If I Were S/He

If I were S/He
I would look downstream
for a power so high
this mythic enlightenment feels sacredly deep
and widely therapeutic
mystical in feeling,
practical in application.

If I were She
I would declare a new Wisdom:
National superpowers corrupt
toward fundamentally polarizing RightWing dominance
Just as global enlightenment heals
toward evangelical gospel GreenQueen
MotherEarth empowerment.

If I were S/he
I would break ballistics
into cooperatively-owned shovels
shares in bioregional GreenPeace
non-violent warriors inviting
never demanding
health is wealth co-passions

Planting peace with shade trees
and berry bushes,
enriching sandy soils
supporting water
then remediated living waters
flowing toward deep
wide surfing seas

Seasons and daughters
eco-governing five-star reasons
to both vacation
and vocation
in cooperative integrity.

If I were S/He
I would breathe out Holy Spirits
and breathe back in sacred Father’s SunLIght

Powers of bicameral
secular/sacred Great Green/Blue CoPassions

For feminist economics
supporting healthy MotherEarth
green democratic biosystems
deeply healthy and widely wealthy ecosystems,
theologically SheCoLogical.

If I were She
I would first change all First Amendment
Rights to fight
with free but misinforming speech
and armed/threatening militarized
corporate-supported assembly;
To CoResponsibly Right to non-violent
eco-politically accountable speech
and disarming co-empathic Invocations,
sacred cooperative economic visions
of EarthTribe health care planning

Enlightening copowers
defending multicultural health
and global LivingCreatures,
BioSystemic Creation,
EarthClimate Safety.

Then our grateful Republicans,
now having learned how to listen
more conservationally Win/Win Green
and healthy red-blooded matriarchal
Don’t Mess With Mama!
and Her long-term health care plans
to move Her great grandkids
onto Her green platform,
cooperatively owned plantation,
organic farm,
clean pure deep river-front
with wide panoramic mountain view
Sacred Habitat

Peculiarly South-faced
filled with past resilient regenerative light
of Holy ExtendedFamily Ghosts
of slaves
and morally unfree to love
replacing fear and anger,
and drunken self-loathing.

If I were S/He
I would grab on to Restoring Climate Justice
with all our best non-violent, most joyful and liturgical,
not dirgical, communication
letting go of Retributive
FearPrivileged Punishments

Yielding downstream wide
and upstream deep co-empathically enlightening
and cooperatively empowering
Patriarchal CoPassions
with Matriarchal S/He
bicameral co-prominence

Left out of RightWing capital acquiring
zealous corporate plans
to vote against HealthyGreen ecotherapeutic climates
of feeling powerful liberating health
and conserving enlightened EarthMother wealth

Of EcoFeminist Wisdom,
If I were S/He.


Comparison Investing in CEOs

Ask not
only what a Biden Presidency
will do to Wall Street,

Ask also
what will Wall Street
receive/not receive
from a continuing Trump
and nationalist Republican
legacy of public
and global,
and spiritual
health divestment.


Social Justice Does Not Kill Nations

I heard from PrimeAryan DT
that socialism kills nations.

I thought it was fascist totalitarianism
that killed nations,
the lack of democratic social intelligence,
social investment,
non-violent communication,
win/win social justice.

My grandparents,
at least on my mother’s side,
who seemed ancient and fragile to me,
often opined,
“When you lose your health,
you love everything.”

I don’t know if they literally meant everything:
your faith,
your active hope,
your love,
your integrity,
your egocentric voice,
your hate,
obsessive-compulsive wealth,

Probably they meant only everything good,
all things social,
Beauty fading into inconsequential,
Truth into lack of significant meaning,
Life into absence of future purpose.

I was young and apparently immortal
and could not hear their wiser warning.

Now older,
I find I have little more to add
to health’s imperative
standard for resilient Wealth:

much older and more integral,
historically and multiculturally deeper
than money,
or even humanity;

older, even, than verbal communication
about healthy v pathological social-system experience.

So, why isn’t this same observation
first on the list of every political party’s platform,
every faith community’s regenerative mission statement?

If we lose our democratic win/win social health,
we’ve lost our greatest wealth.

If we optimize
our actively co-invested trust
in global interdependent health,
we regain our most resilient dreams
of cooperatively-owned wealth,
communal peace
served up with personal integrity.

