching ecologic
as cooperative economic principles of health as wealth
absorb our permacultured decomposition
of co-arising nondual thermodynamic balance
and sustained health.

Earth is our home,
our communal hunting soil and soul
for why healing nature
co-arises natural health of human nature.

Time’s eternal bilateral nondual answer
balances our humane cultural praxis,
regenerating recreative hunters and gatherers
of healthy Prime Relational Universing,
with sole intention of becoming Beloved hunted nurturing entities.

Universe, Earth, bicameral human nature,
each blinking neutral double-dark negative
for every informational synaptic positive,
all one living self-regenerative co-arising open system
of self-creative hunting,
communing communication,
dancing co-arising hunt-and-gather dance,
ecological stage-cast as hunger for how,
and hunted by why.

Yet if there were no dying or death
no fear of fear itself
no anger about being anger,
no ultimate loss in losing,
no competition outside the double-bond of co-challenging cooperation,
then why and how this universal hunt for healthy life
would emerge transparently self-evident.

Co-arising destiny of co-reposing death
recycling abundantly balancing regenerative life,
unfolds fear of fears to refold sustaining love through time.

Fear and anger meet in hated haunted hunting death,
each event a primally significant tipping point,
risk and opportunity to co-arise mutual mentorships
for permacultured hunter-learners,
as ecotherapeutic co-redeemers.

Co-arising gratitude communes with hunting natural prime relationship,
in and out,
in with out,
in or out,
in as out,
as we globally evolve this comprehension
that love is to spirit is to healthy hunting
as medicine is to nature is to beloved cooperating health.

Human nature hunts polycultural eternal health
to heal our self/other-suffering timeless nondual nature.

Absorb only our most abundantly healthy functions, forms, and frequencies
to expel internal, yet universal, pathological suffering.


Reculturing Stuff

Karma, grace, incarnation,
evolution, progress, enculturation,
pick whichever label fits for you,
are like composting souls and soils,
regenerating dispossessed stuff
within myself, society, Earth.

With compost we extract what we invest
through Ego’s intent
and Eco’s Logical regenerous praxis.

Soil and soul enrichment
and bicultural redemption
compost two layers
of one ecotherapeutic process;

Browns are decomposing Yin function
and Greens are resonant resolving Yang form.
Just-right balance water,
avoid dehydration and toxins,
and gently stir daily.


CT-ReGenesis Network: Reconnecting People, Place, and Planet


  • Habitat for Humanity Bridgeport, Cromwell, Danbury, Hartford, New Haven, New London, Salisbury, Waterbury, Willimantic (HfH)
  • Connecticut Council for Interreligious Understanding (CCIU)
  • Connecticut Food System Alliance (CFSA)
  • Melville Charitable Trust (MCT)


FROM: CT-ReGenesis Cooperative Network Developers




At the deepest level, there is no giver, no gift, and no recipient…only the universe rearranging itself.

Jon Kabat-Zinn


CT-ReGenesis Project’s proposed mission is to rearrange our State more nutritiously and equitably; one home, one neighborhood, one cooperative moment in time.


We believe Habitat for Humanity, the Food Alliance, Council for Interreligious Understanding, and the Melville Charitable Trust already participate in this mission, as do we all. Some more intentionally; some less so.


This communication will introduce each of us to the others, within a proposal to design a cooperative network together. This cooperative project might have the potential to significantly expand how we define optimally supportive housing and homes, nutrition, and healthy well-being.


A summary outline of our initial infrastructure might be pictured as a tree with two balancing main branches, each reseeding the soil of future generations:






















Habitat-9 CT Chapters/6 ReStores                         Council for Interreligious Understanding

Restoring materials, homes, neighborhoods               Restoring people and communities

Formation of renewed places: hope                            Formation of young people: faith




Food System Alliance

Restoring well-being, nutrition, health

Formation of healthy CQI[1] systems, individual and corporate

Melville Charitable Trust

Restoring supportive homes/environments

CQI supportive habitat development for optimal sustainability of at-risk people

Root system leading to a support network of CT social investors/philanthropists/public-sector investments



Who is in this CT-ReGenesis Network?


