Widowed ComPassion

Said the old widow cook
to the drag queen son
feeding his/her dying abusive dad,
while offering her nurturing donation:

“I don’t want your money.
We’re not savages, yet.”


Jesus Loves We

Jesus loves us
this I know,
Mother Gaia showed me so.

Red and yellow
black and white
these are greenrestorative justice,(maybe ultra-violet aquamarine

to a diva ecstatic shabbat queen,
but go ahead,
don’t let me deductively stop you)

Little ones to him belong
Yin is weak
so Yang is strong.

Jesus lives like yin-born children
all Gaia’s child grown EarthBorn Wild,
red and mellow,
black with white,
we are polypathic
with Her resilient sight,

Jesus love us
this we know
for Earth’s creation
centers me so.

Little yins
to Her ZeroZone belong.

I grow ego weak
so EcoYin flows strong.

Yes Jesus loves we.
Yes Gaia grows me.
Yes God still lives we,
Her Truth grows flowering on.


Dearest Cooperative Ego

When Oliver dropped out of high school, after his sophomore year, he went to UConn. We never understood why, other than the obvious, that the main campus was our back yard, and he didn’t like to drive, or use toilets outside our home.

He thought the whole academic degree industry was suspiciously rooted in Win-Lose Game Theory assumptions, which didn’t necessarily have to be true if we would all just wake up some morning and decide to go with Win-Win instead. Even so, he sailed through his GED exams and then spent over a year deciding whether to take some classes at UConn, or just continue writing prose and lyrics and gaming on-line with his intercontinental team, with a representative from each populated continent except Africa–an exception that he found not just irritating but actually embarrassing.

About the time he was deciding not to go back for his junior year, Oliver shared his “Dear Ego” letter with me. We were both surprised, I think, because he almost never wanted me to read his work, or play, as he preferred to think of it. But, this one he correctly thought I would find helpful:

Dear Ego

Please notice that “evil” is not only “live” spelled backwards, but it also is backward, or the reverse of, healthy living.

You do your evil, not-live, acts to test me, to learn justice, when you are wise enough to listen to our eco-logical response.

You evil out of ignoring y/our larger interdependent identity, to discover your individual and collective responsibilities, potential integrity, how and when and whom both live and not-live choices coalesce and differentiate.

Evil is about what and whom we don’t do and become that we could do, we could become, with sufficient power, individually and collectively.

You do not do evil to learn the causes and effects of generosity, to uncover our individual v. collective accountability for gratitude, for mutual redemption.

You both do and do not evil to mutually mentor fair balance of redemptive generosity, mercy, kindness, giving care, nurturing; to evolve Us, your SuperEco Co-Intelligence, to proactively practice peaceful resolutions, love’s fully inclusive resonance through time’s healing, synergy’s revolution.

You and I deliver this not-live evil of climatic competitive transactions, relationships,to spring loose love’s cooperative Boddhisatva Occupation of Earth’s eco-logically harmonious co-arising habitat.

Namaste my Beloved Sub-Climaxing Community.

Your Left-Hand Dominant Right Brain,

SuperEco Elder


I don’t know if this was a suicide note, or why I found this copy in front of his cold not-living, but still generously beautiful, body. It’s not even clear to me that Oliver’s death was a suicide, at least not as we usually understand this violence and sadness and despair against one’s future.

The medical examiner said he had never seen anything like it, although he had read an account of a chronically depressed dolphin living in captivity, who signed farewell to a favorite caregiver and then simply stopped inhaling air. Apparently that’s what Oliver did, or chose to not do anymore.

I miss Oliver’s deep beauty, his humor, brilliant integrity, even his profound sadness about our climatic disarray, our chronic insufficiency of loving the cooperative juice of eco-logical health flowing through his veins and neural system.

How I wish that I could redeem his not-live lack of healthy loving environment enough to persuade him to take in one more breath. But, Oliver was always like that. Not confidant that he deserved to breathe the polluted air he inherited from me, from us, from our choices.