“Make America Great Again”
whether triumphantly declared as “mission accomplished”
or somewhat more humble,
errs in dreaming way too small

When we could more robustly
compassionately choose
“Make Earth Healthy Again”

Which would, of course,
also make America wealthy
in all the democratic social positives,
and none of the aristocratic anti-social negatives


I guess sometimes healthy restorative justice
is more like exploratory win/win polycultural justice,
more pro-social green peace meadows
than elitist
grab and crab grass.


Comedy of Impeaching Errors

The Republican congressmen,
and I do mean white privileged straight men,
came to their Democratic opposition
concerned about how depressing
December can be,
and all of winter,
come to think and feel
of dark discerning Advent,

So maybe we could stage
a comedic debate
about Trumpism,

To say the most extravagant truths
and untruths
and anti-truths
repeatedly aimed across each other’s non-listening brows,
to speak to American voters back home
of how much more reasonable they are

As they learn to transparently discuss
what we pretend to vulnerably debate,
as if we truly cared
about what our great
great grandfathers
thought and felt about great enlightenment era
liberal democratic theory
rooted in theoretical
without much experiential
cooperative co-investment,
social-political well-being
more deeply rooted in inclusive trust
and not disloyal royal mistrust
and not unconstitutional anti-trust
against global democratic social, psychological, ecological-theological health,

Wealth of trusting solidarity
subcultures and subclimates,
lefts and rights,
global ecology and local economy,
all more cooperatively amusing and good-humored,
like Ben Franklin more
and like Benedict Arnold less.

The greenish Democrats
felt this white nationalist comedy proposal
a great impeaching drama idea
to be staged immediately
with straight-forward urgency

To defend universal mental health-care
constitutional well-being inside covenants
and other serious bicameral empowering matters.

So, while winking left-eyed,
these farcical RightWing stand up comedians
and repeatedly
reminded horrible Green Democratic Predators,
Pretentious Prosecutors of True Public Health and Safety,
they are thereby,
and heretoforth,
staging a painfully tragic revolutionary Coup,
without the military, just yet.

The Democrats respond,
repeatedly underlining
a most portentous liberal educated view:

The climatic sky is falling,
but you want to argue about differences
between our great
great grandfathers,
overly exercised about capitalist political theory,
while all white male privileged
and many, if not most,
slave-owners and hopelessly straight,
some of whom actually sold off property
(now liberally known as non-elite labor force)
to pay off their cooperative membership dues
to financially launch this non-partisan
revolutionary confection
known as the U.S. of A.

why does the prospect of President Pence
lead you to so quickly claim
a revolutionary Coup,
a denial of your Republican RightWing
straight white privileged incorporated patriarchy
that nominated
this unlikely anointed duality?

Now rabid Republicans
smell some not so funny meat:

You have hated Trump
since we profitably nominated him
and his Christianity Today muzzling
and smug side-kick
praying for a better heterosexual Rapturous Day.

This kangaroo Pelosi court
is not about green and clean and healthy people
and planet;

It is also not about narcissism
and anthropocentrism
and xenophobia
and greed
and disassociative psychosis
and climate anxiety,
and over-populated rabidity,
and unhealthy patriarchal morbidity,
and globally tragic pathology
and other LeftBrain too-dominant associated pathologies.

But, this charade
reminds of your original ill-intent
against the cooperative win/win healthcare needs
of The People!

Almost half of whom
actually voted for this Trumpian self-promoting Messiah
of monocultural climate pathology Denialism,
not realizing that underneath his InExperienced Emperor clothes,
lurked a naked anti-trust of Other,
anti-SacredTrust in Transparent Truth,
against Health/Wealth Faith,

Invested in AntiHope for a Great Unraveling Body
of AntiChrist Red UnHealthy
straight White male and Earth CoFragility,
reactionary repression

Where once lived Right-tragic and Left-comedic
AnthroPrivilege of conscious good-humored Communication
and healthier wisdom about Fake AnthroSupremacy
of unconscious BadHealth DisConnection,
Lose/Lose absence of wealthy associations,
cooperative co-investments, past through future
win/win green democratic communions,
secularLeft and sacredRight

The Great Impeachment Debate
was discussed
and win/win v lose/lose v win/lose non-partisan discerned
by multicultural mediators,
restorative justice green-economy pundits,
permaculture design integral-ZeroZone value optimization ecologists,
LaughTherapy compassionate Buddhists,
Tao NonZeroSum NonViolent NonDualists,
Ego/EcoFeminist Therapists,
Indigenous FireCircles,
Owls and Hawks and Eagles and Ravens and Crows,
Air and Fire,
Soil and Water,
Atmosphere breezes
stirring deep and wide Waters
resiliently seeking Resonance,
Sweet ProPeachments
Ways and Win/Win Means.

