Sexual Situations

I was about to check out a new detective drama
and paused
however briefly
when I noticed a consumer warning
“Sexual Situations”

Which I find confusing.

as long as I continue to wake up
however partially
I am not gender impartial

I awake into my
Sexual Situation

I live in a sexual body
with a neuro-sensory communicating
communing pheromonic mind
filled with multigenerational memories
and multicultural images

Whether conscious or not,
if you can read
and understand this,
and even if you couldn’t,
you too live
in a sexual situation
among a sexual species.

So, I’m wondering
when will I read a consumer warning
“No Sexual Situations”

No drama

No detective work
or play

No plot

No sensory interest

Better off
to go take a wild
creamy nap.


Cantos of Communion

All relationships
steadfast monotheistic
become stagnant hate

And change becomes
rightly and left weighed
swayed animation
and delayed

Yet we are not entirely changed
from our first health wealthy estate,
transubstantiating positive
by our changed circumference
our becoming does dilate
and integrate,

And, returning to our selves
at co-related length
and width
and depth again
each day through night

Do awake
to working play
our cooperative perfection
as if by compassion’s fate


Note: Inspired by, and respoken with gratitude becoming, Spenser’s “Cantos of Mutabilitie”


Blank Page Syndrome

Blank page syndrome
feels like full page longing
to be done with some work project
that will not slowly grow worthy
of my time
and certainly no captivated reader.

I feel victimized,
tortured, actually,
by blank page syndrome

Where I want to feel some opening
and rewarding opportunity
and not dull risk
of further unnoticed failure
to richly
and wisely communicate
warm and wild communion.

My blank pages
demand content
spilled across blue horizontal lines
with a red left side vertical

Demarking where orderly thought correctly begins
to unfold top left
unfurling cause effectively
toward right bottom

Yet Left dominance
overpowers Right feelings prominent
circling and recycling
whirling and spinning
spiraling out of win/win control
re-membering risks
of nontransparent failure
falling brawly short
of both peaceful Truth
and vulnerable Beauty.

Yet a bleakly black blank canvas
with no red
or blue bicameral communion rules
or tools
feels most frightening
intimidating of all
vaporous calls

“I can’t draw,
or sketch,
or paint,
or write,
or sing,
or dance,
or speak out woke”

Can’t preach
or teach inside voices
ignoring outside echoing choices
to evoke
childish dreams,
daydream schemes
to become Earth’s greatest love
of blank paged warm regard
for how we flew
and walked
and swam
and grew to Here embodied
meets Now compassioned mind

trusted EarthBeauty
dipolar co-arising
all scared yet sacred Time’s unfolding

Win/Win regenerative
peaks and valley sand
defining ecstatic
aesthetic lines
refining intimate circling graced spaces
etched throughout
neuro-systemic elegant
multigenerational potential

Not not synergetic journeys
deeply and widely
back and forth
out and inside
polyculturing communion

While staring at this straight lined
and otherwise white privileged
square-cut manufactured page

Holding my green health hope
and content contented circling pen
praying for worthy inspiration.


CoOperative Agency

They are friends,
I imagine,
Or perhaps unfamiliar
yet curious

These two seem to like
to lick
each other

And probably value public transparency
more than personal privacy

I wonder
how they became work out
and play in partners,
surprisingly athletic,
and inventive

With minds
that began flirting,
Engaging bodies
now urgently culminating.

for this newly heated
yet ancient
sacred communion

A warm summer kiss,
a shared soiled towel,
a sapient smile
in the shower.


On Doing Nothing

“Do nothing
and everything is done.”

Do no spiritual thing
and every natural climate is finished.

Become no merely natural being
and every spiritual becoming
has already been merrily fulfilled.

Play no win/win nature
and every lose/lose spirit is working out

Play only win/win nature
and all lose/lose spirits
become way too much ultra non-violet work
for even the most left-hemisphere dominant
to become deductively distracted
from inductively healthy
good humored
full moon light for
multiculturing family life.

Do no win/lose capitalistic work
and every win/win playful communion is done.

Or, like he said,
Do No future-planning Thing
and Every past Thing is Done.

There remains
only integrity
of this Moment’s
health-wealthiest play potential.


Soul Music

let’s discuss Bill Plotkin’s
exposition on “soul”

Would that be
as in soul music?

If you did your reading,
you may have noticed
he believes all relationships
have souls
and share an EarthSoul,
animus mundi.

And what could be more interrelated than music?


Or is dance and sensory ritual
part of liturgical music?