I wish we had planted trees together. It was lonely planting that weeping willow in the ashes of his cooperative evil choice.





Perfect Love

Perfect love is perfection,
it is rare,
if such love exists at all
it must thrive beyond boundaries of my own experience
either receiving,
or giving.

Could this perfection of synergetic harmony and confluence
we have grown to love as love itself
become discovered in and through another
by anyone other than a person,
a being,
mature and healthy with perfect love?

If love is equivalent to synergy,
as Bucky frequently tipped his ruddered pointer,
then love’s perfection must be nondually comprehended
exclusively in this present moment.
Love remembered can fuel faith
to hope for greater love,
a better grade or quality of synergetic life fuel,
a more confluently harmonic love
for future Beloved Communal Time.

Perfect love co-redeems our inclusively co-operative vocation.
No one of us can experience and flawlessly sustain perfect love
until each being we meet
each day and night we greet,
each minute,
each co-arising event
can be nondually known,
comprehended as our perfected ground of live
as love’s co-present evolving meaning,
deductively exclusive of no “other” entity.

We are all in this cooperative love,
this Win-Win Vocational Game,
No one crosses the finish line forever
until we all cross our threshold into cosmological love of ever.
No one can optimally
quintessentially “placehold” Zero-identity,
incarnate co-redeemer perfect love
until this permacultural economic ecology
of co-arising synergy
as cosmological dual-dark Tao balance
resolves globally encultured;
reinserting human rights and justice
within their rightful meadow of nature’s ecological balance
of Yang’s power of mattered Order,
with Yin’s flow of energetic
ionic Choice of Eco- over Ego-centric,
yet nondually, balanced consciousness;
the end of our Left-brain domination
and self-condemnation to ignorance
of our bicamerally cooperative
DNA/RNA nature’s full-evolving abundance.

in that Great Transition Day,
within each day,
this perfection of love,
including our perceptions of each Other
as love’s potential incarnate,
will become easier,
less dissonant,
less depressing to contemplate
and know its absence;
human self-hatred’s vast potential for nihilism,
for Win-Lose deductive-dominant entropy,
while Earth’s children sink to their knees
because their elders continued to steal sustainable health from them,
continued to resist our Emperor’s nakedness,
absence of dignity and respect outside embracing self-governance
as Earth’s advocate,
holonic representative,
mutual mentor,
co-arising messiahs and Boddhisatvas.

We are each naked emperors
within our beloved communal Earth Tribe,
our cooperatively natured selves.
Incarnation is not independent ownership of form,
devoid of co-regenerational mentorship of function.

Laotse asks,
Loss of ego identity or possession of goods,
including one’s own interior nutritional plant-body,
which is the greater evil?

Loss of a dualistic,
independently competitive
heroic ego-self,
including imperfections of ignoring our co-redemptive
prime relational ecology
and eco-norms for transactions,
mutually subsidiary interdependence of ownership
of inclusive health and well-being,
including that dream of redeeming others
from their sins and ignorance,
for those possessions are mine as well,
to share and mentor this permacultural ground
of synergetic love
in each moment
of integrative consciousness.

If money is our eco-social icon
for measuring life’s value and power,
then our shared currency of nutritional health
and beloved well-being
is the prime root 0-soul and sum cooperative Core,
+Vector-Polynomial/(-,-)Dual-Dark Vortex NotNotPolynomial,
for optimizing comprehensive value consciousness.
From this perfectly balancing ground of nondual becoming
we have learned throughout all of Time
to mutually invest in cooperative love,
to disinvest away from dissonantly competitive disease.

We are both perfectionists and deceptionists.
Health is our primal barometer
for measuring and valuing and evaluating
which is which.
Synergy revolves our deceptions
into our perfecting reception.
Synergetic global cooperation
is our shared ultra-violet
co-arising revolution.

