Hearing Double

is about static being

Where integrity
grows around ecstatic becoming.

When identity
invites a healthy state

Then integrity
hosts a wealthy system.

Like day and night,
and ego and eco,
and left and right hemispheres–
neither wrong or right
without these courageous co-defining
curious double-boundary refining

of static dark/light boundary
And paradox
of ecstatic enlightenment becoming unbound

Bipolar stuck in self sin’s retribution
despite dipolar expansion
through mutual wins of restoration.


Not-Not Rhythms

If two mistakes are not better than one
then why do two negatives equal a positive?

Why does not not peace
not equal justice?

Who does not not dying
not equal fully cooperative living?

Why does not not fear of future or anger about past
not equal love for this present moment?

Why does not not now
not equal heavenly eternity?

Why does not not you
not equal me?

Why does not not motivated
not equal co-redemptively determinated?

Why does not not way out there
not equal way deep co-operating ecology?

Why does not not sin of omission
not equal grace of solidarity commission?

Why does not bad karma
not equal really good karma?

Why does not not yet dead
not equal still fully alive?

Why does not not my way
not equal the best highway?

Why does not not
not equal Yes Yes!?

Why do not bad nightmares
not equal really good dreams?

Why do not not monocultures
not equal fully climaxing beloved polycultures?

Why does not negativity
not equal sufficient positivity?

Why does not not night
not equal day?

Why does not not go
not equal stay?

Why does not not live
not equal decay?

Why does not not devolutionary dissonance
not equal revolutionary livedance?
“Not not.”
Who’s there?
Guess who?
“I guess you?”


So, Why Is It…?

Why is it:

we plant gardens
but we garden plants?

we call natural medicines drugs
and we call unnaturally produced drugs medicines?

we label our disease-hypnotized industrial-insurance complex
as our “health care system”?

we prefer fetal alcohol syndrome, pickled livers, and dead drunk outcomes
to THC induced probable failure to ever develop yet another over-yanged Type A personality,
with an antisocial proclivity for sprouting pickled livers and other deadly outcomes?

we tend to respond to uninvited Type B personality invitations
with Type A fully-alert personalities,
yet we respond to uninvited Type A demands
with Type B laissez-faire, neglect, and cognitively buzzed dissonance?

the older our nation grows
the younger our culture appears to prefer?

we pay more and more to elect politicians
who produce positive policy priorities and outcomes less and less?

the louder and longer I persist in persuading you of my wisdom
the shorter and softer grows your attention span
and capacity to hear me?

we produce prodigious amounts of dispossession destined for the trash
yet we seldom intend to ever possess and take ownership of our future trash?

economists respond to something called ecologic
as if their home eco turf were some alien craziness?

domineering competitive Business As Usuals
fail to see they are a sustainable cooperative economy’s
most significant mentor for disinvestment,
and design and development priorities?

every climaxing polyculture produces a master permaculturalist,
but not every master permaculturalist
has ever produced a long-term, sustainable-optimization-of-life-systems

we seldom have enough time to notice and appreciate new places and faces
but we drag through ponderous time invested in the same ol’, same ol’ faces
and spaces?

every meme has its own elitist establishment paradigm
but super-paradigm is not a meme?

if some communication event between two people
is called a transaction
then we think “economics,”
but if some communication event between two non-human systems
is called a relationship
then we think “ecosystem”?

that analogy is to logic
as ecology is to logic
but ecological arguments
are culturally dismissed as “merely analogical”?

that digital information is always binary
but polynomial information is not assumed to also flow binomially balanced,
like +1 = (-,-)0,
as Yang-Space = Yin/Yin Time,
as Left-brain dominant econormics = Right-brain double-binding ecosystems?

we temporally garden spatial rooted plants
and we spatially plant co-evolving rooted gardens?


Interviewing Fr. Time

We don’t have a lot of time,
or, well, I guess you do,
but I don’t,
so let’s plunge right into the first big question:
Which came first, form or function?

False dichotomy. No such thing as a totally dysfunctional form,
and no such thing as changing function without some form
distinguished against a static background, or understory.

OK, that was quick!

Not really,
it just seems that way to you.

what about space and time,
which came first?

Same question.
Same answer.
Space adds formed place
to time’s potentiating and exforming function.

so linguistic paradox meets coincidental evolution,
I guess.

About time.

So you say.
And, yang and yin?

