Making Hay

Make hay while the sun shines.

I grew up as a closeted polypathic nature-mystic
on a marginal, at best, family farm
in Michigan.

This farm was my embryonic home,
an extension of my vastly loved and nurturing Mother,
more than my workahoic homophobic Father,
who most emphatically did create a patriarchal god in his own image.
His farm was for slave labor.
Her farm was a garden for growing healthy wealth.

I loved Mom’s Multi-ReGenerational Family Farm
like an extension of my ego’s mind and body.

And, like a turtle without a shell,
when I first headed off to Ann Arbor’s University
I brought my happy and healthy ego with me,
eager to begin my new adventure story,
yet I emotionally stumbled,
felt naked and exposed and depressed,
for lack of my embryonic habitus,
my eco-center,
my home,
my interdependently embracing love of sacred spaces
and their seasons of regeneration and degeneration,
growing still and fading without ego me

I was homesick,
but not for Nurturing Nanny
and Fearsome Father
or even Perfect Princess Sister, whom I cherished,
whom I could talk and listen to as whim might invite,
and, although somewhat more of a sore detachment from our farmhouse interior spaces,
my disorienting alienation from Ann Arbor
was as a too-urban outside place
just as my recreating resident embrace
favored my dorm and classroom youth-learning multicultural race
against more oppressive monoculturing times.

To this day,
despite a six week backpacking hike
along California’s Pacific Coast Trail,
plundered by surreal vistas and fragrance and light and unspeakable beauty,
when I imagine a meadow, a field, a woodland,
a pond,
a barn,
an unpaved road,
a gravel drive,
a herd of cattle,
a pen of pigs,
a coop of chickens,
a litter of kittens with eyes still sealed shut,
I recall iconic scenes from this sacred originating home,
my eco-memory
calling my doubly-bound ego-enculturing self
back home
to where we permaculturally began together,
making hay while the sun did shine.


Cooperative Feministas

Cooperative Feministas
are not quite so much Competitive Manifestos.

In David Holmgren’s introduction to Permacultural Therapeutic Design,
he contrasts “Industrial Culture” with “Sustainable Culture”
kind of like comparing masculine LeftBrain culture
with feminist RightBrain enculturation, nurturance, resonance
over the longer-term scenaria,
rather than shorter-term dementio.

Anyway, Holmgren recognizes we could choose alternative words
for labeling these two contrasting, appositional, cultures.

We might sometimes choose
Competitive Culture v Cooperative Culture,
or Capital-Accrual v Capital-Nutritional Dispersal,
sort of like the difference between hunting down and killing the defense
as compared to watering and feeding and gathering the vegan edibles,
or Colony Acquisitional
(especially of slaves and other, alarmingly similar, ways of acquiring cheap manual, and especially womanual, labor)
v Creole ReGenerative
(like mixing multicultural spices contributed in some pay-it-forward co-invested development of a robust Stone Soup
accessible to all with cooperatively managed ownership),
or LeftBrain Dominant Patriarchal (Business As Anthrocentrically Usual)
v Right-Left CoRelational Matriarchal BiCameral,
or DeGenerative LoseLose ZeroSum AntiEcological Entropic 2nd Principle
of Closed Patriarchal Framing FromAbove Ecosystems
v ReGenerative WinWin NonZeroSum PositiveDeviance CoOperative Revolutions/Devolutions, the what goes up must also at least partially come back down,
and what grows out must also economically recess back in,
a more Syntropic 1st Original Intent Principle
of Open Matriarchal Framing-From-Mutually-WithIn Ego-EcoSystem,
or Yang v Yin,
just to keep the regeneratively complex
from becoming too stressfully, and degeneratively, chaotic.

But, if Holmgren was familiar with Buckminster Fuller’s
Synergetic EcoSystemic Theory,
he might also have chosen
Precessive Political Culture v Recessive Economic Culture.
Precessive toward prophecies of Diastasis-PolyCulturally Convex-Complex
upward and outward development trends
implying their reverse double-binding inevitability
of Recession toward ReAcclimation ConCave-Within-Embryonic,
where Convex is the top of a forward surfing wave of temporal-flowing energy,
and/or information,
while concave is the subsequent creolizing trough,
the renewing ebb of what had been that precessive crest,
now reacclimating inward and downward,
more deeply resonant toward a renewing polyculturally inclusive balance.