Perfect love,
like perfect health,
is rare,
and impossible to find and maintain,
much less optimally sustain life’s potentiality,
in isolating co-reductive Win-Lose cultures,
and theories.

We still have a choice;
let’s return together to the healthier and wealthier one.


Cooperative Political Odds

I wilt with guilt,
self blame,
too comfortable with living midway
within this United 5%
stealing 28% of Time’s encrusted fossil investment
as if by collective right
as if without loss,
no reparations for the other 95%
or for the 100% of future generations
born nearly bankrupt
of healthy economic trends
suffering from our eco-dislogical bender.

What I must know
from those who would lead us
through the next two or four or six years,
What is your cooperative political and economic experience,
informed by the pursuit of wealth measured in inclusive health,
rich nutritious optimization choices
moving you and us away from BusinessAsUsual
Win-Lose strategies
with sub-optimizing intent.

Please let us not settle for Winning now
by choosing Loser policies for tomorrow!

How can you reassure us
that our vulnerable children
will not be heated
for stealing from all Earth’s tribal presence
and future,
further shredding karmic grace
of healthy eco-normic pace?

If we are global citizens,
how can we tolerate
allowing our kids to deliberately aim ballistics against each other,
to take nature’s irreplaceable energy
so outrageously, violently,
to strip our water and air of their mutual climatic balance,
our soil raped of health,
our own future potential aborted
bereft of health and justice birthright
which mindless violence
and short-sighted Win-Lose competition have squandered.

Show me the candidates
who study their own priorities
as incarnated by their colleagues,
discern how they can combine strengths
to cooperatively develop optimized health wealth
as both domestic and global necessity.

If candidates cannot establish Win-Win campaign priorities,
why would we believe they know how to develop Win-Win policies?

If candidates cannot explain how they are fully invested
in their local cooperative economies
and inclusive governance discernment
then how could they explain their default
to competitive BusinessAsUsual
Win-Lose politics and economics
in which I have lost all faith
in outcomes other than collapse and failure?

We must more fully incarnate
Earth’s synergetic evolution of health
as political and economic measure of sustainable wealth.
Missing this primal priority
is suicidal cannibalism,
eating our own children’s integrity,
viability for loving life
more than entropic stasis.

Where are our Boddhisatva Cooperative Warriors,
willing to embrace this challenge of active love
in private as public life?
We have run out of time for second string illusionists,
fully invested in first string permaculturists.


On Polycultural Economic Health Optimization

Imagine we live in an eco-normative story
of competing for wealth-commodities,
cash piled in quantifiable currencies,
collectively blinded to our Win-Win
natural economic,
biological health and well-being value roots.

One day, our Permacultural Received View
unveils a co-operatively synergetic evolution of positive health
and articulation of mutual subsidiarity–
natural laws of economic and political
and psychological and biological
health and survival through thrival
Permacultural Design,
(and Taoist,
and Buddhist,
and JudeoChristian,
and Islamic,
and UU,
and Sikh,
and Hindu),
with Ecological Wealth objectives
defining spiritual principles, procedures, ethics
laws of co-operative solidarity,
co-passionate peace with ecojustice for all,
mutually subsidiary freedoms to live full healthy lives
balanced with freedom from dying deadly unhealthy deaths.
Oh, yes! this feels familiar somehow.

This appositionally poignant permaculture spectrum
originates with the emptiness of winter’s purgation,
to evolve bio-systemically toward,
to incarnate as to inform,
to revolve full cycle to incorporate the opposite end of life’s spectrum,
not mere half-assed egocentric and anthrocentric competitive life,
but fully sustainable health and well-being wealth
from now through our grandchildren’s grandchildren,
and all their several cousins of diversely rainbowed
and sensually intelligent
holonic RNA/DNA-encrypted
forms with functional memory eco-logical species,
bio-logic information processor systems,
bicamerally fully conscious.
We reverse our Left-brain dominant economic overshoot!
Yeah us!