A consensus quickly emerged;
organic systems,
polypathic energy democracies
felt this Impeachment Debate was over-acted,
under cooperatively framed;
overly rhetorical,
under musical, or even lyrical;
overly repetitive
and yet under-resiliently resonant,

And undernourishing of good humor,
under-watered for long-term green health,
under-fed by compassion
and ego/ecotherapeutic bicameral intent
and warm accompaniment happiness.

With inappropriate debate themes
for teaching small children cooperative dialogue skills
and other forms of civil green communion trust
suitable for growing any healthy democracy,

We found bipartisan support
to mutually stop under-investing
in a wealthy sense of bilateral tragic-humor
to re-empower potential climates
now sadly disempowering.

Note: Much of the underlying theme associating healthy humor with feelings of cooperative trust has been informed by a contemporary, yet classic, political empowerment theory that the underlying emotive prerequisite to develop and maintain any truly democratically healthy relationship is trust–more important even than feelings of loyalty, and felt needs of uniformity more than cooperatively-held unity.  This provokes a consciousness of left-brain investment in Uniform States in creative/divisive tension with right-brain investment in compassionately United-Interdependent States, of America, geopolitical hemispheres, Earth, extended families, associated species, etc…


Something Borrowed

My grandmother often advised
“no need to borrow trouble.”

My grandmother-in-law warned
“you don’t need to look for trouble
because it will find you,”
which seems a better fit
with my own experience
with actively soliciting trouble,

Disempowering investments
purchased at lowest ego-cost
for discounted risky value,
or borrowed,
when too broke to buy
and too disempowered
to even hope for owning
what cannot be virtuously purchased,
free of trouble,
cooperatively empowered–
like healthy relationships
and resonant communications
and bicameral political well-being.

I hope it is also true,
as I might share with my grandchild,
“you need not hope to individually own
or merely borrow
any discounted empowerment,
because positive powers will find you.”

With the current national Republican leadership
and purchasing,
heavily investing in political neglect of public health care,
mental health care,
personal and public
bicameral imbalance,
climate fragility
dissonant across all divided hemispheres,

The troubling opposite
of restorative peace and justice,
new green economic and ecological win/win strategies
for global energy democracy and beauty,
for nutritional resonance and resilience,

I might at least hope
future generations,
including my grandchild,
look in a wealthier
more ego/ecotherapeutic direction
for borrowing
and cooperatively investing
in co-empowerment.


Playing Without Weapons

She played her mysterious saxophone
as if we could be together alone
in concert halls
and Republican
and Green Democratic balls,
and in front of
magisterial boundary walls.

She brought in a few million dollars
from quiet
more sedate
enraptured listening fans

Before her critics
complained She takes no risks,
no dissonance dare pass her wet vibrating reed.
Hopelessly romantic,
Without a hint of unpredictability.
Too many sustained wooden notes!

She is to saxophone performance
as communion
and compassionate communication
are to tiresomely pedantic religious orthodoxy,
and in front of
multiculturing experiential walls.

About half a billion well-voiced dollars later,
She thought it time to respond
from a patriarchal position of musing strength.

“I invite those who don’t like my ecofeminist natural music
to not listen with such obviously desperate disappointment.
make your own muse
on your own performing saxophone
or flute,
Your own drum of choice.
Become wildly successful
with your own well-tooled, but unweaponed, message.
Make tons of fan co-invested money.”

“And, when you do,
I am sure I will have a chance to listen mindfully with you.
And, I hope I will become greatly amazed
with spatial wonder
and timeless awe.”

“I will be so happy
to raptly listen
and write your superlative review,
to become your greatest co-empathic fan.”

until that great gettin-up morning,
I will continue playing my best music alone,
and hope you will now know
my muse and I best hope
to become your John the Baptist,
in faith waiting for your richer Messiah tunes
of even greater
healthier rapture.”