Why would I care
how Plotkin
or anyone else
explains soul?

It sounds like an answer
without a preceding question
from which it could have better co-arose.

Like a death
without a preceding life
to have belonged.

I care about soul
because I believe the U.S.
and our geopolitical allies
and enemies,
our immigrants
an our expatriates,
currently engage a bilateral revolution
over who will control
secular and sacred meanings
and Original Constitutional Intent
of Earth’s Soul.

Will this revolution include
options to buy and sell souls, lives,
or rent lives out,
or pay souls forward,
or retributively punish lives
for unsoulful behavior and choices,
or restoratively heal them
for more soulful resonance,
good sacred news
of nutritionally positive health?

How does Plotkin define soul?

Both the originating nurturing womb
and ultimate place
of all minds,
nomials and binomials,
all primal relationships
of nature-spirit nonduality.

And how would Trumpians
probably respond to this understanding
of Earth’s anima mundi
of Gaian Hypothesis
of Holy Matriarchal Spirit?

As not supported
by our dualistic JudeoChristian patriarchal Tradition,
or even matriarchs,

Yet these matriarchal foremother voices
seldom speak powerfully
through ZeroSoul’s mainstream narrative relationships,
where cooperative healthcare nurturers
remain substory and subclimate minor economic keys
as compared to majestic mountains
of cancerous WinEgo-LoseEco deductive competitions.

Does our multicultural Win-Win Soul
of Gaia
speak through YinFlowing cooperative eco-politics?

Or call us to further Yang nationalistic retributions.


And economic genocide.

And political biocide
of Fuck You Mother Earth!
as if such strong language
could honestly reflect
Original Constitutional Intent
for any Democracy
veering away from historical Plutocracy,
royal hubris
of some with more animus mundi dignity
than not quite so sacred nonelite others.

Our Enlightenment Age Original Intent,
if truly divine inspiration and expiration,
then multicultural-embracing
disciples and disciplines
of democratizing sacred Light of TrustLife.

Light sensed and incensed
through deep LivingLearning Waters,
animus mundi baptism
through matriarchal wombs,
Holonic Originating Spirit.

Incarnating sacraments
singing DNA-RNA EarthTribe Solidarity,
creolization dominant keys of WinWin
reserving monoculturing colonizations
for surviving WinLose climate crises
revolutionarily more together,
and less evolutionarily apart.

Plotkin believes
each flame
each atom
each ego
river valley
biological system
ecological system
educational system
political system
has soul
within an originating womb EarthSoul
and ultimate destination
and without
Earth’s animus mundi

An incarnated
and reincarnating Soul’s place,
tells LeftBrain languages
how and
where and
when and
why this soul’s identity fits
in and
on and
before and
after secular earth
as out and
under and
not after and
not before Sacred Heaven.

How do you respond
to Plotkin’s invitation
to see history as a conscious celebration
of Earth and Her Heaven’s
universal WinWin grandeur?

As does he,
I think.
Embracing this creolizing soul of democracy
would define our most regenerative potential truth
as a globally organic biocracy.

Re-affirming and extending constitutional protections
to all cooperative species
and habitats,
mountains and valleys,
rivers and thunderous lightnings,
dawns and dusks
educating souls toward growing love,
mentoring souls of Bodhisattva
Empty SecularLeft with, never against,
Interdependent SacredRight
in equivalent detachment-attachment
Yang-Yin Tipping Point Balance.

self-other reiteratively coincidental
nondual dipolar appositional sensory experience,
polyphonic and
polypathic and
polynomially octave coloring
and notblack notwhite
WinWin c-squared

Histrionic bilateral enlightenments

animus mundi
notnot doublebound

What happened to soul music?

I think we veered off
toward Country-Western chaos
when we lost our GoodNews
health restoring message
and meaning,
purpose of and for Earth’s WellSung Soul.

This context for Earth’s Soul
is a contest between climate health
or continuing anti-ecological subclimates
and landscapes
of competing against Earth

Competing against our own collective animus mundi
sacred vocation,
encrypted health defining beauty
of DNA co-refines with RNA
reasons for Souls
with seasons
noticing OriginalWomb Intent
harvesting Ultimate Nutritional Meaning.

I think Plotkin’s ecological soulful sing
needs a little more powerful ecopolitical ring.