As our cognitive disconnection from our own permacultural story evaporates,
this confusion about measuring wealth with money
rather than with sustainable,
ecological health,
about-faces toward inclusively co-operative survival
of the most synergetically interdependent systems,
positive deviant psychologizing
new economizing healthy wealth,
rather than BusinessAsUsual industry,
pursuing toxic short-term Win-Lose evolutionary designs
and plans for overshoot development;
collective worship of Left-brain dominant Ego-theism
rather than continuing our pilgrimage
toward Left-Right bicameral mutual governing equivalence values
following a nutritional thrival trail
back to our Original Big Bang ProGenitor,
TransParent Pre-Temporal Timing
of our Elder Right lens back through nutritional enculturing transparently binomial, time’s core spinal fold,
erupting solid massively dense formation
out informing polyculturing functions,
flow streams,
frequency intervals
fractal seasonal revolving rhythms
of radiantly Bi(0)-versive Exodus
of Love’s enlightening Time.
When we choose healthy co-operative survival optimization
by starving competition to accumulate wealth deposits,
we will address stealth impoverishment,
now feverishly hiding within un-consciousness of economically
and politically
and ecologically violating Golden Rules
that advocate health and sustainable hope for all Earth’s Grandchildren;
the pan-ultimate measure of a culture’s true wealth
is its mutually balanced positive and negative nutritional feedback loops,
seeking our Zero-Sum Co-Operatively Healthy Win-Win
Eco-Normic Game Plan.

Polynomial Power sustainably optimizes
where monomial center trends toward Universal Co-Passion,
healthy fulsome flows and frequently reiterated functional patterns
of HereNow TransParent Bicameral Consciousness,
Ego as SoleSubject
greets and mutually bows toward
Eco-Logical WeSelf-as-SuperEco’s Objective,
Bi-Nomially Permaculturally Balancing Time’s 3-dimensional bodymind Space,
Pace of unfolding
Beloved Community Memory and ReDevelopment.

like messianic shamans of all times and cultures,
steward natural systems with a mutual-mentoring premise.
Our Host Environment, EcoSystem,
is both our Subject in the present moment
and our Objective reconnecting toward a shared cooperative future,
inclusive of all endogenous natural systems, species,
air and water flows,
sun and shadow glows.
This SuperEco ProGenitor
Hosts and Teaches
through Elder Memory synchronicity.

First, permaculturing prophets and alchemists listen
requiring the purgation of Ego-
and Anthro-
recovering EcoCentrism
confluent with all SpaceTime balance and harmonies,
flows with positive and negative functions, ionic frequencies,
ironic humors
cognitive dissonance too often hiding
psychological dynamics striving for comprehensively balanced
Eco-Zero-Centrism and Balance,
as EcoLogical BioJustice Economics and CoOperative Governance.

Bicamerally Left-Right confluent con-science
brings sustainable healthy wealth of RNA-rooted memory systems.
Bicameral Binomial-Consciousness emerges
as human nature’s cooperative stewardship
our co-mentoring vocation,
Commons-space syntax shared with equal rights
by all Earth’s Natural Systems.

EgoCentrism is eisegetically held as good and normal and appropriate
only as long as AnthroCentrism remains Left-brain Dominant,
continues economically incarnating through Win-Lose competitive assumptions
rather than choosing permacultural models
for EctoSymbiotic Polycultural Revolution.

A Boddhisatva-Ego lives in cooperative service with SuperEco,
Universally Thermodynamic Balanced (0)-Centric,
4-Prime Dimensional,
bio- and eco-logical,
caretaker and metric “PlaceHolder” Polyculturist
within Earth’s RNA-syntax Tribes,
encultured fractal (0)-sum economically cooperative souls,
blossom Beloved Economic Community
in full “Climax”,
incarnating integrative positive trending economic development,
as transmillennial revolution
away from pursuing wealth,
toward co-operative health
as our ecological paradigm
for psychological,
and economically sustainable re-exodus toward wealth optimization
with equivalent freedom for all,
and Beloved co-passionate peace.