Communion ReFormations

Defining Terms:

Ego–not Eco

Left–not Right
If Ego = not Eco,
as Left = not Right,

Then not(Left) = not(not Right)

If Left hemisphere is Either/Or dominant
as Right hemisphere is Both/And prominent,

Then Either/Or = not Both/And
not(Either/Or) = not(not Both/And) logic
and ecologic
and theologic
and biologic
and sociologic
and anthropologic
and systemic-logic
and comparative Win/Lose to Win/Win healthy wealth game-logic.

Calculating math
and strategic arts and sciences
and integrity compromises and risks
unfortunately necessary for economic or political power
ZeroSum loss containment

Are not the same closed-off skills sets
as Open Whole Systemic life skill mythopoetic WinWin co-facilitations
felt through bilateral geometrics
and biotic life sciences
and old performance arts with new info-technology sciences,
and integral health-wealth optimization opportunities

Invited by WinWin maximizing ecopolitical cooperative ownership
and inside/outside
ego/eco-management powers
through multicultural democratic health gains

As calculated and strategically WinWin commodified
by multiculturing EarthTribe
Zero TaoSouls.

It is an important principle
of ego/ecofeminist bilateral dipolar therapy
that the yin-healer
polypathically loves to learn
to stretch toleration for intolerable yang-aggressive people

And growing robust tolerance
for understanding patriarchal principles,
physical v metaphysical dissonant pain,
mysteriously dying plants and under-privileged species
and denying matriarchal WinWin PatrioticPlanet
tipping toward a bilateral balancing point
hoping for our open Universal ecosystemic Win
and unclosed Unitarian-Integral ego-systemic individuating Win.

this reform may require transforming the yin-healer’s memory
back toward early WinWin childhood
and/or projecting toward a future
shared WiseElder tolerance
and long-term restorative mercy
for all past intolerant communications
in response to monocultural colonizing
patriarchal intolerance
of polycultural creolizing
matriarchal tolerance,

Celebrating both/and everyday communion.


Three Colored Pigs

Once upon a ZeroTime
we suffered great terror and loss.

and plants
refused to speak kindly with each other
because of a Big Bad Wolf
named Ms. Climatic Change
by her delightfully demented transparents.

Most all credible scientists in that day
were prophets of falling timeless skies,
flaming forests,
failing aquifers,
fowl winds from Big Bad SheWolf’s breath,
both bad
and way too Yangishly big.

Meanwhile, most bad faith people could not believe
in this SheWolf blowing Ms. Change
until on their own doorsteps
they saw and heard Her
violently colonizing threats
to feed and birth more rabid cubs
with ravenously monotheistic intentions,
engagement in violence
on behalf of past and future peace.

The first little pig Blue
is a democratic optimist
especially about scientific law and hopeful order.
Her pen is made of goddess straw
and entertaining tinsel tin
because that’s all her Sacred Owner could afford
while shopping for better whips
at the repurposing station.

She had the supremely democratic displeasure
of attracting predator Wolf’s initial advances
of a most unfortunate climate event.

Her house blew Blue away
before bad WiseElder wolf covens deciphered
We’re all feeding this Big Bad SheWolf together!

So little pig Blue, reborn baptized plutocratic
by recycling fear and terror,
ran all the way to her new climate grieving home,
penned up to couch surf
with or against prickly republican fundamentalist pig Red.

Red pig called out to the Big Bad SheWolf,
Declaiming God’s punishment
for sharing too much herbal tea
and probably THC,
with eastern and southern idolators;
Calling down God’s own retribution for hugging,
and otherwise worshiping,
sacredly creative MotherTrees,
rather than begging Owner Patriarchal Sun
for next Paradise
promising a better nutritious life.

A better Red wealthy life
through normal stick-built single family
Great Economic McMansions
fenced and moated sanctuaries
from Big Bad SheWolf’s growing blowing threat
and bitter bite.

Shutting out ultra-violet nightmare rabble,
if not Big Bad SheWolf problems
of Earth’s discomforting demise
while all God’s true orthodox children
move on up to timeless Red
BusinessAsUsual Capital Paradise.