Regardless of Fuller’s balloons with growing and ebbing synergy/entropy,
information implying double-binding reverse-appositional binomial exformation,
these are culturally oppositional categories.
We might heuristically assume each represents an appositional tension,
with all the cultural risks of revolutionary eruptions growing toward violence
and capitalistic-repressive recessive despair,
and all the multicultural opportunities
of evolving re-creative regenerative tensions
toward therapeutic midway Tipping Points
of ecosystemic ecological balance,
cooperatively sustainable at both highly localized
and global-planetary scales
of co-redemptive ecopolitical co-empathic trust,
more culturally dominant,
more sustainable,
than mutually antipathic distrust.

While this suggests our hopes lie in our combined powers of cooperatively active love
and our degenerative despair lies within any further stressing increases
in uneven powers,
terrorizing showers, of competitive
(and increasingly rabid over-populated behavior of elites v non-elites)
monoculturing monopolistic monochromatic monotheistic disdain,
fueling each ego’s sense of selfish competitive gain
at the expense of others’,
including future generations’, zero-sum entropically inevitable loss;
reacting to each other defensively
as if we lived on a ClosedEcoSystemic Earth,
which, of course,
we don’t
unless anthro-supremacists choose to continue playing these uber capitalist-colonialist-industrial
zerosum Exhausted Games.

Holmgren helpfully adds a chart of comparative/contrasting characteristics
of his Industrial v Sustainable Cultures,
which I will supplement in brackets
intending to nuance these EitherOr oppositional cultures,
into a more regenerative BothAnd appositional bilateral enculturation,
premised on LeftBrain Yang falling back in love with RightBrain Yin:

Yang-Capitalist Culture understoried with Yin-Cooperativist MultiCulture

Non-renewable [ZeroSum] and Renewable [0-sum +/-,- notnot zero-fractal-squared equivalence],

Linear [Continuous Growth] and Cyclical [Discontinuous, seasonal-spiral],

Consumption and Storage [Recycling ReProduction toward 0-sum balance],

Centralized [Patriarchal-Nationalistic] and Distributed Network [Matriarchal-Cooperative Co-Ownership and EcoSystemic Governance],

Large and Small [Universal/Unitarian, polycultural/polypathic]

Fast [already paid-out-forward yield] and Slow[ing surfing,
toward 0-waste stream]

Positive and Negative [Positive = double-bind LoseLose appositional WinWin]

Centre [Yang, Ego] and Edge [Yin-Yin eco-bilateral Tipping Points]

Episodic change [monoculturing anthrocentric LeftBrain supremacy]
and Rhythmic stability [Left-Right polyculturing nutritional health and safety]

Reductionist [LeftBrain deductive landscape] and Wholistic [RightBrain inductive-affective climate health/pathology]

Masculine [positive-Yang Win-Y] and Feminine [Matriarchal X/X double-bind,
dipolar co-arising,
+/-,- Yin-squared WinWin]

Holmgren’s chart of this massive tsunami,
of both human population and consumption of fossil-fueled energy,
crests right now where you and I are living together
and is now beginning a growing permacultural-regenerative cooperative de-spiraling descent
back down to a healthy and multiculturally safe population base by 2500
that is modestly increased over the year 1500.

Suddenly, rising in these DisUniting States
playing LoseLose ecopolitical Trump cards,
I realize how far our kids have to fall


Growing Up Healthiest

Just as a significant line might be drawn
between permaculture design
and agribusiness,
defined as improved seasonal production through better and more expansive chemistry and soil and water and air and light pathology,
we might draw a parallel contrast
between cooperative Earth-nutritional politics
and competitive bottom-line capitalism,
human natural purpose and Earth-nature’s absence of healthy intent

between cooperation as Yin-flow
and competition as Yang oppositionally proficient deductive strengths

between cooperative ecopolitical co-ownership and stewardship
and competitive anti-ecological autonomous supremacy of human nature
and patriarchal-dominant rulership.