Time organically gardens out.




PermaCulture PreOccupations

whether you or another
or your Community of practice and positive intent,
your family, perhaps,

Beloved evolves that alternative future
of our dreams and hearts and fantasy
with ecotherapeutic enculturation
and ecojustice with active peaceful history,
long sustained-maintained eco-RNA value
centrist cultural history.

Beloved evolves both endo- and ecto-symbiotic,
both within my Yang-Ego,
and without, our Yin-Eco RNA-encrypted life-cell
electromagnetic and thermodynamic and gravity waving balance.

Beloved evolves binomially,
in and out,
toward our Omega Point Aquarian Age
of synchronized swimming flight and breath,
freedom from unnecessarily coercive restraints
blocking freedom toward confluent relationship,
in aqua-marine spiraling seasons
of revolutioning synergy;
reconnecting comprehension of RNA’s original conception.

Beloved climax-sustainable,
mutual Communication maintainable,
co-redemption of our recycling-rehabilitating identities.

Beloved co-redeemers optimizing life’s calculated risks
as liturgical dance and prayer of diurnal practice,
seasonal intent,
millennial bicameral balancing purpose and meaning,
polycultural cooperative
revolutioning climax
karmic praxis of life through death in life reborn.

mutual inception and absorption
Community conception and reception,
comprehension of each living system’s optimization
as liturgical dance and prayer with, in, of, for, by, through,
engaging and embracing
both the within and without of each Other,
with co-redemptive ecotherapeutic intent,
values folding and unfolding
in RNA’s natural systemic fractal balance
with binomially harmonic DNA.

economic and ecological
investments and divestments
consumers and producers
yinners within yangers
decomposers of Language and Memory and Logic
incubating regenerators of Synergetics,
positive energetic 4-prime equivalent spacetime information,
full-functioned conceptual Form
Beloved Nature-Balance Value ReCycle Function
multisystemically dimensional and dynamically universal;
Beloved holonic value for this Language of synergetic Love.

Beloved co-redeemers
evolving ecojustice
through cooperative economic prayer
as liturgically orthodox praxis
to sustain future Tao’s
Beloved Co-Redeemers;
Boddhisatva Lovers of therapeutic justice.

Beloved Community of Earth’s Tribes.


Re-Ligionic Adventure

To remain neutral on our moving train

help me know which way we’re spinning,

how fast,

when we might slow down,

how much,

to sustain polycultured rich neutrality.


How do I sleep

while SuperEgo-logic Earth Day

longs and trains for here in now?


Stuck in nightmare time too fast,

stride too slow

unable to will-force our faster pace

or slow-growth race,

but both together falling

leaps reopen terrified

reassuring wakefulness,

in sleep I can be you and there

while longing here

belonging both as SuperEgo We.



Ground of All Being!

Elder cellular horsepower!

Wake up!… Scream!

your ultraviolet pitch

and flow-echo waves,

rebound this Dense Dark Mirror Message:


We would be more humane

to dinosaur-whisper amongst ourselves

diversely radiant Golden Ecologics,

empathic SuperEgo

EarthTribe Originating Call:


Let our nutrient horsepower free,

flow animate leg-kicking stories,

hibernating through Yinnish Winter’s advent,

to graze through Spring,

and Yang prance Summer’s maturation dance,

to harvest Fallen permaculture compost

winnowing while predicting cooperative apple commodities

luscious pregnant seed:


Spring forth to ride and run this SuperEco Train,

Boddhisatva Warriors of EarthTribe Peace!



Ground of Regenerate Power!

Regravitate our octave prime-color Paradise!


Namaste, Balanced Mind.

Active karma empowering

Eternal Diastatic Time

for Climax Global Community

within, as without,

without, as within,

coincidentally converging landscapes

riding SuperEco’s Beloved Peace Train.