Same question.
Yang empowers Time’s form
while Yin unfolds as bilateral yin-yin bipolarity,
all binomial time frequencies,
synergetic trend strings and cycles,
bi-elliptical mutually irradiant,
revolving gravity waves;
like not-not injunctions
and mutual mentors of coredemptive natural intelligence
as accessible as the nearest regenerating cell,
subconscious non-languaged awareness
of synergetic communication and community,
emerging from an eternally unfolding
enthymematic diastolic holding place
of polycultural multisystemic love,
mutual subsidiary solidarity
and coredemptive navigation from past stimuli,
pulling, inviting, seducing
toward future’s ecojust karmic response,
ecological reconnection from past to future in each present time,
re-genesis of The Tree of Coincidental Death and Life,
fear of shortness of time’s revelation, revolution,
between death and life
and yet further death and purgation
toward further freedom and facility and harmonic diversity
of both species and song,
until we sometimes overheat our climatic landscapes
with less than fully optimized permacultural function.

Was that good for you?
I don’t know how many nested climaxes you intended to create there,
but, anyway,
what about dark and light,
black and white,
dispossession and possession of transparency?

Same question.
Black is white light’s full octaved closed-set form
as light is emergent black’s informating octave-ergodic function.

So is that like a color wheel observation
or some kind of cosmologically universal statement?

The ultra-violet spectrum completes time’s full octave frequencies,
your human natured atomic picture frame
of a double-torus shaping universe,
the outline of a tree
including the tree’s equivalent subterranean understory,
and undervalued root system.
Undervalued by egocentric left-brain dominant culture,
not by right-left bicameral balancers
and hormonizers
and permaculturalists,
all the way back to Laotse
then on back to shamans noticing naturally seasoned
cycling and recycling systems of birth and decomposition
and then new birth again.

You did it again,
that thing
when you sound like you’re channeling Bucky Fuller
and you start talking about one thing
and then pulling words about some other irrelevant thing,
turning analogical coincidence
into ecological correlates.

I suppose that’s how language evolved
to iconically place-hold neural memory patterns
of synaptic crisis and aptically benign norms,
structured as DNA fractals,
cycling octave holonic frequency functions.

I’ll take a pass on ever pretending
connections between DNA’s structure
language syntax.
How about the chicken and egg?
Which came first?

What’s the difference?

I don’t know.
It’s one of those questions philosophers like to ask.

I mean, what’s the difference between a chicken
and its egg?

Well, one has feathers and wings
and sometimes lays an egg
and the other is sort of oval
and smooth hard-shelled,
and gooey inside.

This chicken you are asking about,
did it lay the egg
you are asking about,
did this chicken emerge from the egg
you are asking about?
Or, maybe both,
at different stages of chicken with egg development?
If so,
then I guess they too evolved coincidentally.
If I may comment off record here,
you keep asking questions about evolutionary production
and consumption cycles,
as if progenitive decomposition,
metamorphic transitions,
through self-renewing stages of paradox
were not the reverse face of regeneration,
as if we could have mature plants
during summer’s contenting heat
without cold hibernation
of winter’s dissonant contentiousness,
or any concept of fully living
without something we fear as death,
loss of corporate-structured life.

I told you I would only do this interview
if you promised to not critique
our stupid questions.

There is no such thing,
but some are much more perennially
and permaculturally productive than others.

If you say so.
What would be the most insightful question I coul ask you
and please go ahead and answer it too.
Save me some trouble.

Why is the duration of your DNA’s life potential
measured only with atomic
cellular-universal ego-rooted quantitative values?
Because positive inductive/consumptive life-form balance
is omnisciently defined by eco-ionic production
of (0) sum binomial root systemic double-crossing
Eulerian prime relationship spacetime function.
The beginning and end of your DNA string
appear terminal rather than transitional
if you identify your self as ego,
rather than your holonic portion of eco-regenerative consciousness.

OK, well, thank you for that,
I think.
how do you feel about this interview so far?
Anything else I should ask?

I wish you would give higher priority
to ecological and feminist justice platforms.

What’s the difference
between a feminist agenda
and an ecological platform?

You stand in solidarity with one
while endlessly reiterating the other.

Nice job;
very excellent question.
Which came first
is like asking which is the Host
and which is the benign parasite,
which is the producer and which is the grateful consumer,
when these functions emerge coincidentally
throughout a life,
a dream,
a generation,
but also sequentially
across time’s procreation of regenerating space.

You’re doing it again.

Yes and notnot.┬áThat’s what I do,┬áreiterative time flows ubiquitously double-bound.

I have a headache. When will Mother Space arrive?

She can’t make it; doesn’t have Time.

I should have seen that coming.

Yes, because it happens all the Time.

Please stop.

I really don’t think that’s in your ego’s best interest at this Time.