But stick-built autonomy
and boot-strap conservative sanctuaries,
for monoculturally superior pigs, metaphysicians
of intelligently systematic sacred story
and orthodox fundamental theology,
did not save Red nor Blue pigs
from Gaian love for ClimateHealth
even more powerful than God’s just punishment
through SheWolf miseries
named Ms. ClimateChange.

Even gated stick-built McMansions,
and missionary fishing boats,
and carts for shipping and shooting people
and blowing other species up
and off to dungeons
burn or flee
as Big Bad Wolf
defeats quickly fading second chances
for restoring happier make-love endings
restoring ego’s wanton piggish longing
for healthy eco-justice.

Third little pig Green
built her home of natural clay bricks and stone,
with front and back yard gardens
filled with organic edibles
and chickens
to share with Big Bad SheWolf
and all her hungry cubs,
Neighbors longing for healthier water
and soil
and divine Blue secular
and Red sacred cooperative air
for breathing in climates of matriarchal courage.

Curious SheWolf extended family courage
invited outward cooperative climates
of nonjudgmental inquiry,
spoken and non-violently mentored in WinWin organic strategies,
freedom from colonizing WinLose motivations,
filling gracefully in
as active organic creolizing vocations
to retire pandemic ClimateChange tsunamis
in favor of green international ClimateHealth
for wolf and pig,
people and planet
cooperatively self-owned EarthTribal Future Investors
in ham
and bacon
and other porky products
suitable for great-grand cubs and piglets
to never think of eating their young
and old.

All these self-producing piggy products
lived with their restoring projects together
with SheWolf and Cubs
happily ever timeless after
climate acceptance
of interdependent risks
through WinWin opportunity,
scientific ZeroSoul revolutions,
humanity metaphysical evolution,
theological non-racist systemic experiential volution,
gently knocking on open doors
for ecological solutions
and resolutions
and better organic SheWolf endings.


Democratic Poverty

I was listening to NPR yesterday
on my way to small green group ministries,
when I heard post-millennial Republicans
favor apartheid
while the contemporary urban-green Democrat
favors laziness.

I don’t know if this includes intellectual laziness,
lack of rigor,
and laziness about ecotherapeutic health,
but in either case,
this conflicts with my own experience,
regarding Democrats and lack of healthy motivation
but also of Republicans I actually know,
except perhaps my brother
and a Trump worshiping neighbor,
regarding apartheid as a fundamental religious constitutional right
to Christian evangelical colonizing supremacy
over all 3/5th former slaves
and other less fortunate criminals.

If Democrats are guilty of lazy love for restoring Earth’s
healthy subclimates,
both yin-side
and yang-outdoor voiced,
then what do we call Republican guilt
lack of moral authority
to stop blowing each other
and trees
and Earth-habitat up,
both secular nature-systems
and sacred ZeroZone souls
of divine Matriarchal Grace.

When I arrived
to listen
and share non-verbal peaceful space
with my small green group alliance,
we sang and danced and spoke of connections
through active listening
rather than lazy lack of sufficient compassion
with suffering
and wealth of correlational enchantment
courageous coherence,
curious collusion,
collateral for healthy future prospects.

Then we each went home
in our own four directions
until we close our loops together
again next New Moon morning.


Presidential Cooperative Discernment

This is a revision of an older title, “Presidential Webinar.” It includes those questions that I would hope the growing global  cooperative sector, including food cooperative justice advocates and Permaculture Designers,  would expect our state and national candidates for office to be capable of answering with some level of integrity and basic comprehension:


Moderator:  Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the first on-line webinar Presidential Debate, sponsored by our good friends at http://www.ebay.com, the people who know all about selling your stuff to the highest bidder.

Tonight you may submit your questions via email or text as early as possible, if you have not already done so. These are currently being collated for redundancy of interest, and combined into the most frequently co-arising issues emerging from real-time on-line participants.

Our candidates tonight are Senator Bland, the Business-As-Usual Party’s nominee and Senator Farmer, nominated by the new Polyculture Party, restructured from what was the Democratic Party, with the motto, “We sync polyculture with party.”

Our first question is forming right now through our bicamerally networked uracil/cytosine bionic mainframe (0)-centric “placeholder” in-formation system, designed by our good friends at http://www.apple.com, “If you seek binomially, bilaterally, bicamerally balanced intelligence, have you looked inside a symmetrically regenerative apple?”

This first question will go to Senator Bland, and then to Senator Farmer.