Final ZeroSum Frontier

Even if we were to win
these hunting
and killing
and fishing
and devouring
and gathering
and hoarding
and victimizing
and offending
and criminalizing
and punishing
holy wars
and sacred causes,

We would lose
our vocation
to mentor and facilitate restoration,
ego and ecotherapy reforestation,
measured in polycultural health outcomes
by all democratically respected
and trusted to remain interdependent

Extended even to the vipers
and poisonous spiders and ivy
and choking evangelical fake-Christians
and jihad self-terrorizing fake-Moslems,
and fear and hate-mongerers of all bad faiths,
even those Pharisees and Sadducees
already too aristocratic,
rich and powerful capital hoarding
for their own healthy extended family care-giving
and receiving love
and cooperatively owned and managed grace
and positive synergy and karma.

Deniers of NatureMystic Messiahs
and Bodhisattva PeaceCircle Witnesses
are rabid wolves.

Those who choose
to Lose
at shallow capitalism
to Lose
at deep ego-ecological wisdom
are fake-redeemer sheep,
with retributive justice discipleship ways,
Hellfire issues,
and over-invested in Win-Lose means
to successfully deny
their intrinsic bad faith in the reverse of evolution.

Those who defer to WinWin evolution
mutual good faith polycultural expectations,

Those who defer to Win-Lose
anger and fear management
through self-perpetuating postponement
of Win-Win commitment.

Those yet to eventually succumb
to denying Lose egocentric body,
then Lose anthro-centric mind,
then Lose ecological multigenerational
DNA-enscribed cooperatively organized Soul,
organic meaning,
synergetic purpose,
sacred vocation,
restoring sacred ecological climates,

Lose reforesting evolutionary Win-Win history,
reweaving spiraling 4D RealPrime

Stuck back in pre-history,
before traumatizing others
became a Golden Rule offense
against all WindNature-WaveSpirits.

If we were to win
all our anthro-centric capital-hoarding games,
we would lose our ego-centric
Win-Win revolutionary
NonZero-Sum Infinite
PolyPathic Soul.




Hide and Seeking Anthropoids

If true, as anthropologists report
hide-and-seek entertains children of all languages
and cultural sport
throughout all humanity’s extended family history,
might hiding-seeking ubiquitously regenerate among children
as among haunted-hunting adults
gathering food to hide from hunger,
daily plowing for payroll plunder,
postulating procreation,
BusinessAsUsual play as work,
taking turns hiding from god,
trusting divine spirits to continue seeking
my blend-in brand of humanity.

While too tribally divine to attract anthro-specialized notice,
my roommate cat, Simon,
also excels at both hiding and seeking,
terrorizing my unsuspecting shoe laces
as I naively strive to pass him by,
leave him behind,
as if I were in charge of times to hide
and reasons to seek.

Is not all science and life,
adult and childhood,
human natured and other natured,
some hybrid hide and seek
as marvelous stimuli
for curious research response?

Wondrous where and how
our cat-gods of destiny will pounce,
not sure we prefer too soon
over being last to win such grace,
joining conscientific players of adventure evermore,
seeing sight beyond time’s domesticating hidden door.


Earth Tribal Prayer

Show me intimately passionate ways
to incarnate political and economic cooperative co-investment
potentiality, regenerativity,
show me our climatic ecological outcomes
uniting polycultural polypathic polymorphic paradigms
of Time’s evolving light-love TransPresent
absorbing absent dualdark anger-AnthroFear
of terror’s eco-gravitating passage
through eternal ecoconscious light
of diastolic freedom-cooperative
as yang-yin co-arising
Endo/EctoSymbiotic Bliss.

Ectosymbiotic positive/negative-immune relations
spark endosymbiotic revolutions
of warm light
and cold double-bound dark thoughts,
reiteratively trapped in eisegetically echoing absent silent stasis
of timeless bicameral mindbody exegetical ecosystems
light and dark nutrient-rich appositional life
on and within Earth’s Exterior Landscape,
flowing absorbing time consumption and production
of regenerative flowers and seeds
for me to replant and rediscover,
remember my
EarthTribe Elders.

As Quakers follow radiant light,
Laotse and UUA add,
through our universally co-arising dualdark unitarian equivalence,
DNA as YangYin embryonic birth through regenerate rebirth
of eco-cooperative Zen (0)-investment
and further enlightenment reiterative future
LightTimes of ReGenesis.