From a LeftBrain deductive dominant perspective
this line looks like an Old School opposition,
a mutually-antipathic hostility.
Yet, from a cooperative Left-Right mindbody perspective
this same line
looks and feels like ALSO (bilaterally) a decompositional appositional space
for heuristic co-empathic trust,
for significant deep learning Both-And,
rather than necessarily always and only Either-Or,
dipolar rather than merely bipolar,
ego/ecother zero-sum balancing perspective.

Just as EitherOr follows WinLose suboptimizing Game Theory ecosystemic outcomes,
while BothAnd follows WinWin regenerative-nutritional reiterative outcomes
for EarthGame Day and Night cooperative perpetual continuance.

So, suppose,
just suppose BothAnd,
for the sake of creolizing cooperative simplicity,
Republican Nationalistic Agri-valuing Business
were merely an appositional creative tension
with Democratizing EarthMatriarchal/Patriarchal PermaCulturing Design
and EcoPolitical Planning
for CoOperative Earth Ownership and ReGenerative Optimization Governance,
still including some degenerative-decompositional functions,
yet without deliberately recreating a runaway waste stream
nor a runaway personal, family, community,
or national nutritional, financial, or health-assurance deficit.

That’s what’s been up and down with my bicameral Yang/Yin mind.
What’s been co-evolving of and for and with you and yours?


Book of Lists

A book of lists
is what I need
to absolve Earth’s Tribes
of rampant greed.

Before and after lists,
being and becoming fists,
masculine and feminist mutual mentoring trists
of transliterative transubstantiation.

I would like to hug
a warm and fuzzy theology
with prophetic philosophical appeal
to aesthetic reasons and tastes
that both hunters and gatherers
might sing and dance along

Nationalism is out,
so Earth-centrism is in.
Egocentric competitivism is out,
so ecoconsciousness colors back in
balancing patriarch/matriarch cooperatives,
consensus ego/eco-consciousness.

I need an updated list of reasons why
when red is out
then green is in
and when they grow together
we rediscover rich brown creolization
of less anthrocentric cultures,
we reweave deep dark mythos/logos syncretism,
for healthier earth history stories,
not just logos taught, but also mythos mentored.

I love this list
of red becomes purpling peopling nurturing equalities
as blue states of eco-natured redevelopment
become aquamarine green,
together ultra-violet
non-zero sum octaves
WinWin his/herstories.

I live these self-regenerating lists.
They move around
Yin-in with Yang-out
to re-emerge regenerative
of and with and for Earth’s 4D spacetime double-binding
transcendent generosity
listing forward to regenerative ecotherapy
listing back toward permaculturing gratitude
for these organic EarthTribe lists
of ebb and flow.

We need an historic list,
cooperatively owned and together self-managed,
of how paganism birthed monotheism
and regenerations of taoist anthrocentric panentheism
birthed co-arising nonduality
of PatriarchalYang loving Matriarchal nurturing Yin
birthing Trinitarian permacultures
systemic-organic networks
regenerating egoconscious Left
as also ecoconscious Right
as Mother Earth Shabbat
in and of Beloved internal/external Community
climate balance
both universally absolutely empowering
and invitingly
concretely organic Golden Rule ego/eco enlightening.

I need a list
composed by historians
and journalists
of what regeneratively happened
when we had no bad news,
where we had no headlines to gossip about
and only loves to nurturingly share
and in
and on
and for
and of
Earth’s regenerate blessings.


Absorbing Outcomes

Is Permaculturally Intelligent Design
for PolyPathic Outcomes
about anything more than noticing
and hunting and gathering
and then nutritionally decomposing
our optimal (0)-Core Abundance?

i suppose it depends
whether you are consuming a multigenerational creole stew
or producing a polyculturally sef-regenerating landscape.

What if I wanted to consume my stew
while co-mentoring our abundantly nutritious well-being landscape?

isn’t that more of a healthy wealth climate opportunity?

Perhaps it depends
whether your LeftBrain deductively thinks in visual landscapes
and our RightBrain strains to cooperatively hear
and zing with robust spicy creole stews.