The current status of our crowd-sourced question is:

“Senators, you have presented yourselves as candidates for future professional public service, to include CEO responsibilities for our nation’s economic investments and disinvestments to secure the future well-being of our children, and their children and grandchildren. We are asking not only for our biological children but also our biological cousins, all DNA and even RNA-fueled living systems are part of our extended family tree expecting your wisest, highest and best investment for our interdependent health, well-being, happiness, contentment, and social security, assurance, and insurance.”

“What percentage of your own personal investments lies within our cooperatively structured ownership, responsibility, and authority locally based, eco-justice businesses, industries, residences, nourishing the emerging cooperative vocational employment sector; and how much is invested in competitive Win-Lose financial suboptimizing outcome assumptions, with their concomitant tendency to produce inordinate toxic byproducts, including uncooperative working and discernment and empowerment environments for underpaid and undervalued workers, dispossessed with less consideration than might be expected for any other form of abortion of life’s rich potential? We ask about your own integrity of practice because many of us feel that our national political culture assumes we are an over-populated herd of cattle on our way to inevitable slaughter, once we have eaten up our commodified and domesticated value, especially with violently competitive busyness of post-industrial era Lose-Lose corporate decisions to invest our kids, progeny, our futures and commodities, our goods and bads and services and diservices, in bullying  and killing each other, along with any other species that happens to explode as collateral damage.”

Senator Bland? Where are you invested local-cooperatively v. competitively. It sounds like “cooperative” is being defined as defaulting to a Win-Win “both-and” logistical stream, rather than a Win-Lose, “either-or” assumption, with an investment priority option favoring geographical proximity.

Senator Bland: I’m so glad for this question. As you know, my family has been invested in public service since before God was born. I actually came out of my Momma’s chute, a Cuban refugee, singing “The Star-Spangled Banner” in four-part English-only harmony. So, I am 100% invested in USA economic growth.

As for personal investments, as you know, those have all been turned over to a blind trust so I have no idea who is killing or beating whom or what or why with my money, but I am sure that disinvestments of that sort follow the bottom line: if you have to lose, lose next year, and certainly not during the present quarter, and not on my watch.

After all, I could hardly be here representing the Business-As-Usual Party if I thought my investments were following some alternative, suspiciously socialistic, economic agenda.

Moderator: Thank you, Senator Bland, for that uncharacteristically succinct, and somewhat on-topic response, however uninformative and benighted it might have been. Senator Farmer, cooperative v. competitive proportional comparison of your personal financial  investment experience is our active, actual, real-time question for you.

Senator Farmer: I’m an organic farmer. My farm is part of a cooperative network growing, cooking, preserving, weaving, recycling, networking, investing in, and employing, a wide variety of people, food, fiber and other natural re-construction products and services.

When I have more income than needed to reinvest in farming co-operations, I put it in a self-directed IRA, administered by a local cooperative Credit Union, loaning no-interest money for other worker-owned businesses, resident-owned housing development, and cooperative networking services.

All my insurance investments go to a local cooperative self-insurance fund, including property, life, and health insurance. Here also, any money our collective social insurance fund doesn’t need to pay claims, worker-co-owner staff, and other operating expenses, is invested through the cooperative no-interest Credit Union.

My utility bill payments all support cooperatively owned and managed group purchasing guilds fueled by renewable energy sources.

If you are not yet a member of the Polyculture Party, you might not realize that, like all polycultural communities and guilds, our natural business-as-usual practice is Win-Win cooperative. This is an organically essential attribute of regenerative capacity to sustain the positive evolution of interdependent life.

When the power of competitive self-marketing exceeds the monocuture’s Business As Usual tolerance levels for failure to thrive, inclusive diversity, so some survivalist-mode, overcrowded people and other species begin to wilt and fade, then we are living within a fading polycultural environment, on its way toward becoming a formerly over-populated, passive-aggressive, sometimes rabidly expressed, polarized and cannibalistic-suicidal monoculture (sometimes referred to as “Business As Usual”).

Moderator: Thank you Senator Farmer for your cooperation with our time constraints, and sticking with the issue at hand. (Very refreshing and organic indeed!)

Now for a second question:

“Every four years we endure this passion-play liturgy called the “Presidential Election”, but the drop in political effectiveness return seems to negatively correlate with the alarming rate of our skyrocketing collective campaign investment dollars. This is the worst of two worlds, run-away political depression with run-away economic inflation.”

