PermaCulture Revolution Power

Perhaps your political trust,
like mine,
erupts from economic experience
of co-empathic fuels,
empathy another word for nutrition,
and nutritionally ravenous investment
in Basic Trust,
measures empathic resonance
on a resolving outcome scale
of healthy self-optimizing
self-dissembling pathology.

Between these two negatively correlated,
polynomial spacetime tipping points
with notnot polypathic truth in beauty,
yang with yinyin waves
inbetween lives this ego incarnating space,
networking nest,
multicultural recreative mess.

Can I trust in union of self-optimizing eco-nations
to draft Earth’s Declaration of Nutritional Interdependence?
to compose our Cooperative Political/Economic Union’s
EcoLogic Constitution?
planning to harvest CQI Health and Safety PolyCultural Networking Standards
for post-revolutionary global-climatic impact.

Do we cooperatively trust enough
to co-redeem our PermaCultural Bill of Earth Rights
as if all lives and deaths matter?

Is this land of freedom-from power
balancing freedom-to co-empathically empower
co-arising mutually cooperative subsidiarity?
this place of globally interdependent gift-ego-forward opportunity
to share in AnthroEarth’s regenerative sacred vocations
political and economic,
social and postmillennial Tribal,
optimal self-replicating,
cooperatively nutritional,
fertile flow of rivers,
seas of polyculturing edible forests
with meadows of rippling ripe grains
greeting Eden’s River
of clean baptismal flows
through each heart and mind as body.


Health Plan Upgrades

Imagine busy corporations
with political and economic healthy outcome missions,
like yourself maybe,
or perhaps your temple or church or favorite Earth Day nonprofit,
or your garden club or growing family,
as incarnate evolving Traditions
with EcoSystemically Struggling Cultures,
within individual Ego-identities,
but also expanding out into wider political-economic systems.

Each EcoSystemic Corporation
familiar with both cooperative health
and more dissonant pathologies,
struggling against anthro-elitist assumptions
not appropriate within Earth’s health care plan,
co-arising with cooperative contractual assumptions
shared by all DNA/RNA EarthTribe Residents
with polycultural dialects
and polypathic rhythms,
resonantly harmonic truth as beauty,
(0)-soul ReGeneration as PositiveSelf StoryTeller Corporations.

Imagine corporate incarnations more like flowers on
and in
and through
and of
and for a kosmic tree of healthy life and pathological death,
wishing we could up our cooperative grade
to healthy futures safety,
both political and economic,
as ecological balancing, of course.

Imagine Capital
as Time’s EarthCommons investment in cooperatively bicameral minds
with corporately co-operative organic bodies
unfolding these Creation Stories through the eternally nondual present moment
of ecoconscious bilateral,
not yet past and not yet future
measured as solar-fueled bilaterally coarising light.

Wealthiest capital cooperative heads
bicamerally echo with healthy mind cooperative investment practices,
intentions moving toward interdependent EarthTribe Corporately inter-nested,
mutually invested, network bodies
with cooperative economic as ecologically and ecosystemically regenerative
of evolution’s co-investment in healthy WinWin SpaceTime,
Origin of (0)sum RNA/DNA political and economic ReInvestment Capital.

Commodification of time’s health value
is a quantitative abstraction
culturally rooted in our regenerative health values
including ecologically cooperative economic bodies
with political-capital heads
WinWinning networks for polycultural health and safety
of UniversalEarth,
as Holonic IntegralOther,
as Holonic Self-regenerate therapeutic outcome designers
and planners
and co-mentors and lovers,
icons of ecotherapeutic health as cooperative polycultural wealth.


ReConnecting Conscious Natures

About this “reconnecting with Earth”
environmental business,
my great start to recall,
how healthy life felt and smelled and tasted
and sounded and dynamically reverberated
as an infant still in EarthMom’s warm womb,
producing manna’s heaven,
perfectly organic nutrient values and commodities
as required by regenetic menu instructions
for health and safety of me,
this eco-baby.

Born with enculturing transformational
erector-convex-ecosystemic directions,
for transforming EarthEgo’s alternative identity,
sucking and breathing in eco-individuating nutrients of evolution
to exhale rich compost for resynthesis
of Earth’s co-habitators,
spirit-nature breaths of eco-atmosphere,
seasonal functions interior and exterior,
within Ego as without Eco
co-gravitating love as life frequencies
and eco-functions.
bionically dipolar information
as positive concaving strings of health-trends,
over ex-functional, irrational,
yet still primally co-related
double-negative bound Time
convexing eco-consciousness.

I prefer my home and family buttoned
primed to diastatically absorb and invite,
more embryonically enriching polyculture
rather than too wild and disorderly,
disheveled and irrationally negative,
messages sent through pathological cultural high risks
of unbalancing competing dissonance.

I prefer natural ordered spirit polyshades and primal dialects,
communication and eco-tempered communicants
discovering poli-economic regenerative vocations,
freely invited to follow sequential-cooperative WinWin rules
of grace, and not so much bad karma,
nutrition-producing permaculture principles
with polyculturing nutritious love of healthy outcomes.

I have been hurt by too much wild
struggling against my too much gay male
by fear that loss of homophobic strength
struggling with fear and anger
about my too-wild sensuality
might self-recruit toward loving bisexuaity,
if only vicariously,
imaginatively as sensual positive,
to love me as my mindbodies
are Left and Right entwined content.

Fear hates poly and/or meta-sensuality,
cannot comprehend co-arising co-gravitation
without ego-anthro anger boundaries of LeftBrain supremacy;
fear to open trust’s door to boundless mindbody love
for other bicamerally balancing processors of lovely health,
just like yours.

Too wild
these fears and angers scare me,
preferring my home and family
polyculturally buttoned-formed
to optimally unleash
our full-polypathic wild
balancing freedoms toward political empowerment
of ecological bilaterality,
Time’s safely inclusive becoming,
with freedom from economic disempowerment
of full DNA/RNA Tribal Health and Safety.

If Yin functions Time’s evolutionary intention,
then Yang forms Spatial will to practice
encouraging three-dimensional cooperative plans
unfolding 4D RealTime WinWin Tree-structures
of evolution incarnating health and therapy
to regenerate bi-functional transformation,
growth of healthy wealthy echoing-reiterative love,
dearth of “other”;
Yin-Elder Right’s intended Maternal Time
and power to balance flow,