Nutritious as a Gaming Tree

I know I will never see
or hear or taste or smell or feel
anything more nutritious than a WinWin Gaming Tree,
unfolding across all four seasons
of healthy wealth regenerations.

Imagine incubating seeded subjects
in an interdependent networked sentence
begin in winterish LeftBrain hibernation,
genesis toward cooperative nurtured objectives
captured maturely-best through WinWin summers
of regenerative health-secular
and wealth-sacred
a full-octave leaved and breathing
root nutritionally systemic
polypathically flowing
diastatic Earth Tree,
RNA square-dancing namaste
with Sun’s warm Commons-squared light.

Verbs are Springing trees for interdependent action,
while adjectives and adverbs are the tools of decomposing Autumn,
deductive-inductive selecting comparative strengths and weaknesses,
healths and pathologies,
empowerment and disempowerments,
nurturing trusts
and neglecting mistrusts
and abusive-aggressive interior discontinuous-appositional dipolar networks
of cancerous WinLose LeftBrain Yang-Dominant distrust,
within each full WinWin development tree opportunity/decompositional loss,
harvesting ecological DNA seeds of self/other thrival,
humming with Patriarchal Thymine/not-not Matriarchal Cytosine
regenerate memory moments,
DNA/RNA SolidaritySentences,
of WinWin organic networking regenerativity/degenerativity.

“I would like to speak and listen with you,
our lovely healthy WinWin Tree.”
My Winter’s Warming cause
regenerates nurturing seeds of nutritional communicating root systems
with your most WinWin full-nurturing maturing You,
holonic humane Ego’s WinWin bicameral CoMentoring Tree,
our secular hope for warm fertile summerish thoughts
and shared sacred matriarchal-embryonic faith
in co-empathic nutritional health
and sensory eco-redemptive wealth
(sacred-Elder RightBrain)
bilaterally balancing full-four seasoned
WinWin Trees of trusting sensory-nutritional reason.

I polypathically think
and bicamerally feel
I shall never speak and listen
with full-octaved diastatic beauty
of our WinWin EcoPolitical
PermaCulturing NetworkTree,
measuring regenerative health of Earth’s climates,
Ego-internal and Eco-Other external,
across all four nurturing secular Flow
and sacred Karmic Graced Seasons
of Self/Other Golden Tree of Life regenerating
reweaving Left/Right economic and political
bicameral reasons
for slow-growing further deep ecological root-nurturing ecosystems
thoughts with feelings
organic bilateral,
Spring-inductive root and Autumn-deductive branch,
WinWin networking,
and wondrously lovely,


Digesting Happiness

What did your grandmother tell you about happiness?

Bottom line,
All you have is your health.
Nothing about money or celebrity status at all.

Yes. That sounds familiar.
And, what did your father hope for your happiness?

He was more nuanced about happiness.
Or maybe conflicted would be a better word.
Happiness was maybe not the right question.
Certainly not the most important one.

Did he have a favorite aphorism?

You are what you eat.

Putting those two together, then,
You progress in absorbing health
as you conservatively invest in healthy nutritional choices,
and vice versa,
we progress toward further degeneration
as we continue to compete against toxins
from unhealthy environmental choices.

They both talked about the Golden Rule,
although not about nutritional choices.

If they talked about the Golden Cooperative Rule,
they were talking about healthy, nutrition-optimizing, choices,
conservationally progressive orthopraxis,
and co-arising feelings of trust,
rather than continuing to co-gravitate toward more competitive investments,
rooted in others’ naive benighted breaches
of mentoring healthy integrated, digestible, investments
as you would have others mentor nutritionally cooperative enrichment
to and with conservational-progressive ego-healthy you.

Maybe my grandkids want to hear me say,
and watch me do,
Bottom line,
All we have is our cooperative health flow,
neither too Yang over-active
nor too Yin under active,
under creation storying,
integrity’s nurturing, graceful,
karmic flow toward even further regenerations.

and then too there is that business about
You are what you eat,
so you are also what you are eaten up and down by,
and for,
and with.