“Why should we continue investing in this system, or would you support political system reform that might reverse this trend? If so, what would you change and why?”

This time Senator Farmer, you are first responder. Is it time for system reform to recover cooperaive political and economic balance, or do you see some hope in staying the course?

Senator Farmer: No, “staying the course” is the other Party.

The Polyculture Cooperative Party emerged at this time because of a revolutionary consensus that now is the time to re-organize our political and economic structures in a more ecologically balanced way.

In nature, there are forms of cooperative governance systems that include (1) some element of challenge thresholds, (2) these are endosymbiotically regulated; (3) we do not find predominate competition within a healthy organism; (4) we call these tumors and cancers and blight of over-commodified monocultures, with lack of healthy co-relationships, “fat deposits”. These are monopolistic power systems in the process of failing as Left-brain dominant systems.

So, what do we suggest? A number of ideas are on the table. perhaps the most important consensus is that we need to increase the accessibility and diversity of our listening and public discernment capacity at a more multiculturally inclusive table–perhaps by removing the word “debate” from public discourse. We need more pubic forums for discernment, not debate. Debate already buys into Win-Lose outcomes. Discernment retains faith in polycultural Win-Win resolutions and resonance. Evolution is a discernment process, not a ‘winner takes all” debate.

Fear-mongering, creating and reinforcing a culture of unreasonable doubt about our co-parasitic Golden Rule, steps into the long-term disintegration of debate, a polemic of rhetoric that continues to lose our future to a monopolistically trending and anthropocentric elite. Continuing this debate as something less than an opportunity for mutual listening and absorption of shared ecological healthy values and nutrients is to concede defeat of a polycultural platform.

Continuing with the Business-As-Usual Platform results in a pyric victory, at best. We have created an over-commodified identification of power with value, resulting in a Goliath Culture that is not so secretly in love with the more co-redemptive and cooperative, more flexible and purposeful, more lovely and graceful Beloved Community. Polyculturing Co-Operatives are a natural revolutionary response to Business-As-Usual Debaters and Haters and Gamers, overly invested in Win-Lose assumptions.

Moderator: Well, you are out of time, so let’s quickly turn to Senator Bland’s response.

Senator Bland: Well, if you are expecting me to huff and puff until I blow your platform down, I guess maybe that’s kinda right.

I tire of wishy-washy weakness and “can’t we all just get along” non-violent diversity mongering. I applaud the Polyculturists’ love of peace but not at the cost of absorbing an injustice for those who enjoy and benefit from Business As Usual. While this may seem difficult for the Senator from Organic America to appreciate, Business As Usuals are people with dignity and rights to own and live with freedom and fairness to the status quo of history as it inevitably stands today.

It’s not colorful enough, but we are who we have become by growing mountains of wealth and power deposits, not by flowing to the lowest common denominator like water.

Moderator: OK, well then, we have time for each of you to wrap up with final thoughts. Perhaps that’s what you just said, Senator Bland, but now is your moment; if you have anything to add.

Senator Bland: Perhaps my opponent and I agree that Business As Usual is rooted in a scientific and cultural view of evolution, progress, purpose and meaning carved out of nature’s survival of the fittest, strongest, richest, most powerful, most mendaciously clever and calculating. We do not claim to be the Messiah, and if you want to vote for those who would save you from yourselves, then you do not want to vote for me.

I hope you believe, as I do, that our best operational strategy is to optimize our strengths, even if these are not yours because they have been purchased by others before you, to fulfill our full-powered human potential as a society, rather than cater to the parasitic weaknesses of others. Evolution teaches that parasitic others’ gain could become the current Host’s loss. We believe in continuing to protect and defend a strong American hosted economy of freedom and liberty for all, relativistically speaking, of course. Those who are poor in political freedom and economic liberty to compete with level-cooperative-field access will always be with those of us residing in more momentous and substantial terrain.

Thank you very much for hosting this important forum for our future continued strength. God Bless America!

Finally, in case anyone doubts my commitment to the future of your kids,

“I pledge allegiance to the U.S. of America flag, and to the holy Republic for which it stands (desite our so-called “fat deposits.” One Nation, God’s liberty and justice for all.”