We are an informal cluster of individuals, three of whom are currently working part-time to propose that the four organizations (counting HfH chapters as representative of one international organization) could form a Core Network Team:


Mary Millican is a parent, former special needs school administrator, former owner of vintage retail enterprises, estate staging and closure experienced, master gardener, avid recycler. She wants to help Habitat ReStores, and other non-profit materials recyclers discuss how they might optimize their individual effectiveness for clients while minimizing transportation and acquisition expenses through cooperative networking and resource sharing.


Janet Tanner is a real estate agent with ReMax, an international brokerage firm. Her eco-justice and social justice experience includes advocacy for affordable housing, Habitat volunteer, horrible gardener and cook, shops at thrift stores because it is the logical thing to do, parent of a fully employed ADHD young adult. She wants to help people who are selling their houses get rid of their unwanted resources as generously, efficiently, and cost-effectively as possible, recycling goods into a cooperative distribution network where each item will return highest and best use where it is most needed in the local community. Habitat ReStores would be ideal organizing anchors for local gathering and distribution networks.


Gerald Dillenbeck, M. Div., MPA in Community Development, Permaculture Designer with special interest in the economics of ecological and nutritional development for at-risk populations. Interreligious EcoMinistry Chaplain at the Sustainable Farm School. He is a Taoist Christian, more or less; Ph.D. candidate in Holistic Teleology, occasionally; dissertation research is relevant to the mission of the proposed CT-Restore Cooperative Network. He is a former Habitat Board member (New Haven, in the 90s), sometimes a not-so-great community gardener, and vegetarian cook, member of the Order of Universal Interfaith, former President of the CT Housing Coalition, former grants administrator for Covenant to Care for Children, which, among other things, distributes clothes, and sometimes nutrients, through a network of faith communities, to at-risk kids throughout Connecticut.


Jerry (seldom “Gerald”) would like to help form religious and secular youth leadership teams to discuss and grow toward CQI standards for optimal nutrition, home environments, and sustainable vocations in a globally “rearranging” self-awareness. This requires formational environments mindful of the diverse and mutual well-being of all individuals, and all species. His favorite story is Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who, “A person’s a person. No matter how small.”



Readers are encouraged to first look at the section pertaining to your own organization. If that makes sense, then reading the other sections should begin to articulate how the Core-4 could fuse high CQI eco-equity and nutritional outcomes throughout Connecticut.



CT-ReGenesis Network’s potential value for HfH and ReStores: Two Scenarios


First Scenario


Each Habitat ReStore is loaded with great resources including many that have filtered through various Youth Transition Teams, sometimes as community improvement volunteer projects that have led to establishing entrepreneurial cooperative enterprises, vocations, and guild associations. The Americorps/VISTA programmatic platform has been tailored to support challenged young adults move into sustainable Transition Team vocations.

  • Full kitchen sets
  • Bath fixtures
  • Good reconditioned appliances [entrepreneurial venture of a Youth Transition Team]
  • Furnishings, including refinished/painted by a Transition Team(s)
  • Interior décor
  • Window treatments
  • Organic compost [entrepreneurial Transition Team]
  • Mulch [Transition Team entrepreneurial opportunity]
  • Gardening equipment
  • Seeds and plants, seasonal [Transition Team organized and produced]
  • Fencing
  • Bicycles [Transition Team refurbished], urban cargo-bikes


Most of the more established real estate agents in Connecticut are supporting the ReStore Cooperative Network’s expenses to pick up their property sellers’ unwanted items prior to closing, then distribute those goods where they will return the highest value. This follows the CQI value template for greatest effectiveness in response to trauma, potential pathology, lack of well-being, with least overall resource loss. Resource investments include living-wage time invested by cooperative worker-owners, and energy/nutrient depletion.


Also available at the ReStores, or other neighborhood/community center space, are Restoration Incubators for homeschool education, training, recreation, and vocational development space. These Centers are home to the HfH, Food, and Housing AmeriCorps/Vista youth leadership and internship programs, and may provide after-school Deep Learning activities available from the Sustainable Farm School, Gaia University, etc. AmeriCorps stipends are initially paid through a Melville Foundation grant, and eventually through ReStore sales and cooperative exchanges within the Network.