Who am I?
in Ego’s deductive dark winter of decomposing fallen seeds
and leaves and root systems,
regenerative healthy compost
composing Prime Ecological Generosity of Relationship
Father Sun and Mother Earth

Who am I?
springing healthy consumer of light’s optimal nutrition
and dark’s wet nights of nourishment
for diastolic/systolic beating/surfing mindbody dreams

Who are we?
in diastatic summer’s full regeneration
of bright and fertile light,
heating absorbing flows
of water’s eco-messianic baptismal promise,
waking to rainbows of morning dew paradise

Who are we?
cooperatively producing fallen winnowed harvests,
branching flowing flying scattered embryonic seeds
of time’s nutritious integrity,
advent of 4 Prime Spiral Seasons
of light’s enlightening ecobalancing growth,
dualdark rooted thermodynamic heart-flow systems
fueling Earth’s hydropowered rivers
of timedrenched polycultural becoming
light-tempered syntax,
speaking through embryonic womb-dialectic
rich nutritiously healthy ways,
DiPolarVitality weaving within and without
EarthTribe’s Solidarity Network.

Who are we as Earth-time’s rich-languaged polypathic becoming,
light of faith in God s NOW and US in Earth’s love,
permacultural revolutionary holonic designs
enfolding evolution’s nutrient language-light
of Primal EcoSystemic Relationship,

May we continue
learning cooperative endosymbiotic nature is our love-work,
CoOperative Vocation,
our mission and goal,
by relearning competitive ectosymbiotic nature of being,
flowing our WinLose EgoEcoConscious BiCameral Games,
to decompose our cooperative LeftRight way toward
WinWin ReGenerativity.


God of PlayTime Loves

I know nothing brighter than disdain
for algebra’s insane fascination with irrational outcomes,
dissonating my natural empathy
with harmonic blends and rhythms,
patterns of fore-giving symmetry.

By contrast,
the only math I take to,
warm wet compost
transforming into well-fed root system,
more than geometry,
is logic,
especially ecological applications
to natural systems theory,
in which close enough,
and just show up,
and what goes up must come down
as what goes in must come back out again,
one way or another,
are all good enough
not only for government work but also self-governance
of God as Sun as ReGenerative Love,
Earth’s AnthroPlay.

like AnthroVocation toward reconnecting solidarity within all Earth Tribes
merging mystical languages of light as fertile health,
as dark politically economizes LoseLose decomposition plans,
anti-ecological suicide of God as Love,
AnthroVocation of EcoConsciousness,
like AnthroPlay of Love,
vocation is enculturing application,
play is regeneration.

From geometry of biology
I learned each BioLove Player has an Exterior Landscape co-gravitational center
as our Interior MindBody Landscape
has a bilateral dipolar co-arising ecoconscious center,
half Ego-identified Left,
half EcoExterior Landscape DNA-ReGenerative Right,
prime fractal-ecological light incarnation OVER
dualdark Original Intent of dual-dense Black Concave,
(0)Mega Climax of Time
syntaxed as Light/double-reverse TransParent,
languaged and enculturing as Love of regenerative light/dualdark balance,
storied as creative evolution of life, health, good, truth, positive, beauty, wealth, cooperativity
sung in harmony of resonant, full circle, resolutions,
danced in variations on a 4-step fractal-seasonal theme,
calculated in prime temporal-neural receptivity,
stored in dialectic +/-,- memory functions
with octave interdependent primal frequencies
of bilinear co-gravitation
wu wei balancing time as love
as cooperative relationship of midway dark and light,
yin and yang,
double-binding irrational outcomes
as half positive and half negative
so split the absent differences
and therein find opportunities
for new balance and symmetrical evolution
of God as Love as Moose Medicine blended with Owl Medicine
for self-perpetuating EarthTribe’s Love MidWay Medicine.

From logic I learned
if God (x) = Love (y)
then BioLove also = God’s Identity.

But, it took Buckminster Fuller’s geometrics,
blended with Julian Jaynes’ evolutionary theory of bicameral mindbody consciousness,
to remind me
AnthroLove evolved through cooperative ego-dialogue within
as evolution emerged without,
they are mutually phylogenetic,
political and economic and social and
polycultural love of health outcomes.

AnthroLove = BiCamerally Balancing God’s EarthBound TaoTime,
Yang Exterior-Deductive EgoLeft = Yin Interior-Inductive EcoRight,
LeftRight AnthroLove co-arising Prime (0) Relationship,
EarthConvex OVER EcoConcave Double-Binding Conscious Landscape

splitting dissonant differences
of prickly algebraic irrationality,
and other unhealthy, climatically dissonant, outcomes.

To algebra is hell,
to ecologic divinely regenerative.

If Love is God’s Identity
then God is cooperative EarthTribal Love,
RNA/DNA applied as creative work of evolution,
regenerative as radical paradise
through four seasons of playtime revolution.