Moderator: Thank you, Senator Bland for that opportunity to stretch my legs and notice that you left out an important word. Senator Farmer, you have the last word.

Senator Farmer: I guess the Senator didn’t finish his Darwin.

From my soon-to-be-released systematic teleological book, “Incubating Permacultured Seeds and Political-Economic Embryos”:

While endosymbiotic evolution,
indigenous to any one species,
can devolve to survival of the fittest,
this is most likely in these times
of ecosystemic crisis,
especially problems of monocultural over-population,
resulting in PreTraumaticStress Disorder,
an emotional response to cognitively dissonant
chronic cultural stimuli,
high anxiety plus high dissonance populations
suboptimize their regenerative health
through Win-Lose assumptions
and strategies of more competitive logistics
than co-operative logic.

ectosymbiotic evolution,
exogenous to any one species or tribe
or nation
or religion
or culture
or ecosystem
or biosystem,
supports thrival of the most interdependently balanced,
harmonious relationships,
between organically individuated systems.

Ectosymbiotic and endosymbiotic evolution
are both symbiotic,
but ecto tends to have more revolutionary
and transcendently polycultural regenesis trends.

Symbiosis is synergetics,
Positive Systemic Development,
co-operative and co-arising,
negatively correlated (dipolar) with,
dissonance and stress,
eco-centric unbalance,
too Yang-dominant,
competitive over health-wealth issues,
rather than default-co-operative
integrity of synergetic symbiosis.

This is Darwin’s
Cooperative Beloved Community understory,
a plant,
a biosystem
an ecosystem’s
a nation’s or religion’s
or any enculturing system’s
exquisite design of co-arising relationship,
proportional balance co-communication
within and between RNA/DNA-syntax,
speaking in voices of time’s seasonal-reasonal
folding and unfolding;
an understory somehow omitted
by Business As Usual cultural narratives,
scientific academia,
rather than story-tellers
of Darwin’s deep ecology.

Yet, what we too often miss in Darwin’s notes
and drawings,
and life,
are also logical assumptions common to two mathematicians,
Buckminster Fuller and Charles Eisenstein,
prime dissonant double-binding temporal-boundary
between competing dominant cultural economies (proton v negelectron)
is where we choose to draw our line
of neutronic co-gravitational balance,
around us-inside v. “them”outside.

If “us” is only
non-marginalized human success stories
within our nation’s
or religion’s
geometric spacetime boundaries,
then Business As Usual Universalists
intend to defend
this relativistic,
yet overly commodified,
monolithic and monochromatic monoculture,
until this system negentropically wilts
and decomposes
and fades
for lack of fuel, nutrients, health
clean air and water
into confluent absence
(relative, yet still co-gravitationally bilaterally timelessly relational)
of 4-dimensional primal-neural spacetime.

when “refugees”
are also “us,”
if “us” includes all mutually-parasitic eco-subsidiary forms
of RNA/DNA regenerative and organic intelligence,
then we are co-mentoring refuge,
already a Polycultural Party
seeking a more inclusive
cooperative self-governance economy

refugees and refuge-providing interdependent parasites
call ourselves “Beloved Community”
and/or Polyculturally Climax Optimization
and Health-Sustenance Symbiotic Guilds,
with nondual co-arising
co-gravitational bicameral landscape design
and metaphysics of health development,
oh yes,
EarthTribal beautiful relationships,
proportional barter transactionalists
and cooperative network developers,
co-mentoring regenerators.



Thank you for this opportunity to hear these two helpful questions, which included some interesting commentary and trend analysis as well.

I will close with this post-millennial adaptation of a sonnet by Laotse entitled “Rulers,” or “Governors.”

“Of the best governance

The  polyculturally governed can only have enduring faith that this evolutionary system actually emerges co-arising positive oucomes;

The second best anthrocentric polyculturally governing-mentors they love and praise as wise to value regenerative well-being above all else;

The powerful monopolistic tyrants they fear and revolt against;

And the weakest lack of self-governing integrity they revile and do their best to continue laughing at such blatant hypocrisy.

When governing systems do not command the governed’s faith,

Some permaculturists will merely lose faith

And then later join those in critical revolt!

But, of the polyculturally cooperative best, when their permacultural design and development task is climaxed,

their work is done for years to come,

The cooperatively self-governed congratulate themselves, “We have done it our polycultural selves.”