Additional classes, cooperative employment, activities that might emerge from these Incubators, depending on local interest and needs:

  • staging services for real estate sales,
  • solar and wind energy production,
  • Community Farm Association transactions, food banks,
  • designing organic, edible landscapes and gardens, and installation support services,
  • mural design teams,
  • cooperative stores and exchange centers for clothing, toys, books, tools, seeds, organic fertilizers, mulch,
  • child and elder care,
  • tax assistance,
  • classes in nonviolent communication, writing, entrepreneurial development, natural construction and crafts, permaculture design, interfaith dialogue, cooking, preserving, yoga, Tai Chi, meditation,
  • support for the formation of residential cooperatives, partnering indigenous tenants in multis with property owners looking for a buyer.


Second Scenario


Each Habitat homeowner receives a broader scope of services, as needed and welcomed.

  • Recycled, natural and low carbon-footprint building materials and  systems design;
  • Optimized functional, aesthetic, and ecological site planning and landscape design;
  • Access to cooperative-subsidized alternative energy [a potential Transition Team enterprise];
  • Green/natural/recycled/refinished/repurposed furnishings and interior design, new homes fully staged in consultation with homeowners [Transition Team enterprise];
  • Edible landscape design, including organic gardening, on site, or within a nearby community garden setting [Transition Team enterprise];
  • Full garden-to-table-to-compost nutritional loop support system—implementation and/or maintenance, as needed and wanted [Transition Team service];
  • Functional bicycles/tricycles, cargo pedal systems, possibly battery-fueled vehicles eventually [Transition Team services and/or entrepreneurial enterprise];
  • Access to organic CFA cooperative;
  • Access to treadmills, exercise bikes, aerobic equipment connected to electric meters [Transition Team enterprise];
  • Solar panels, wind/water turbine energy production system on site as feasible [Transition Team enterprise].


In addition to these two scenarios, HfH relationships with constituent faith communities may be enriched with enhanced youth ministry connectivity and a broader band of useful volunteer skill sets, more inclusive of all ages and genders.



CT-ReGenesis  significant values for the CT Council for Interreligious Understanding (CCIU)


This opportunity framework is somewhat the mutually symbiotic reverse of the Habitat possible futures scenarios.


Adolescence through young adulthood is the stage we are increasingly losing kids from intentional faith communities, and other formational systems, such as schools. Perhaps even more true in a globally interfacing culture, young adults are discovering their life journeys informed by the “Religious Commons,” what is held as sacred by all faith traditions, including those that have become secularized, like science, the arts, humanities.


Resilient, “deep learning” development systems help us understand ourselves and mature most effectively in an intentionally diverse environment, with others we may primordially see as not like me. Deviant frames of reference, appreciatively facilitated, become richly valued diversity for better understanding the range of assets, resources, and nutrients in Universe. Cultural strengths and challenges inform each other through the individual’s original lens of meaning and value. This seems to be true in all regenerative economies, whether they are pedagogical, spiritual, financial, communication, ecological, or possibly even genetic information systems.


CT-ReGenesis is informed by a combined economic, ecological, and social justice agenda long familiar to the religious sector. Faith community participation in this cooperative network may increase interreligious opportunities for dialogue, understanding, and cooperative neighborhood improvement projects. Those with skills and interests in alternative energy, new economics, eco-justice, international justice dialogue and discernment, gardening and agriculture, nutrition and food preparation, therapeutic and nutritional education, permaculture design, holistic therapies and medicines, planning and design, nonviolent communication and living, group facilitation, compassionate therapy, are a rich source for mentoring, team leaders, and skill-shares.


Faith community members may want to consider stronger nutritional and environmental standards for their own properties. For example, more edible plants and less grass, buying into an alternative energy cooperative, harvesting solar and/or wind power on-site, group purchases of local CFA contracts, investing in local cooperatives, organic farms, and intentional communities, responding to local needs for more affordable and sustainable habitats.


Faith communities may come to think of their HfH affiliate as the local religious sector’s incubator for housing, economic and nutritional and vocational development, and neighborhood improvement partnerships. Individuals may discover that their religious tradition is more dynamic and compelling within a more inclusive polyculture. If participation in this cooperative network transforms Habitat’s Restores into incubators, participation by CCIU may transform this platform for mutual understanding into more of a positive teleological laboratory. CT-ReGenesis network developers may want to consider the Interfaith Youth Core (www.ifyc.org) as a rich resource for linking youth ministry to interreligious understanding and housing/human/environmental service projects. There is also a federal initiative for interreligious cooperation and community service that may be useful for drawing higher profile momentum.



Regenerative Nutrients for the CT Food System Alliance


Food systems are nutrient systems. Food, power, medicine, health are words that have been closely associated with each other since early symbolic communication, and these are all about nutritional flow. The Permaculture Design principle of greatest effect with least effort is all about optimizing the improvement of quality, measured in nutrients, energy, vigor, thriving, rather than the lower qualitative standard of survival of the fittest. Regenerative evolution of nutritional flow aspires to abundance, resilience, healthy sustainability far into our future. The evolution of nutrient systems becomes revolutionary as our focus moves from survival toward global thriving.


Thich Nhat Hanh understands communication as a type of nutrition. What we sensorily absorb from our environment, whether through taste, sight, insight, or hearing, lies on a spectrum from abundantly nutritious to offensively toxic, even poisonous in sufficient amounts. Substances, sounds, views, fragrances, feelings, ideas, informationthat we are drawn to because they enrich our selves, and our Universe, are nutritious; those we avoid have proven to be toxic.


Both science and religions agree that our neural and nutritional systems evolved through natural systems experience, following natural principles of thermodynamic balance and development, regardless of the polynomial, polycultural, paradigmatic, or power/energy frame through which we have learned to comprehend Universe. Our most permanently-encultured (PermaCultured) frames, or narrative strings, extend back through our proto-history toward an even more Primal Root in the form of shared RNA Codex.  RNA-coded nutrient-fed-and-yielding development systems define the form and function of all living cells. In a sense, natural sciences recognize RNA as our universal progenitor of life, and each neural/nutrient system is an articulation of that global, natural, and primal plasmatic river. Our neural systems thrive with natural nutrition abundance, and avoid dissonant, toxic, anomalous, and entropic dissonance patterns (negative deviance, in Group, BioEvolutionary, and Cognitive Dissonance Theories).


Forming a newly-activated intentionally designed polyculture with affordable housing developers, neighborhood organizations, interreligious intentional communities, and post-millennial young leaders, heads of young families, populations at-risk of homelessness and poor nutrition, promises greatest inclusive effectiveness, with least redundancy of organizational and program-delivery expense. Strategies that are more academic and school-based tend to be less effective and well-sustained at the family level because these are not responsive to the specific situations of each household.  Program delivery limited to school-based participation seldom engage at-risk parents in the sustained and holistic way that would be most helpful for family well-being and health, including mental and economic health.


Organic carrots, even habitually devoured, will only go so far in meeting the full nutritional needs of a family living in a chronically stressed environment.  On the other hand, a family suffering from PTSD eating organic carrots will probably do better than the neighbor devouring the equivalent weight of quick-fix toxins and sugars.


Youth EcoMinistry settings are also ideal opportunities for all of us to teach each other about our growing awareness that nutrition v. toxin is a range of resource variables that crosses all sensory receptors, from touch through sight. Both positive and negative deviance information travels across all natural systems and paradigms, sometimes enriching, sometimes decaying, adding further dissonance, sometimes adding great beauty and grace and feeling to a growing global comprehension of our nutritional vocation to be sure every individual’s health and energy developmental needs are met. Nutrition optimization is healthy self-care (greatest effect) and dissonance prevention (least resistance).



Regenerating CT’s Optimally Supportive Habitat with the Melville Charitable Trust


What is the use of a house if you haven’t got a tolerable planet to put it on?

Henry David Thoreau


Community and Economic Developers, and Permaculture Designers, come to the topic of nutrition from an unusual position, especially if they have watched and listened to the nutritional flow of our global wealth evaporate.  While research funders are finding significant productive value in cooperative-learning structures, philanthropists are finding the competitive grants economy unsuitable for encouraging cooperation and networking. This dissonance becomes more urgent as social investors of good will are confronted by the viral growth of the non-profit sector, each becoming increasingly skilled as a special interest lobby for its exclusive domain, territory, and mission.


Adding considerable climatic cacophony to the evaporative trend of philanthropic dollars: When investment markets do poorly, the suffering of competing worthy missions raises to a higher pitch. Generous social investors’ wealth deposits shrink, and calcify, deplete, and become of incrementally less functional value in the face of further climatic change. The nutritional power of the grants and research economy wanes as need becomes more acute, critical, dissonant, chaotic, moving toward despair. The nutritional wealth of our communities ebbs as our communication resonantly echoes and flows with the discord of not enough, and exclusion, and not in my backyard.


Diverse theories and practices of systemic change frequently note that enduring transformation is more likely in the presence of both (a) a compassionate sense of urgency, and (b) an inclusively mindful intention to develop resilient cooperative relationships. The greatest compassionate effect, in the face of increasingly critical global suffering, is to be and do the opposite of what is least mindful, most exclusionary and competitive—creating a vacuum of subcultural, exclusionary, chauvinism. Housing is the Answer! when our questions are provincial, rather than mindful of whole household-systems analysis.


Solving the problem of homelessness, especially through diverse forms of Supportive Housing was a strategic choice at a time when the philanthropic sector was investing in food and nutrition, but not so much in shelter. The scandal of people without shelter in the midst of affluence appalled the Trust’s Founders. This combination of urgent compassion and holistically mindful strategy has superlatively served the MCT in achieving remarkable socioeconomic influence for a more inclusively equitable society.


This cooperatively intended proposal celebrates a watershed moment in the possibilities for achieving realistic CQI outcomes for eco-justice and for humanity, for inclusively restoring people in a place of increasing climatic vulnerability.


Until recently, social investors have been offered opportunities to invest in prevention of loss strategies or more urgent intervention to remediate critical losses already incurred. Supportive Housing has usually been an intervention tool, while affordable housing projects, more broadly argue that local access to affordability helps prevent homelessness, as well as having other well-being benefits.


Based on the symbiotic principles of Permaculture Design and Buckminster Fuller’s Theory of Regenerativity, the CT-ReGenesis Cooperative Network seeks a more inclusive regeneration strategy. Restoring value in people, places, materials, thoughts, actions, words intends to prevent decay of our commonly held values (air, water, soil, nutrients, communication, information, beauty, gratitude, love, mindfulness, equity, integrity), one moment at a time heuristically assumed as an eternal positive teleological place. Somewhere within our network of diverse repurposing, we can help each other find our most mutually confluent home and purpose, if we choose cooperative rather than the more competitive side-by-sideness of walled missions designed to support institutional survival more than shared vocational purpose.


Restoration intervenes at the first identified risk of loss and disvalue, minimizes loss by identifying highest potential purpose through existing relationships, reorientation, reuse with least economic and ecological cost to our present and future. This seems like an appropriate metric for Continuous Quality Improvement within any system, set, or universe.


Cooperative polycultures are more productive of positive resources, nutrients, information, more resilient, easily and inexpensively maintained, resistant to dissonance and disease, mutually enriching, mutually grateful for nutritious diversity, than the competitive economies of scarcity in monocultural self-preoccupied identities.


A pre-development grant to mutually design the CT-Restore Network from three individuals to four, and more, cooperative, mutually-investing, organizations would be helpful. More significant in the larger picture, perhaps the MCT could invite other New England/New York social investors to discuss and discern the possibilities for supporting cooperative enterprises informed by regenerative values, intent, and practice. Our path is recycling; our goal is profoundly deep socio-ecological regeneration.


It would be extremely helpful if the MCT Executive Director and/or Trustees could collaborate on a media plan for this project and the ecology of cooperative economics, social investment, and philanthropy that forms this cooperative project’s theoretical infrastructure. This might conceivably be of interest not only to the CT Council for Philanthropy, but also communication outlets beyond Connecticut.


Our philanthropic foundational question becomes “If we are not 100% invested in cooperative and community-based regenerative initiatives, then on what basis would we expect highest CQI sustainable return on our investments? Is it ethical, is it morally appropriate to the needs and expectations of future generations and species, to settle for anything less than our 100% commitment to a regeneratively equitable and inclusive economy and ecology; bringing us the biggest bang for least bucks?


At the end of the day, each era, each project, we are each and all recycled nature, restoring our pilgrimage home, where past greets future, with gratitude for what we have started, and what may further evolve from our own endings.


[1] The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, in response to ongoing social investment optimization objectives, to achieve both sustainable positive outcomes AND cost effectiveness, has led an initiative for program design and reporting metrics that meet Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) standards. The long-term comparative trend analysis by the Tellus Institute (www.tellus.org) defines a constellation of global economic, political, and ecological values that project optimized long-term viability outcomes through the year 2100. They call their highest performing algorithm the “Great Transition.” This CT-ReGenesis proposal heuristically assumes that Tellus Institute trend analysis is appropriately responsive to social investor’s urgent search for CQI program design and reporting standards.